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North Korea: 246.808k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Fred T. Coffman @fredtc🔁 The #FakeNews media will destroy us before North Korea...
North Korea ChinaEnglishNews @chinaenglishnew🔁North Korea: China urges Trump not to worsen situation -
North Korea Mubashar Ali @MubasharTweets🔁 Is it time to accept the reality of a nuclear-armed North Korea?
Unity America 🎙 @UnityAmerica🔁 President @realDonaldTrump message to North Korea's Kim Jong-un - today from Bedminster, New Jersey.
North Korea Luh_Dinciii @LuhDinciii🔁 you want a war, north korea? fine, you've got one.
North Korea sportsterchic @sportsterchic🔁 Adm. Mike Mullen: Trump's rhetoric on North Korea 'has taken away options'
North Korea Donna Yanna @donnayanna88🔁Sorry, Elon Musk. AI is not a bigger threat than North Korea
North Korea trumpathon @trumpathon🔁How will the United States respond to North Korea’s nuclear threat?
North Korea Elon Musk @elonmusk🔁If you're not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea.
Anne Frank Center @AnneFrankCenter🔁.@POTUS you roar like a lion at North Korea and Venezuela, but you're as meek as a mouse to the racist neo-Nazis already harming America.
NormaniKordei @NormaniKordei🔁I can't comprehend you being bold enough to confront North Korea and failed to condemn racist white supremacist that took an innocent life
sherry hickman @sherry5997🔁. you roar like a lion at North Korea and Venezuela, but you're as meek as a mouse to the racist neo-Nazis already harming America.
Graeme @graemewwatson🔁OBAMA: "We Could Destroy North Korea With Our Arsenals"

Trump says the same thing & the media freaks out.

Euro Man & Activist @DeyanWonder🔁@NeilClark66 📰
📰 North Korea Has Legitimate Right to Self Defence.(No matter what anyone thinks of That Regime!) They are member of UN! 📰
stan @stan15537715🔁How to cure rabies in North Korea that can destroy others
enigmamom412 @PatiRoell🔁 CIA Director Mike Pompeo says nuclear war with North Korea is not ‘imminent’
The Truth 24 UK @TheTruth24UK🔁 MISSILE MADNESS Satellite pics show North Korea is preparing a submarine missile launch
Report UK @ReportUK🔁MISSILE MADNESS Satellite pics show North Korea is preparing a submarine missile launch
Catherine @RealAliCat🔁Putin: North Korea Has Zero Nukes, But Trillions in Rare Minerals via @yournewswire
eddie gabriel @eddiegabriel923🔁@ananavarro @BernalHtsBB so u rather have presidents like Carter/Bush/Clinton and Obama who allowed North Korea to get nukes under our nose
valentin sankeur @sankeur🔁Pentagon: Top US general arrives in South Korea amid tensions with North Korea. Chairman of Joint Chiefs Gen. Dunford visited Japan earlier
Pay💙 @paytonmorrisonn🔁*History test 20 years from now*
Describe the relations between North Korea and the U.S. In 2017
Correct answer:
Steven @Steve_yerp🔁North Korea poses ‘grave threat’ to world: Canada’s foreign affairs minister | Toronto Star
N e r H a n . @Hv_Lv🔁Hey Trump, just shot down the North Korea!
NICK @ShalomNick🔁@GKaitlynn drunk guy at the bar last night said instead i should just go over to north korea and shoot all the children there so i mean...
Robert Smith @res416🔁A LOOK INSIDE NORTH KOREA'S Lavish Underground Nuclear Bunker...Is This Why Kim Jong Un Is ... via @100percFEDUP
Debra Amato @Amatodeb🔁WHEN YOU HAVE A BUFFOON IN THE WH!! Mullen: Trump's rhetoric on North Korea 'has taken away options' - POLITICO
Jingyi Pan @JPan_IG🔁Touché - "If the outcome is binary then it makes no sense to sell stocks." via @WSJ
Dusan Jovicic @JovicicDusan🔁 Musk: AI is greater threat than North Korea

Emergency Prepared @PriorityPrep🔁As if you needed another reason to prepare, things are a bit tense right now...
Kevin Van Tassel @dirtdude1957🔁Spend the money on our military not give it away like the Democrats because now Iran and North Korea took our money and laughed at us!
Kevin Wilke @kevpw44🔁Hey Rosie O'Donnell forget north Korea please just leave this Earth! We would be better off without you!!!!
krilar @Krilarkevjam🔁 Top U.S. general readies military plan for North Korea, but pushes for diplomacy
Rafael Cordova @RafaelC75424210🔁 Newsweek Exclusive: North Korean Missile Claims Are ‘a Hoax’
T2inDC @T2inDC🔁President Trump told Guam's governor that North Korea threats would boost tourism in Guam, governor said
Crom Dom @Crom_Dom🔁It's not fucking rocket science is it. Buy better players. No excuses for not buying them. We're under some sort of N orth Korea dictatorship
Heather McAvoy @heddieann🔁 Trumps national security adviser says U.S. no closer to war with North Korea than a week ago
Melanin Papi @Miah_thegreat🔁 North Korea hitting the Birdman handrub rn
Rissa👑 @rissa0922🔁In case you've been away from tv for the last 30 minutes, Trump now has us at brink of war w/North Korea AND Venezuela. Have a nice weekend.
⚔️Montezumas Revenge @KnucklDraginSam🔁McMaster Slams Susan Rice for Suggesting U.S. ‘Tolerate’ Nuclear Weapons in North Korea: ‘She’s Not Right’
Alexandra Trump @KAFosterSowell🔁Liberals are literally defending North Korea. They hate this nation and anyone who disagrees with them.

