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ObeyObey Emma @cxmamaa🔁 If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun 😋
Ninja @Ninja_TB🔁Congrats to obey for the win! And GGS to all especially my teammates who played fantastic.
FaZe Agony @Agony🔁OMFG OBEY WON?! CONGRATS @ObeyAlliance
Obey Rock Trust @RockTrust_tweet🔁 Regulator warns social landlords: get your houses in order
Angelica @angelicangggel🔁smelly feet after a long day
if your pindick twitched you know what to do losers

Adi Cute13 @Adi_Cute13🔁“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.”Aristotle 🇺🇸"One who hasn't been taught to be considerate lives lonely." Ethan
Obey Elminite @Obey_Elm🔁@ObeyJaw @Aeolus we will hangout more another time! we will have too!
ori shok @orishok🔁“Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, e…” bible.com
LeaBea🍉 @obey_leaa🔁It's 3:36 AM and I'm typing an essay...
Judge Grumpy @Obey___🔁@diakritikal A child could do better. Speaks to the utter lack of talent in Scottish Labour.
Dewi Darmawati @dewi_darmawati🔁And we fucking pay our taxes. Do you?
We follow the administrations and laws. Do you?
We obey the rule. Do you?
We live our lives. Do you?
Velocitee @GLCGL_Charlie🔁@Xeloity @iRaffer @TheEventsDC @dimi_esports @NRGgg @Yammyn_ @emilitoo2 @AdaptingSMITE But also... HAVE YOU SEEN OBEY????
Teivone @Obey_Posse__🔁one person followed me // automatically checked by fllwrs.com
Judge Grumpy @Obey___🔁Martin McCluskey is to Political Director as Jill Stephenson is to reasoned debate. Right now, I'm quite embarrassed for his colleagues.
maggoo @maggoo0🔁`bbcnews In a monarchy SUBJECTS obey rules. In a democracy THE PEOPLES government obey a written constitution.
Doreen Gathecha @Safaritab🔁You have a flu? Obey mums rules.. Hydrate hydrate HYDRATE!!! It is very important.@Ma3Route @xtiandela
Obey Tina @TINARAES🔁 This is all a dream come true, thank you. We put our all into Obey. 💙
Anina King @AninaKing🔁Obey God and do your very best wherever you find yourself.

...You never know who is watching.

. @MagniTheSatanic🔁 The two MVPs of this year, Grinding everyday. Love them both, and see them in FaZe this Year😎 RT for goodluck!
Mohan @bmohanraj91🔁You just need common sense to obey SC order, SC warned central government for not obeying the earlier orders. twitter.com
Judge Grumpy @Obey___🔁@DoomlordVek Me not taking the piss, or something in 2014 (that they are not obsessed about)
Greg @gregholman3🔁"Looking For Loopholes"

FREE ChristLife msg

Seek to OBEY the Bible!
Don't seek jusitification to DISOBEY!


Chastity Arnold @SassyBoutique_1🔁You're RETARDED! How did you graduate high school? The elites put you as governor because they know you are stupid a twitter.com s fuck, and would OBEY!
Vikings Eat Spam @thatscot🔁@Obey___ "We said NO and we meant it"

Is that a statement from the 'RapeClause' form that those affected have to agree to?


KING BHRISTIAN @Obey_Christian🔁 Do y'all ever crave emotional intimacy with someone?
The Saboteur @DoomlordVek🔁@Obey___ What did they say "no" to? I know the answer but the poster is confusing, at a glance.
KING BHRISTIAN @Obey_Christian🔁 If u lag don't text me
bob W @bobfromwi🔁Hillary Clinton Coms Director Jennifer Palmieri: PBS will obey my instructions to change air time for news "story" on Clinton and .
We Promote Camgirls @PromoteCamGirl🔁“If you all the , you miss all the .”

Jim Sager @faithclubdotnet🔁#Jesus #truth 1Jo 2:4 If we say that we know him, but do not obey his commands, we are liars and there is no truth in us.
Tosyn™ @iamkinggame🔁Dear young ones, Obey your parents BUT please don't let them dictate your life.

Discover your PURPOSE (early enough) and LIVE it!

Alphonso.. @_Odarkwei_🔁 Trust and Obey ❤️🙏🏻
JulieTrav @JulieSissy🔁I need more entertainment if you want to keep my attention. I want to humiliate you. Shut up and just obey.
Krunt Frucker @KruntFrucker🔁The best way to stop Islamic terrorism is to comply with Islamic terrorism. It's easy. Just obey. Period. ^_^
Barring @RealBarring🔁 Congrats to obey for the win! And GGS to all especially my teammates who played fantastic.
ElectriveCom @ElectriveCom🔁Carmakers hurry to obey the Chinese regulators and all bid to before the decade's end. twitter.com
Barring @RealBarring🔁
myra veetoh @veetohedits🔁 Left Obey & Quit Editing, goodbye.

Read: tl.gd

Frieda Speech @FriedaSpeech🔁@blaubok @bfraser747 @lsarsour She's lucky. There are cases where the judge just says, "Go home and obey your husband."


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