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#ObamaPortraits Knicki @Kierryk345🔁 Name a better duo, we'll wait #ObamaPortraits
#ObamaPortraits #Releasethememo @Censoredblues🔁 Breaking : #ObamaPortraits runner-up protests result!

This is much better.

#ObamaPortraits Alfred D'Arpe @adarpe🔁 You can't paint over a losing legacy. #ObamaPortraits
#ObamaPortraits#ObamaPortraits Mater_Sammiches🔙🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸 @Mater_Sammiches🔁 WE WERE WARNED & NOBODY LISTENED
#ObamaPortraits #VisibleWomen #MAGA
#ObamaPortraits Dennis H Coy @DennisHCoy4🔁 Most realistic and accurate presidential portrait ever... #ObamaPortraits
#ObamaPortraits derek miller @uhnanihmuss🔁 In case yous missed the official portrait 💯 #Legalization #Legalize #Worldwide #ObamaPortraits
#ObamaPortraits#ObamaPortraits Kathy Nelson @putzie63🔁 I dunno which one of these paintings is more offensive.


Matt Higgins @ByMattHiggins🔁 Unveiling President @BarackObama’s portrait by @kehindewileyart. #myNPG #ObamaPortraits
Spiritual Annie @Spiritual_Annie🔁Just so y'all know... #ObamaPortraits trended yesterday! It hit 13 on the trending list.
#ObamaPortraits#ObamaPortraits#ObamaPortraits#ObamaPortraits Ray Ray Rangel @HDRayRay🔁 Best of the best memes today. #ObamaPortraits
#ObamaPortraits Alex P Keaton @AlexPKeaton3🔁 🤣WOW....THAT'S NOT VERY NICE
#VisibleWomen #ObamaPortraits
#MAGA #Hannity #Tucker #ObamaGate
Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow🔁Honored. Humbled. Grateful. 🙏🏼 #ObamaPortraits
Ava DuVernay @ava🔁Monday morning joy as portraits of President and First Lady Obama are revealed by artists Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wil twitter.com ey. Reminds me to hope.
Mark Dice @MarkDice🔁The artist chosen to paint the appears to be a radical racist whose other works include black people beheading white twitter.com s. No wonder The Obamas picked him.
Saving4TheKeys @Saving4TheKeys🔁 Didn’t the artist just have ONE good friend??! “Psst - hey, this is coming from a place of love, but.....” twitter.com
Veritas Curat @need4truthiness🔁The - everything you need to know about their decision-making acumen.
Thank the Good Lord they are no longer maki twitter.com ng decisions for the .

SoldierGirl*n*Xfiles @LisaHauser8🔁I love going to bed at night seeing that is trending...

...knowing that somewhere else, an obese, orange man with tiny fingers is clutching his phone in anger, instead of clutching the woman he PAID to love him.

Good night, .

Kira @tknelson09🔁Love these new portraits😍#barackobama #obama #obamaportraits instagram.com
Jennifer Paluch @jennifer_paluch🔁Kudos to the artist! 👏
You really captured the true essence of Obama.🤡
I'm in awe. 🖌️

ReynardFou @ReynardFou🔁 The absurdity of Obama's portrait is beyond parody.
Debra Matheny(Koski) #ISTANDWITHGENFLYNN @DebMatheny🔁The Peacock is the symbol of 👈
👈 twitter.com
en.m.wikipedia.org tter.com/i/web/status/963406212401377280" target="_blank">twitter.com
🌹#CathyForWIO1🌹🔇 @safemanusa🔁My take on the Obamas official portrait.

I call it "My Fading Legacy"

Vince Voyna @VinceVoyna🔁The artist chosen to paint the appears to be a radical racist whose other works include black people beheading whites. No wonder The Obamas picked him.
Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 @6crip🔁"An homage to broken marriages and single-motherhood, a salutation to the classless and tasteless; a tone-deaf phlegm twitter.com coughed up on the Office of the President."
The Patriot @LandOfTheFree_1🔁@ThomasWictor @Swamp_Voice Symbolic of their time in the Whitehouse.....a complete embarrasment....and they have no clue. #ObamaPortraits
KAMateson @KimberlyNips1🔁@TomiLahren @NobelPrize waiting on the Nobel Committee to award her a prize! #OlympicWinterGames #ObamaPortraits twitter.com
MCKolacia @ckolacia🔁This is hilarious and a great idea by Kyle - get real artists to weigh in on the (whisper: they don't like them much!) 👇


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