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Octopath Traveler DragonTony @DragonTony15🔁 Octopath Traveler~ #Splatoon #NintendoDirect #Octoling
I NEED ORBS FOR MORGAN @TsukinoWaltz🔁 Octopath Traveler #NintendoSwitch Release Date Trailer #NintendoDirect
Octopath Traveler 24Megabytes @24megabytes🔁'Octopath Traveler' heads to Nintendo Switch on July 13th engt.co
Octopath Traveler Mark Higbee @MarkHigbee🔁Octopath Traveler Gets A Release Date And Three New Characters WATCH at: friendlydb.com
Octopath Traveler Trendale Warren @Treny_Dogg3🔁 Project Octopath Traveler Launches July 13, Special Edition Announced nichegamer.com
天野诺唯 @AmanoNowi🔁 Octopath Traveler #NintendoSwitch Release Date Trailer #NintendoDirect
Octopath Traveler Nintendo Everything @NinEverything🔁No sound selection CD for Octopath Traveler’s Compendium Edition in Europe nintendoeverything.com
Octopath Traveler Macintosh @Maccusha🔁 Octopath Traveler Set To Release On Nintendo Switch In July ticgn.com
IGN @IGN🔁Square Enix took a few minutes of today's Nintendo Direct to show off its upcoming RPG, .


Armen @armen1136🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Octopath Traveler - Release Date Trailer
totlmstr @totlmstr🔁I thought SaGa was gone and rebuilt into Octopath Traveler.

Nope. Turns out a new game in the series is in the works.

Redfie1d @Redfield70x7🔁Switch wishlist:
Little Nightmares
Octopath Traveler
Dark Souls Remaster
Diablo 3
Hollow Knight
Dead Cells
South Par twitter.com k: TFBW
Super Smash Bros.
Tiny Metal
Pillars of Eternity II
Fire Emblem
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG
Night in the Woods
The World Ends With You
Metroid Prime 4
お富士 @fuj10ne🔁Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on the project OCTOPATH TRAVELER demo! The development team has been busy improving the game based on your input.
Queuethulu, Troll Decker @queuethulu🔁Games and I (and by extension ) are looking forward to and likely streaming:
Travis Strikes Again
Octopath Traveler twitter.com
Dark Souls Remaster (that's for me)
Total War Three Kingdoms (Prof)
Namia TWEWY HYPE! @namia_kh🔁@rossynyan XD I know right. Am just so happy for both splatoon and octopath traveler. The hype is real!
Sawyer @Sawyer_DAA🔁Somehow I didn't notice that they dropped the Project from the Octopath Traveler title. The name is final so why the twitter.com hell did they even include it in the first place?
✨ I N K I E @inkiepls🔁@Fynnpire Splatoon 2 DLC, but tbh, I missed it, too. I'm really excited about Octopath Traveler, tho.
Ric Olsen @Ric9871Ric🔁'Octopath Traveler' heads to Nintendo Switch on July 13th twib.in via twitter.com
neptuniafan @ultraheroinefan🔁Nintendo has posted a new video for Octopath Traveler, detailing Tressa, Alfyn, the job system, and a July 13 release date:
Wade Pierce @PapaPompous🔁So how bout that ? I'll be getting Smash for sure! Octopath Traveler looks awesome. Damn it Nintendo you've pulled twitter.com me back in!
stiggo @sayrielle🔁Octopath Traveler release date announced, special edition revealed and two new protagonists introduced:
Rod Vino @rod_vino🔁Europe - Octopath Traveler "Traveler's Compendium Edition" lacks soundtrack found in America's "Wayfarer’s Edition"
Creamy Elephant @CreamyElephant🔁@TexasBurgerDLJ octopath traveler might be good
Android Store @ManuelKalinski🔁 chinaphon.com 'Octopath Traveler' heads to Nintendo Switch on July 13th: Square Enix's gorgeous new game, Octopath Traveler, is ar twitter.com riving on the Nintendo Switch very soon. Nintendo has revealed at today's Direct stream that…
alvin ✨ team celica @skywardcne🔁 friendship ended with fire emblem, octopath traveler is my new best friend
Treniam @Treniam132🔁None of those. I’m personally looking forward to Octopath Traveler. Love style of it and that each character is a dif twitter.com ferent story with different abilities each. Can’t wait to find out more about each character.
خصوماتي - khusumati @khusumati🔁‘Octopath Traveler’ heads to Nintendo Switch on July 13th relatednews.net
Christian Mutig @Ductos🔁@Qarx Lastly, new footage of the new No More Heroes game and Octopath Traveler Collector's Edition with release date.
Travis Kern @cronkib🔁At least every time I read "Octopath Traveler", I think Octahedron, except not the polyhedron but the TMV album.
Kat @ProfessorAzure🔁Definitely getting the Octopath Traveler special edition, and Smash
Probably gonna also get Okami, and Hyrule Warrior twitter.com s Definitive Edition
Thinking about Dark Souls, and Luigi's Mansions too
Sentai Zaine @akemizaine🔁Tennis in June. Octopath Traveler in July. Luigi Mansion, Bowser' s Inside Story, WarioWare to 3DS. Uhhh. Dark Souls twitter.com remaster in May.
Derrick Davidson @Derrick_73🔁Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler arriving on July 13 for Nintendo Switch polygon.com via @Polygon
YoshiUnity Artworks! @YoshiUnity🔁What caught my eye?

