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No FBI Dinky Hocker's Dad @WBlizters🔁The FBI is in good hands now. No need to worry. Joe Lieberman has this covered
No FBI Headline Juice @HeadlineJuice🔁 Cool! No FBI Director announcement today! That means Joe Lieberman can crawl back in his hole.
No FBI Mal❥ @MalloryKleewein🔁 Can't be under FBI investigation if there's no FBI Director.
KansasLiberal @KansasLib🔁 #Trump’s pick for FBI director, Joe Lieberman has no FBI qualification
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Joe Lieberman is an avid supporter of Betsy DeVos & has even been defending Trump the past few months. Hell no to Joe for FBI!
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Nothing to see here—Just Trump trying to hire one of his own attorneys—Joe Lieberman—to be the FBI Director—No confli ct of interest at all 🤥
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁FLASHBACK: FBI Found No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Flynn BEFORE Comey-Trump Meeting | The Sean Hannity Show
donald harris @chopperseast🔁 Via pool report, no announcement of FBI Director today
Tyler Quackenbush @TylerQuack🔁Anthony Weiner sent porn to child.

He was investigated.

FBI found 's classified emails on his laptop.

No Russians needed!

Carlos Maple @CarlosMaple1🔁Joe Lieberman's law firm represents trump. NO ONE who's been paid by trump should be FBI Dir. This is the most corrupt WH America's history.
Tim Franklin @TimFranklin21🔁No joke: Comey (6'8) tried to blend in with CURTAINS in Blue Room at WH ceremony so Trump wouldn't notice him. 👌🥓 @04RKC🔁Democrats say no FBI director until Special Prosecutor appointed.
Apparently they have forgotten they lost election.

Deplorable Jim @velcrofin🔁 didn't even arrest at his home. He was allowed to stroll into FBI & "surrender." No perp walk allowed for Clinton cartel member
Bill Flood @Bill_Flood🔁 JUST IN: @WhiteHouse announces no @FBI director announcement prior to international trip.
Merle Jennings @MerleJennings18🔁Senate Dems: 'Thanks, But No Thanks' To Lieberman As FBI Director | Crooks and Liars via @crooksandliars
elizabeth g @rlsrox🔁Nothing to see here—Just Trump trying to hire one of his own attorneys—Joe Lieberman—to be the FBI Director—No conflict of interest at all 🤥
Headline Juice @HeadlineJuice🔁 not joe libermann ever. "No FBI" director today.
Dan Miller @DMiller_357🔁 FBI Continues Trump Russia Probe, Will No Longer Keep White House Informed via @FREESPEECHTV
MLX Douglas-O'Neill @MLO_ME🔁.@DCPoliceDept, @FBI, @DNC -- make no mistake -- this story isn't going away. Justice for #SethRich.
Tai🌹 @MildManifesto🔁Some recovered history of the FBI, for the alt-moderates braying about rule-of-law and Constitution
The Forgotten Man @ChuckNorton1🔁 Comey, McCabe Testified No DOJ Pressure on Russia Probe #Newsmax via @Newsmax_Media
Bad John Brown @bad_bad_bernie🔁@Fasteagle101 @MSNBC He's under investigation by the FBI and now the Special Counsel, if you want to pretend that's no so, go ahead.
Headline Juice @HeadlineJuice🔁 No FBI nomination today.

This can only mean that it won't be Joe Lieberman.

I think they heard us.

Jonathan Walczak @jonwalczak🔁 No "interim" director for FBI. Have an acting director now, and will
select the next director" next, Sean Spicer said.
I Like Bonhoeffer @boss_because🔁4) Because Trump demands loyalty to himself over loyalty to the Constitution, should have NO say in nominating FBI D irector.
Nicole Zuefle @ZuefleN🔁 JUST IN: White House officials say there will be no announcement about new FBI director today
WitchInTheWhiteHouse @LeahFicklin🔁 No FBI director announcement today, WH pool has been informed
Braxie @StillKicking62🔁Shoukd n/have occurred until Senate pub. hearings completed ,evidence found or hearings closed due 2 no there there! How c/ FBI shut dwn Sen
Laser_the_Lone_Wolf @laserhaas01🔁 No FBI director announcement today Putin slow in vetting
Anthony Curcio @arctony🔁Joe Lieberman is an avid supporter of Betsy DeVos & has even been defending Trump the past few months. Hell no to Joe for FBI!
Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁NO FBI required

Comey sat on Weiner for 5yrs, covering up for Hillary & Obama & DNC Server.
Thank Fcuk for Trump for firing ass

Mark Cassels @MarkCassels🔁 I had no idea fired FBI Director James Comey was 6'8"!!! #FunFactFriday
Roentgens @roentgens9🔁Joe Lieberman has no business being the director of the FBI. explained it well to .
NYDOUGH @NYDOUGH🔁The last 6 mos have made a mockery of US govt from FBI down to scum like perverted prices like Weiner. WTF is go in o n? No respect anymore.
Chris McClain @ChrisMc33145026🔁@mitchellreports @SenatorCollins @MSNBC No! No one should be FBI director who was elected to political job before. Need independent FBI!
Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁No FBI can cover up rapey Bill Clinton
Comey's OUT, FBI DOJ might get TO crack Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein

Bob Cooper @topkubob🔁Have you ever seen a more protected child predator? Anthony Weiner Surrenders To FBI — No Jail Time!
Ryan Keating @RK19496🔁 In case you're wondering, there will be no FBI Director announcement today.
Mom @Peacepox🔁lieberman has been 45's go-to mouth piece since lieberman went to the dark side
Dennis Johnson @djdakota49🔁Retire Joe, Say it ain't so, No FBI gig as your too slow.
sayinit ephanie @diseasesolved🔁 are under the delusion that is somehow going to get removed. No FBI Bob Beckel
Laina Reisinger @laina_reisinger🔁How does this get by no Spcl Pros when discovered! Hey GOP we gave u everything get on it! Cash Iran?
sayinit ephanie @diseasesolved🔁...seems it's all tying together. Podesta emails, tweets, no FBI investigation into DNC server, cops told to stand down
Jaclyn Kelley WEAR @JKelleyTV🔁I had no idea fired FBI Director James Comey was 6'8"!!! #FunFactFriday
Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁"No FBI" As long as DT &GOP have anything2do w/selecting whose in charge! That job can be left vacant!Their liars& untrustworthy ‼️"No FBI"
Sayward @Sayward11🔁 PLEASE, President Trump. NO JOE Lieberman. He supports Hillary! It would be a huge mistake to make him director o f the FBI.
Granny❤️ @BonnieGranny🔁 So Schumer is openly blackmailing America? No Special Prosecutor, no FBI Director?


Torch @Wearetheleavers🔁When you can't use rationality, yell loudly (via text), use bad grammar and swear to show you're serious. No wonder ppl stereotype Trump ppl


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