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Nintendo Direct: 21.750k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Nintendo Direct Kat @kitty_agabu🔁 in prep for today's nintendo direct..;;
John Z. @Pikanjo🔁Unfortunately missing the Nintendo direct. Hope it's full of Wah!
Nintendo Direct Viria Atlas @Ojoufam🔁 Okay, I made a bingo card for the upcoming Nintendo Direct.
If I get bingo, I'll cry many tears of joy.
Meg/Mega5000 @mega5k🔁tfw you totally forgot about the Nintendo Direct happening today
Nintendo Direct Jacob Bartlett @TheSubwayGod🔁 Remember to not overhype yourself about the Nintendo direct
Twitch @Twitch🔁New Switch, 3DS, & Mario Odyssey details in 3 hours! 🍄

Watch (or co-stream) the Direct at 3pm PT on

Josh Morris @joshssb🔁> Nintendo Direct comes on
> Reggie appears
> "Here at Nintendo, we know fun."
> "Which is why ARMS is gettin-
PT @Ptamaral06🔁this is a bit of a dream, but if a new Donkey Kong Country got announced for the Switch during the Nintendo Direct, i would lose my shit
Aaron.png @AaronOtakuGamer🔁Just got a huge leak for the upcoming Nintendo Direct. I don't know if I can share this but I'm taking the risk.
Nicholas @suprboynicholas🔁TAMERS DECIDE NOW: Who wants a LIVE reaction to Nintendo's direct on Twitch along with Sonic Mania for stream today 7:30pm EST 🙌🙌
E.H.G. @EvilHeelGaming🔁20 minutes until showtime! We'll be reacting to the Nintendo Direct and then we'll get started with the Zelda TPHD Triple Threat Challenge!
Ramen Zanza @RamenZanza🔁 new nintendo direct announcement is crazy
e l i z a ✨ @irleliza🔁i'm going to take a nap before nintendo direct. wake me up in 30 minutes! Retweets @Mixer_RT🔁 NINTENDO DIRECT LIVE STREAM ON MIXER.COM via @YouTube
Niqolas Q. Prime @TheVideoGamHer🔁Everyone is streaming the Nintendo Direct tonight, but come watch me and @Kuuppon instead cuz we're cuter lol.
Trash Boat @BabiesDontShave🔁Woah today's the Nintendo direct
Digitarch @DigitalAutarch🔁 nintendo direct predictions:
- inevitable disappointment due to unrealistic high expectations
DR @ Home @SkeletonFetish🔁I am really excited for what I hope to be a Platinum Games announcement in the Nintendo Direct today.
Bauske @Bauske🔁Nintendo Direct predictions: FE Warriors for 3DS, Mario Odyssey, lots of talk about their online service, Xenoblade, maybe mention of Smash.
Lewis Stewart @CRYOgenicide🔁I liked a @YouTube video Streaming the Nintendo Direct on Twitch - Link in Description
MD3Gaming @Mastuui🔁I liked a @YouTube video Nintendo Direct 2017.9.14
Owen Jay Turnbull @OwenJayTurnbull🔁Come and join @Abdallahnation for a Nintendo Direct - 9.13.2017 | LIVE Reactions With Abdallah! via @YouTubeGaming
Ian @ShepCommandr🔁I'd like Nintendo to officially announce the death of the 3DS in this direct. You got Metroid. You're done now.
🐉Dracozon🔥 @Dracozon🔁 Nintendo Direct excitement tweet
Nathaniel Burke @NathanielFan1🔁I liked a @YouTube video What Awaits us in this Nintendo Direct? What Lies in the Switch's Future!??
Benny @Boneystweets🔁I'll be streaming reaction to the Nintendo Direct. Stop by and chat with me.
Megawatch @Megawatch10🔁@thatunotoad Ay niggy are you going to watch the nintendo direct presentation???
AvL | Chemistry @ChemistrySSB🔁Nintendo direct in ~a half hour

Should I stream my reaction?

Xx_AidyK_xX @AidykXx🔁@alpharadtv Nintendo lost the Lawsuit, this direct ends the Switch.

But, what if?

Crashie クラッシー @crashiepp🔁Nintendo direct happening soon
GoldLiger(Master) @GoldLiger0X🔁35 MINUTES LEFT TO THE NINTENDO DIRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Tay⭐ @Yoshichao🔁roughly half an hour left, quick give me your CRAZIEST & IMPOSSIBLE things u hope to see at the nintendo direct
Graham Crackers 🇻🇨 @contologics🔁NINTENDO UK (Youtube):
Donkey Kong @Jmbp123Mills🔁 Oh shiz! I forgot the Nintendo Direct is in a half hour! :O
黃鑫 @mario123007🔁Happy Nintendo Direct Day! I'm expecting a trailer for Smash, Sonic Forces, & Kirby! What do you all want to see?
Crystal @Simply_Press🔁New Switch, 3DS, & Mario Odyssey details in 3 hours! 🍄

Watch (or co-stream) the Direct at 3pm PT on

AStrikeka @azookastrike🔁Nintendo Direct September 2017: via @YouTube
kaxi (i'm love kiri) @garagewolf🔁i miiiiiiiight be able to watch the nintendo direct


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