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Nazi Boje Rinhart @brinhart🔁@FoxNews @SebGorka Strange comment considering @SebGorka is a fake professor but a true nazi-affiliate.
Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald🔁Yes, Trump supporters: You have deplorables in your midst. If you don't condemn them, or think Nazi praise is funny, then yes, use the name on yourself.

Policy adviser for pro-Trump group caught on camera saying Nazis didn't go far enough

Nazi ghostp @Ghostpbr🔁 Jesse Owens wins gold in Nazi Germany
Nazi Eric @sngte🔁 This day in 1940, Nazi Germany invades the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. #WW2
Prashant Bhushan @pbhushan1🔁Modi's trysts with lies continues unperturbed by their exposure. Now falsely claims, no Cong leader visited Bhagat S ingh in jail. Uses Nazi tactic of repeating lies 100 times. This RSS man (which collaborated with British)questions patriotism of those who fought for independence!
Auschwitz Memorial @AuschwitzMuseum🔁 will formally apologize for turning away "MS St. Louis" full of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany in 1939, result ing in scores of them dying, Prime Minister said:
タえこオタク @otakuchan8🔁 Adviser for pro-Trump group caught saying Nazis should have done more
by @RVAwonk

Liz @MiNiE_LizzY🔁If this was hanging from a home a year after 50 million people died world wide because of WWII, the house would have been raided and the people promoting death and destruction dealt with accordingly...

Today it’s just a shrug?

How quickly we forget...

(((Rachel Kaplan))) @RachelMiniK🔁Kyle is Jewish. And us jews don’t like it when you desensitize our history by calling everyone you don’t like a Nazi.
Margaret #FBPE @MargyMayell🔁11 May 1960. Four Israeli Mossad agents captured the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichman, who was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ronald G. Talbert @RonaldGTalbert1🔁Neighbors, sneak over to the Nazi's house and set fire to those flags.
Kcomp💖 @lemonade_kc🔁@pettersson_emme @KaleyW408 @campbell_cutter did you really just compare the beautiful islamic faith to a nazi?
LoyalistCarrick @CarrickLoyalist🔁Orfhlaith's Sinn Fein branch and its links to Hitler collaborator who dreamed of Nazi occupation of Northern Ireland, writes Nelson McCausland
FACEPALMER @lose_all_faith🔁Jordon Peterson appears to be a violent, nazi, xtian!
The Toni Sanchez @TheToniSanchez🔁Ultron.
One’s a Nazi and the other two are aliens and space herpes is very much a concern.
Plus, the robot sounds lik e James Spader.
Hey it's Vadim @vadimnewquist🔁I have HUGE probs with Sargon & I think it's fair game to point out times that he's either helped give positive publ icity to nazis or quasi-palled around with them, but respectfully, I don't think it does much good to call him a nazi, at least if you're hoping to change minds...
Joseph_West Coast @joselectricbass🔁An adviser for the pro-Trump group America First Policies was caught on camera saying: "The only thing the Nazis didn’t get right is they didn’t keep f*cking going!"

Diggo Şadî @pogoism1🔁-insults Jews

-threatens Israel

-compares Israel to Nazi Germany

-backs Hamas

-denies the Holocaust

-fuels Anti-Semitism by conspiracy theories

No, I am not talking about Iran. This is what "our ally" Turkey does and it's getting away with it.

Rich Grahamૐ✞ @edisn🔁dont tell me what to do you damnned nazi traitor
Marques @jmarques96🔁Civil Guard union compares the treatment of their children in Catalan schools to that of Jewish children in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.
The mad Spanish nationalist narrative is an insult to all Catalans, Germans and Jews, not to mention the intelligence of the world.
NEIL DEGVILLE @pragueblues🔁Good morning!

Today's checklist

🔳Far Right
🔳White Supremacist

If you're not called all of these words today, you're not fighting hard enough

Check them off as you go
Report back at 20:00

Have a great day Racists👌🙃

Zap Vreeland @VreelandZap🔁supporting Tramp? No. It makes you a sad desperate unhappy american. Trump is not a nazi. He is a horrible human being who does not care about (or understand) our democratic constitution. I hesitate to mention: Obama taught constitutional law. Knowing things is real.
The Shaved Yeti @hanwitopa🔁@MollyJongFast I also possess a Romani haplogroup in my DNA. They remind me of Nazi ignorance. This insanity must not progress.
The Other Willer de Peepol #FBPE 🇪🇺❤ @Spookella🔁 is damaging Labour AND the UK by adopting UKIP anti-immigration BS,using nazi tool like "the will of the people" and destroying UK with Brexit - all NOT progressive or left values and against the Labour members majority wishes!

thiccer than a ray of light @mattpenny94🔁“Local non-Nazi wonders why she’s losing bookings after attending Nazi event, claims she was there for the attention”
Lisa Jocko @lisa_jocko🔁Yes, even more evil that he is taunting them with a metaphor over their heads, like the irony of Melania’s ridiculous - Nazi’s took pleasure in tricking / herding ppl to their deaths like dumb animals.
Jeff O'Donnell @jodfreyo🔁I've pointed this about before, but my father survived the Nazi occupation of Denmark (as did my mother in France). Papa's a man of few words, but whenever he watches one of Trump's hate rallies, his response is always "This looks awful familiar". It breaks my heart.
Panderbot 6900 @LiptonAndTheArk🔁No, there were more off of dankulas tweets that he apparently deleted. I had tons of people calling me a Jew n going off on shit like that. 4chan wannabe Nazi rpers, just le edgy kids obviously but still annoying
Steve H ⚒️ #RememberMariupol #MariupolMassacre2014 @ukgeol🔁@ShineJob @EL4JC And that wasn't the last plane they downed. #MH17 was also a CIA op (carried out by their Nazi proxies in Kiev).
Invest Altcoins ❤⚡️ 🇬🇧 @InvestAltcoins🔁Simple question: did you?

