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Reverend Nigga Daddy @theniggodchurch🔁 In case anyone else is having a rough morning here's a Nazi getting knocked the fuck out
Nazi Legend of the fall @JEDTHEPHISHHHH🔁 .@JordanPeele is developing a Nazi hunting TV drama
👑King Shorty 💰 @KingShorty_🔁 in case anyone else is having a rough morning here's a Nazi getting knocked the fuck out
Nazi EricSteeleLive @EricSteeleLive🔁 Valerie Plame getting support from distinguished Americans like Nazi Mike Enoch.
Jeffrey™ @Born_SelfMade🔁 in case anyone else is having a rough morning here's a Nazi getting knocked the fuck out
Nazi Quagmire @ipquagmire🔁@TeamBronwen FYI Rosanne Barr the Nazi argues wth everyone when she is drunk and that's almost every night
Nazi yaser.hadjian @YHadjian🔁 #Iran-ian regime’s mafia and Nazi-style excesses. @TonyDuheaume writes:
Nazi Volvo von Trapp @VolvovonTrapp🔁@TEXASDENNY @FoxNews @AlanDersh @ValeriePlame Hitler was mostly right, and the truth is never "Nazi."
Nazi TheRealLou🐜 @lulu197140🔁 Colour photo of a Nazi rally taken by one of Hitler's personal photographers. 1930s
Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter🔁This exciting conclusion: It turns out every "Nazi" he met was an undercover FBI agent.
Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza🔁The Nazi poses as an anti-Nazi in order to accuse his political opponent of being a Nazi #TheBigLie
Fox News @FoxNews🔁.@AlanDersh: Anti-Semitic Article Tweeted by @ValeriePlame 'Just Like What Was Written in Nazi Germany'
Sean Lyons-Burke @sclyonsburke🔁 "oh so just because I USE A MASSIVE PUBLIC PLATFORM to SYMPATHIZE WITH NAZIS, suddenly I'm a 'NAZI SYMPATHIZER'???"
no hate .only love @nohateonlylove2🔁imagine a adolf hitler without joseph gobbels, the nazi propagandist. Imagine a hitler without press control.
Lucy Smith @Lucy24Smith🔁Kim Jun-Un is all about
Echoes of Nazi death camps
Racial purity
Starving nation and you can be his sex slave, Chelsea
TJ Estes @TJEstes1210🔁 Dershowitz: Anti-Semitic Article Tweeted by Valerie Plame 'Just Like What Was Written in Nazi Germany'
JS Mill XX #resist @Shy_Survivor🔁Liberals were the ones fighting the Nazis from the very beginning, while Conservatives were Nazi sympathizers.
RoxSki @RoxSki777🔁"If Donald Trump is a Nazi for not calling out Nazis, was Obama an Islamic terrorist for not calling out Islamic Terrorists"

King Jason I @Jasonian84🔁 Left: Punch Nazis
Also Left: Everyone's a nazi!
Also Also Left: Fucking Jews.
jetsetter24seven @cc_yandian🔁 @PrisonPlanet 2015: "Racist!"
2016: "Nazi!"
2017: "White Supremacist!"
Anyone else see the progression?
Deplorable Claudia @Claudia4Trump🔁Kim Jong-Un is all about
Echoes of Nazi death camps
Racial purity
Starving nation

And Libs are very fond of him🤣🤣🤣🤣

Talk to me nice @ItisKunmi🔁Tip from me, a certified self defense expert: Don't wear Nazi armbands if you don't want to get punched. Check in tomorrow for more insight.
Aunt tia @KarenPa48237732🔁@FoxNews Be afraid. Be very afraid. Mental midget and a Neo Nazi are not your friends.
MJ @CMikeJ4🔁Twitter - "@benshapiro (Jewish) is a fucking Nazi!!!" Also twitter - "That Kim Jong Un is a funny guy, right?"
Edgar @BarcelonaGlides🔁. , would you please echo Spanish military police is wishing Catalans get cremated in Nazi concentration camps.
See Jay Mill @kastowt77🔁Look at what the alt-right assholes and their enablers are forcing people to do. Yet I'm still being questioned for d efending Nazi-stompers.
Tim Brent @CrimheadTim🔁The only free speech the alt-right cares about is their nazi memes.

From ✒

سارة @slacktavis🔁Anarchists in Greece threw yogurt and eggs at a reporter a week after he interviewed a Nazi. Hope Seattle comrades do something similar.
Mike McCreedy @Frenchmarine1🔁We have to wake up to the fact free speech is under assault in this Country IMO call you Racist Nazi White Supremacist to shut you down
MissyMagoo @bikerchick805🔁@CovfefeD @piersmorgan Then blacks can't say "cracker" "whitey" "nazi" "white bitch" etc either.
A Nuescance @nuente🔁i can point to the CEO of trans lifeline actually visiting someone with a knife in hand because she thought he was a nazi, yeah :/
HPBearman @jdfield🔁Apparently @pewdiepie was a Nazi for making the same kinds of outsized and ridiculous jokes about how dumb Nazis were.
Joia @boredgirl260🔁@jrob3168 It so is. It's somehow even worse than all the Nazi stuff
Dave Scott @FitLikeMin🔁I was taken aback by "nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks, cake off" on Bake Off.
Connie Donoghue @1001cjd🔁Lessons from the protesters who organized against the 1939 pro-Nazi rally at :
📼fillertrack📼 @fillertrack🔁haha wow! what a funny post by RacistAnimeGirl with a nazi symbol in their display name! haha what a knee slapper huh guys
Yâpheh @anyinkeu🔁,
R u aware of Nazi-style bunker prisons in Cameroun for s. Cameroonians?

