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ON SALE NOW Marcus @d4ce🔁Sephora is Having an Epic Sale on Eyeshadow Palettes Right Now urbannews.biz
ON SALE NOW Urban News Online @UrbanNewsOnline🔁Sephora is Having an Epic Sale on Eyeshadow Palettes Right Now urbannews.biz
Los Angeles Lakers @Lakers🔁NBA All-Star 2018 is coming to LA!!

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Mark Dice @MarkDice🔁The mainstream media is so afraid of my new best selling book, they haven't even tried to attack me recently because twitter.com they'll have to admit how stellar my book is! 😂 The paperback is on sale now on Amazon. Check it out! 👍😎👍
Sleeping With Sirens @SWStheband🔁Tickets & VIP for the Gossip World Tour 2018 Europe dates are on sale now!

Grab them at sleepingwithsirens.net

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Abbie Getty @thegettygirl🔁NEW
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dearjohn6614 @johntiscareno🔁THE ENTIRE TOUR JUST WENT ON SALE NOW!!!!!! Get your VIP and General Admission tickets now at 🎟📈 iamsonreal.com
monica richards @rmonica2017🔁Now that the Justice Department has launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices & the sale of fetal tissue, I was reminded of this interview on

⤵️Watch in disbelief ⤵️
Eloah Yahweh @Eloah_Yahweh🔁"Organized religion, like organized crime, preys on peoples' weakness, generates huge profits for its operators, and is almost impossible to eradicate" UNTIL NOW ! THE ELOAH TRILOGY - ON SALE at ALL ONLINE BOOKSTORES
Hanah @pr0gramthehead🔁 in NYC ~ Saturday December 9th ~ Last Chance for Reduced Advance Tickets Now on Sale
H.M.C @Haley577🔁ON SALE NOW: The Republican Party is selling off America to Corporations and Billionaires WHILE Donald Trump is weakening America on the World stage.

The net result is Russia and China, both Authoritarian regimes, are rising while American Democracy is falling apart.

Koin @elsa_gunawan212🔁There is under a week before our token sale ends so if you’re planning on registering, now is the time! Register here:

셀린 @Sellrin16872🔁 Just a reminder that Cuphead is part of the @thegameawards sale and its 15% off right now on Xbox and Steam!! ☕️
Plz.vote.goldenchild @Yooreeyoo32🔁lovelyz total 2017 album sales on gaon
R U Ready : 44,631
Now,WE :24,862
Fall in Lovelyz : 40,886
TOTAL SALE : 110,379!!!
congrats on 110K sales for 3 times comeback this year!!! 😭😭 i'm cried i'm cried!!
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Jacob Shea @jacobsheamusic🔁Planet Earth II Live in Concert with the will receive its UK Premiere here on 13 May. Tickets are on sale now to all Earth inhabitants:
Lex Allen Books @lexallenbooks🔁Award winning suspense trilogy. Get Red on the Run now for SYNDICATE-BORN MEGA SALE

Meeshelle Neal @MeeshNeal🔁Exciting News!! presents you our full programme. Celebrate the vibrant community of Vancity Theatre - January 26th & 28th 2018. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. Visit our website for all the details!
UptownEStore @UptownEStore🔁The Uptown Eventing calendar is now on sale, featuring 12 full colour images from the past season, and all the BE dat twitter.com es and major internationals included. For £15.95 A perfect gift to plan your 2018 campaign!
Paul Newell @PaulNewell4🔁Jeff Lynne's ELO at in Los Angeles! Second show Aug 5th ON SALE NOW! Get your tickets here:
Oor Lorna @OorLorna🔁UK fans, we're crossing the pond as special guests at this year's ! Join us 9-11th March 2018. Tickets are on sale now: . US dates coming soon! 😉
Akatzuki @akatzukilord🔁My FIRST EVER Calendar is now on sale! All pre-orders come signed, 10% of proceeds will go to homelight family so excited to spend 2018 with you all!
Daily Tweets @dailytwts🔁 Special Weekend Sale! Valid on December 9 and 10 only. 20% Discount on Box and Upper Box sections. B twitter.com uy at any TicketNet outlets now or visit 🎩✨ ..!!
Dominique Tatum @Dominikweee🔁 Tickets for @THEHUNNABAND US tour are now on sale!! Which shows are you going to?
Christopher Stone @drcastone🔁Our fourth book of the UNCRPD series on Article 24: Education is now on sale. We have a limited supply as only 250 books were printed – order yours online now, quickly, before they all are sold!
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#BeatTemple @fiumiamifan🔁CARTA Students!
Gasparilla bowl packages are now on sale! Starting at $20, Students can get a ticket, bus transportation to the game, a commemorative gift + more:

January @Janyouarerii_🔁The JOKER. Watercolor, coloring with a Kolinsky red sable brush. From my BATMAN The Dark Prince Charming. Book 1 on sale now 🤡 En Librairie !
ZAP @ZAP0913🔁My additional show at INEC , Killarney on 10th March 2018 is on sale now ! ticketmaster.ie


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