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#NewsHourChats Lora Strum @LoraStrum🔁We out here... #GRAMMYs #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q4: For the first time since 1999, a white man wasn’t nominated for Album of the Year. What impact does this have on twitter.com both the hip-hop and the music community at large?
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q2: When the nominees were announced there was a notable shift from poppy, mainstream radio hits to hip-hop and R&B. twitter.com In fact, 15 hip-hop artists were nominated for this year. Why is this significant?
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A1. I think Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” deserved to win album of the year, and I’m deeply disappointed -- though not com twitter.com pletely surprised – that this year’s Grammy electorate whiffed on rap music for the consecutive 14th year. It’s inexcusable.
MC Wilkins @mcwilkins63🔁 .@LoraStrum is running a great #NewsHourChats on the #GRAMMYs that is worth your time. twitter.com
Lora Strum @LoraStrum🔁This was fun guys #NewsHourChats twitter.com
Mitchell Scott @ScottsOriole🔁Grammys & entertainment/media industry reminds me that the fleeting vacuousness of much of pop culture is the only cu twitter.com lture that the "tastemakers" in LA/NY are willing to endorse. We've become a culturally stunted society.

PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Thank you to everyone who joined us in the ! We honor and celebrate Hiphop at the . Please visit to learn more.
Patricia @Pattymassacre🔁@NewsHour Everything is political now. #NewsHourChats
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁Thank you to everyone who joined us in the ! We honor and celebrate Hiphop at the . Please visit to learn more. twitter.com
Lauren K. Clark @studyabroaddiva🔁 Have your own thoughts on last night’s #Grammys? Hit reply and let us know #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁 Thanks @NewsHour for #NewsHourChats this was another great one.
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Till next time ! #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Have your own thoughts on last night’s #Grammys? Hit reply and let us know #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁For more on this subject, check out ’s Race Matters Solutions piece -- "How the U.S. became the hip-hop nation" twitter.com
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁Thanks @NewsHour for #NewsHourChats this was another great one.
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A10: The true relevance of the Grammys depends on a diverse group of winners, not just nominees. If the night's major twitter.com awards never go to Hiphop artists, why bother showing up?
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A10: Until next time, remember that the Grammys have always been bad at celebrating the present and even worse at pre twitter.com dicting the future. Grammy voters are only ever voting for their own relevance. The canon is shaped by talk and time. Thanks, everyone. Peace. 2/2
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A10: In the years ahead, any change we see at the Grammys will depend on who bothers to show up. Drake, Justin Bieber twitter.com and Kanye West each skipped this year’s ceremony. I see their numbers growing in the future. 1/2
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q10: Do you think this move towards a more diverse selection of nominees and winners will be a shift that lasts? #NewsHourChats
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A9: This is not a situation where there is a lack of women in Hiphop, there is a lack of recognition. Their contribut twitter.com ions are not elevated in the same way as those of their male counterparts. 2/2
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁I fear and have already moved to something the industry gives lip service too but those who have not already been c twitter.com alled out are going to start to be protected again.
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A9: It is worth noting that was the only woman nominated in the best rap album category, making her only the 5th fem twitter.com ale nominee ever in the 23-year history of the category. 1/2
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A9. And SZA lost to Alessia Cara, the only woman to accept a trophy during Sunday’s telecast. That’s bad. The New Yor twitter.com k Times reports that less than 10% of Grammy nominees over the past six years have been women. There's certainly much work to be done.
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q9: And , nominated for Best New Artist, was one of few female hip-hop or R&B musicians represented. Does the lack of twitter.com women artists in the genre give rise to a / moment?
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A8: fans have grown accustomed to (and expect) his musical contributions to confront the political and cultural cris twitter.com es of our time. Hiphop has never been silent regardless of who was in office.
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A8. More than any other artist in the top categories, Kendrick’s music speaks to the tension in the air right now. I twitter.com hear Marvin Gaye, Janet Jackson Public Enemy and 2pac echoing through this music, too. And this was his third album of the year snub? Unbelievable.
