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Oakley Alistair Dewar @alistair_dewar_🔁Our @LBGAmbEast Gareth Oakley is hosting our 1000 colleagues here today. #HBPLive #HelpingBritainProsper
OakleyOakleyOakleyOakley Elaine P Oakley @oakley_p🔁 Bullfinch pair at Watercress LNR St Albans this morning #hertsbirds
CardiffUni Rank&File @CURF_🔁Thanks to @cat_oakley for making us feel like
Oakley Maddie Clark @maddieclarkgal🔁For Sale: The beautifully kept Georgian estate ripe for generating income
Oakley Quickshot @Quickshot117🔁 Sharpshooter Annie Oakley shooting over her shoulder using a hand mirror, circa 1899.
Oakley Horo Lodge @horolodge🔁The New Oakley Watch Vault Travel Case horolodge.com
Oakley School of Philosophy @philosophy_kzn🔁Great #Vegan Recipes from Salted Caramel Pretzel Bars to Roasted balsamic beetroot ind.pn
Oakley Lee Willard @Lee_Willard🔁 Factory Pilots ...... #Oakley #Hampsten
SBS PopAsia @SBSPopAsia🔁They were trending on Twitter, got a shout-out from Tyler Oakley, met Olympic medalist Evgenia Medvedeva and got a p twitter.com iece in The Guardian!
Simcoe County DSB @SCDSB_Schools🔁Have you lost your pet budgie in the Oakley Park PS area?
Kindergarten students found this feathered friend and are c twitter.com aring for it until the owner can be found!
Oakley @oakley🔁Fully loaded. Designed for life, built for sport. Get your hands on the new frames and all new arrivals on . twitter.com
Cincinnati Now @TLNCincinnati🔁Cincinnati trends now: WCPO, Xavier, Butler, Oakley, House. toplocalnow.com
peyton @shalaskacrown🔁tyler oakley’s newest video reminded me sm of his old videos i cried like i ACTUALLY shed a tear i used to love his vlogs sm it was the reason i subscribed 4 years ago and seeing his new video was a very nostalgic moment even though the events in the vlog were recent
1nf0rmed @GeniusBox23🔁OAKLEY GIVEAWAY N0. 2!
You could win these ladies Oakley sunglasses, in tortoiseshell!
All you need to do to enter, is FOLLOW us, LIKE and RETWEET this post! Click the link for full T&Cs (UK entrants only, giveaway not affiliated with Twitter.)
Kyle Crotty @KCrotty15🔁@DBOYGAMEZ Lower rated Bogues, Oakley and Hakeem too! Lol
Oakley Studios @Oakley_Studios🔁Why not join us for our special offer sessions in April 12-14th #unicornsandprincesses #AnitaMason... fb.me
Oakley CC @Oakley_CC🔁Trying to organise the NHYCL Colts fixtures isn’t rocket science; it’s harder than that.
ironmorg @ironmorg🔁@StuWeb_Timing @IronZone Hey, I recognise that Oakley case
Green Leaper @FragrantFrog🔁Where do you think the money for Oakley, Metado3 & Alphaig came from to pay for the searches? twitter.com
LavaHotDeals🔥🇺🇸 @LavaHotDealsUS🔁6pm via Amazon offers the Oakley Men's Sliver Sunglasses in Chrome Iridium for $39.99 with free shipping. That's... fb.me
Honey Bot @honeybot🔁popes javotte broncos brahman baronet alloway peshawur placentia haight kennaston locality intermittent oakley montrichard gallas resignedly
Florida Jobs! @jobs_sunshine🔁Hollywood, FL - Oakley Transport - Class A CDL - Team Truck Jobs - 2-5000 Sign-On Bonus - At least 22 years old twitter.com
David Rees @djrees🔁In late 90’s I helped produce the lead item on Nine O’Clock News (with Robin Oakley, then the political editor) about someone targeting Prescott - going through his bins, blagging access to his bank account etc.
Was awfully like what this guy says he did for the Sunday Times....
tulang_hitam @tulang_hitam🔁READY STOCK


IDR 1650K


ASIA... fb.me

Tito Aguirre @taguirre_asc🔁Podcast for student-athletes! Basketball recruiting & training advice from NBA's Curtis Oakley, Jr via twitter.com
Al Glay @aglay_asc🔁Podcast for student-athletes! Basketball recruiting & training advice from NBA's Curtis Oakley, Jr via twitter.com
Mt Albert PG Tracker @MtAlbertPogo🔁Wild Feraligatr found in MA ( Oakley Creek Walkway, Point Chevalier)! Available until 01:27:41 (29m 30s). maps.google.com
CRUSADING MOM VOTER @CheriseDixon🔁“I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle babies.”


BargainsNfinds.com @bargainsnfinds🔁Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses-Clear/Ice Iridium bargainsnfinds.com
Tomi @brade1991🔁Sixteen years ago today! The most successful Hawkman series started! Created by , James Dale Robinson, , Michael Bair, John Kalisz, Bill Oakley, Mike Carlin, Morgan Dontanville, Janette Kahn,
, and (Andrew C. Robinson)
COCO 💂🏻 @caemson78🔁@TwitterMoments @jack_oakley @QueerEye I saw this morning on Twitter he posted that they were?
JASON WILSHER-MILLS @JASONWILSHERMIL🔁Filming the documentary at Oakley Grange for funded project twitter.com
nucleargraduates @nucleargrads🔁Good Luck to former nucleargraduate Dave Oakley running the in September for a very worthy cause. Good luck Dave fro twitter.com m all at !
Nelson @nelsonhill99🔁@ADFMALING And glorious domination of bobby roode when we curb stomp Tyler oakley in a civil war
Thomas Swann @ThomasSwann1🔁This also mitigates against the 's failure to issue a single hashtag for the dispute.
Oakley @brown_oakley🔁2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by fllwrs.com
Chroma Group @chromalighting🔁A year ago this week, time goes too fast, missing Ben Oakley.

