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Nevada Nevada💛 @nevada_wachob🔁 twitter, you know what to do 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Eric Bolling @ericbolling🔁Never-Trumper candidates beware!!!
Nothing breeds success like success.
I predict 2018 Mid-term “Red Wave”. Here’s why:


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁I strongly endorse Adam Laxalt for Governor of Nevada. Adam is smart, works hard, and knows how to win. He will be a great Governor. Also, will fight hard to lower your taxes and is tough on crime!
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Congratulations to Danny Tarkanian on his big GOP primary win in Nevada. Danny worked hard an got a great result. Looking good in November!
🌞 @SylviaMichelle_🔁Moving to Nevada, making it big on the strip, not stripping.
NV Emergency Mgmt @NVEmergencyMgmt🔁A great segment by with Tim Szymanski from on hot car safety! In both northern and southern Nevada the temperatures are above 60 degrees, which can heat the inside of a car to above 100 degrees, so make sure to never leave your children or pets in the car.
Dr. I. C. Dedpeople. @lucidillusions_🔁Satellite images show how the temporary city for the 2017 took shape in the Black Rock Desert of . (Images show August 8  to  September 1 in 2017). Source:
Donna MacLeod @Dmacleod59🔁Good news!
Jesse Sbaih is an anti Trump muslim who was running for U.S. Senate in Nevada. He lost! Good job Nevada!

Petr Shugurov @GatecrasherUA🔁If Crimea is Russian because everyone speaks Russian there, then two things must also be true:
1) Putin is free to occupy and annex several areas of Brooklyn,
2) Trump should start building his wall with Mexico somewhere on the border between Nevada and Arizona.
Carla Meyer @carla8992🔁It's been a great night for BWCS candidates.

We're still waiting on Maine results, but here's our tally so far:

• Nevada - 3 endorsed, 3 wins
• South Carolina - 6 endorsed. 4 won, 2 went to runoff.
• Virginia - 6 endorsed. 5 won, 1 lost.

Rounder App @Rounder_App🔁Anyone been to the remodeled Palms Hotel yet? Looks really cool.
Angela Rosaria Cancilla🌹 @angelasfeathers🔁BLM holding public meetings on Nevada solar project
Issues involved in developing the project include the federally endangered desert tortoise and the Old Spanish National Historic Trail that crosses the area.


nancy neff @nancyneff2🔁Here's a look at Vernal and Nevada Falls from this week. The snow in the Sierra is melting rapidly, transforming into these powerful displays. Despite the fast, roaring water you see now, these waterfalls will slow to a trickle later in the summer when the snow melts away.
Devan James @btll4ever🔁You can IN TIME produce all that stuff in country, I agree. But what about the amount of electricity that Canada prov ides the USA? If no power were supplied to New York, Michigan, Illinois, California, Nevada, etc, it would cripple the country and cause wide spread unrest.
Hannah @Steel1864🔁 Dennis Hof, brothel owner and pimp, wins Nevada GOP primary
Paddy Whack @greenacres1956🔁This is NOT fake news! We have a chance to flip seats right here in Nevada. Make a plan to vote blue and defend our democracy!
bighead @saucyerra🔁All of Reno’s roads are under construction and Carson City is on fire meaning that summer has officially begun in Nevada.
Richard Burton @Richard37085162🔁Never-Trumper candidates beware!!!
Nothing breeds success like success.
I predict 2018 Mid-term “Red Wave”. Here’s why:


fresh wizard @ATN_brock🔁Highlights from the trip itself include: 1. two fresh faced teens meeting up at my mom's house to drive cross country 2. Gas station in the center of Utah (same state I was pulled over in) 3. My first In-N-Out experience in Las Vegas, Nevada 4. Finally arriving in California
b. @betseybess🔁We're going to work hard to make Jacky Rosen the next Senator from Nevada. Democratic primary turnout was higher than Republican turnout, but we need to widen that gap! On to November!
Miah @JeremiahPaulo🔁@liiijah Bro is committed to Nevada sole
⚜️ heather jana ⚜️ @omgheatherjana🔁“I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way…” I’m available in Las Vegas right now!
💪🏻MAGA John🇺🇸 @Trumpfan1995🔁. great informative interview today on Varney and Company! Support from He has always been 100% America First Agenda ! Nevada vote for Tarkanian to move forward ! November midterms are our next job to
Casey Patton @caseypatton🔁a couple of years ago we flew into vegas and did a road trip around utah, arizona, nevada. bryce canyon was my favor ite. zion was super awesome. monument valley we really neat. glacier kicks the crap out of all of them, though.
Michael Chang @ChangPants🔁@milkmaid58 I shamelessly do touristy stuff around Nevada too.
Slava Malamud @SlavaMalamud🔁If Crimea is Russian because everyone speaks Russian there, then two things must also be true:
1) Putin is free to o ccupy and annex several areas of Brooklyn,
2) Trump should start building his wall with Mexico somewhere on the border between Nevada and Arizona.
FLO @LovingDaughtry8🔁!
Alana was last seen on October 21, 2017 in Palmer City, . She may still be in the local area or she may travel to Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, .