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q8: And ’s DAMN aims directly at Fox News, President Trump and racial profiling in policing. How have fans reacted to twitter.com the political nature of his music? Why does this matter in 2018?
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A7: This is a message to black people in this country. Jay is using OJ to remind us how we are perceived no matter h twitter.com ow much success we achieve. However, we are more than the stereotypes they project on us.
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A7. It’s incredible how Jay-Z addresses such a dense, difficult subject with such intimacy on this track. He’s whispe twitter.com ring American history directly in our ear. And yes, I was disappointed to see this song lose record of the year to Bruno’s “24K Magic.”
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q7: Let’s talk directly about Jay-Z’s 4:44. On “The Story of O.J.” Jay-Z raps ‘I’m not black I’m O.J,’ and describes twitter.com the legacy of slavery in today’s America. What message is he sending about the black community?
😒MBAttitude the Key Cutter🇺🇸🇳🇬👑 @JaiSayWhat🔁 A4: In large part, this is only a small step. More change must come. #NewsHourChats
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A6: It should also be recognized that this discourse is happening within Hiphop and that's a reason why it continues twitter.com to push forward and grow. 2/2
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A6: No. Hiphop is not perfect and neither is any other genre, but it is certainly more than those critiques. Look at twitter.com the nominees in the best rap album category and you will see a small glimpse of many of the things Hiphop is and can be. 1/2
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁A6 All of Entertainment in this country degrades women. There are no excuses and it should stop. #NewsHourChats
TAYLOR HARRIS @lochness_350🔁 Q1: Let’s start with the awards last night. What are your immediate reactions? #NewsHourChats
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁I wonder if the solution may not be to diversify the Grammys rather to create a diversified alternative organisation. twitter.com I realise this is music blasphemy but I am just laying it out there. Posing the question. The Grammys may not be getting the message.
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A6: I think that’s a form of selective listening. If you listen to rap in its totality, you’ll hear artists transposi twitter.com ng their humanity into sound – and in direct, intimate and complicated ways. Putting your fingers in your ears won’t help you understand any music.
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q6: For years, rap’s critics claimed the genre degrades women, uses the n-word too often and promotes violence. Is t twitter.com his a fair characterization of the genre?
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A5. I’d say so. Jay was nominated for 8 trophies and went home with 0. And this is nearly 20 years after he started h twitter.com is years-long boycott of the Grammys in 1999. If participation doesn’t change things, maybe it’s time to for rap artists to start boycotting again?
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁A5 It seems to me that one person of colour sweeping is only moving the needle a tiny bit for diversity and inclusion twitter.com . It feels too much like tokenism and Mars has a crossover sound that has pop elements. There needs to be more diverse diversity IMO.
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A5: Yes! If a Hiphop album won it would have been the 3rd in Grammy History, and the first time in 14 years. But are twitter.com we surprised? No...
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q5: Both fans and critics alike were excited to see an outstanding number of hip-hop and R&B artists nominated, yet w twitter.com ere disappointed in Bruno Mars’ sweep. Did the awards snub artists like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar?
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁Also, people hardly would notice if all the nominees in a year are white. That wouldn’t be a thing so why is this? twitter.com
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A4: In large part, this is only a small step. More change must come. #NewsHourChats
Phillip C. Smith @PhillipCSmith42🔁 Welcome to a SPECIAL edition of #NewsHourChats taking apart last night’s #GRAMMYs
Phillip C. Smith @PhillipCSmith42🔁 Mars’ wins comes at a time when the #GRAMMY Awards are the most diverse in its 60 year history. #NewsHourChats
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A4. It’s weird the way people are talking about this, as if white men are being punished or something. White men aren twitter.com 't being excluded. Deserving artists of color are being (rightfully) elevated.
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁A4 White people often dominate culture. It’s refreshing at times when we don’t. That is my personal opinion. I see t twitter.com hat as positive.
