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#Nebulas2017 Vanessa Rose Phin @wordfey🔁Swagged my tower with the Purple Griffon of Habit Improvement +1. The alien is amused. @habitica #nebulas2017
#Nebulas2017 Mike Perschon @DocPerschon🔁 The Norton Award may not be a Nebula but it’s Nebula-ish. A Nebuloid? #Nebulas2017
#Nebulas2017 Rosemary Smith @RCWordsmith🔁Empty bar: #Nebulas2017 are over save for the memories.
#Nebulas2017 Rene Sears @renesears🔁 Recognizing the MANY people whose hard work makes SFWA and #Nebulas2017 happen. Thank you.
#Nebulas2017 Mike Perschon @DocPerschon🔁 FOUR Nebulas on the Tor table #Nebulas2017
Hannah Greendale @HannahGreendale🔁One of the most atrocious books I read in 2016 won this year's Nebula Award for best novel . . .
#Nebulas2017 B&N Redwood City @BNRedwoodCity🔁 Thanks for following along, and congrats to all the winners & nominees. Good night! #Nebulas2017
#Nebulas2017 David D. Levine @daviddlevine🔁FOUR Nebulas on the Tor table #Nebulas2017
B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy @BNSciFi🔁The Ray Bradbury Award goes to Arrival, based on Ted Chiang’s Nebula-winning novella “Story of Your Life.” twitter.com
N. K. Jemisin @nkjemisin🔁You may know an artist by the strength of her competition; it's an honor to be on this year's slate. Congrats to the winners!! #nebulas2017
Becca Gomez Farrell @thegourmez🔁Congrats on your awards, , , & !
Morgan Lowri @MorganLowri🔁Is anyone from the missing their bag of books? Found this one in the lounge behind a chair during cleanup.
Rhonda Mason @RMasonWriter🔁 If you missed the Flash Fiction panel at #nebulas2017, here's a great thread with highlights! twitter.com
Wendy Metcalfe @WendyMetcalfe1🔁Suggestion for those returning from : Read a SF/F story today instead of the news to extend the awesome a few more hours.
🚀Jordan Kurella 🚀 @jskurella🔁Thank you to @navahw, @seananmcguire, @tithenai, and @JaneYolen for their brilliant Fairy Tale Panel at #Nebulas2017. I'm writing one now.
B&N Redwood City @BNRedwoodCity🔁The Ray Bradbury Award goes to Arrival, based on Ted Chiang’s Nebula-winning novella “Story of Your Life.”
Curtis Chen (CKL) @sparCKL🔁True story: crepe style hotcakes with changed my life. … instagram.com
Macmillan Publishers @bookbrag🔁Congrats on your awards, , , & ! twitter.com
Puyallup Library @PuyallupLibrary🔁 Congratulations to the #Nebulas2017 winners, including our very own @tithenai!!!
ScienceFictionAddict @sfnerdy🔁No one ever said sci-fi nerds were good spellers. #Nebulas2017 twitter.com
J.W. Alden @AuthorAlden🔁Thanks so much to everyone who made the #Nebulas2017 conference possible. Thank you @sfwa, @Catrambo, @MaryRobinette, and all volunteers!
E.C. Barrett @ec_barrett🔁TFW pushing beyond your comfort zone results in meeting great folks and bringing home a pile of books. Thanks #nebulas2017 staff&volunteers!
ScienceFictionAddict @sfnerdy🔁Our first tweet is on a significant day. Congrats to these #Nebulas2017 winners! theverge.com
J.W. Alden @AuthorAlden🔁And so my #Nebulas2017 adventure comes to an end. I had a blast. I got to hang out with an astronaut on my birthday! How cool is that?
Douglas Gwilym @douglasgwilym🔁Thanks for lighting a fire under me, @MaryRobinette ...! We'll see what I can cook up. #Nebulas2017
amelia_gao @MingAtDawn🔁If you liked the robots from the pictures I've posted, you should check out the artist's Facebook page:

