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Nevada 210reaper @210reaper_🔁 Esports Betting Bill Signed into Law in Nevada:
Nevada United States Jobs @usajoblist🔁Medical Front Desk Receptionist - Neurology Center of Nevada
Location : Henderson NV US ...
Nevada United States Jobs @usajoblist🔁Admissions & Records Assistant 3 - TMCC - University of Nevada, Reno
Location : Reno NV ...
Nevada SusssAYYYYYY @SusiVene🔁 1st black female Nevada judge sworn in
Nevada Thebigzombie54 @Thebigzombie54🔁 University of Nevada, Reno
NevadaNevada Kat @DarkEcoKat🔁 Found a festive Carolinian dragon out here in Nevada!
@EddieBear58 #BLFC17
NVBATs @NVBats🔁 Nevadans came looking for @HeidiGansert to say: stop holding Nevada hostage. #nvleg
Nevada Jim Bridges @bridges_jim🔁 Nevada Principal of the Year @pendleton_jill @ClarkChargers 💛🖤so proud
Nevada KTNV Action News @KTNV🔁1st black female Nevada judge sworn in
John Cusack @johncusack🔁Good for Nevada!!
flippable @flippable_org🔁NV Dems passed a bill requiring companies to give notice before raising prices on insulin. Sandoval vetoed.
Rise To Offend @risetooffend🔁Pete was channeling a familiar face in studio today. #rto #gargamel #smurfs @ Las Vegas, Nevada
Ignacio I. Cruz-Lara @IgnacioCruzLara🔁Retweeted Warren Whitlock (@WarrenWhitlock):

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from New Delhi Kills Nevada Woman...

billbrowning @billbrowning🔁How heinous is it that we have a -in-chief more concerned with Rosneft oil than with Reno, Nevada?
Ignacio I. Cruz-Lara @IgnacioCruzLara🔁 Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from New Delhi Kills Nevada Woman
mb franzeo @mbno1🔁 Every single Republican in both houses of NV Legislature has voted against #SB544 to fund Nevada's public schools.
Las Vegas Nursing @tmj_las_nursing🔁Want to work at Supplemental Health Care? We're #hiring in #Pahrump, NV! Click for details: #Nursing #Job #Jobs
NVBATs @NVBats🔁 Senate unanimously passed #SB391, creating the Nevada Promise Scholarship that would make community college free #nvleg
Lexie Toledo @TrLexie🔁Donate for a chance to win travel, 2 tix to & VIP to Omnia. Proceeds to Boys & Girls Club of S Nevada:
Lee in Iowa @Lee_in_Iowa🔁How heinous is it that we have a #blabbermouth-in-chief more concerned with Rosneft oil than with Reno, Nevada?
Some_Dude @some_dude04🔁Help keep in Tell the Legislature: Keep Ridesharing in NV! Sign the petition.
Victor Joecks @VictorJoecks🔁 Bill opposed by ride-sharing companies dies in Nevada Legislature: #RJnow #NVleg #NVgov
yan kev loures gomes @YanLoures🔁Yes, we do provide incalls at hotels, apartments, resorts and villas but it is nothing like a regular escort service or a Nevada Brothel.
Ameet Sarpatwari @AmeetSarpatwari🔁The Nevada bill had useful provisions. It would have required disclosure of the amount spent on assistance programs a nd coupons. 5/7
C_w_D @HollywoodIC🔁Signed As Law: Nevada Legalizes Commercial Hemp Production, Despite Federal Prohibition
Claire Louise @wellheyimclaire🔁Almost in a 3 🚗 accident 2 weeks ago because a 👵🏻 pulled out into the st to turn ⬅️on Nevada without 👀to see if t here was incoming traffic
h. meeks @hailsxlaine🔁Waiter: would you like more water
Ry: yes please *hands him cup*
Waiter: gracias
Ry: Nevada
Joel GG Grande @chubbyfreeze🔁In too, please. Help support in Southern Nevada.
Tucker Tough @TuckerTough🔁I need more meat on these bones... So I'm #onnit 💪🏻 @ Las Vegas, Nevad a
Skyfii North America @SkyfiiNA🔁TOMORROW! at supporting military/first responders!
, & more!

Ryan @123iamthere🔁@GirouardDorothy @CBSNews US had been polluting its own land. Also nearby oceans. Around 30% of Nevada is contaminated test sites.
Are You Edutained @AreYouEdutained🔁Body cameras may become mandatory for officers in Nevada, but we know body cameras still won't save us.
MO✨ @JustMoniqueee🔁Clark HS💛 week in review; Nevada Principal of The Year, Sold out yearbook, powder puff fun, magical aloha dance💛being a is ❤️
Michael Kagan @MichaelGKagan🔁Nevada schools have severely cut back on recess, actually.
Brent @VegasBrent🔁Tell the Legislature: Keep #Ridesharing in Nevada! Sign the petition to share your voice! #UberLV
K BUNNY @LilKarLam🔁@DILLONFRANCIS should just move to Vegas already. Like become a Nevada resident, Clark County is cool🤘🏼
Dylan Sakelarios @DylanPilot🔁Can YouTubers learn to say things before the final edit. Especially Nevada.
Steven Rowe @IAMROWE_KB🔁God is truly great!! Very blessed to say i have received my very first offer from The University of Nevada Las Vegas🔴⚫️
Lesley Robson @LCRobson🔁 The Nevada Independent reported PhRMA-backed patient advocacy groups sent in form letters
sean whaley @seanw801🔁Bill opposed by ride-sharing companies dies in Nevada Legislature: #RJnow #NVleg #NVgov
survivor @Lmcclend🔁Nevada and Connecticut are Latest to Ban Discredited ‘Conversion Therapy’
Claudia Rodriguez @ClaudiaVelaskez🔁Stay in a place surrounded by nature in the Sierra Nevada of , . Photo: IG @emilyrhiannonelizabeth
Nevada_Guide @Nevada_Guide🔁Program helps keep Carson City kids fed through summer Nevada Appeal An annual program is…
Nevada_Guide @Nevada_Guide🔁Carson City road report for June 5-11 Nevada Appeal U.S. 50 at the U.S. 395 intersection will…
The Editor @TheDailyDigest🔁Bill opposed by ride-sharing companies dies in Nevada Legislature
Warren Whitlock @WarrenWhitlock🔁Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from New Delhi Kills Nevada Woman
mb franzeo @mbno1🔁 Very sad for Nevada parents.


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