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#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Under_the_radar @River_Styx🔁 Black lives don't matter 😒 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan


#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Tony Carrels @tcarrels🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan: Do it on your own dime!
#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Patriotic Constance @FishFunSun🔁 Black Lives Don't Matter #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan ValiantWoman #OMC_LM @ValiantWoman45🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
My favorite!
#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan 🎸🎥🎤⚾GabbyJackson @VivaLAGabbyJ🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

Don't fear the reaper


Liz Wheeler @Liz_Wheeler🔁Less than 2% of cancer screenings & breast exams
Less than 1% of pap smears
0% of mammograms
34% of abortions
Liz Wheeler @Liz_Wheeler🔁1 abortion every 97 seconds. #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
LibsTurnTail&BlockMe @NYtoKYChristian🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan PP, where the voice of your child is permanently silenced!
NY Nite Owl @SoarForFreedom🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan😈
LibsTurnTail&BlockMe @NYtoKYChristian🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

"If you weren't aborted we'd like your support."

LibsTurnTail&BlockMe @NYtoKYChristian🔁 Baby parts we got ya baby parts !!! #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Kassi @callmekassi2🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

If people were truly "pro-life" they would care about the health & welfare of women.

K4RJC @K4RJC🔁Clueless: Planned Parenthood uses these slogans in their new campaign
Tom Matthews @teokee🔁 Black Genocide
#EndangeredSpeciesDay twitter.com
One Fine Peace @fineGODLYpeace🔁Getting rid of "the wrong kind of people" since 1972


DeplorableLily4Trump @LilyNCali🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

We kill more black people than the police


Big Paul @bigpaulusa🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan "Personal Responsibility, Keep Your Legs Together"
DeplorableLily4Trump @LilyNCali🔁

Pregnancy is Not a Disease & Abortion is Not a Cure!

I Do N🚫T

BoycottNordstrom @youlosenordys🔁 1 abortion every 97 seconds. #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
David Ovovsky @NYCShekelsDavid🔁 Its not birth control its convenience control #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
One Fine Peace @fineGODLYpeace🔁:

"Thinning the population
one black baby at a time."

This genocide has got to stop!

! !

Nicholas Adams✍🏼 @NicholasAWrites🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan: "We cut out the little man."

#WhatILearnedToday @DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz

Reaper][][][% @68GoHawks🔁Thanks to whedon, the SLAY is accurate as to what is done to children.
And some moms.

Patriotic Constance @FishFunSun🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Saving men's asses from child support responsibility once every 97 seconds.
Couch Fortress Furry @nerd_furry🔁 You'll feel better about your abortion!*

*Not responsible for depression, suicide, & other health side effects

jeremymowery @jeremymowery🔁: Because A New Lamborghini Costs An Arm & A Leg!

Barracuda @ASerignese🔁 Growing, growing, GONE. #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
JulieByTheCoast @juliebythecoast🔁 Conservative women have abortions too. #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan


Stop shaming women, you pricks.

HiCaliberLi'lGal @HiCaliberLilGal🔁Black Genocide
#EndangeredSpeciesDay twitter.com
PauL Marco @djPaulMarco🔁Baby parts we got ya baby parts !!! #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
GrohixII @grohix2🔁 "57.5 million aborted...and counting." #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Каролина Макеева @yMCBTHGxXUheO6L🔁
You haven't lived until you've ripped a baby out of it's mother & watch Hillary's friends use the parts for sex.
H L Kallio @MergerProtected🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

We Terminate Painful Adoptions

POTROK @PepeofKekistan🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan We've been denying science since before Bill Nye made it cool!
denbroc @denbroc1🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

"If you weren't aborted we'd like your support."

Generalissimo Trump @Pol_PoTrump🔁 Planned Parenthood: Because old, white men don't get to tell women what to do with their bodies #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Hilary @fryeber🔁 "From the womb to the tomb in less than 10 minutes!" #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Каролина Макеева @yMCBTHGxXUheO6L🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

Try our new Industrial strength vacuum cleaners for those hard to reach babies

Каролина Макеева @yMCBTHGxXUheO6L🔁 fried or scrambled


Minnis B Winning @bemin7412🔁 Planned Parenthood, The only group to kill more people than Hitler. Literally #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
J Rohde @j_jrohde🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Sangers way to kill black ppl and immigrants. No tax dollars for this racist murdering bin should ever be given
Sara Noble @indiesentinel🔁
Abortion, because your baby might grow up to be the next Hillary Clinton
Sara Noble @indiesentinel🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan We are the only baby chop shop in the country
Patriotic Constance @FishFunSun🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan PP, where the voice of your child is permanently silenced!
Каролина Макеева @yMCBTHGxXUheO6L🔁

Planned Parenthood Abortion Costs
MUSLIM - $750
WHITE - $500
ASIAN - $250
LATINO - $100

Каролина Макеева @yMCBTHGxXUheO6L🔁
"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population” - Margaret Sanger
POTROK @PepeofKekistan🔁We may kill babies, but we think cancer is bad so give us money #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Каролина Макеева @yMCBTHGxXUheO6L🔁 Killing Nigga's for Fun


Sara Noble @indiesentinel🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan: Murder for Hire.👶💔 twitter.com 😢
W. T. D. Cowey @WCXXII🔁

It's all fun and games being "pro-life" until that ball of cells implants in a tube instead of a uterus.

Patriotic Constance @FishFunSun🔁 @DocThompsonShow #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Come hack a branch off your family tree.
Kalib Hebert @rajuntexankajun🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

Hitler: 11 million
Stalin: 60 million
Planned Parenthood: Hold my beer.

Saga_Says @DilaurentisSaga🔁 We'll still be here after Trump #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Mel Leigh @Melly4Trump🔁 Just kill it #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Patriotic Constance @FishFunSun🔁 No Fetus Can Beat Us!


Patriotic Constance @FishFunSun🔁You make em, we take em! #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Flooflesnoots w/Guns @Talliy🔁 #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Come on in, Help us meet our quota.
Flooflesnoots w/Guns @Talliy🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan You'll feel better about your abortion!*

*Not responsible for depression, suicide, & other health side effects

≠B L O O D O A T H≠ @ParthianArrows🔁No Fetus Can Beat Us!


Creekredman @Creekredman🔁 You get laid, your baby gets slayed. #newplannedparenthoodslogan
Preston Brooks @Rebel_Bill🔁 We kill your baby in 30 minutes or less or your abortion is free!


Brian Ganstine @GanstineBrian🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan Come on in, Help us meet our quota.
CmdrMark @TheCmdrMark🔁Taxpayers should have a choice, too. Fund an abortion or fund up to 18 years of Welfare support. #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
🇹🇻 @kxpwd🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan ignore the facts established by development and embryology because, muh feminism
Ridersonthestorm @Jonbassett6🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan
Your baby deserves the right to grow up, ship out and die in the GOP's perpetual, illegal wars for profit
Flooflesnoots w/Guns @Talliy🔁#NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan We've been denying science since before Bill Nye made it cool!


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