No Nazi Auburn @no_nazi_auburn🔁"Progressives lose nothing by setting bold targets right out of the gate."
Michael Keenan @buckets3516🔁@MiriamG216 @OpinesSrp @ananavarro And a supporter of Nazi’s and the Klan.
MasterThomas @DominantStallio🔁Nazi sympathizer but I've already seen the line go from literal nazis, to Alt-right, to right wing. The first link, t he first language
Alfred M. Baenanno @yungneocon🔁SO:
USSR called to encircle Nazi's, US/UK/FR said no due to int'l law
Italy used int'l law to protect his colonial ve ntures & so on
🤔 @fMRI_guy🔁@toxicpath Nah, we got that part down.
Jobs @VikhrovE🔁Stalin 20mln and Hitler 14 mln???

actualy total fake.
Only russian was killed by german nazi was 25 mln...
add other europe and mericans.

Farticle Accelerator @FartCaptor🔁@InsideBensHead @ACLU Being a Nazi is a choice. Being gay is not.
(((bohemund))) @bgwinettem🔁@realDonaldTrump Trump, and your counterpart Kim Jong Un, should, like your Nazi precursors, be tried for Crimes Against the Peace.
Russell Breastbrook @Ryses_Pyses🔁"The racism in this department is real," says a Philly PD commanding officer in a longread on the cop w/ Nazi tattoo
Luis Amenaza @amenaza🔁Oh, the irony.... Charlottesville celebrates first gay neo-Nazi marriage
crushed by two moons @Two_Chewbaccas🔁 If you think ANYTHING can make a Nazi's POV more appealing, it means you find something appealing in their POV.
Voice of Fire @digamma🔁The problem isn't punching Nazis, which unless you're a Nazi probably isn't a problem for anyone. Its the collateral damage that is caused.
Casey Farrell @KELUFORNIA_STAR🔁Check out! There are approximately THREE?!....'white supreme_"its"' in all of the USA & CANADA ...combined! Wheew!
Jonathan T. @WHoiZAsiaN🔁@EqualRightsAdvo @shoe0nhead Interesting cuz actual Nazi's would have them killed.
crushed by two moons @Two_Chewbaccas🔁"I don't think violence is effective when opposing Nazis."

Okay. I disagree.

"If you punch a Nazi you justify their POV"

Go fuck yourself

rakanishere @rakanishere1🔁@meakoopa I'm a Nazi Empathizer
Larry Williams @BoobalooLarry🔁.: Anti-Semitic Article Tweeted by 'Just Like What Was Written in Nazi Germany'
Carleen Sisler @corgiluvr4ever🔁Alt left including MSM is dangerously close to Nazi Germany of early 1930s w propaganda machine. Power was goal.
Laare Mazurik @MazurikL🔁No Trump is opposite of Nazi but BHO is an Islamic terrorist for ties and membership to the Muslim Brotherhood !
AH @De_Levant🔁Jewish-American donor is fueling the rise of AfD, German far right party resurrecting Nazi past, via fake news site
mhmmd @mhmmd_alrashed🔁 Iranian regime’s mafia and Nazi-style excesses via @AlArabiya_Eng Copying both Hitler & the Mafia!
No Nazi Auburn @no_nazi_auburn🔁 imagine how vile and cruel you have to be to do this
Milace McNair @MilaceMcnair🔁She said she wanted to kill nazis. You said she wants to kill us. implication - you're a naughty little N azi.
linacho @linacho_🔁Red Army & Wehrmacht are staging joint military parade in Polish city of Brest-Litovsk (annexed by USSR), celebrating Nazi-Soviet friendship
Jimmie Tyrrell @jimmietyrrell🔁@romero These Nazi's ain't gonna ambush themselves
Darrin66 @darrincollins66🔁Keith Ellison Compares Illegal Immigrants To Jews In Nazi Germany. Let that sink in folks. (Keith Ellison was almost the LEADER of the DNC!)
💪 JP 엑소 18th 대상 💪 @baekminmyeons🔁Imagine making a joke about a gas chamber. Such a nazi. Gross.
No Nazi Auburn @no_nazi_auburn🔁Now that Sanders is finally becoming more critical of U.S. global policies, hope he eventually breaks with all aspects of U.S. imperialism
kempz @DKempz13🔁seriously how the fuck do Bayern choke a 2-0 lead at home to Wolfsburg who have half a team im fucking pissed nazi cunts


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