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A3: It is only now the Recording Academy is taking concrete steps to make sure the nominations are more well rounded. twitter.com However, last night's outcome indicates it was not enough. 2/2
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁Diversity seems to have slid backwards everywhere in this country in the last 25 years. #NewsHourChats Shame. twitter.com
anodyne @DiChristine🔁 We are doing it #newshourchats twitter.com
anodyne @DiChristine🔁 Q3: Where do you think this shift originates? #NewsHourChats
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A3: Hiphop artists have been talking about this problem for years. Even Jay-Z, this year's most nominated artist, boy twitter.com cotted award show at one point. 1/2
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A3. The Grammys have been hosting a diverse array of nominees and performers for years now. That said, it’s been *muc twitter.com h* harder for those artists to make it to the winner’s circle. Bruno Mars is the first artist of color to win album of the year in a decade.
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q3: Where do you think this shift originates? #NewsHourChats
James Blue @jamesblue🔁We are doing it #newshourchats twitter.com
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A2: This is the first time The Grammys has acknowledged Hiphop artists in this capacity. This is long overdue as Hiph twitter.com op has been topping the charts and shifting the mainstream for years.
Washington Post PR @WashPostPR🔁Pop music critic @Chris__Richards is answering your questions on the #GRAMMYs this hour. Follow at #NewsHourChats. twitter.com
Chris _ _ Richards @Chris__Richards🔁A2. If you’re listening, you know that rap music is the dominant pop idiom of our era, but the Recording Academy has twitter.com an atrocious track record when it comes to properly celebrating the music. So this year’s slate of nominees had me feeling hopeful. Too hopeful.
Anne LaBarbera @AnneLaBarbera🔁 Welcome ! Let’s get started #NewsHourChats
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A1: But ultimately, it was another missed opportunity for the Grammy's to honor and appreciate Hiphop as the #1 genre twitter.com in the country. 2/2
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁A1: Kendrick's performance was a great way to kick off the night, both entertaining and thought-provoking. 1/2 #NewsHourChats
Mastiff_ @ramble_king🔁 And the Hip-Hop Archive and Research Institute’s Harold Shawn and Brionna Atkins (@HiphopArchive ) #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Q1: Let’s start with the awards last night. What are your immediate reactions? #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Welcome ! Let’s get started #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁And the Hip-Hop Archive and Research Institute’s Harold Shawn and Brionna Atkins (@HiphopArchive ) #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Here to answer that question and so many more from music’s biggest night, is joined by pop music critic and.... twitter.com
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Though Mars made the strongest showing last night, was it enough for Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, SZA and others to have s twitter.com imply been nominated?
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Mars’ wins comes at a time when the #GRAMMY Awards are the most diverse in its 60 year history. #NewsHourChats
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁 swept last night’s Awards, winning six trophies and beating out heavyset contenders Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z for Al twitter.com bum, Record and Song of the Year.
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Welcome to a SPECIAL edition of #NewsHourChats taking apart last night’s #GRAMMYs
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁SPECIAL is taking apart in T-Minus 15 mins on . Join me and , along with Harold Shawn and Brionna Atkins from for a analysis of music's biggest night.
Lora Strum @LoraStrum🔁SPECIAL is taking apart in T-Minus 15 mins on . Join me and , along with Harold Shawn and Brionna Atkins from twitter.com for a analysis of music's biggest night.
yung allspice @brzyonna🔁 Join us for #NewsHourChats at 1pm! twitter.com
The Hiphop Archive @HiphopArchive🔁Join us for #NewsHourChats at 1pm! twitter.com
David W Cole @DavidWCole1🔁 There has to be common sense when trying to help addicts and create policy that doesn’t cause more suffering for the ill.
David W Cole @DavidWCole1🔁
refuses to acknowledge the epidemic of untreated pain and the destruction it is causing for millions

David W Cole @DavidWCole1🔁
Before begin can we take a moment of silence to acknowledge those lives that have been lost due to untreated pain


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