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Nintendo ru_eevee @Ru_Eevee🔁Shop #anythingyoucanimagine @TAKEALOT
Nintendo alpaca @actualpaca🔁 Sure, Konami's full of monstrous subhumans, but Nintendo did something far worse
Nintendo Sanimax @sanus_maximus🔁 Hello @Nintendo you forgot me!
Zaythoven @Datmanisaiah🔁 Nintendo announcing the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster
Nintendo Casey Rankowski @GoldenLink64🔁 Melee players: this game looks good.

Nintendo: no wavedashing

Melee players:

B/R esports @BResports_🔁EVERY. SMASH. CHARACTER. IS. BACK.


M.S.S Elijah @MisterSureShot🔁@SlickL_CPU @Haedox Exactly, I don’t think Nintendo had the best e3 this year, but smash still looks awesome 😎
ken r.(Ken Shiftin.) @kennethreilly16🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Nintendo Direct: E3 2018
DOMINIQUE @xXDOMINIQUEXx_x🔁 like common u guys take too long man what the fuck man..why u fucking make Nintendo switch first when there r like billions of billions of android know don't be a retard...use your head...analysis....SMH😡🤦‍♂️🤯
あゆねこ @ayuneko666🔁Tune in to Nintendo Treehouse: Live | right now to see the latest Expansion Pass news!
SimplyStrider @CommandrStrider🔁I don’t care if he’s not a fighter. please Nintendo. Hear my cry. Put Rayman in as an assist trophy.
WAGNER SILVA MARINHO @WAGSILMAR🔁🗞️ Article First Published on May 1, 2018@9:59am

U.S. agency to probe Nintendo systems after rival's complaint

| eM h @emassFG🔁 nintendo wont put cooking mama in smash because they’re scared of powerful women
Carlos Morales @C_LoS53🔁@PlayStation allow fortnite to be true cross platform! Yes this is the Nintendo switch rant.
Glow☆Pez @glow_pez🔁
I often imagine a racing game like F-Zero for with this track as the background music.
Mayor Nicky Flowers @yiffpolice🔁the New Nintendo 2DS XL has the worst name but it's the best handheld. go figure
☔️🐉🦄🐺🦋Katie @EeveeCurry🔁I can't believe Kit Ellis from Nintendo has the birthright to wield Falchion and tried using it to open a 3DS
Nico @NicoSalazarV🔁Will be giving away an extra Nintendo Smash Brothers Ultimate VIP Bag from the Smash Brothers Invitational 2018!

RT and Like for a chance to win!

Will announce the winner on Friday 6/15 at 2PM PST

TGG | PoTsY @PotsySSB🔁Granted i understand the dissapointment one would have with nintendo's e3 if they weren't a die hard smash fan, but c laiming that this game itself is a disappointment is ehh
Minty @Mint_chu3🔁Nintendo really did play me dirty though. I waited for Zelda buffs for 2 games (9 years) and as soon as I was going to quit her in the next game, Nintendo shows up with Zelda buffs
justzilla @seansadrai2000🔁 Waluigi was robbed and humiliated
Sean Campbell @seandc02🔁Want to win a AND a physical copy of Dimension Drive?! We're giving away tons of Switch gear this week! Only 3,000 copies of Dimension Drive Limited Edition will go on sale JUNE 14! ENTER HERE ➡
Aiden @aidenthedaddy🔁Currently filling out divorce papers. I’ve made it very clear that as long as I get the nintendo switch, she can have the kids


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