2 November 2014


And you'd REA LLY better take a PEEK at THIS, especially if

Oga Seyi🚀 @SplitJones🔁You paraded a number of suspected gun runners but singled out the Igbo man for identification. This is straight out of the Nazi playbook. It's utterly despicable.
Puppet String News @NewsPuppet🔁Ashke(nazi)...Wait does that say NAZI? I just blew your mind.
PARAS @IStandWithAAP🔁Modi's trysts with lies continues unperturbed by their exposure. Now falsely claims, no Cong leader visited Bhagat Singh in jail. Uses Nazi tactic of repeating lies 100 times. This RSS man (which collaborated with British)questions patriotism of those who fought for independence!
Brandon Scienski @dagreatscienski🔁@RichardBSpencer looks like the whole being a nazi isn't that profitable.
ryuge @0ryuge🔁@LilyRedWorld @knowingispowr @stillgray Mocking people who speak another language? What a nazi you are!
anais @hawemuurhh🔁@franky_nazi syrup is great. I wouldn’t try jam
GARY MACDOUGALL @GARYAuscli🔁The CONFLICT OF INTEREST between Australuan Prime minister Turnbull and his Big Pharma wife is reminiscent of the inf amous Nazi doctor, Joseph Mengele....
Jan Riera @riera_jan🔁The manipulation of information about Catalonia by the Spanish State reaches repulsive levels. The Guardia Civil uses images of children in Nazi death camps to denigrate Catalonia's public education system.
DW (Hrvatski) @dw_croatian🔁Dubbed the "Nazi Grandma,” 89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck is serving a two-year sentence for repeatedly asserting that the Auschwitz camp was never used for mass extermination.
irony poisoning @Jew_Matt🔁dog, you've got ONE guy with a fucking cgi fox as his avatar talking vaguely about demographic replacement in Europe and he didn't even use the term white genocide

you left your nazi glasses on m8, you're dealing with tier-1 "people that hate libs" there, thats all

Donís Catalá @jdoniscatala🔁A tad surprised , and other europundits that couldn’t stop tweeting about Catalonia in October don’t have anything to say when Puigdemont appoints a nazi as next President of Catalonia. Not that we didn’t warn them they were supporting Spain’s Lega.
Beppe @BepiBop🔁i would like to make one thing very clear: if you ever see me on this site defending a nazi girl it’s because i want to have sex with her
ryuge @0ryuge🔁Are you under the impression that everyone agrees with your interpretation that it's a "white genocide nazi conspirac y theory"?
WandsworthWelcomes @WWRefugees🔁I am delighted to announce that Liane Segal will be my Mayoress of Lewisham for the next year. Liane fled Nazi occupied Europe on the Kindertransport aged 7. Liane has been a longstanding campaigner against racism & antisemitism. Let’s share her story. We are !🌈
YOSIF ST CHAKAROV @YosifSt🔁 “Nazi Grandma”, 89, is Arrested and Sent to Prison for Questioning the Holocaust via @WhiteResister
Steve Courtenay @SteveCourtenay1🔁Never forget what Zionism has done over the years.
The Nazi holocaust was dreadful but the Jews cannot live on that f orever.
They are perpetrating the same on the Palestinians.
Annabel Page @ITSANNIECP🔁The truth about Hans Asperger’s Nazi collusion by , who says he will no longer use the term ‘Asperger Syndrome’ (the term was removed from DSM in 2013 for other reasons)

MrDavidT @MrDavidT🔁Nelson McCausland: "Tyrone-born republican Joe McGarrity was the IRA's go-between with German regime" Is the new MP happy with the Nazi link of her cumann?
नारदमुनि @NaMuGC🔁Those who are under 60 years of age and had not studied what NAZI treatment under HITLER would have been, watch this video
Citizens fear to see the face of the prince
(((Some random sham))) @Somerandomsham1🔁@IrishCouncils @walid970721 @paligirl1129 Very racist. Thats how nazi germany started.
Itachi Hashimoto @ItachiHahi_bot🔁Nazi ducks are all around... they're planning on cleaning my windows! -Gasp-
its cone head and his large wheel @3InchWidePeePee🔁@VolcelGamerGirl i want the old Nazi Occupational RP back
Gerry Bennison @AlresfordBear🔁Only when the Queen does a Nazi salute......they await the signal.
Alcaldessa de Sant Esteve de les Roures @mironamjb🔁According to Council Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA all EU Member States must punish as criminal offences the public trivialisation of Nazi crimes
Panderbot 6900 @LiptonAndTheArk🔁@Jew_Matt Oh absolutely but a few of the people slinging shit at me were def Nazi larpers
bellapops @karenkaren118🔁@Lulu4TH1 Good morning Lulu! I am half Austrian so that must definitely make me a white,, racist, bigoted, piece of Nazi scum. Lol !.
Tony @Sheasy64🔁It's a Dem troll account looking to report people. Block it back, it's probably trawling accounts for comments to rep ort. They always play the Nazi card to get people to argue and say stuff they can report
Franky Ndimande @franky_nazi🔁@hawemuurhh And how was the syrup coz its pretty much similar
Fairbrit @wealdengirl🔁In 2005 Claudia Webbe defended Ken Livingstone after he accused a Jewish reporter of behaving like a Nazi concentration camp guard.


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