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Angie QR @tcb_ar🔁 “Don’t do a deal with this guy.” #NoDACANoDeal #MorningJoe
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁.-STAND YOUR GROUND. If there’s no bill passed to ensure DREAMers never can be deported, there should be no deal. The twitter.com y’ve lied to you and the American people enough. Don’t let them stall again. Everyone who retweets this agrees.

Tamarra Netzloff @TamarraNetzloff🔁 “Don’t do a deal with this guy.” #NoDACANoDeal #MorningJoe
#NoDACANoDeal Lo 玲 Targos 🌹 @LoTargos🔁We need a CLEAN DREAM ACT NOW! #NoDACANoDeal cc @SenDuckworth @SenatorDurbin
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁ALERT: Everyone in please tweet out . Then call every Democratic Senator you can to make sure that they don’t move a twitter.com n inch without a bill that includes a ban on the deportation of all DREAMers. Republicans want to deport them all.
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁.-Says the kindergartner who wants deport DREAMers or put them into immigration camps. You’re pathetic. Everyone who twitter.com retweets this agrees.

Tracy Almashy @TracyAlmashy🔁I am re-tweeting all tweets because I believe in and I believe in . We are fighting for people’s lives here. I believe in
🎯Damian Mann @BillySchnabel🔁Repeat after me:
They delayed their caving for 3 weeks.

Audrey S Autrey @AudreySAutrey🔁ALERT: Everyone in please tweet out . Then call every Democratic Senator you can to make sure that they don’t move an inch without a bill that includes a ban on the deportation of all DREAMers. Republicans want to deport them all.
skinnygirl2 @gailbriggs8🔁If mitch is lying all the truth will be out in 17 days then we demand "NO DACA NO DEAL"
Lifeisgood @lifeisgoodll🔁Trump broke DACA

Congressional Republicans stopped paying for CHIP.

It's their shutdown. The .

Richard Strode @Anyworld🔁I want everyone to tweet out in the next 30 minutes and then retweet as many people who use the hashtag as possible. Then tell me how many tweets you retweeted by noon. Top 5 tweeters will get 5 tweets retweeted by us today. Let’s roll!
Palabra Ensalada @SaladWord🔁ALERT:Everyone in please tweet out . Then call every Democratic Senator you can to make sure that they don’t move an inch without a bill that includes a ban on the deportation of all DREAMers. Republicans want to deport them all.

Walt Longmire Look Alike @AbsorokaCounty🔁End All Talk of DACA. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD FOR AMERICANS IN SUCH A "DEAL" #NoDACANoDeal
Jack Wright @machonejack🔁To : Don't get played by lying - Stay strong!
sharon ferguson @sharannie63🔁 Thank you, @SenSherrodBrown. Stand strong & don't trust lying GOP: #NoDACANoDeal twitter.com
Lynn Riddley @lynn_riddley🔁This is easy to tend because we trust the 😆😆

Elizabeth Crown @medwriter333🔁URGENT! Call your Democratic Senators and tell them ! Ask them to stand tall and not believe the McConnell lies. He can NOT be trusted. Do it now. Vote starting soon! (202) 224-3121
Tonerdown @SScottkelley7🔁@SenFeinstein This proves you are part of the problem. They are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens.
#NoDACANoDeal #AmericaFirst
Big Kitty @BigKittyOz🔁Ok, I’ve spent an hour reading various analyses and have decided I’m going to be Pollyanna (again). Defeatism isn’t g twitter.com oing to help. This can be won. And now GOP can’t trade DACA vs CHIP. Cheers, Twitter!
Concerned Citizen @Bobbie2MD🔁@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse We're not going to stand 4 the continued attack on families like #JorgeGarcia Protect #Dreamers #NoDACANoDeal
Catscan @Catscan314🔁 #NoDACANoDeal #TrumpShutdown @SenSchumer Do not sell out these Dreamers! 🇺? twitter.com ?
🎵YKantToriRead @BernadetteMhill🔁

There had better not be a single more Democratic vote for a budget extension until AFTER the DACA bill is voted on, passed, and signed into law so McConnell and Trump can't go back on their word AGAIN. They'll yank that football away every single time.

