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Octopath Traveler Heather Breckel @angienessyo🔁octopath traveler is awesome #NintendoSwitch
Octopath Traveler Snek@Leblanc/Splat2 @TheMakotoSakura🔁 Project Octopath Traveler official illustration with Bravely character. (@BDFF_OFFICIAL)
Octopath Traveler 🍵Porcelain chips☕ @CrackedTeaCup🔁 Project Octopath Traveler Western Release Confirmed for 2018 nichegamer.com
Octopath TravelerOctopath TravelerOctopath Traveler ★Inkstar☆ @Specter_MT🔁 Some Project Octopath Traveler screenshots and art rpgsite.net
Aizat Azmi @aizatazmi90🔁 The Octopath Traveler interior transitions are breaking my brain a little
Octopath Traveler yuan ♡ bingus @soichirous🔁 A demo of Project Octopath Traveler is heading to the eShop after the Direct! nintendowire.com
Emma Scott @Aireans🔁 Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) Announcement Trailer - #NintendoSwitch
kat @bravely default @kathandlazer🔁 The Octopath Traveler interior transitions are breaking my brain a little
Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica🔁Square Enix is bringing Project Octopath Traveler exclusively to . A demo will be available later today following the twitter.com Direct.
ReplayAbility @ReplayAbility🔁Octopath Traveler is fucking sweet.
powerwolf28 @powerwolf28🔁Project Octopath Traveler ............ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam BIC🔜TGS @Adsinjapan🔁The Octopath Traveler demo is a trip. The visuals are wild and the instrumental score is giving me Chrono Cross vibes.
Blue Cheese Fan Shan @jeyshan26🔁So yea, Project Octopath Traveler just skyrocketed to one of my most anticipated games next year. Absolutely adore what I've played so far.
Brent @CreamBasics🔁Square Enix is bringing Project Octopath Traveler exclusively to . A demo will be available later today following the Direct.
Travis @tlow760🔁Project Octopath Traveler demo was amazing. Can't wait for the full release!
spider fetish @heinousblunder🔁That Project Octopath Traveler game looks so sick.
Rubee Redlin @warmthlike🔁Alright so I've gotten quite a bit of gameplay out of the Octopath Traveler demo and

it is good

Chris Mize @chrismize🔁- I haven’t played Xenoblade but that Pro Controller looks sweet
- …I bet they’ll come up with a new name for “Octopath Traveler”
Nintendo SE @Bergsala🔁project OCTOPATH TRAVELER emerges on in 2018.

Try the free demo, available now on eShop:

Hetflix @hetflixdotcom🔁Project Octopath Traveler has a demo out now: check out this trailer to… goo.gl twitter.com
Guillermo Martinez @Shadowhugger🔁I'm slowly growing more of an interest in Octopath Traveler.
Joshua Hinton @Swatkat20xx🔁@Seitz_Unseen are you doing the voice of Olberic in the Octopath Traveler demo cause he sounds a lot like you?
Axedanner @Axedanner🔁to the 2 people who watched me play the demo of Octopath Traveler, thank you! it was alot of fun!
Software News @App_sw_🔁#Nintendo Switch RPG 'Project Octopath Traveler' By Square Enix Looks Amazing: Download The... Read more: owler.us $7974
Elfin Delmundo @RoberGutie🔁Sorry just staring blankly at the Octopath Traveler Demo Title screen and being mesmerized by this music.
James Heart @JamesHeartman🔁Project Octopath Traveler looks really good. I recall not caring about the initial teaser, but now I am interested.
Heather Breckel @angienessyo🔁My only beef with Octopath Traveler is something about the way they did the dark areas doesn't play nice with my TV.
Sam Calvary @PettyMongoose🔁Project Octopath Traveler releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch worldwide simultaneous in 2018; demo out today:
Sam Calvary @PettyMongoose🔁 Octopath Traveler. I want. #NintendoDirect
Sam Calvary @PettyMongoose🔁 Octopath Traveler is probably the closest we're gonna get to a "modern console FF6" from Square
arcade games @politetobugs🔁I know it's a working title but octopath traveler is just so bonkers that like please keep it square
chance @LordChancePants🔁Only played like 15 minutes of Octopath Traveler (pls change the name) but I cannot believe how good it is
JuJu @JuGenie3🔁Can't play Octopath Traveler; too busy playing Fire Emblem and Zelda BOTW and watching Utena and working and moving and...and.........
East End Expo @EastEndExpo🔁The demo for Square Enix's is coming TODAY!

Read more: go.ign.com

snesfreak @snesfreak🔁Project Octopath Traveler Demo: youtu.be via @YouTube
Jason C. @setaimx🔁Octopath Traveler and Xeno 2 are huge, but please also give Etrian Odyssey V a look. Huge believer in the series. Can't wait to play demo.
mattmanver2 @Mattmanver2🔁The (HD?) rumble in Octopath Traveler is really good. It makes attacks in battle all the more satisfying.
best frog 🐸 @kirswaggie🔁also I started the demo of project octopath traveler but Primarose's story just made me cringe
Xacris @Xaphrael🔁@MotokoSMASH Octopath Traveler (that Squenix RPG) demo available now, DOOM is coming, Xenoblade looks great, Lyn in FE Warriors
the bread goddess @chubbysnotgirl🔁Project Octopath Traveler looks fun
Syd theKolinkBattler @KolinkArchives🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
All Fiction @Im_All_Fiction🔁Octopath Traveler is fucking sick based on the demo. I'm definitely getting the full release when it comes out
Mister Man @JStandsFor🔁Hot Damn, Octopath Traveler sounds like a must play.
Kent @ Fendel❄ @KazeNinja17🔁Okay. Despite my initial reservations for Project Octopath Traveler, I'm quite intrigued by the game now. The demo was fun.
Chilly @ChillyJelly🔁Octopath traveler looks sick
Skuntank Apologist @kuiperfrog🔁Okay who are the composer(s) for Octopath Traveler???
pampkin spice latte @pameatsbabies🔁Only played a little bit of the demo, but Project Octopath Traveler seems like a game I could totally get into.
Syd theKolinkBattler @KolinkArchives🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Direct


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