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Ohio The Daily Caller @DailyCaller🔁Arresting Stormy Daniels At A Strip Club Is A Shameful Moment For America trib.al
Ohio JoanneMaria #NetNeutrality #RESISTANCE #UNION @JoanneMaria3🔁 Danny O’Connor. House Dem candidate in Ohio going door knocking
OhioOhio 오하이오 @Ohio_oo🔁 180711 Wanna One World Tour in Tokyo #옹성우

Breaking Dawn

Ohio Freedom Lover @Americanwoman00🔁 Arresting Stormy Daniels At A Strip Club Is A Shameful Moment For America trib.al
Ohio Michele Lauret Sehr @Michelauret🔁 "Jim Jordan had a duty to protect them — they say he failed," Pelosi said.
Ohio WMTW TV @WMTWTV🔁Charges against Stormy Daniels dismissed after Ohio strip club arrest bit.ly
Ohio X’O 🖤 @yodawchichii🔁 if you see this please share this, even if you’re not from ohio. it could save a life
Michael Avenatti @MichaelAvenatti🔁Just rcvd word that my client was arrested in Columbus Ohio whole performing the same act she has performed across t twitter.com he nation at nearly a hundred strip clubs. This was a setup & politically motivated. It reeks of desperation. We will fight all bogus charges.
Steve Schmidt @SteveSchmidtSES🔁The lives of many young men were profoundly devastated by the sexual abuse they were subjected to in the Ohio State w twitter.com resting program. Jim Jordan’s lies and cowardice are another form of abuse against the victims. Looking forward to seeing his smirk get wiped off his face.
Will Saletan @saletan🔁Gohmert’s idea of sexual morality: He campaigned for Roy Moore after Moore was outed for preying on teenage girls. A twitter.com nd this week he suggested that the Ohio State wrestlers were lying about having been groped.
Wyatt Blair @AC9_Nineball🔁I'm just glad that I don't live in Ohio. twitter.com
Madman In A Blue Box welcomes 13 @AnOldLefty🔁: All charges have been dismissed against (stemming from her arrest in Ohio last night, which sounds like it never should have happened in the first place).
Rosemarie Brown @RosemarieBrown3🔁Donald trump's not welcome here either.
Love from Ohio to all in the UK protesting trump

Thank you

Naa Amorkor @ga_blooded_xx🔁I’m the owner of , a small cooking business located in BowlingvGreen, Ohio, and I’m trying to hit every college campus in Ohio/Michigan. Please RT so I can get connected! Let’s make it happen!!!!
Taylor Muter @taylormuter🔁I know most people my age want to move as far away as possible from Ohio but how can you not love your small town. There is nothing that screams home more than the great town I grew up in. I just love waving or saying hi to everyone and knowing who they are personally.
pete and brenda @peteandbrenda🔁 @kylegriffin1 What's with the Big 10? Penn State, Michigan State, and now Ohio State. 🤔
RachBach @RachBach007🔁Charges are dismissed against Stormy Daniels after her Ohio strip club arrest cnn.it
CTBorn @born_ct🔁Over the Rhine and the Band of Sweethearts will be playing a FREE outdoor concert Friday, July 20, at 7pm in Wilmington, Ohio
Reconcile @Reconcilography🔁this STARTED OUT as at Defiance Ohio-driven hat rat for then youtube autoplayed Andrew Jackson Jihad so it... reall twitter.com y continued to be that. altogether a gay ass rat farmer in a skimmer, which is allegedly the gayest hat
Te Puranga Heremaia Pakoro @PakoroTepu🔁My client refuses to be intimidated. She will return to the scene of the “no crime” tonight in Columbus, Ohio as scheduled. She never ceases to impress!
I AM A TROLL @SamCruzin🔁danger in ohio is fuckin around and losing another franchise player for a sports team twitter.com
Rosemarie Gonzales @blackrh0ze🔁We got to try for the first time when we were in Cleveland.

Here are my thoughts:

pete and brenda @peteandbrenda🔁NBC News Exclusive: A video created to start a probe into the ex-Ohio State wrestling doctor —and led to questions about what Rep. Jordan, a former coach, knew about the alleged abuse— recounts what a former athlete called a "cesspool of sexual deviance."
Angie Wessels @angelkatwess🔁House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: "Jim Jordan had a duty to protect" Ohio State wrestlers cnn.it
Jane Quantrill @JaneQuantrill10🔁 Doing an exercise video for #RobertVanhook #ohio
A Tad bit Off👽👽👽 @lito_cubed🔁 A cop touched HER and SHE gets arrested.