Wade Faber @wadefaber🔁"U.S. Senate" "Sarah Sanders" The real story is the video below DACA is the shiny object they want you to look at
🐙 @RESISTFIST🔁#NoDACANoDeal ... Well, too late for that. twitter.com
Krista Tipton III% @mountainattic🔁 #SchumerSellout

The party is illegals caved....

Now Release the damn Memo!


We’re Better Than This @whitepants🔁 Retweeted MeredithGould (@MeredithGould):

Dear @SenateDems: Do not get suckered AGAIN by GOP promises. #NoDACANoDeal

#CleanDREAMactNow @TheRealBourge🔁Today it is more than evident that and are spineless cowards. They were played by and twitter.com
Bance Lomance @bance_lomance🔁Tell the the citizens of Puerto Rico to travel to Mexico, sneak across the border from Mexico to the United States an twitter.com d you will guarantee they are treated like royalty
mrsh0neybee @mrsh0neybee🔁'Membah when SAID THIS👇on Jan 16th?

He even created a hashtag: .

Wanna know the funny part? ACTUALLY LISTENED to this moron! Now they are hiding under a rock after getting rolled by Trump and CAVING on the in 3 DAYS!😆😂🤣

WomenGetLoud @ClevengerKelley🔁And and and will go back on their word to fund DACA again because they are liars. And we will shutdown on February twitter.com 8 because Republicans can’t govern.
ʍαմɾεεη ❄️❄️❄️🌊2018 @MaureenJungblut🔁 #NoDACANoDeal is starting to trend. Now is the time to push it harder than ever! #TrumpShutdown
Walt Longmire Look Alike @AbsorokaCounty🔁I would suggest these non citizen Mexicans learn the lingo of their homeland and do so quickly. #NoDACANoDeal
Russianbottenzillion @MeadowgirlM🔁We are Winning We can not give in today or ever. This country and the future for OUR American children depend on twitter.com it. Stick with Ya'll all got to hold the line. FIGHT for AMERICANS. NOT ILLEGALS.
⛈Justice Groupie ⛈ @Justicegroupie2🔁Thank you Senate Democrats and Chuck Schumer aka

I would also like to thank the Clan for trying to put illegal aliens before our military, impoverished children and American Citizens because American citizens will win BIGLY every time.

Lil Genghis Khan @leprosybumps🔁Dont back down Dems, GOP will break any promise they make to you. Stay strong ✊
D. Roybal Romero @babykitty40🔁The most important point about is that it makes the salacious events in the all the more credible.

For the naive p twitter.com eople that believed was a germaphobe... Yea, right.

“CHIP for 6”

Jenny Herron @jenjherron🔁Yes, and Enforce Immigration Laws by Deporting all illegals before considering any amnesty.
Lisa A @mikesgrrl1999🔁, we were all behind you. Instead of sticking with the issues, you made a deal with a liar and an unstable , and put twitter.com thousands of at risk. It should have been
Nasty in California @CarlsbadDreamin🔁@JoyAnnReid No need to wait. #NoDACANoDeal
RedMasque @WordVendetta🔁Keep your word, Senator. We are counting on you.
Victoria Cliett @VictoriaCliett1🔁I'm going to give and Co. the benefit of the doubt on this strategy. In the meantime, don't give the bots an oppo twitter.com rtunity to exploit your frustration. We will win in the end.
Nasty in California @CarlsbadDreamin🔁We are trusting YOU Chuck. #NoDACANoDeal twitter.com
Teresa Hutson @TeresaHutson1🔁Hey &
My elected Senators

You have FAILED
We told you

We told you we would hang the on the

You took the word of SLIMY and CON-MAN



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