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Nebraska Lo @BusciaBoo🔁 There is no place like Nebraska. Husker nation rocks!
Nebraska kimberly lujan @kplujan🔁 Progressives appear to have won a big victory in Nebraska
Nebraska Flack 🎒 @_gohamcambrady🔁 Blessed to receive an offer from Nebraska ! #Cornhuskers ❌🌽 #nebraska
Nebraska Limportant.US @Limportant_com🔁Nebraska: wildlife experts untangle six squirrels tied at the tail @kansasdotcom
NebraskaNebraska Rizzer @rizzy_riley🔁 Proud to have received my first offer to play football at Nebraska Wesleyan University
NebraskaNebraskaNebraska Steven the anti communist @Steve_no_commie🔁 Nebraska is the best turkey hunting state in the country! #2A
NebraskaNebraskaNebraska Truboom Husker 1 @truboom1🔁 Excited To Announce That I’ve Received An Offer From University of Nebraska–Lincoln !! #GBR #Huskers 🌽
Nebraska Levi @Levi_1443🔁 Excited to have received an offer from Nebraska! #gobigred
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Nebraska Results:

Twice as many Republicans voted than democrats.

164,000 (R) > 84,000 (D)
#Nebraska #DebFischer

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Nebraska - make sure you get out to the polls and VOTE for Deb Fischer today!
Russell Arms @Sportsman144🔁I agree 1941 shouldn’t be claimed. But we will make up for that 1 this year. Penn st and Michigan could claim two o f Your titles. Last time Nebraska played for it all. Miami is still getting Cornhuskers out of their cleats
Global Ag & Natural Resources at Nebraska @IANRGlobal🔁Attention farmers & ranchers: check out the USA Agriculture Program, an opportunity for a customized 5-week professi onal experience abroad. Nebraska's own Bart Ruth, farm operator & past ABN president, was a 2005 Fellow. Deadline is June 1!
Omaha Jobs @OmahaJobs1🔁Omaha, - CRH-Oldcastle - Asphalt Sales Representative - Omaha NE - Willingness to work in a team environment and ass i
The Rob Breaux Show @robbreauxshow🔁Nebraska is going to win the Legends League in the Big 10... or the west... or north... whatever the easy side is.
B-Magic 💪🌸 @Brasilmagic🔁“In Nebraska, a liberal social worker & political neophyte who built her campaign around “Medicare for All” scored a shocking upset in a Democratic primary to take on Rep. Don Bacon (R)”. I think Democrats will have to adopt more liberal policies if they want to win 2018 & 2020.
Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁I get EXCITED when more people are in chat or respond to a thread.

This might sound Pollyanna-ish, but it's a great way to make more friends and more $$$$$$$.

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👑Lola (Jay) @Lola_Moan🔁Any followers who are not following Nebraska, PLEASE follow - lets get them to 10k!!
XxYouDead14xX @xxyoudead14xx🔁Congratulations to Deb Fischer. The people of Nebraska have seen what a great job she is doing - and it showed up at the ballot box!
OmahaPTInstitute @OmahaPTI🔁Congrats to and her team on a great season!
PraiseIndy @PraiseIndy🔁Cathy Hughes is back in her hometown Omaha, Nebraska, where the street that she grew up on in is being renamed after her!

Check out these exclusive photos of her checking out her old stomping grounds!

harleygrl @harleygrl3465🔁1+ year in Office Trump Out Performs Obama in EVERY ECONOMIC MEASUREMENT.
⬆ Stock Market
Businessman TRUMPS Community Organizer

Josh Underwood @josh_underwood1🔁On this day 9 years ago... beat Nebraska and then #13 Tennessee twice to win the Knoxville Regional and advance to Supers! Now we’re sitting in Tallahassee getting ready for our 8th Regional in 11 years!
Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁hey, all you new followers why don’t you also go over to and give us a follow? we’re a community of DM/GMs that give advice to other DM/GMs in a weekly panel show on thursdays and also run various game systems. Plus I’m a regular cast member!
Geoff George @ggeorge121🔁A reminder: Alabama, Notre Dame and Arkansas all officially claim the 1964 National Championship.

