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Notre Dame Ron Yoder @Yodes5🔁 SSB: Bloomington Central Catholic 51 / Quincy Notre Dame 47

- 70s Steelers
- Bear Bryant’s Alabama teams
- 80s 49ers
- Frank Leahy’s Notre Dame teams
- Belichick/Brady Patriots
- Lombardi’s Packers
- Gary Patterson’s TCU teams in the second half of the Alamo Bowl

Notre Dame Sirianan-Matthana Sa @SaSirianan🔁 The Christmas tree outside of Notre Dame in Paris. 💙🎄💙 #travel #travelblog #paris
Notre Dame Ed Foster @fo5tered🔁 Rainbow over Notre Dame today!Surprised me with a quick break in the rain.☔️
ESPN @espn🔁You're picking a happy new year for the Tigers!

Fans voted in the for LSU to top Notre Dame at the Jan. 1 Citrus Bowl on ABC.

LSU Football @LSUfootball🔁 has arrived in Orlando and the Tigers are ready for their final practices before battling with Notre Dame on Monday afternoon!


- 70s Steelers
- Bear Bryant’s Alabama teams
- 80s 49ers
- Frank Leahy’s Notre Dame teams
- Belichick/Brady Patriots
- Lombardi’s Packers
- Gary Patterson’s TCU teams in the second half of the Alamo Bowl

Troy @DbEz8821🔁@utleydw Notre dame is terrible. Ohio State would win that game by 30+
Trojan Horse @simsburytrojan🔁On a positive note, Simsbury JVs beat Longmeadow earlier today. Trailing 2-1, they scored with less than a minute in the game and won 3-2. They’re at the Carrano Cup Sat at 9 am vs. Notre Dame Fairfield.
Eric Harris @eric_harris13🔁 :

38 wins - 6 losses

Beat TTUN 4x
Penn State 3x
Mich. State 3x
Wisconsin 2x
Notre Dame

Saved 2014 🏆💍
2016 B1G MVP
2 CFP Berths
2015 Fiesta Bowl MVP

12 OSU Records
5 Big Ten Records

Juliana @bubyana🔁There are 8 bowl teams with a Graduation Success Rate of at least 90%.

Northwestern 99%
South Carolina 98%
Duke 96%
Stanford 96%
Notre Dame 96%
Wake Forest 93%
UCF 92%
Boston College 90%

Hannibal Obe @HannibalObe🔁@RonMexico718 The only time "rooting" for Ohio is allowed is if they are playing Notre Dame. And fuck Shazier.
She Got Next @OGBSP🔁GIRLS FINAL: Mount Notre Dame 55 led by with 24 points; Wayne 45 led by with 13 points. 🏀
Yshhhmael @jaaaabriel🔁"Where do you study?"



"Notre Dame of Greater Manila"

"San yun?"

"Alam mo yung St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan City?"

tyrese sanders @tysandsnyc🔁 @MarsinCharge Now I can't stop imagining Beyonce playing the Archdeacon in a live action Hunchback of Notre Dame remake.
lil lyss @_doty14🔁 If I recall correctly Brandon Bradshaw said OSU could not beat half the teams Notre Dame did, including USC..... where he at
Ethan Arndt @ethan_arndt99🔁Saints win a hard fought game tonight against Quincy Notre Dame 51 47. We play Aurora Christian at 5 pm in the Championship game at The Shirk.
kaylaaaaaaaa @kaylakalikimaka🔁1. 2011 25th anniversary Phantom of the Opera
2. Cinderella
3. Hunchback of Notre Dame
4. Anastasia
5. Miss Saigon
Journal Star Sports @pjstarsports🔁Boys holiday tournament roundup: Notre Dame, Quest advance to tourney title games
noFilter @50plusSavage🔁Again as a Midwest Trojan fan as I previously tweeted Helton is iffy with me too many times getting blasted up out o f there the Bama game the Notre Dame game tonight first three quarters against Penn State got to come out of the gate on point slow starting in big games
Drew Hallett @DrewCHallett🔁Thanks to my grandfather, I stumbled across one of my first bylines tonight. From the 2011 Michigan-Notre Dame "Under the Lights" program:
Bobby Sattler @sattler_bobby🔁When Notre Dame loses, I would love to see u make a guest appearance on your old show. It's not the same without u . Mike and mike is missed
lauren! @agntmlder🔁i love the hunchback of notre dame musical
⚜️Darrian🚀 @DVals🔁Actually saw a Notre Dame Fan brag about beating LSU in the Music City Bowl...

Bruh...THE MUSIC CITY BOWL. How do y ou bring yourself to care THAT much?

a @alexmercado0032🔁Los Altos' Jarod Lucas on the Conquerors' 69-54 victory over Notre Dame Riverside in the Gold Division semifinals game.
Pcapa29 @pablo_caparelli🔁So far in the HART tournament...
8-0 vs. Sierra Canyon. 2-0 vs. Courts Hill. Quartfinal game 2-0 vs. Saugus. Semifinal game 2-1 vs. Notre Dame. Finals at 1 tomorrow at College of the Canyons!🐑⚽️
KaneCountyPreps @KaneCountyPreps🔁Championship of the 55th Annual Plano Christmas Classic will be Peoria Notre Dame vs Burlington Central.
im the goat @johnrivers131🔁Nothing has changed in this game from three weeks ago: Both of these teams are a cut below the top 3. But if USC had scheduled UNLV instead of Notre Dame, they’d be in no questions asked. Same for Ohio State and Oklahoma. It’s a flaw in the system.
John Sanders @JASBG13🔁Stanford, cal, notre dame, unc, duke, Wisconsin, UF, UGA, Auburn, UM,Ohio state, northwestern.. man the list goes on and on. If you are telling me a degree from one of those schools means as much as a degree from Boise state athlete or not then I’m dumbfounded
JNL @chingusurtime2🔁I’m gonna hold off on being overly impressed by the B1G considering ita champion lost at home by like 20 to OU and o ne of its top 4 teams lost at home to Notre Dame by like 20
VHill95🏈‼️ @CMG_duke🔁 Check out Notre Dame Chattanooga by Corteze Love on @hudl #hudl
laia. @geometricsleep🔁the karaoke video for radiohead’s creep is a take on the hunchback of notre dame and I’ve never seen anything so perfect.
Nick Garcia @nick_g_garcia🔁 Sherman Oaks Notre Dame defeated Poway 80-69. Julian Rishwain scored 26 points, Ziaire Williams 19 and Max Moses 16.
Jeremy Petroff @petroff18🔁It was game one of the Sylvania Southview Holiday Classic! Ryan Fries led 's with 21 points! 😱 The Cougars had a big win over Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin 83-47.
Robin Hertel @robohertel🔁. has now won 💯+ games since the beginning of the 2014-15 season. Only other teams to do that: UConn, Notre Dame, Baylor, Maryland, and South Carolina.


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