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Rigged Debate @RiggedDebate🔁 😂😂😂😂😂 This is the best!!!!

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#NorthKorea Some1uaint @hubezack🔁 Who is most dangerous #Trump or #KimJungHyun? #politics #usa #northkorea
#NorthKorea Seth Meister @SethZero1🔁 Analyst: #NorthKorea earned revenue from #Bitcoin #Mining
#NorthKorea Peter Erik Hansen @PeterErikHansen🔁Who is most dangerous #Trump or #KimJungHyun? #politics #usa #northkorea
#NorthKorea Ben Jones @benjones1k🔁There's a surprising winner from #China's ban on #NorthKorea n coal
#NorthKorea Alessandro Calzavara @AleCalzav🔁 Race for "Who is the longest one? Who is the most stupid?
#Trump #NorthKorea
Kelly 🐀 @kelly_t_mac🔁 😂😂😂😂😂 This is the best!!!!

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#NorthKorea OverTheMoonbat @OverTheMoonbat🔁#China #NorthKorea
ZH: China Fears "Vicious Circle" On Korean Peninsula
| #tcot #PJNET
Trish Regan @trish_regan🔁"People around the world FEAR , and that’s the BEST position for the president to be in." - on
Ankit Panda @nktpnd🔁JUST IN: via KCNA, Kim Jong-un calls Trump "mentally deranged." Notes that a "frightened dog barks louder."
Josh Berlinger @j_berlingerCNN🔁Kim Jong Un’s response to ’s UN speech. Written in first person, released by media:
Allison Muhammad @ArchaicAlly🔁Opinion: The world needs more Europe and less Donald Trump | Opinion | DW | 22.09.2017 #UnitedNations #NorthKorea
Dustin Godfrey @dustinrgodfrey🔁Kim Jong Un: ‘Deranged’ #Trump will ‘pay dearly’ - #NorthKorea
SunniPulse🇵🇸 @Sunnipulse786🔁NEW: First launch footage of 's MRBM (a BM-25-based sibling of 's Hwasong-10/Musudan IRBM).
Dr. Michelle @My1ace🔁#NorthKorea will lose allies. #China already said if NK strikes the US 1st, they will remain neutral->Bulgaria & unlikely Russia only allies
Svenskaflicka @Svenskaflicka34🔁Broken records. Worry about saving us from and we will worry about our healthcare You had years to work on , time 2 move on
Paul Hodgkins @paulhodgkins3🔁If Kim Jung un were on The Apprentice & Donald Trump told him 'You're Fired' it would kind of have a whole new meaning #Dotard #NorthKorea
Dave O'Brien @DaveONewcastle🔁#auspol #POTUS #UN
Reporter asks-Is there any chance of dialogue with #NorthKorea?
#Trump says in a glimmer of statesmanship "Why not?"
Dogald J. Trump @dogaldtrump🔁Most people don't know the Pilgrims left England 200 years ago to escape very very evil Kim Jong-un, ok?
Intellectual snob @wheeliemum🔁 A few things.

can hit Chicago w ith a missile. "" target="_blank">

andrea norwood @andreanorwood3🔁👍"We dont want war.Thats last
thing anyne wants,But at the same time we're
not going to run scared"☢️🚀
Shahrar Ali @ShahrarAli🔁#KimJong certainly has greater command of English in his insults than @realDonaldTrump #madman #dotard #NorthKorea
Weekday Update @weekdayupdate🔁Can't wait for their self-titled EP to drop! Word is they'll be covering "La Bamba" and "Rocket Man."
Clinton Fein @clintonfein🔁Do what you #dotard well. Wonder what .@IvankaTrump will architect of it. #words #meanings #NorthKorea #Trump
Ben Jones @benjones1k🔁 #NorthKorea threatening security of 'millions', international order, @JulieBishopMP says
Benjamin Armbruster @benjaminja🔁"the Trump administration’s stance is not moderating #NorthKorea but causing dangerous instability.”
Jürgen F. Wacker @Rosamexican01🔁Chancellor Merkel speaks to DW about the conflict: "I am prepared to assume responsibility," she says.

KIM JONG UN @KIMJONGWELLHUNG🔁Tonight We Feastin!😈 Well actually i am but y'all can watch😈🤤🅱️⛽️⛽️.
[Name Redacted] @InsertNewName🔁 This is likely no coincidence to the #NorthKorea statements a few hours hence.
OverTheMoonbat @OverTheMoonbat🔁#NorthKorea
I-Team: North Korea Owes #NYC $156,000 for Unpaid Parking Tickets
| #tcot #PJNET
Whitehouse Plumber @rharrisonfries🔁I have a better idea, let's send all liberals to live in instead.

sounds good to them, so leave.

Bherbhertunde @Babatee760🔁#Americans and funny representation of @realDonaldTrump and #NorthKorea Un
LaNae' @islandnae🔁‼️ put the world on notice
🔘Islamic Terrorists

👉🏼Obama is history

Bert Mcfesterfart 🐸 @magic_murphtone🔁MEET THE LEFT'S

🇺🇸 🇰🇵
mlb @ctyankee007🔁VoteVets chair called GOP 's call for a preemptive strike on "reckless, dangerous and flat out stupid".
Dr Widad Akreyi @DrWidad_A🔁a continued commitment to peace, consistent in every occasion
WilmerHale @WilmerHale🔁David Cohen explains how US will pressure Chinese banks on
Ryan Marsh @ryanmarsh942🔁#NorthKorea dictator wears glasses now?
Trump Supporter🇺🇸 @NeedTrump4Prez🔁#NorthKorea documentary
Shelly @shellyANN62🔁Hey !
Are you listening?
isn't kidding.
And it's DONALD TRUMP, dumbass!

Kevon Williams @KevonWi93713552🔁From the tell-us-something-we-already-know files...even has pegged.
Severine Johnson @Severine5554🔁 claims fuelling poaching: Security, the diplomatic bags!
Violette @VioletteNyx1🔁Don't they mean billions? #News #Politics #dprk

#NorthKorea threatening security of 'millions', Bishop says

Bobby Beaulac @BobbyBeaulac🔁Have never seen a leader of respond so directly to US president like this. Here’s top of today’s statement criticizing .
Mark Bunyan @memorypalaces🔁Has everyone done the #NorthKorea #Godzilla to death yet?
Academy of Diplomacy @AcadofDiplomacy🔁With little faith in the , Amb. Robert Hunter looks at the security threats from &
Oltar @Oltar2🔁Secretary Tillerson on : Nuclear weapons are clearly only leading to greater isolation, ignominy & deprivation.
Trumps megaphone @Shelleypatriota🔁🚨 ’s Foreign Minister says that the country will conduct a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific. Eminent.🚨

Allison Muhammad @ArchaicAlly🔁Nations Divided on How to Deal With North Korea Threat - Editor's Picks - News - NHK WORLD - English #NorthKorea


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