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#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁Q6: Which is more important: polishing your personal brand or getting the job? #OMCchat
#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁LR2: Bobbleheaded head shaking #OMCchat
#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁LR1: Smiling brilliantly... or grinning like a Cheshire Cat #OMCchat
#OMCchat Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁 Q6: Which is more important: polishing your personal brand or getting the job? #OMCchat
#OMCchat Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁 LR2: Bobbleheaded head shaking #OMCchat
#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁LR3: Asking to have a question repeated #OMCchat
#OMCchat Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁 LR3: Asking to have a question repeated #OMCchat
#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁LR4: Asking for the job #OMCchat
#OMCchat Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁 LR4: Asking for the job #OMCchat
#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁LR5: Reading from your resume or a list of questions #OMCchat
#OMCchat Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁 LR5: Reading from your resume or a list of questions #OMCchat
#OMCchat #OMCchat @OMCChat🔁LR6: Bringing a folio of references? #OMCchat
#OMCchat kathryn @KathrynEMurray5🔁 LR6: Bringing a folio of references? #OMCchat
Mary F. Sweeney @ProudMaryBoise🔁@TomBolt I’d love to talk to you and there crew about them! #Omcchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁That can certainly be part or all of the dialog. Don't do what doesn't feel comfortable. #OMCchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁@TomBolt @LevyRecruits I understand the reason for the protests, but backing out gives more room for offenders to rule. #OmCchat
#OMCchat @OMCChat🔁HANG AROUND A BIT - Chat as long as you like...speaking of "Like" the Open Mic Career Chat Facebook page is
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁Cornnct w/ me here or on LI: Ty for the chat @TomBolt @LevyRecruits @CyndyTrivella #OMCchat
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁isn't the right closing question is asking for the next steps or seeking a feedback on how did it go- instead of aski ng for d job.

Wendy Dailey @wyndall93🔁 ALR6: Be prepared to give references if asked, but don't volunteer stuff they don't want. #OMCchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁@LevyRecruits said we should be boycotting Twitter today. WTF? Life goes on and protests on #SoMe don't work. #OMCchat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁Happy Weekend all! #OMCchat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁Happy Weekend! #Omcchat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁FEEDBACK - Did our bling impress you? Tell us how to improve . Connect with the moderators
#OMCchat @OMCChat🔁FEEDBACK - Did our bling impress you? Tell us how to improve . Connect with the moderators
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁Alright amazing people - time for me to buzz off! U all have a great weekend and stay safe!
Do connect wth new ppl n me ofcourse ☺️ #omcchat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁NETWORK NOW! - The primary purpose of is to make connections. Are you connected to everybody here today? Do it!!!
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁ALR6: References will be checked on the back end. Only provide if asked. #OMCchat
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁ALR6 Keeping it handy doesnt hurt but shud be pulled out only if asked for. Maybe an overkill if not #omcchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@wyndall93 @OMCChat Absolutely yes!! Thanks for validating Wendy!! Figured we need to be connected - just fixed that! :)
#OMCchat @OMCChat🔁NETWORK NOW! - The primary purpose of is to make connections. Are you connected to everybody here today? Do it!!!
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁@JKatzaman True.. Being thorough about ur own work and accomplishment reflects authenticity.
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁ALR6: Be prepared to give references if asked, but don't volunteer stuff they don't want. #OMCchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁ALR6 Bring along your references to pull out if asked for, but interviewer should already have your references with your resume. #OmCchat
Wendy Dailey @wyndall93🔁@manavlalotra @OMCChat #omcchat Definitely own up to it right away, correct & move on
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁ALR5: A list of Qs always shows they r serious abt d process! Reading a resume is little casual unless its a walkin s ession!

Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁ALR6: Not necessary at this stage. #OMCchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁@rinkutalk Asking is what they call "the close" in sales. You are selling you. #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@OMCChat Don't know what that Q means!! Sorry! 🤦‍♂️
Dr🎃🎃dicus @Droodicus🔁@OMCChat ALR5: Can possibly show lack of interest/attention to the actual conversation #omcchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁ALR5 Don't read during the interview. Know yourself and the subject. #OmCchat
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁ALR4 Why would u ask for the job in an interview 🤔🤔 #omcchat
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁ALR5: Challenge yourself with thorough preparation. #OMCchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁ALR5: Do you mind if I yawn? #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁ALR3 - No prob wth askng 2 repeat a ques! Better, say u wnt 2 undrstnd better - plain miss 2 grasp ANYTHNG - nt so co ol! B creative

Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁ALR4: Be polite, but not bashful. Assertive, but not aggressive. #OMCchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁ALR4: So? Just do it! They won't just volunteer anything. #OMCchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁ALR4 You're there to interview for the job. Asking is assumed. No need to ask. #OmCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@CraigTDonnelly1 That's exactly my point - u wud in turn lose the attention of d guy - n there goes d JOB!!
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁Lol! True. #OMCchat
Shahrzad Arasteh @careerconsult🔁ALR3: Absolutely fine to ask to have a question repeated, as long as it's done only once or twice. How you ask matters too. #OMCchat
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁@manavlalotra Yes! Humility is certainly a positive trait! #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁ALR2: NO NO NO NO. its an annoying thing to do!! Just imagine - do u usually do that too when u r with ur friends! I f u said yes 😮

Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁ALR3 Perfectly fine to do- why do u hv to hold urself back n start giving an absurd answer. #omcchat
DMcDonald9 @DMcDonald9🔁A5: the ultimate goal is getting the job, but you a strong brand will help you to be noticed and considered.
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁ALR3 Asking to have a question repeated is fine and expected because it shows you're paying attention, trying to give good answer. #OmCchat
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁ALR3: Make sure you fully understand the question, so you can provide the appropriate answer. #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@OMCChat ALR1: SMILE, any day.
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁ALR3: So? Do it! #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@TomBolt hey thanks Tim - how have you been?
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@CraigTDonnelly1 Infact, it might be seen as a positive trait!! :)
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁ALR2: Serves as a distraction. Keep erroneous movements under control. #OMCchat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁ALR2: Try not to look ridiculous. Too much agreement is overkill. #Omcchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@DMcDonald9 YES, subtle signs speak the most!! :)
Shahrzad Arasteh @careerconsult🔁A6: The job offer is more important (if it's the right job :-) but they're connected. Your brand/message supports your goal. #OMCchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁ALR2 No bobblehead shaking. It's irritating enough to see that on morning news teams. #OmCchat
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁ALR1: Smiling. Be happy. You obtained an interview. #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@DMcDonald9 Now that's a #protip!!
DMcDonald9 @DMcDonald9🔁A5: apologize, admit the mistake, move on and hope you have the rest of your information right #OMCchat
Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁A6: Polishing your personal brand. Your brand will inevitably lead to a job. #OMCchat
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁Do agree. Our unconscious self leads- like it or not.
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁ALR1 Smile as you normally smile when you're in pleasant mood. Thinking about how you smile is one more thing to distract yourself. #OmCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@CyndyTrivella Exactly my point!
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@JKatzaman Absolutely!
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@OMCChat A6. Can I say BOTH? These both can happen at a same time - infact all that u say is ur branding which wud get u THAT job!
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁A6 Persnal brand will get u as many jobs u want. Faking anything to grab d current job is a short term view. #omcchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁UP NEXT - The weekly Lightning Round ink-blot test starts in 1-min. The topics are posted as LR1-LR6 and you answer with ALR1-ALR6.
#OMCchat @OMCChat🔁UP NEXT - The weekly Lightning Round ink-blot test starts in 1-min. The topics are posted as LR1-LR6 and you answer with ALR1-ALR6.
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁Sometimes, people do OVER PREPARE for interviews, which clearly tells - is more annoying than ppl who dnt knw much! #omcchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁A6: The job offer is not a sure thing. EVERYTHING is about future expectations. #OMCchat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁This. #OMCchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁A6 If you have a good grasp of your personal brand, you can focus on getting the job. #OmCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@OMCChat A5. Never mind. U still have ur wits with you. Be in the moment - remember why u r there n just go with it! Be yourself! #OMCChat
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella🔁A6: When you pay attention to your brand you are supporting your cause. This help you to get the job. #Omcchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁A6: Think about it... those aren't mutually exclusive. EVERYTHING contributes to your brand message. #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁A4. "Ah, my apologies, I would like to correct what I just said! Actually ........" It's s simple as that! dnt keep o n building!
LaSalle Network @LaSalleNetwork🔁A5) Be careful to not assume anything in interviews - follow the interviewers lead #Omcchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁A5: Ask the person that invited you to the interview for an agenda if you don't have it automatically given to you. Research! #OMCchat
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁@JKatzaman That's my answer too!!
Manav Lalotra @manavlalotra🔁A3. Well, d other person being human will give signs with body language, nods! If u r asked 2 elaborate on smthng - u r doing gud!

Craig T Donnelly @CraigTDonnelly1🔁A5: Admit the mistaken identity. Could ease the conversation and relieve overarching tension in the room. #OMCchat
Rinku Agarwal Basu @rinkutalk🔁A5 helps to go wid the flow and indulge in an honest unbiased conversation instead of making ur surprise evident on ur face #omcchat
Jim Katzaman @JKatzaman🔁A5 Clarify the subject of the interview and relate how you can address the need based on your experience. No snow job. Be honest. #OmCchat
Tom Bolt @TomBolt🔁A5: What do they know about you from YOUR social media postings? Maybe you should know that much about them first. #OMCchat


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