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LIL DAYTONA 🏎🏁 @MobileSuitNayr🔁 When there’s Smash news in a Nintendo Direct but you’re stuck at work and can’t watch it.
Kosmos @III_Kosmos_III🔁 Poll of the Day!
What was your favorite news from the Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo DirectNintendo Direct 遠隔カウンター XENON @CaptXenon🔁 Smash fans vs FE fans at the Nintendo Direct
Nintendo Direct Diamond @DeMeister64🔁 Nintendo:
"I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable Direct!" #SmashBros
minnie @ grima robin @gregstophes🔁 Big nintendo direct mood from the FE fandom rn #NintendoDirect
Nintendo Direct Bleu @bleuflame🔁 Playable Octolings are coming to Splatoon 2! #NintendoDirect
Nintendo Direct 🍀HarleyStarr🍀 @harleyystarr🔁 animal crossing fans after every nintendo direct
Nintendo Direct Jaygo @youngjay_12🔁 If Smash is announced at today's Nintendo Direct I'll give everyone who RTs this $100
Nintendo DirectNintendo DirectNintendo DirectNintendo Direct Victor Chaves @fake_brasilian🔁 EVERY NINTENDO DIRECT
Nintendo Direct @Wqtraz👖 @Wqtraz🔁Pic of me before watching the Nintendo direct, hoping my wallet will be safe
Nintendo Direct MeatMir @JamirJDG🔁 Wow this new Nintendo Direct leak is insane!!!
Nintendo Direct Derek Spangler @CritoraDerek🔁 Mario in the new Super Smash Bros. for Switch, as seen in the latest Nintendo Direct.
Nintendo Direct Spriteuman @spriteuman🔁 when u had low expectations for the direct but then nintendo came for ur ass
Nintendo Direct Mike Drucker @MikeDrucker🔁ME: I want to die.
NINTENDO: There's a new Nintendo Direct coming this week.
Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica🔁Tune in 3/8 at 2pm PT for a Nintendo Direct featuring upcoming and Nintendo games, including new details on Aces!
Okami @OkamiOfficial🔁Time to roll up your sleeves and get direct hands-on with saving the world. HD is coming to Nintendo Switch this su mmer!


kav @KavTKx🔁A brand new Super Smash Bros. game got confirmed in a random March Nintendo Direct.



Andrew Arends @The_2nd_AA🔁The new Nintendo Direct announcements are beautiful. I love being a @NintendoAmerica fan!
Detroits Reaper YT @DetroitsReaper🔁I liked a @YouTube video Nintendo Direct - 08.03.2018
noah a. @noahmantoine🔁Sorry but I wouldn't call someone who was entirely disappointed with this direct a "nintendo fan". Also this is the s econd ever time i've spoken to your friend. I'm sure people are tired of seeing her bullshit too which is why the quiet fans like me come out to respond
JAYSON @JJJAAAYYSSOON🔁I liked a @YouTube video Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018
Nimono @NimonoSolenze🔁@SANSRIEL369 @tobyfox no, it's serious- both were announced at today's nintendo direct about an hour ago
Sleezo Pellegrino @_KEM0🔁 Peep the reveal trailer!
burger @salemjnurse🔁god DAMN nintendo direct
Kevin Diangkinay @theotherkevin🔁just caught up on Nintendo Direct headlines. #SMASH4? My palms are m o i s t.
Hany Gohary [AKA DrDark ~ PC Zone Forum Legend] @DaxHalo🔁Here you go, gang. Every single asset from today's Nintendo Direct. Just hit up the Flickr set link and enjoy!
Jazon Kitty 😸😸😸 @JazonBLF🔁@Half_Shot many people thought it would be announced at E3 not in some random Nintendo Direct
Josh Gaming @JoshGamnYoutube🔁Yeah. We all know Spyro Remaster is happening, but I want to see that trailer and official announcement. I'm just wondering when they'll announce it if not in a nintendo direct. The original leak said a March announcement.
⭐️ murakami @theonlyexodus🔁Time to roll up your sleeves and get direct hands-on with saving the world. HD is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer!


ダミー @DummyxLeon🔁I liked a @YouTube video Will Nintendo FINALLY announce SMASH BROS?!? - [Nintendo Direct March 8th 2018]
Rockenberg 🌸 Rhyme🐔🌟 @Rhyme_ea🔁I missed, nintendo direct omg.. am gonna crie... so much spoilers
Rick @IClamme🔁I liked a @YouTube video All of the excellent puppet bits from Nintendo Direct (E3 2015)
🎮Ultima🎮 @Ultima_Wielder🔁 Scrubs: “Nah, Smash isn’t getting revealed in this Direct”

Nintendo: “Hold my Beer”

Kjtails12 @kjtails12🔁I liked a @YouTube video CRAZY GUY REACTS TO NINTENDO DIRECT [SMASH!]
🍄Niko🍄 @NikoAnesti🔁“Smash was the biggest surprise of the Direct!”
Really? You though Crash Bandicoot had a better chance of coming to N intendo than Smash Bros.?
Cinque @ClumsyCinque🔁@WickedShantotto //I would love her to mock Cinque too and how was the Nintendo Direct for you too?
Logan @MetalSoundPro🔁 I. Am. Screaming. A lot. From this Nintendo Direct.
SuperSlow @SperSLOW🔁The Nintendo Direct Splatoon 2 update in a nutshell via @YouTube
Cesar Exodo Fco A.R @exodoce🔁Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer (Inkling Revealed! - Nintendo Direct)
ESoTSM @Steam_Punk96🔁I'm going to assume that wasn't remaster footage, there's no way the initial gameplay shown of the remaster would jus t be a couple of seconds of shitty gameplay on a random nintendo direct
National Switchie Month @GeeliganStache🔁So in the last two decades Nintendo has managed to absorb both Sonic AND Crash onto its platforms as part of their library. It’s two fiercest direct competitors of the 90s.

