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#OctopathTraveler Annu MD @MDVixen🔁Holy crap the way the light moves on the cave walls is amazing #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler#OctopathTraveler SpoonySage @DavidInRealTime🔁Damn, #OctopathTraveler is hitting hard in the first 30 minutes.
#OctopathTraveler Jango Snow A⚔️D @JangoSnow🔁That depth of field tho!

#OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch

#OctopathTraveler Zero @KazumaLynx🔁Playing as Primrose next. #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler Ilya @13xforever🔁I know what I'm doing this evening #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler Dante_Ravenkin @Dante_Ravenkin🔁That's reeeeally nice artwork #Octopathtraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler David Singleton @SolarTigerMedia🔁This game, I need.

#NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch #ProjectOctopathTraveler #OctopathTraveler

Sean D @BeerionLanister🔁Playing #OctopathTraveler

...was not expecting this....

#OctopathTraveler Christian Ojaniemi @Whiskra🔁This game dude... lol #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler Christina Shelby @poisonedsodapop🔁Definitely digging this game. #octopathtraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler KFD @KFD3D🔁SHIELD BREAK!!!!!!! #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler ZanyGeek @ZanyGeek🔁 SHIELD BREAK!!!!!!! #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
Citadel Critical @CAS_Kicks🔁 Octopath Traveler got me over here like #NintendoDirect #OctopathTraveler #ReleaseDateWhen
#OctopathTraveler PopBrilioRina✨ @BrilioRina🔁#NintendoSwitch love the loading screen here for #OctopathTraveler
#OctopathTraveler Nintendo Dads @NintendoDads🔁Alright are you feeling about the #OctopathTraveler demo? #NintendoSwitch #SquareEnix #WorkingTitle
#OctopathTraveler gender: wizard @sadpee🔁OH MY GOD LEWD #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
NewFatMike @TrajansGhost🔁 Playing #OctopathTraveler

...was not expecting this....

#OctopathTraveler Mucrush @Mucrush🔁 HOW DOES SHE KNOW #OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch
#OctopathTraveler Flaze Proevo @FlazeProevo🔁 You have been warned!

#OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch

indiedev survivor @mnerurkar🔁That is a pretty sweet visual style you got there...

#OctopathTraveler #Nintendo #switch

Lizal Loo @arisadelle🔁#OctopathTraveler has TOO MANY cut scenes that take WAY TOO LONG. Cut your damn dialogue.
MulteMEDIA @Roxsaws🔁#OctopathTraveler 3 times got wiped from Primrose first boss, don't know how to beat him...
Marco Tinè @StriderCT🔁The HD-2D concept in #OctopathTraveler is just beautiful. Not new - many #indiegames does just that - but wow. Look:
theRebornHunter @Rebornhunter98🔁#OctopathTraveler is one of the most visually stunning games I've played, paired with a amazing soundtrack and a fun battle system
Joshua Mak (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و @himsoncafe🔁This game is so aesthetically pleasing in music, sound design, visuals, and all else! Can't wait for on !!!
MulteMEDIA @Roxsaws🔁#NintendoDirect playing the #OctopathTraveler #Demo right now, and it's not good that I wish me an auto-fight system for the demo.. #boring
Klaus (They/Them) @_LostFindings_🔁I've been playing the demo since it dropped... I love this game already! What an amazing soundtrack... 😍
Steven hernandez @Sagelobu🔁#OctopathTraveler storyline was about an hour total for both characters. And of course now I want the rest of it. GIVE IT TO MY EYE PARTS
Christopher De León @retrofitoleon🔁Forget Zelda. #OctopathTraveler is my new favorite Switch game and I've only played the demo.
Dylan @dgibbons0513🔁Even if I played only a little bit of the Octopath Traveler demo, What I've played from the demo so far is pretty good. #OctopathTraveler
Joel Orndorff @Joel_Patrol🔁Primrose Gameplay - Project Octopath Traveler Demo! #ProjectOctopathTraveler #OctopathTraveler #SquareEnix
Sasa @kazuyasasa🔁That woman is the final boss of this demo imo lol, but you at least get an OP Halberd for Olberic after defeating her XD
Lizal Loo @arisadelle🔁Why is the girl path so creepy and the guy path super fun and heroic?? #OctopathTraveler
PopBrilioRina✨ @BrilioRina🔁 im really enjoying the demo i like primroses story a little better but the other one is good too
KFD @KFD3D🔁Enjoying #OctopathTraveler Demo's more than Bravery Default. Liking the battle system. That soundtrack is on point. #NintendoSwitch
Shadow Shadson @andthegeekshall🔁Just been playing the demo of #OctopathTraveler on the #Switch. Very old school #JRPG with shiny graphics. Interested in full game.
Rocco Augusto @therocco🔁The #OctopathTraveler demo was pretty awesome. Can't wait for the finished game to be released.
JjamoTv HD @JjamoTvHD🔁Who else has been playing the demo though!? …
Pumpkin Spice Tet @No_Weeb_No_Life🔁#OctopathTraveler is trending
at first I thought it was an edgy #splatoon spin off.
JjamoTv HD @JjamoTvHD🔁#OctopathTraveler #NintendoSwitch handheld Gameplay #Gamer #Nintendo

Tomm Hulett @Hypnocrite🔁FFVI remake please. I will pay anything. #OctopathTraveler
JjamoTv HD @JjamoTvHD🔁#OctopathTraveler Handheld Gameplay!... First 10 mins :O game seems okay yu kno

BlackLightAttack! @BlackLiteAttack🔁Figured it out, starting soon with OctoBlues Traveler...path..... Octomom Trampoline

jorsh @jorshuaTee🔁#OctopathTraveler is a hecka beautiful looking game.
Zero @KazumaLynx🔁The end of the Primrose story nearly had me in tears! I'm definitely getting this game!
Dig Dug Dude @DigDugDude🔁Finally sat down and watched that #NintendoDirect entirely. #OctopathTraveler looks amazing.
KennyWu90 @KennyWu90🔁 WoW! This plot is pretty hardcore! Never thought a Nintendo exclusive RPG will provide this kind dialogue.
ZachWB @zachwb🔁Tonight I have gained two things.