Mark Mullen @TxTbUk🔁Congratulations to the winners, including DFW's own for Best Novelette!! theverge.com
Sarah Pinsker @SarahPinsker🔁 In order to match your great toastmaster chops at last year's awards, had to bring in an astronaut. twitter.com
Crystal Sarakas @csarakas🔁So happy I took the day off to recover from #nebulas2017. And by recover, I mean figure out where all these friggin' books are gonna go.
Thorvaaldr Frithsamr @Thorvaaldr🔁So, has anyone else who was at #Nebulas2017 started to come down with crud?
F&SF @fandsf🔁 The winner of the #Nebulas2017 Best Novelette Award is ‘‘The Long Fall Up’’ by William Ledbetter (F&SF 5-6/16).
Bundoran Press @BundoranPress🔁 Congrats Jane! @JaneYolen @swfa @CanConSF #nebulas2017 #canconsf #sff #speculativefiction twitter.com
Kellan / K.M. Szpara @KMSzpara🔁Want to hear the Eating the Fantastic eps recorded with and during ? Subscribe!
Will Evans @willevans🔁Congratulations to the #Nebulas2017 winners, including DFW's own @Ledbetter_sf for Best Novelette!! theverge.com #literarydallas
Neil Ottenstein @nottenst🔁Congratulations to the #Nebulas2017 Award Winners.
locusmag.com (I've read two of them @tithenai and @seananmcguire )
NPR Books @nprbooks🔁Congratulations to the #Nebulas2017 winners, including our very own @tithenai!!!
Carrie Ann @Writer_Carrie🔁@jdmoncada55 Absolutely! I'll list some more authors with strong Tumblr brands tonight if you'd like #nebulas2017
Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette🔁 I've spent a lot of time talking to young writers at #Nebulas2017 and the future of SFF is very, very bright.
Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette🔁I know I already said this, but everyone at is so effusively, nice. (Even more than last year.) I love these people.
Naomi Parkhurst @naogannet🔁 A great article on how to set up those twitter lists/groups we discussed wikihow.com
Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette🔁+ a small self-promo for my own blog: 6 Ways You're Annoying On Twitter (+how to stop)

Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette🔁 So much fun diving into social media at the #nebulas2017
I'll be tweeting some of my fav sites and tools on this thread!
Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette🔁W/ my usual caveat re: advertising (aka it's not pixie dust) a GREAT how to try FB ads!

Mary Robinette Kowal @MaryRobinette🔁 The #Nebulas2017 winners' list has #Arrival (and more!):
R(ekka) J Theodore @bittybittyzap🔁I tried very hard to "be" at instead of snapping photos the whole time. I succeeded! But I find myself a little sad twitter.com that I hav…
MidsummerNightsPress @AMidsummerNight🔁Fairy Tales as a Mode of Composition Panel - amazing crew assembled here!
Scott Edelman @scottedelman🔁Irresistible #Nebulas2017 purchase -- SFWA stress cubes with quotes from Ursula K. Le Guin and Isaac Asimov. instagram.com
John Chu @john_chu🔁And now the pv is over 5.2 million, with nearly 2000 posts under the hashtag #美国星云奖# joined in our discussion!
Vanessa Rose Phin @wordfey🔁For folks who asked after-panel when I had babble brain, the pronoun is ve/ve/vees/veeself (compared to he/him/his/himself). #nebulas2017
Thomas K. Carpenter @thomaskcarpente🔁We recommended a bunch of flash stories at yesterday's panel at , and I've posted the list here:
Barbara Krasnoff @BarbK🔁Took an extra day driving home from #Nebulas2017 to visit a friend. Now realizing I'm going to have to go home & face real life. Bleh.
John P. Murphy @dolohov🔁Now that my brain's been recharged by 10 hours sleep, I want to thank 's volunteers for as well-run event as I've ever attended.
Scott Edelman @scottedelman🔁Want to hear the Eating the Fantastic eps recorded with @BBolander and @Merc_Rustad during #Nebulas2017? Subscribe! itunes.apple.com
Sarah Pinsker @SarahPinsker🔁Twelve hours of sleep and I just about feel recovered from #Nebulas2017 -- thank you all for an amazing weekend.
Scott Edelman @scottedelman🔁Reviewed raw audio for the @BBolander and @Merc_Rustad Eating the Fantastic eps recorded during #Nebulas2017, and I think you'll like them.
Frank Oreto @FrankOreto🔁After this weekend, today's writing may only consist of housework similes. Laundry like cotton snowdrifts. twitter.com
Karen Viars @karenviars🔁Recommended reading for first-hand insight about space & astronauting from the #Nebulas2017! twitter.com


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