If that’s not proof of the power of the Big N then I don’t know what is.

Lee Hayman DEATH @HEELHayman🔁Me watching Nintendo Direct, not really impressed and then I see that Crash N'Sane Trilogy is coming to Switch.
Jack Ryan Hasinbiller @djlekso🔁Square Enix took a few minutes of today's Nintendo Direct to show off its upcoming RPG, .

chaseNightcrawler✖️ @chasehoganjone1🔁Pretty awesome Nintendo Direct. Thank for having on your podcast about it looking forward to Super Smash Bros, South Park the Fractured But Whole and Little Nightmares coming this year.
AV @Alex_Roolz🔁Today's Nintendo Direct was better than their past ten E3 presentations, holy shit
ChancelerThe3RD @chance51438🔁I was at the gym during the Nintendo Direct, so I’m gonna watch the VOD on stream at 7 PM CST to give my reactions and commentary. After that, we’ll start Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
LezinskiYT @YaboiLezinski🔁I liked a @YouTube video NINTENDO DIRECT IN 3 HOURS! IS THE HYPE TRAIN REVIVED?? Let's Count it Down!
🧡 Sharpe 💚 🎂 18 days @rinterkun🔁OK NINTENDO DIRECT WHATD I MISS
halez @badguyhentai🔁me digging a grave for myself if there isn’t an animal crossing for switch announcement during this nintendo direct
🎈🎉Nicolo🎂🎁 @Nymo🔁I was having lunch and in transit during and after the Nintendo Direct, so here's some hot spicy thoughts on the Direct...
Prince Charmingder @P_Charmingder🔁 *revives*
....huh? wha... oh. It would seem the news from the Nintendo Direct knocked out all of my blood.
$enpai 🐝 @yungsaiyaman🔁Me: That was a good Direct, but I wanna see smash

Nintendo: Hold my beer

*Sees the Smash Logo*

*Gods Plan starts playing*


Dath @DathTheGreat🔁I liked a @YouTube video Matt's Bomb-Ass Nintendo Direct Stream (March 8th 2018)
Touma @ Index III/1 Day left!!! @lmagenBreaker🔁Ah yeah that Nintendo direct
iwan tjhai @itjhai🔁Watch Today's Nintendo Direct Right Here
Ian Miller @SlantedxGaming🔁Hmmm, i wonder what was announced during that Nintendo Direct while I was at work.


Literally everything.

Andrew @BlazeOfficial_🔁TALKING NINTENDO DIRECT (come say hi!): via @YouTube
a goth carb @Ghaspermusic🔁Smash announcement saved that Nintendo Direct tbh
AgentRed @AgentRed1214🔁 Dang. I kinda wish I had done a reaction video to the Nintendo Direct....
Soaper Smash Bros @soap33123🔁@skeletaylorr Next Nintendo Direct I'm sure you'll manage my dude
Alex Slade @cansinalex🔁Me watching Nintendo Direct 08.03.2018 via @YouTube
Banana Burd @BananaBurd🔁 My heart open with Kirby, then exploded with splatoon, and I finally died with Smash

That nintendo direct BOI!!!!!

king bee @jaxabees🔁o shit there was a nintendo direct? what happened
Mike @Basketball3133🔁 Today’s Nintendo Direct was awesome.
JNinj @JNinjaSon🔁*after watching Nintendo Direct* :D DUDE! I'm SO going to get Crash Bandicoot! Maybe Captain Toad and Mario Tennis! I , personally, wasn't disappointed.
𝖘𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖌𝖎𝖗𝖑 @_vulpix🔁i don’t need to keep up with nintendo direct bc i’ll be stoned on ’s couch this weekend as he pepe silvias me through the whole thing
Aaron Z. Arrick @AaronArrick🔁"Eh, the Nintendo Direct is just about Splatoon stuff? I'll pass today." I said obliviously as Nintendo sneaked in t he Smash 5 announcement.

Now to spend the next 5 months trying to guess the new characters.

Kittea @KittyandTea🔁Hooome, work was CHAOTIC but it couldn't be helped =,D at least Nintendo Direct eased the pain. I also bought ramen f or Yuru Camp watching and some cider for my LOGH marathons.
El Cagaleche Maestro @emorottie🔁The only important thing about Nintendo Direct is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker coming to switch. It and Super Mario 3D World are literally the only two games I miss playing on the Wii U and I would double dip.
Adeyinka Rotimi @AdeyinkaRotimi1🔁A very good Nintendo Direct.


Tanner Brant @spartansw0rd🔁That Nintendo Direct was pretty great. Super excited for Octopath Traveler and the Mario Tennis looks cool too
Ben $tillman @formerselves🔁Octopath Traveler looks stunning. All the ports seem promising. Still no word on Yoshi or Virtual Console... guess Ni ntendo has to save some surprises for E3. Glad they're embracing DLC more. And obviously . A strong Direct no doubt.
Strawberry @ Hiatus @koochiq🔁Pretty much all I'm expecting from today's Nintendo Direct is for it to heal all the pain I've ever endured and to fill the gaping empty void in my life. I don't think that's too much to ask.
AveryD. @Neji11x🔁Time to stay off social media until I catch up on the latest Nintendo Direct.
Extremely Soft and Cuddly Floof @Waffliesinyofac🔁shoutout to the direct for reminding me which kirby game had the hamster/fish/owl in it, and shoutout to nintendo for having it be on the eshop


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