1. My Min Min is now Bruce Lee in #ARMS
2. #OctopathTraveler is a dream come true mobile JRPG.


Zero @KazumaLynx🔁The combat in this game is easy to learn, but has depth. Most importantly, I think it's fun & addicting!
Adam 😆😄😊🌠♌ @Unbound_Beast🔁 Playing the demo! c heck it out 💜
Syditious @syditious🔁Okay. I want #OctopathTraveler
Jose Pizarro🔵 @ImaMakeMovies🔁#OctopathTraveler I haven't felt like this about a games art style since the reveal of #CupHead .
Sloane546 @sloane546🔁 Trying out the Project Octopath Travel Demo Live on #Twitch right now! #OctopathTraveler
Joel Orndorff @Joel_Patrol🔁Trying out the Project Octopath Travel Demo Live on #Twitch right now! #OctopathTraveler
Black Claw Jimmy @ShadowedXHunted🔁So is #OctopathTraveler going to have Wi-Fi co-op? Cause that would be the shiznit.
Shynkx @Shynkx🔁Been playing #OctopathTraveler for 2hours now and I just cant stop and its a Demo...cant wait for full version!
@SquareEnix Good job guys!
Joshua @Idojoshalot🔁 style&voice acting is top notch! Not sure if it'll pull me away from next year.
Unicorn Astronaut @UnicornAstronat🔁 Playing the demo! check it out 💜
Jericu Boritox @JericuB🔁in case it's hard to tell, there are 6 unconscious NPCs. This game rules.
Haunted by A Story @Geekanomicon🔁@SquareEnix @Nintendo #OctopathTraveler I want the full version sooooo bad.
Casen Sperry @CasenSperry🔁@CaiusNelson it's so good! The style just slays me. So reminiscent yet original. We'll done, @SquareEnix #OctopathTraveler
Bjoern the DOOMed @BjoernTheSmexy🔁I instantly got reminded of Rudra no Hihou and Live-A-Live (which were both pretty great)
Croc O'clock @CrocOclock🔁Octopath Traveler demo available now on Switch with a convenient file size of 689MB.

Pixel Grotto @PixelGrotto🔁 looks amazing, like how SNES games looked in my head. Only reason I'd get a Switch so far.
My Name Is Mr. BIG @ForWiiAreMany🔁Seriously, #OctopathTraveler will be absolutely amazing! Whatever you do, go and try the demo. I am in love with this game😱
Matthew Corazzelli @mattcorazzelli🔁#OctopathTraveler has a lot going for it to get me excited but desperately needs more enemy combat animations @SquareEnix
JP Esteban @Ryvaeus🔁The demo on the offers JPN voices and full audio options; not a guarantee, but may be the same on release.
Felipe @SwitchStation4🔁Wasnt expecting to be playing so soon😍 thank you for this fantastic demo, looking forward to the full game!
My Name Is Mr. BIG @ForWiiAreMany🔁 has all the marking of a world-class game, mark my words! a true love-letter to true RPG fans!
Jack @Jackscarab🔁"Ma'am? I know you're attractive, but can... can I stop fighting lizard men now? Ma'am?"
Jack @Jackscarab🔁"Ma'am -- we've been in this catacomb for ten minutes, I'm starting to think you aren't taking me to watch you dance..."
Croc O'clock @CrocOclock🔁Octopath Traveler in all its 2D HD (smart marketing name) glory coming to Switch in 2018.

Croc O'clock @CrocOclock🔁Octopath Traveler demo available now on eShop for Switch. Enjoy & give feedback.

Donovan Marston @LexMarston🔁@SquareEnix I love #OctopathTraveler! Beautiful game, good story, interesting concept, old-school RPG system. Must-buy game!
Theran @TheranPlays🔁Trying to download the #OctopathTraveler demo has only reminded me that my Switch just hates connecting to WiFi.
Samurai Gamers @SamuraiGamersEN🔁Any thoughts on the game, dude? Loving the retro style so far. Just takes you back in time! And the music is phenome nal.
DKwill @_DKwill🔁I've been playing the demo since it dropped... I love this game already! What an amazing soundtrack... 😍
Jose @HozayB🔁#OctopathTraveler this looks so great. Love the demo @SquareEnixUSA @SquareEnix
Laura @sweetchocoruu🔁I played a bit of Octopath Traveler demo. All I have to say is WOW. I need the full game in my life now!
ZachWB @zachwb🔁Switching over to the demo's for #PokkenTournamentDX and #OctopathTraveler

|•| Chris |•| @SirFristy🔁I'll share more thoughts on #OctopathTraveler tomorrow.
Axedanner @Axedanner🔁Alright, Lets try out this #OctopathTraveler thing we heard about at the #NintendoDirect #Demo
Ghryphon @UkeNoGood🔁The details in scenes are unreal. Even the smallest things to think of are animated. If you're a fan of pixel art, play it
Zach Chang @mr_macguffinman🔁In seems you can recruit all main chars, but story will focus on the one you use to start your save file
Mart 🌈🏳️‍🌈 @fantasystarboy🔁Yeah I love the demo of #OctopathTraveler
Definitely gonna be getting this on release!


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