Chris @chrissalgado_🔁 all these tweets about the riot and north korea are preventing me from seeing my memes knock it off
Jay Greenwald @jg2257🔁@POTUS Mr President, I think we should hit North Korea with a electro

magnetic pulse weapon and fry all of his electronics!!!

World news @fachim_habi🔁 Trump’s national security adviser says U.S. no closer to war with North Korea than a week ago
simon clydesdale @simonclydesdale🔁North Korea sits amidst some of the most important trade routes on the planet for & other commodities:
Melody @MelodyFaber🔁Someone tell me how trump expects to fight North Korea but can't even deal with the war going on in our own country? 😑😒😠
Up2Late @up2_late🔁Bill Clinton gave North Korea nuclear weapons.

Now they have them pointed straight at America

Thank the lord Hillary isn't President

Piotr Tomicki @PiotrTomicki🔁 Can Bill Maher get through a single show without saying something stupid?

Edward Scheid @ed_scheid🔁Anybody who goes up against the USA, anyone, will lose. That definitely includes North Korea.
~ Secretary Mattis 🎯
Ian Burns McCaslin @IBMcCaslin🔁"Textiles were North Korea's second-biggest export after coal and other minerals in 2016," & are not banned by UN sanctions
Breaking News Feeds @NewsFeedBreaker🔁New Poll: Majority of likely voters disapprove of #DonaldTrump's first 200 days
usarealinfo @usrealinfo🔁Guam, Japan prepare for possible North Korea missile launch – CNN #allnews
Derek Mudd @NotNowDerek_🔁 .@POTUS' approval rating up after tough North Korea talk, new poll shows
Lisa Burns @LisaMcBurns🔁‘This is not reality TV’: Ex-CIA director Leon Panetta blast’s Trump’s North Korea and Venezuela threats
Darlyn Tunde @ydepreey🔁Jeremy Corbyn says Theresa May should not "drag" Britain into any US military action against North Korea
🚬 Mr Emilio @GbengaAkinlade_🔁 North Korea going after the wrong country.
Uncle Tom Retreat @TheCabinRetreat🔁 North Korea releases Canadian pastor on 'sick bail'
she......persisted! @shepersisted12🔁He's a snake who always slithers out of things.Creating a diversion, like attacking North Korea, could lead to even m ore deaths of innocents
Jesper Johansen @JohansenJesper🔁North Korea is threatening strikes, KKK is marching in the streets. If this is making America great again, I want no part of it.
Working Trucker @workingtrucker🔁I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

North Korea: China urges Trump not to worsen situation -

celeste martins @celestemartins3🔁I spoke with about President Trump's policy toward North Korea: Full interview tomorrow at 10a/1p ET on CNN
Deplorable Steve @swachel🔁This Tweet from @swachel has been withheld in: Germany, France.
Ian Fraser @Ian_Fraser🔁Why it's time the United States relieved its president of his nuclear "football"
David P. Hale @davidphale16🔁 Twitter users are reporting Trump’s account for ‘threatening violence’ against North Korea
Maggie Scott @happie12863🔁Ex-NATO supreme commander: ‘We’re in bad upward spiral’ with North Korea
Wycombeletting @wycombeletting🔁Nuclear war: Where to buy a home in the UK outside of the impact zone
Curtis Owen Menefee @MenefeeCurtis🔁Gutfeld: 'Funny How Press Worries More About Trump's Words Than Kim's Actions'

Proves their irrelevance

Trevor Silva @4trevoralone🔁Y'all worried about World War 3 with North Korea when there's a fukn Civil War itching to happen
NewsFront in English @ENnewsfront🔁What war? U.S. military not mobilizing despite North Korea threats

For all the ...

Mint @MintRubi🔁 3.5mn volunteers ‘ready to retaliate against US’ - North Korean state media
〽️⭕️🆖⭕️ @_king_brand0n_🔁all these tweets about the riot and north korea are preventing me from seeing my memes knock it off
FOST @GeorgeFoster72🔁 Don't tell me shit about North Korea
Americans aren't SAFE from Americans
History has proven this.
Unity America 🎙 @UnityAmerica🔁Message from PM of beautiful Australia 🇦🇺to North Korea...

'We stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States....' 🇺🇸🇦🇺

Horizontal Latitude @Avuxeni_🔁Donald trump wanting to go after Iran North Korea Venezuela, now this happens in Syria


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