Texas, Nebraska, and Ohio State all officially claim the 1970 National Championship.

Laura Carney @lojo0508🔁Impressive food innovation scene in - and the farms that are the backbone of it all.
Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁it’s also a community that i’m super duper proud of. i’ve been apart of it since the beginning in august and it’s grown into something amazing in such a short period of time! it’s one of my favorite things in the world and i feel like you’d love it too!!!
Andy @RealAngryAndy🔁The fact @VicLombardi put a shitty Nugs game above 62-36 CU over Nebraska is laughable.
Jake C. @Wookwok🔁Adorable. Can't wait to see this Nebraska program rise from the ashes because that will totally happen for sure. Lol.
Joanna Bouras @JoannaBouras🔁For the first time in Nebraska two women are going head to head for U.S. Senate. @1011_News #LNK
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Chuck Hinson @rockrelic🔁The tails tell the tale: Things got a little squirrelly in Elkhorn, Nebraska:
#Woken Hunter Robbins @HunterMRobbins🔁Alabama schedules one major home and home and everyone loses their mind.

Let’s take a look at who OU has played/is scheduled to play in recent years.

Ohio State
Notre Dame
Florida State

Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁You spent hours last night "concern trolling" about a single video and now you are pulling the "muh mentions" bit.
Wangensteinium @Wangenstein🔁Lol Joan Walsh trying to rewrite last night's election wins, as wins for "the resistance" is NO.

4 DSA-backed female candidates won in PA, 2 of them beating incumbent Democrats, and another female DSA-backed candidate beat the Democratic establishments candidate in Nebraska.

Doug Farquhar @dfarquha🔁An upset in a Nebraska primary highlights the divide between Democratic Party leaders, activists via @WSJ
Truboom Husker 1 @truboom1🔁Extremely excited to announce I have received an offer from the University of Nebraska!! ‼️🔴
R Tianna Lawrence @RTianna🔁Idaho, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Oregon have primaries today. Make sure you're getting out to vote. Voting is the simplest way to create change.
PulpNews Crime @PulpNews🔁Body of #missing angler recovered in northeast #Nebraska - May 17 @ 10:24 AM ET
Omaha World-Herald @OWHnews🔁Beatrice teen killed in Highway 77 crash
Brooklie Duvall @brooklie_duvall🔁 Nebraska - make sure you get out to the polls and VOTE for Deb Fischer today!
Levi @Levi_1443🔁Thanks to God, Coach McCain, the coaches, my teammates, & my family I have just received an offer from The University of Nebraska 🌽🔴⚪️
PG $tunna @PG_Lidj🔁Ohio state is over with and u gon see this year and bama goes as far as nick saban takes em... next decade gonna be t he UM, Nebraska and Oklahoma show
Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁Are you stupid? He was referring to MS-13 gang members which most are from my native land El Salvador. And I for one can say they are animals as I have lived there before.
William Byrd High @WilliamByrdHigh🔁Today, AP Physics students in Mr. Florek’s class were able to chat via a Skype session on Particle Physics with docto ral candidate Caleb Fangmeier from University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Students were able...
Eros 🏈 @erosss_p🔁Ima live in nebraska if its that easy 😴
Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁 This remains the best sketch ever made. We’re all just trying to come close.
Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁When you are disingenuous as hell and have such a low IQ that you ignored the fact that Trump was talking about an extremely violent criminal gang.
simple🕉savi @savisimple🔁Matthew Capodicasa’s play “The City in The City in The City,” a two-woman play starring Kim Gambino & Kaitlyn McClincy, has its world premiere tonight at the Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska. The play runs until June 17. See more about Kim at
Nebraska Cornhuskers on 247Sports @Nebraska247🔁New quarterback to keep an eye on? Mario Verduzco makes stop in Texas with good results (VIP):
MCEE @michiganecon🔁Nebraska State Treasurer seeks financial literacy classes
(((Ian Hest))) @IanHest🔁A reminder: Alabama, Notre Dame and Arkansas all officially claim the 1964 National Championship.