3DS: New Warioware, DILLON'S DEAD-HEAT BREAKERS. Detective Pikachu. Luigi's Mansion remake. YEP! twitter.com

Switch: NO MORE HEROES: TRAVIS STRIKES AGAIN! SMASH BROS! OCTOPATH TRAVELER! Dark Souls Remastered. Captain Toad. Mario Tennis Aces.

GameComponent @GameComponent🔁No sound selection CD for Octopath Traveler’s Compendium Edition in Europe nintendoeverything.com
luke @transience242🔁I still haven't played the Octopath Traveler demo despite downloading it on Christmas Day. I also haven't played Brav twitter.com ely Second yet. I liked Bravely Default but felt especially burned by how it wrapped up. oh fuck they just started talking about jobs maybe I should try it
Rorenado @Rorenado🔁Not gonna lie, Octopath Traveler is looking pretty good.
Maggy @MaggyDoom🔁Started the dancer story of the demo of octopath traveler and it's quite cool so far, will consider buying it as well!
The Gaming Resumé @TheGamingResume🔁Job Hunt: Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Direct 03/08/2018): youtu.be via @YouTube
The Gaming Resumé @TheGamingResume🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be Job Hunt: Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Direct 03/08/2018)
Hotpage News @Hotpage_News🔁Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler arriving on July 13 for Nintendo Switch - hotpagenews.com
Valentino Lau @ActionFanboy🔁Octopath Traveler reveals two new characters and a special edition for Nintendo Switch. ninmobilenews.com
Legend of Josh @JoshDeveson🔁Octopath Traveler: Traveler’s Compendium Edition costs... $200?! But it's placeholder price currently. Similar to Wor twitter.com ld of Final Fantasy collector's edition contents. +$200 or +$100 are not worth for barely small physical contents. I gotta finish the demo.
Kat Kaiken @FireHawk8250🔁That Nintendo Direct was 🔥🔥🔥

Okami, Octopath Traveler, Splatoon DLC, and SMASH BROS!!!

All I need is Pokemon Swi twitter.com tch and Fire Emblem and I'll be a happy girl. 2018 is gonna be lit!!

Jamie Penningh @JamiePenningh🔁Games that I'm looking forward to from this Direct:
- Mario Tennis Aces
- Kirby Star Allies
- Detective Pikachu
- Cap twitter.com tain Toad Treasure Tracker
- Octopath Traveler
- Super Smash Bros

Games missing from this direct:
- Fire Emblem
- Yoshi
- Metroid Prime Trilogy
- Pokemon Switch

Krimson KB @KrimsonKB🔁STREAMING NOW: Kirby Star Allies/Octopath Traveler Demos(+USF2?) twitch.tv
Natasha @sonidodentro🔁The games I’m buying for my Switch in 2018 is Dark Souls:Remastered, Wolf:2, Octopath Traveler, Worlds End with You Final Remix and of course Super Smash Bros. (2018), Gonna be lit
MimiK @Alcto3🔁So is the game actually being called octopath traveler
Samuel Rivera 🇵🇷 @BetaCypher🔁The games I’m buying for my Switch in 2018 is Dark Souls:Remastered, Wolf:2, Octopath Traveler, Worlds End with You F twitter.com inal Remix and of course Super Smash Bros. (2018), Gonna be lit
No te moai [IC] @_Bexon_🔁Juegos anunciados para este año que quiero:
-kirby star allies
-attack on titan 2
-Naruto shippuden uns trilogy
-oct twitter.com opath traveler
-ssb switch
-fire emblem switch
-twewy switch
Valentino Lau @ActionFanboy🔁 'Octopath Traveler' heads to Nintendo Switch on July 13th engt.co
Nikki Araneta @Nocturnyxe🔁Square Enix took a few minutes of today's Nintendo Direct to show off its upcoming RPG, .

Super Tyler🔥 @eleccross🔁Octopath Traveler also looks REALLY cool. I loved the demo and I really look forward to how they branch out the comba twitter.com t system.