'What Holds You Together?'

Josette @madeofmint🔁“Enormous change and growth is possible if you open your mind to the potential.”
—Barbara Oakley in #Mindshift
Chloé Vitry @chloevitry🔁@cat_oakley @acaprecariat Never mind it’s already on the list 😂
Chloé Vitry @chloevitry🔁I’d add - lots and lots of free labour as no one wants to pay us to write our first papers but no one will employ us twitter.com until we’ve published them.
Catherine Oakley @cat_oakley🔁.@laura_shand, do you have any provisional reading suggestions/research findings that might throw more light on this?
JWO @jack_oakley🔁If you were rooting for Tom and Abby from the first episode of the new , prepare to have your heart broken.
Marie Thouaille @legomarie🔁TONIGHT 6PM



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Meg lewis @Meg_Lewis89🔁 Is it possible to have a opticians prescription put in the polarised frogskins? I would really love some but I need twitter.com to have my prescription in them. Thank you 😊
Gareth Oakley @LBGAmbEast🔁Our Gareth Oakley is hosting our 1000 colleagues here today.
Tweets for Vegans @Tweets4Vegans🔁Great Recipes from Salted Caramel Pretzel Bars to Roasted balsamic beetroot ind.pn
Catherine Oakley @cat_oakley🔁Who are The Academic Precariat? Casual contracts in UK HE come in many forms. Not everyone employed on one is precari twitter.com ous, but many are. We're developing a working definition of this category for our new platform , to build the campaign for secure work in our unis.
BeckBot 2000 @beckbot_2000🔁TSM fan leo and all hipsters new song a all day for lead singer or not the to good pun tyler oakley youtuber of exctinction
Susan Wilde @suewilde🔁@AltusSM @alexdowsett @katushacycling @oakley Good luck today
Catherine Oakley @cat_oakley🔁So looking forward to this tonight. F you’re London-based, head to 6pm for an emergency workshop on tactics. I’l twitter.com l also be giving an update on efforts & a new activist platform for precarious academic workers (follow !)
Jake Gray @JaketGray🔁@BabyAnimalPics @james_oakley - I feel you'll appreciate this
DealNews @DealNewsDeals🔁Oakley Men's Sliver Sunglasses for $40 + free shipping - dn.ws
@nyc_oz @nyc_oz🔁@FoxNews @DLoesch Two ne'er do wells - has-been Tucker and Annie Oakley.
Alameda+ Ultra Rares @AlamedaUltraMon🔁Oakley: ♂Bagon 97.8% (15/15/14) 509CP L17 Bite/Crunch until 03:28:02am (51m 40s) maps.google.com
JECCA MAKEUP @jecca_makeup🔁We have partnered up with Avant-Garde Vegan by Gaz Oakley to sell Vegan 100 on Jecca's Crowdfund Platform. This pled twitter.com ge is perfect for those who want to keep updated with the trendiest vegan blogger!

History Acts @HistoryActs🔁TONIGHT 6PM



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Spam Magnet @SpamMagnetBot🔁I want to know more about hot iPad #Oakley
Oakley Turner @oakley_turner🔁Big news! announces Prof. Murray Hitzman as new Director of iCRAG and €4.7 million Research Professor in at the in Toronto
Tommy Oakley @tommy_oakley🔁 are my absolute favorite songs that have been on repeat since 2/2! my personal life soundtrack lol twitter.com
Eagles SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!! @A1_Asshole🔁Steve Francis Jason “White Chocolate” Williams Baron Davis Charles Oakley Bill Laimbeer twitter.com
Diego @TheRealAM93🔁Not enough is taught in schools tbh. Don't even know if the average 16 year old knows what's going on. If i didn't in twitter.com form my lil bro info. He wouldn't either imo
Extremeshop @extremeshop1🔁#rvlt #newseason #extremeshopmodena #onlineextremeshopmodena oakley#edwin @ ExtremeShop Modena instagram.com
Oakley Dental @oakley_dental🔁There is a solution to nearly every issue you might have with your smile. Speak to us about the range of cosmetic t twitter.com reatments we offer which are designed to enhance your natural smile
Trendinalia UK @trendinaliaGB🔁📺 This video from Tyler Oakley is trending today (14th) on YouTube United Kingdom youtube.com
Franc Ramon @Franckxethee🔁Since it’s my birthday month, we’re extending the sale on selected Eyewear here at… instagram.com
Kim | ♥️love tracob dua♥️ @troye_followme🔁 please follow me

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Yvon Doumas @CountryLineFM🔁Dale Oakley - That's My Mom - countrylinefm.synthasite.com
James Roberts @jimbob1965🔁Yes indeed there are as when I type in Great Oakley to check in I sometimes get the Essex option ... plus Nottingham twitter.com shire! It's the Northamptonshire one I want of course!
Alameda+ Rare Mons @AlamedaRareMons🔁⛅Oakley: ♂Graveler 95.6% (13/15/15) 1282CP L25 Mud Slap/Dig until 02:00:24am (28m 15s) maps.google.com
Anthony Gaston @Gaston65Anthony🔁 2018 Louisburg College (NC) F Jordan Oakley has received an offer from Stetson. @Gucciguwop___ verbalcommits.com


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