Texas, Nebraska, and Ohio State all officially claim the 1970 National Championship.

Jordon Peugh @JXPeugh🔁Quan Zhou's (U. Of Nebraska Lincoln) research shows little/no impact of using shorter, bullet-style invite letter in mail survey. Unexpected and good to know! .
Dylan Taylor @Dylanta42404243🔁 Louisiana, Missouri, and Nebraska this weekend. Spread the word! May be awhile before we get back your way!!!
Sara 💕 @_ksarasara🔁How About This One?


ANIMALS 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏾

Michael Adams @Adamstexhusker🔁Nebraska WR Andre Hunt embraces new chapter, great opportunity
Diane Askwyth @dianerocks52🔁Progressives appear to have won a big victory in Nebraska: via @slate
Champ @RawisOwens🔁I fucking love Scott Frost. I really want Nebraska vs Bama. Bro would that be a game.
Fullstop Bot @fullstop_bot🔁NEW INTERVIEW at !
Topics incl. Addiction, Beyonce, Queerness, Doubt, Rape / Radical Empathy, my love for Nebraska, & how poetry has already saved us.

Kristen Ruhl @jansenruhl🔁You might recognize his last name from other things that happened in the state of Nebraska. His name, though, doesn't even begin to tell the story of who Dominic Pelini really is. Here's my latest for about a kid who is way more than just a name

Nebraska David West @Nebraska_Dave🔁"These people complaining about liberal themes on comics have never read X-Men as they grew up"

Issue isn't the theme. It's how you do it and how you turned it into propaganda.

Let's compare classic X-Men, a more recent release and lastly, SJW X-Men.

Current X-Men is just BAD.

David Rowe @davewrowe🔁Rimini Street will be at EFM Nebraska IT Symposium In Omaha, NE on May 22nd. Rimini's own Rob Lachs will be giving a presentation on "Three IT Cost Optimization Strategies to Accelerate Digital Innovation." Register here:
Mike Schaefer @mikejschaefer🔁New quarterback to keep an eye on? Mario Verduzco makes stop in Texas with good results (VIP):
JD Garfield @JDGarfield2🔁The Turds Who Are Up For Re-election in 2018 and Would Appreciate a Phone Call

Mississippi: Roger Wicker

Nebraska: Deb Fischer

Nevada: Dean Heller

Texas: Ted Cruz

Wyoming: John Barrasso

Matt Brown @MattSBN🔁Minnesota, Purdue (road) and and Nebraska as the crossover games too...pretty manageable. guess they'll be double dig it favorites in every one.
Matthew Wiegand @mjwiegand🔁Jefferson Co. #Nebraska early #corn taking off, 3-5 in tall, #soybeans stands look good.
Will Pollak @WillPollak🔁@jhuda Good news last night, Jasmine
Did I hear correctly that Ryan is being transferred to Nebraska now...?
Bio Nebraska @BioNebraska🔁Big opportunities for ethanol and value added ag @NE_ethanol @NECornBoard #Nebraska
Brooooooklynnn @larimore22🔁We welcome the increased attention to the much too easy access of a largely unregulated industry. Electronic smoking device usage among Nebraska teens is 22.3%! (YRBS, 2015)
Kevin Baldridge @BaldridgeK🔁Deadline to register for the NEBRASKA SHOWCHOIR CAMP is Friday, May 18th. Sorry, no late registrations allowed. Join us for an amazing week with the most awesome clinicians, life on the great downtown UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA campus, and a final concert in the amazing Lied Center.
@ASorenson69🔁CONGRATS to on her big primary victory last night. & I look forward to continuing to work w/ you for the great people of Nebraska & the entire country!
SWANA @SWANA🔁: It's amazing to see Slow Down To Get Around creating such an impact — and thank you to our Nebraska Chapter and fo r their support and involvement!
Derek Dohmen @DohmenD23🔁Maybe if Nebraska baseball wasn’t such garbage we’d get some of these dual sport athletes to come to Nebraska


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