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Obama-era Question News @QxNews🔁 King Keebler crushes Obama-era policy that ignored states where pot is legal: trib.al
The Hill @thehill🔁JUST IN: Florida Dem threatens to block Trump from repealing Obama-era oil drilling safety rules twitter.com
ACLU @ACLU🔁Jeff Sessions is changing an Obama-era policy in order to free federal agents to crack down on marijuana in states t twitter.com hat have legalized its use.

Add your name to fight back against Sessions' War on Drugs.

Obama-era Politics News @PoliticsNewz🔁#Trump administration to end Obama-era marijuana policy, source says - AOL goo.gl
Twitter Moments @TwitterMoments🔁The attorney general is set to roll back Obama-era Justice Department guidelines that were designed to keep the feder twitter.com al government from interfering with states that had legalized marijuana.

Алексей Павлиенко @AlexPavlienko🔁Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era policies that took a largely hands-off approach to enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized the drug
Virginia Arthurs @baldurfort3307🔁The Trump administration has attacked yet ANOTHER Obama-era protection and will now seek to permit drilling in protected waters.

We know why.

If you live in a coastline state, start calling your Governor, State Attorney General and your Members of Congress.

Traian Docolina @traiandoc🔁Good piece on the potential 2018 implications of the Jeff Sessions reversal on the Obama-era marijuana policy
Lisa Smith @FamBlessed🔁Republicans like to use the term "big government" when it's convenient to them against policies they don't like now they're doing the exact same shit.

Obama-era Jeff Sessions

❄️FrostyLilly❄️ @Lilly_E_Dennis🔁The news every day is just 15 articles about Trump tweeting something racist and then, in smaller font, “Trump Repeals Obama-Era Rule Preventing Nursing Homes from Setting Patients on Fire"
Heather +++🇺🇸 @REALHEATHER63🔁But the msm told me USA isn't corrupt Russia is, I'm so confused VIDEO: James Clapper Admits Obama-Era Intel Apparatus Spied on Trump; Says He Never Even Heard of George Papadopoulos
Amy pandina @AmyPandina🔁Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish.

Come on, Jeff. You’re the states’ rights guy! Would it help if they smoked the weed out of a rolled up confederate flag?

Gustaf Antell @GustafAntell🔁"The proposal is yet another blow to the Obama-era environmental agenda, and it has the potential to open up nearly a twitter.com ll US federal waters that were previously protected." - Trump admin intends to roll back ban on offshore drilling
ZsaZsa @queenb_somewher🔁Jan 1st: Recreational Marijuana legalized in California

Jan 4th: Jeff Sessions announces end to Obama-era policy that allowed legal pot to flourish

It’s not a coincidence. The Trump Administration also targeted BLUE STATES in the GOP Tax Scam bill.


brandy @flowergirl1126🔁Is it just horribly cynical of me to wonder if Jeff Sessions rescinding Obama-era marijuana rules not just being seriously misguided but is a way to fill the privatized prison system with US citizens so more money goes to the owners (political donors)?
peterjon79 @peterjon79🔁The “Obama-era”:

> Racial tensions escalate
> Americans forced to buy healthcare
> Benghazi
> Gun running from Libya to Syria
> North Africa destabilized
> ISIS creates caliphate in Iraq/Syria
> IRS targeted Tea Party
> Obama spied on press (Rosen)
> Fast&Furious

mmorsch @MorschMaryjane🔁My belief & trust in President has never been stronger.

This historic time was made for the brilliant billionaire businessman. There is no doubt he will .

If you don’t like it, you can move.

I thank GOD the Obama-era is finally OVER!

RayMan Nudle @DaviiCrockett🔁BREAKING: AP is reporting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding Obama-era policy that has allowed states to decide on the legality of marijuana while inhibiting federal intervention. This could mean medical marijuana may no longer be legal. Announcement coming today
FedSnap @FedSnap🔁EPA sets hard deadline for enforcing Obama-era ozone restrictions washingtonexaminer.com via @dcexaminer
orchidartlady @orchidartlady🔁Funny how we need a background check to buy a bullet in California. We know illegals don't register their illegal guns with their illegal status.


Luka Jones @lukajones🔁Jeff Sessions is changing an Obama-era policy in order to free federal agents to crack down on marijuana in states that have legalized its use.

Add your name to fight back against Sessions' War on Drugs.

Honey West @NotHoneyWest🔁Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding the Obama-era policy that had paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country...

Because those jails aren't going to fill themselves.

