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OPEN AJC Sports @AJCsports🔁Heyman: Braves could trade Kemp, Markakis to open spot for Acuna
OPEN beto @BetoPerez97🔁 Memphis Depay scored but Lyon open their #UEL campaign with a draw at Apollon.
OPEN Gina Lee @Gina_VFL🔁 Open for a screenshot of a tweet.
OPEN clem @10clemence_🔁 Open for a surprise
stephanie @shybambi83🔁 Dashcam: S.C. mayor pulled over on late-night mower ride with open beer, no charges filed
OPEN ああ!ミニー ! @MineySpike🔁 open for a surprise
OPEN Kaiser @TheQueenKaiser🔁 Open for a surprise
OPEN フロリナ @florinechpt🔁 Open for a surprise
OPEN Lara @LwDangerous🔁 Sabrina
-Daughter of the malevolent -18 years
-dm open for plot
OPEN FlumBumFuzzled @CamDickson10🔁 Go listen to "Out Of It" on the New Punk Tracks @Spotify playlist
OPEN ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ @drphilDONTEhue🔁really gotta stop leaving my iCloud wide open fulla Tumblr photos 🤦🏾‍♂️
Amber Tamblyn @ambertamblyn🔁My Open Letter to James Woods by Amber Tamblyn | Teen Vogue
PlayStation @PlayStation🔁Introducing the Limited Edition Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Bundle: Out Nov. 3, pre-orders open today
Dave Rubin @RubinReport🔁You either stand with @benshapiro for free speech and open discourse or you should stop pretending you believe in those concepts at all.
Z sneaks @z_sneaks🔁 Limited House of Carts slots opening soon.

Retweet for a chance to win a free slot when they open. 🔥👀

LynSorza @LynSorza🔁Say Goodnight by #GeminSyndrome #NowPlaying
HAPPY CRYSTAL DAY🎂 @jusehoe🔁 I am both amazed and somewhat disappointed his rashie didn't rip open
lil uzimaki🇵🇷🇸🇻 @bigboioct🔁 Don't open this yall please
Fergus For Vapers @FergusForVapers🔁"Britain" as a name for these islands predates the Celts.
Jennifer Oog @JenniferOog🔁Video showing how difficult it would have been for #KennekaJenkins to open that freezer herself.
Josh @XhakMeOff🔁 never leave the laptop open while you get the tea in
Chey✌❤️ @seaa_naasty🔁 Open for a surprise
dyl @possiblydylan🔁okay can we try this again with just SZA
573 Fitness @573Fitness🔁Gym will be open today at 2:30
Casse Gortchakova @__casse🔁 FAFSA applications for the 2018-2019 school year open up October 1st at Midnight. RT to save a life ❤️
Subham Chatterjee @subham_gaurav🔁@MrDtAFC Ask Wenger to open his shirt and show his 6 pack abs to cologne fans,they will stop barking !
Michelle Gonzales @Gonzalesmr🔁 My Open Letter to James Woods by Amber Tamblyn | Teen Vogue
____________ #राम O+ @mithu796311🔁If Ryan case is seriously pursued by police it will open can of worms of dark under belly of India - PEDO NETWORK n its HIGH PROFILE CLIENTS
Alicia Bennett @alsb86🔁I have 3 spots open for tomorrow! Call (480) 222-9540 to make an appointment …
Pacofletes @PacoMoronta🔁#NowPlaying Afraid de The Neighbourhood ♫
Edward Saperia 🙇 @edsaperia🔁OK new plan:
1. Get rich
2. Start funding foundation
3. Give $$$ to companies using open standards/protocols
5. Open decentralised web! @phillydotcom🔁T.J. Maxx/HomeGoods combo store to open in South Philly in November
Tracy @Tranic1🔁 Bad 1st Line to a novel: Tom prayed for rain as his nose job gave him confidence to open up a frozen yogurt chain.
Social Scranton @SocialScranton🔁Legend says hotel is haunted.
Worth sleeping w/1 eye open to claim

Tkat @Tkat3161🔁Just in case y'all forgot, has been open about his white supremacist beliefs for years. Retweet this y'all.
Ulrich Capaul @UlrichCapaul🔁Get ready