Diane Kerr @dianeek67🔁WATCH: told he would "look into" undoing an NV law that protects women's right to choose. NV women don't need a radical like Laxalt pushing his fringe agenda on them.
NCT @nctunlv🔁All the world may be a stage, but at the UNLV Performing Arts Center the Paul Harris Theatre is Nevada Conservatory T heatre's lab and...
Serling @chrissycool2015🔁Nevada Boy Dies Playing Russian Roulette
Nikki @NikkiNevada1🔁I'm on the #mostpopular list at #Customs4U ! Check me out and get a #clip!
Jay @jayMAGA45🔁You know that saying about Vegas! Well, it's time to go red Nevada! Your vote stays inside the voting booth! Danny Tarkanian is without a doubt a 100% pro Trump supporter from day one! We need him in this seat! Nevada needs him in this seat! November 2018 vote Tarkanian!
Best Essay Writer UK @goodessaywriter🔁Write my essay help. #UK History of Police in Nevada
James Bolfik @JamesBolfik🔁The Las Vegas accountant also told the judge that Stephen Paddock’s two homes in Reno and Mesquite, NV have been appraised at $800,000.

They added that Paddock has a Wells Fargo and Nevada State Bank Account and that the banks are resisting to show them Paddock’s bank records.

Carol Cling @CarolSCling🔁ICYMI: Las Vegas art museum draws closer to reality after merger with Reno's Nevada Museum of Art via @reviewjournal
BenzinNv @NouriNv🔁Trump's efforts to roll back pollution standards could worsen air quality in northern Nevada – but Senator Heller has been silent.

Daniel Craddock @lebelulademar🔁"The overwhelming victory for Rep. Jacky the Democratic primary probably doesn’t bode well for what was already going to be a very tough race for Heller."

Text ROSEN to 91990 to join our team and help us get this job done.

BMF @BMF_MONEY🔁Block Capital News released this info May 24th..
(Name change is being processed with the Nevada State. Next step FIN RA.) June 25th we should be golden with name change then launch July 5th along with pps trading over a penny..$IFXY..Patience will be off big so load up..
MNYAMANDE @King_Nevada_🔁Go monate jo... lerato le thata
Benedict Powers @BenedictPowers🔁2020 Redesign
Suzette @Suzetteluv🔁I want to give a shout out to all the Nazi's and racists in the .

really didn't need your help for a but hey, if you want to make our job easier, who am I to argue?

Republican Voters Embrace Trump-Style Candidates

XALL @info_xallex🔁Xalles Holdings Inc. was formed in the State of Nevada and is an OTC Pink company. The parent and wholly owned subsid iary (collectively “Xalles”) provide payment consulting services along with providing direct investment to payment solution companies.
coacheswife @coacheswife1🔁Congratulations to Danny Tarkanian of Nevada as the 2 million bikers are headed to Washington D.C. to confront The Deep State Mueller team to demand the Witch Hunt be shut down!
TMJ-LAS Legal Jobs @tmj_las_legal🔁We're #hiring! Click to apply: Legal Liason - #Legal #LasVegas, NV #Job #Jobs #CareerArc
Gray Underwood @underwood_wg🔁Just a reminder that yesterday came to Nevada to try and buy the US Senate seat and Nevadans weren’t having any of it.
Juan Medina @juanmedina237🔁The flamboyant pimp from HBO's "Cathouse" reality series won a Nevada GOP primary in a heavily Republican district. He calls himself "America's Pimp."

StopAllDVChildAbuse @ThisMustStop5🔁Of note from last night's primary in Nevada:
- Democrat Jackie Rosen got 110,530 votes
- GOP incumbent Dean Heller got 99,472 votes

I think 110,530 is bigger than 99,472. And that's just the primary. Add in November enthusiasm on the left and...

Bye bye, Dean Heller.

NV Emergency Mgmt @NVEmergencyMgmt🔁Caleb Cage, chief and graduate, gives the keynote speech at the @NVNationalGuards 20th annual Flag Day ceremony at the Nevada Capitol.
StuftPizzaBar&Grill @StuftPizzaBar🔁Mark your calendars and plan to join us next Tuesday, June 19th for Tap Night! With very special guest, Sierra Nevada ! It will be a night full of fun, prizes and great beer! 5pm!
Simon Kuestenmacher @simongerman600🔁Satellite images show how the temporary city for the 2017 took shape in the Black Rock Desert of . (Images sh ow August 8  to  September 1 in 2017). Source:
I Am #ABWisdom @adbridgeforth🔁Brothel owner who won primary shunned by #Nevada #GOP brass ....IN PUBLIC!
Not-Gay Pat @PatHelmle🔁@geallen_ @samvargas908 If California splits up Nevada ain’t gonna lose Vegas. Besides, If you chose anyone but Caesar you’re a degenerate
Adebayor Sisqo Blue @SisqoBlueCribz🔁BIG THANKS to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. I am overwhelmed by your messages, phone calls and gifts. I f eel super blessed and loved. God bless you all🙏🙏🙏

@ Las Vegas, Nevada

Star Ali Mistriel @StarMistriel🔁Sonny Bono was very respected and known for his integrity. Oddly, both he and Aaron Russo may have joined forces to expose the BAD ACTORS, as Aaron and Sonny both were in the same parts of Nevada at that time!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO SONY BONO? via
Tom Smith @tomlovespaula🔁And now you know why Nevada hasn't instituted a lotto. It's because everyone there understands how gambling works, a nd they wouldn't play it.
Daniel Craddock @lebelulademar🔁WHO RUNS THE WORLD?

Well, maybe not the world, but women are taking over Nevada's Legislature and we CANNOT wait to see what policies come from it!

Varun Vijay @varun18vijay🔁 Nevada’s most notorious pimp wins Republican primary


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