Ohio basically took victim blaming to a criminal level. twitter.com

Aria Ferreira🌺 @msariaferreira🔁Stormy Daniels was arrested while performing at a strip club. Lawyer Michael Avenatti thinks it was a “setup.”
JBJAB @JuliaBJAB🔁What a surprise.
Stormy Daniels, biggest threat to the Trump presidency, arrested in Ohio.

Don't worry Rep. Jim Jordan, we wont forget you were a mandated reporter at an educational institution & enabled sexual abuse. Nice try!

Shane @PsychosocialSB🔁@Jrpwain That's Ohio for ya. God I don't miss that place lol
Mario Billiani 🚀 @_starbase_🔁According to , Crew Dragon has arrived at Cape Canaveral after completing vacuum and acoustic testing in Ohio
K107fm JamZ @k107fmjamz🔁HARMINI & Da'T.R.U.T.H. - GOD IS GREAT rdo.to #Toronto #Ohio #Gospel #CHH
I AM A TROLL @SamCruzin🔁 boy ain’t nobody life in danger you’re from fucking ohio twitter.com
Bill Edwards Jr. @WAE_TWO🔁Best Ohio team I’ve seen all day has been . Plenty of their guys will be in the recap.

Give credit to 6’1 PG Jaylen Robinson (2019) for protecting the ball and creating good shots when he had the ball.

FM Fihad @FihadFm🔁My New #Logo#Design How is it..

Lookign for a
Contact Me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chris Wallace MacBook Pro NATO Emmett Till Ohio Air Force One

Jimmy Hendricks @jemxtone🔁BREAKING: The law which Stormy Daniels allegedly broke at a strip club in Ohio last night, had never been cited. The Sheriff says that they "never had a reason to apply the law" since it was written in 2007.

The first time in 11 years it was cited was LAST NIGHT!


Damion Walls @DanDautoplus🔁re the stormy daniels story. if im an ohio taxpayer im wondering why the hell my money is financing undercover stings to strip clubs to verify compliance with the no-touching law. wtf?
OHIO_OUTLAW @OHIO_OUTLAW_330🔁Because their arguments would fall a part and they would be revealed for what they are: extortionists of black pain and emotion.

You and I debating, Al Sharpton and Angela “everyone is a racist” Rye or Maxine “impeach em’” Waters would be an instant classic though.

Tim O'Connor @timoconnorbl🔁@GazWeetman Ohio *does* have borders with Kentucky and West Virginia...
beth82 @bethkoob🔁 Apparently the 1989 Ohio State wrestling team is now part of the "deep state" twitter.com
Ray Robbins @tradewind35🔁 Officials say Stormy Daniels' arrest at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio was a "mistake" thebea.st
Relentless Finisher 🏁 @MotorCity_T🔁: An Ohio Restaurant Owner Has Just Been Arrested For Capturing Street Birds And Serving Them As “Chicken Dumplings”.
ProgressiveForLife @Torontoprof1🔁To be clear, is accused by now 11 former Ohio State wrestlers of knowing and seeing sexual abuse and doing nothing. His questions in this hearing should be deemed inadmissible and he should resign.
Realm Royale • Retweets @RealmRoyaleRTs🔁Going with . 2K DROPS TODAY 12 PM EST ! Made my First Sprite for Twitch.tv
ConservativeCHRISTIAN @danco_1830🔁Political play got the charges against her dropped.
LOCK HER UP? Stormy Daniels arrested during ‘sting operation’ a twitter.com t strip club in Ohio
InternationalTré 🇮🇹 @TreTreOh🔁 I'm from Ohio where "ight bet" could mean I totally agree wit you or yo life is in danger
Safety News @safetyarticles🔁Ohio Agency Encouraging Safe Summer Driving zpr.io via @OccHealthSafety #workplacesafety
Adam Pope @justapopea🔁Use to drive every weekend to Ohio from SC and back just in time to walk into work on Monday. Had $200 worth of edibl twitter.com e arrangements delivered to his door when I couldn’t make it there for Valentine’s Day. Took him out to eat and left a $45 tip. Moved to Ohio. Luckily still2gether
ココ💘 @ glasscitycon @popnstarP🔁Ppl keep askimg where i wanna go live after graduation idk but i wann leave ohio for sure i want like a big city
I w twitter.com ould LA but is too croweded and NY is expensive and those are the only two places i know
Rick Gionfriddo @rickLITHIUM🔁Charges dropped against Stormy Daniels after strip club arrest: Attorney abcnews.go.com
#Deplorable Tara Beth @roarktara🔁Police say Stormy Daniels' arrest part of long-term human trafficking investigation.
The Haunting Whisper @hauntingwhisper🔁I get out the shower to birthday surprise in my room!! Lol thank you @angeluh87 for making me feel special!! Love ya! twitter.com !!!! @ Dayton, Ohio
Novus Vero - Make News Great Again @NovusVero🔁VIDEO: Ohio to Get $2 Billion Theme Park Four Times the Size of Disneyland novusvero.com
Aria Ferreira🌺 @msariaferreira🔁Right-wing media are defending Rep. Jim Jordan against accusations that he knew about -- and ignored -- sexual abuse at Ohio State University
Bob🤠 @BraydenLaukala🔁COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ Lawyer says Stormy Daniels arrested at Ohio strip club for letting patrons touch her in violation of state law.
Julie A. @juliesbooks🔁I gotta tell you man, I have lived in the State of Ohio all my life 55 years, With Stormy Daniels being arrested last night in Columbus for no reason and this no good dirty filthy bastard and sexual predator Jim Jordan walking our streets as a congressman, I’m ready to relocate.
Gregorius Blancardo @GBlancardo99🔁Yankees 7, 4: 12 Walk-Off Thoughts on Corey ’s rough eighth inning, an on-going struggle against the and July not being tied to October.