HD Mitsurulogist @Starlordandsons🔁@aegisphantasma New smash, more details on Mario tennis, octopath traveler, and splatoon 2. GameCube Luigi’s mansion being remade for 3DS
Varsuuvius ⚡️ @Varsuuvius🔁Yeah same. TWEWY did it good. Solid mix of the city culture of Japan without going too wacky. But there's plenty of t twitter.com hat bumpin into the lady's boobs and throwing stuff and whatnot. At least we got Octopath Traveler to look forward to.
Saru @ special interest hell HD @sarurunkamui🔁@aegisphantasma octopath traveler, mario stuff, splat2n updates, fire emblem is cancelled,
mizuki. @Ochakolate🔁am i the only person excited for octopath traveler rofl
Jae @BatousaiJ🔁A pretty good direct- really excited to have a concrete release date for Octopath Traveler and Smash for Switch comin twitter.com g in 2018 is a welcome surprise.

Looking forward to that crisp wifi-netplay.

peter berthelette @bewbew_x2🔁New post (Octopath Traveler Release Date Announced & Two New Characters Revealed) has been published on WTFGamersOnly twitter.com
WTF!? Gamers Only! @Wtfgamersonly🔁New post (Octopath Traveler Release Date Announced & Two New Characters Revealed) has been published on WTFGamersOnly twitter.com -
ろきくん(CV:村中沙由梨) @roki_399927🔁Octopath Traveler: Wayfarer’s Edition will also be available 7/13! This special-edition bundle includes: Game card, Sound Selections CD, double-sided world map, replica coin of the in-game currency, and 8-page character pop-up book.
Video Games @_Video_Games🔁Project Octopath Traveler by Nintendo 2,604% Sales Rank in Video Games: 72 (was 1,947… goo.gl


GoNintendoTweet @GoNintendoTweet🔁Europe - Octopath Traveler "Traveler's Compendium Edition" lacks soundtrack found in America's "Wayfarer’s Edition" twitter.com
iMOBiLE @iM0BiLE🔁✺ 'Octopath Traveler' heads to Nintendo Switch on July 13th goo.gl
ゆず(仮) @yuzuki_yuzu_🔁OCTOPATH TRAVELER
Totally not a Secret Agent Catgirl Qhj @Qhj🔁I can't wait for Octopath Traveler! It's gonna be amazing.
wow, Bob, wow @theoberlander🔁Between Octopath Traveler and SaGa Scarlet Grace I’m pretty much set on RPGs for the rest of the year.
Panic @Paddy_Panic🔁Octopath Traveler is going to be some good ass shit and I am ready as fuck for it.
Travis Kern @cronkib🔁Somewhere at Square HQ - Team Lead: "Hey, let's make a new IP. Old school sprites, beautiful artwork, flexible skill twitter.com system, basically everything we would do if were an indie dev team. People gonna love it. It's gonna be sick. Let's call it, Octopath Traveler."
Joseph Tan @RyuShikimori🔁Octopath Traveler launches July 13 - Gematsu po.st via @gematsucom
RamzaVis ఠ.ಠ @Ramzavis🔁Cosas para mi lista en este
-DarkSouls Remastered y su amiibo
-Ookami HD
-Octopath Traveler
-Hyrule Warr twitter.com iors
-Splatoon2: OctoExpansion
-Smash Brothers

Myst @ Decagon (& 🐙🦑🐙🦑) @mystsaphyr🔁@hakutowoo181 Oh heck that'd be fun! Octopath Traveler shopping trip lol
SwitchRPG @SwitchRPG🔁The Direct was pretty solid overall, but I'm just glad Octopath Traveler has a release date finally. I've been waiting to sink my teeth in a good Switch JRPG.
Tiffany™ Royal Edition @MissTiffanyL🔁Octopath Traveler: Wayfarer's Edition includes the physical game, Sound Selection CD, double-sided world map, 8-page twitter.com pop-up book, and a replica of the in-game currency. It's releasing on July 13.
kiwyu, the widdle yakuwuza @pagkahari🔁Everyone: NO FE16 WE RIOT

me: sitting in peace knowing OCTOPATH TRAVELER which I've been waiting to come out since the switch announcement over a year ago has a definite release date

❄GS❄ @GlacierSnow🔁@sabeythang There was talk of Bravely Saga?

I only remember talk of Octopath Traveler.

...did I look away for a second?

Hallaloth @hallaloth🔁So we get a SSB teaser (with Inklings, credit where its due) before we get anything on Fire Emblem? I'm Sad. Amuses b twitter.com y te Undertale teaser, and hyped for Octopath Traveler though.
SwitchRPG @SwitchRPG🔁 Everything about Octopath Traveler screams to me "Live A Live spiritual successor", and that is exactly what I am hoping it is.
Blu-Cup @blucup64🔁Splatoon 2 DLC, South Park, Hyrule Warriors, Octopath Traveler, Smash Bros, Okami, Undertale. So much was announced that I want.


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