Julian Roque @RJC3484🔁 That weasel "Jeff Sessions" is just like DT a lying,greedy, fill up the Prison4 Marijuana use so he can make more💸! Its about Rescinding the Obama-era policy on Marijuana Amer.is thriving & DT&Jeff want profit from sales
Ciao is way done with turkey now, thanks. @NoyzeSmythe🔁DOJ disgrace: Jeff Sessions to halt Obama-era policy to discourage Federal charges related to marijuana in legalized states. Incompetent WH undermines regulated marijuana industry, a move that which will benefit drug dealers.
Jeanette Dore 🍦🐸🍦 @dojiedojie🔁And the hits just keep on coming.....

“James Clapper Admits Obama-Era Intel Apparatus Spied on Trump; Says He Never Even Heard of George Papadopoulos”.

Sylvie Masson @SylvieMasson3🔁“One tweet later, one policy later, a complete reversal”: Republican Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner blasts Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ memo on marijuana policy, a move that would nix Obama-era rules that leave states alone that legalize pot
شيخة عربها💎 @noralkoonnoral1🔁 #Trump administration to end Obama-era marijuana policy, source says - AOL goo.gl
🇺🇸 “AMERICA FIRST”🇺🇸 @Pirate_Life_🔁Sessions is rescinding Obama-era directive for feds to back off marijuana enforcement in states with legal pot
🇺🇸 “AMERICA FIRST”🇺🇸 @Pirate_Life_🔁The attorney general will scrap Obama-era rules that mandated hands-off approach to states' marijuana-friendly laws, source says
Los Angeles Best Of @LosAngelesBests🔁Trump administration's crackdown on pot sales could push banks out of cannabis industry: Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions’ d twitter.com ecision Thursday to scrap an Obama-era policy that offered legal shelter for state-sanctioned marijuana sales may not necessarily lead to…
ray adams @DocAdams8404🔁‼️MARIJUANA POLICY CHANGE‼️ AG Jeff Sessions will end Obama-era policy that let legal pot flourish. Instead of Obama’s no regulations, Sessions will rescind and leave to U.S. attorneys to handle in states where it is legal.

🇺🇸 “AMERICA FIRST”🇺🇸 @Pirate_Life_🔁Judicial Watch asked to reverse the lower court ruling that granted unchecked administrative power to the for it to regulate & implement so-called — because JW believes this Obama-era power-grab is unlawful & unconstitutional.

🇺🇸 “AMERICA FIRST”🇺🇸 @Pirate_Life_🔁 Obama-era
Delivered less than 3% GDP
Deceived about Obamacare
Destroyed the minds of youths
Doubled the nations debt
Divided people with racism
Deleted culture and patriotism
Doomed U.S. cities
Favors for Hezbollah terror group
🇺🇸 “AMERICA FIRST”🇺🇸 @Pirate_Life_🔁It’s horrifying to see the liberal lemming troll comments about the Obama-era. They still subscribe to the belief that increased food stamps, welfare, massive unemployment & “free” obamacare helped the economy. 🙄

Politics Newz @PolticsNewz🔁#Trump administration to end Obama-era marijuana policy, source says - AOL goo.gl
Daytripper @RealCaryPrice🔁Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding Obama-era Justice Department guidelines that aimed to not interfere in states that had legalized marijuana. The new change in policy was confirmed to NPR’s .
Rainer Pitthan @PitthanRainer🔁Good Luck, retrograde US_Cuban: The Engage Cuba poll say, 64 % of Republican voters support maintaining the Obama-er twitter.com a policy changes, 22 % oppose. 55% percent of GOP voters want to fully lift trade and travel embargo.
DZRH NEWS @dzrhnews🔁Trump administration drops Obama-era easing of marijuana prosecutions dzrhnews.com.ph
Ann Jackson @AnnJack92007784🔁Sessions nixes Obama-era rules leaving states alone that legalize pot, so Trump picks and chooses what stays rights matter I guess.
Winnebago @Winnebagoo🔁 Do You Agree With Attorney General Jeff Sessions Decision to End Obama-era marijuana industry policy?
woody @JaneDav45507892🔁The Trump administration will rescind an Obama-era policy that protected states that legalized marijuana
Bernie 2020 @digital_owl🔁BREAKING: Here’s the Justice Department’s new policy on marijuana, rescinding Obama-era guidelines that de-prioritized prosecuting certain state-licensed pot businesses.
AREA 51 @SYDOG336🔁Jeff Sessions just took a huge hit at legal weed by rescinding an Obama-era policy — here's what you need to know
Eric Finney @finneyeric🔁Trump’s #DOJ Takes U-Turns on Obama-Era Positions wsj.com
POPSUGAR News @popsugarnews🔁The attorney general made big moves toward rescinding Obama-era rules today. popsugar.com
Ganja Report @TheGanjaReport🔁Trump administration drops Obama-era easing of marijuana prosecutions encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com reuters.com
MSwilling @mary_swilling🔁Despite the roll-back of Obama-era protections, the entrepreneurs and investors behind the legal marijuana industry remain, well, pretty chill


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