Swiftieleb13 @Swiftieleb13🔁Boxscores — reputation Stadium Tour

Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio

Attendance: 62,897/62,897
(100% SOLD OUT)

Gross: $6,606,529


Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, Ky

Attendance: 52,138 / 52,138
(100% SOLD OUT)

Gross: $4,928,219

Raj🗽Balasubramanian @Solutioneer72🔁Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who was paid to keep quiet about an alleged affair with President Trump in 2006, was arrested at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio overnight.
Konstantin Jovich @KJovich🔁 arrested last night 🤣😂 You can’t make this sh*t up‼️

Daniels "leaned over, grabbed Det. Keckley's head and began smacking her face with her bar breasts and holding her face between her breasts against her chest," the documents said.

Les from Melbourne @les_1968🔁Hah.... ! So the Ohio police and law department suffer from the same incompetence as ~ Poor Desk Work
kassim Omar @kassimOmar5🔁Congratulations are in order for FrisBee Club for the Great achievement. As you represent Africa in the World Ultimate Club Championship to be held in Ohio,USA, we wish you all the Best.
Kenya is just a Winning Country.
GunControlSC @sc_control🔁.
. - - - Republicans - - -
Are refusing to defend protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions in court.

Your Vote Is The Cure

Paul Berardino @PaulieBronx🔁Charges dropped against adult film star Stormy Daniels after strip club arrest yahoo.com
Coach Faith ⛹🏾‍♀️ @FaithfullyGiftd🔁My brother came stronggg for this possible W! Let’s goooo. Being in Ohio for 3 years has made me realize how good I h twitter.com ad it, wish I knew it sooner than now.
Sotiris Tsantilas @S_Tsantilas🔁Crew Dragon arrived in Florida this week ahead of its first flight after completing thermal vacuum and acoustic testing at ’s Plum Brook Station in Ohio.
Amy Brewster @amybrewster2016🔁Aren’t you accused of knowing about those horrific Ohio sex abuse cases? If the allegations about you are true, then twitter.com you should step down from Congress. What did you know, sir, and when did you know it?
fairy @prettypinkbuds🔁Justice for Ava, a cat killed when a man loosed his vicious dogs to kill her! The dogs must receive rehabilitation!
Cindy @CindyCF81🔁


This is a tremendous opportunity to

🚨Early in-person voting info>

Take friends & family! TURNOUT is🗝️

- US Congressional Dist 12

Señor Guapo @XavierBailey12🔁 I need to get out of Ohio ASAP
K. Street 🌊🌊🌊🌊 @kstreet111🔁The general manager of Vanity Gentleman's Club says will perform at 11pm tonight -- one show only. She is not performing at .
Sayara St. Clair @SayaraStClair🔁See below for a photo of Sheriff who I wrote about in What The Little Dog Witnessed: The True Crime Of Ed Hubbard & Willie Roberts (Pulpular Media of Hamilton, Ohio). It's available only as an ebook & everywhere ebooks are sold.
nancy @nnnooan06🔁Police say they made an 'error' in arresting Stormy Daniels. Unlike Ohio congressman Jim_Jordan who “chose” to cover up years of sexual abuse.  


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