Open To Close!!! 🏌🏻

⬇️Tickets now on sale ⬇️

wyli£ rodrigues @centerbench88🔁 open for a surprise
Sami @Sami_huhn7🔁 I just added a bunch of early 2000s pop to my playlist!!
— j a n @yoontastrophe🔁✨BTS LOVE YOURSELF: HER RANDOM VERSION GA ✨
- picking one winner via tweetdraw
- must be following and rt to enter
- open 🌎
- ends 9/17
pencilpusher @Grant71897🔁The best song of all time regardless of era.
Taye Balcha MD,PhD @TayeBalcha🔁That's really good news. It's nice that has an open mind to THR. After 30 years of heavy smoking it helped me quit.
Vincent Adkins @VincentAdkins6🔁Here’s a song for you… By Your Side (feat. Emel) by Stonebank
realtyWW @realtyWW🔁Single Family For Sale In Irving, Tx Completely updated 4 bedroom home that is open, bright, and spacious. update…
alejandrina 🕸🎃💀 @Alejand11302877🔁 I've watched 13 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, I think I can handle open heart surgery by now.
DeniseTsibouris @DTsibouris🔁 After Charlottesville, Fed chair race wide open
tiff bannister @tiffanyxduhh1🔁i learned a big mistake today:
1. why do i have tiff bannister on snapchat?
2. why would i willingly open her story in the middle of class?
Eddie @Edizzzle13🔁Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut #NowPlaying
Ben Kissel @BenKissel🔁@ValmontGod The General is open. You don't need to change affiliation!
The Dark Tangent @thedarktangent🔁Equifax uses open source software that it in no way contributes to, to protect $14B of data.

Equifax blames OSS for hack.

Don't be Equifax

Kaity 🌹 @kaitlynshaae🔁 dms open for the fine real niggas🗣
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :tcx @MadgeThanem🔁 Million Reasons de Lady Gaga
Scummy Money @Mobagz_94🔁Setting something down in the open & losing it < Killing myself.
gyro @gyro_electric🔁@CryptoGat It doesn't open the whole day...
LynSorza @LynSorza🔁Say Goodnight by Gemini Syndrome #NowPlaying
nathan @nbhdthejesse🔁Million Reasons de Lady Gaga
troy @TroyVolcko🔁@elijahdaniel my dms are open and anyone is free to vent😊
Cathy Petry @Cathy_Petry🔁Call for Proposals is now open for . Share your passion for student success and submit a proposal today!
Kelli Cross @dkgcross🔁@rgay Also the Whole Foods and majority of stores in the Mercato are open.
JZ @JOCELYNMARS🔁 Open for the biggest plot twist of your life
squid @sydswitzer🔁 PSA: If you walk into a restaurant and find out they're only open for 5 more minutes TURN THE FUCK AROUND
Tucker Booth @tuckerdalebooth🔁Frank Zappa Gets Surprised & Serenaded by the U.S. Navy Band at the San Francisco Airport (1980) | Open Culture
🍀 @saiihara🔁also slept with an open window while it was raining all night too. ahfkjdshfsa
Trevor Glade @JakalGlade🔁 Brilliant. "An Open Letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates"
Bravo Jason Hill and @Commentary
Audric Gk @AudricGk🔁Registration for tickets to Ultra Music Festival's 20th Anniversary is now open!

Register now:

hElEn @helenadonahue🔁@Lenaa_bb i don't even look like this when i open it on purpose
on Hiatus @SamuraiAmz🔁Open for a surprise
Empire Elements @empireelements🔁It's coming. is back again for more open source community appreciation with . Be in the know:
#UbuyondoUpdates @Umarbuyondo🔁Bobi wine thanks for being open👌👌👌👌
Together we can make a change...
knives ミ☆+゚ @Knives56k🔁 We don't wear open toe sandals nigga we get money
Nate Rozell @Miller_Time75🔁@F3Alpha New Mud Gear F3 Alpha Pre Order will be open shortly. Long sleeve pull over & sleeveless options too. Will update with link soon
HinduNationalist#HDL @hinduwarrior15🔁Back from his afternoon siesta, Michelangelo flips open his paint-box to surprise us with yet another masterpiece. Unrelenting. Unrepentant.
nya @yayolust🔁#NowPlaying Homemade Dynamite (Feat. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA) - REMIX by Lorde ♫
BUY FOLLO₩ERS :jkl @SchollmeyerFer1🔁 @finer9 @CryptoEthan @needacoin Vision gets too cloudy when everyone else panics. Good indicator to open long
The Dog Crusader @DogCrusader🔁Take a good look & see what you are about to create by letting this road open it's the Another way of China to TAKE OVER ☠️


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