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#NationalSchoolWalkout#NationalSchoolWalkout#NationalSchoolWalkout#NationalSchoolWalkout Arthur Stein @arturo_stein🔁 We have a voice too! #NationalSchoolWalkout
Teen Vogue @TeenVogue🔁"I didn't understand why they didn't care. I tried to tell them to come, but they said no." 💔Havana Edwards, a 7-yea twitter.com r-old student from Washington, D.C., was the only one at her school to walk out of classes for the
Michael Skolnik @MichaelSkolnik🔁7 year old, Havana Edwards, was the only student at her elementary school who participated in today’s . twitter.com

Havana, you are an American hero. 🙌

#NationalSchoolWalkout Heather Hamilton @HonkytonkHeathr🔁 I am all alone at my school, but I know I am not alone.
#nationalschoolwalkout #columbine
Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano🔁During the student walkouts on March 14th, the tweeted a photo of an AR-15 assault rifle and the statement “I’ll con twitter.com trol my own guns, thank you.”

Maybe. But from now on, we’ll control our own government, thank you.

Tony garlinger @tony_garlinger🔁Do your jobs and TEACH. Stop using our children for liberal socialist agendas.

11-Year-Old 6th Grade Boy Hit, Killed by Vehicle During Anti-Gun National School Walkout in El Paso


Stately Plump Buck @rebelknap🔁Today, students at more than 2,500 schools will walk out to demand an end to gun violence. We stand with them to say !
Christina @chrisNik2017🔁7 year old, Havana Edwards, was the only student at her elementary school who participated in today’s .

Havana, you are an American hero. 🙌

MILLENNIHELL @Millennihell🔁So proud of the students of America who refused to accept school massacres as a fact of life.

Who refuse to see the NRA as an indomitable force.

And who haven’t resigned themselves to believing our political system is broken beyond repair.

Manish Kumar Mishra @Astro_ManishKr🔁I was so inspired by Havana Chapman Edwards’ leadership during the that I’m sending her an Astronaut postcard. I can’t wait to watch her rocket lift off.

If you want to send her support, too - the address to her school is in the second picture.

Thomas A. Sumter @CheesyScientist🔁Thank you for all the messages. I loved them. I know I am not alone.

Will you help my friend Mari today too?

Curly girls have to stick together and change the world.

BetsyAnn @betsyamc🔁: Hundreds of Chicago students pour into Grant Park for today’s against gun violence marking 19 years since the Columbine High School massacre, with many chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!”
Bianca Basso @bsbasso🔁The , and the gun manufacturers that own them are the past.

These students are the future. Their voices are tireless.
Their courage is unstoppable.

They will win.

Thank you to all those participating in today’s

ibaba @ibaba10🔁My little brother was the only one to walk out of his school today for

He was up until 1am making 11 posters for his friends, but they all backed out last minute.

Speak up even if you’re the only one to do so.

Kat Ceccotti @KatCeccotti🔁She's alone, but she doesn't care. Please retweet and show my daughter someone is listening.

lil avocado @BringasMariana🔁Lessons from today’s :

Do not underestimate the power of protest.
Do not underestimate the power of our youth.
Do not underestimate the power of the people.
Do not underestimate the power of the polls.

Bring it on, 2018.

a(track)tive 🍫🇨🇩 @pj_trackfield17🔁We were threatened with 10 days out of school suspension which would go on our PERMANENT RECORDS and is the highest penalty besides expulsion for exercising our first amendment rights.
Susie @HeathSusie🔁BREAKING: The National Teacher's Union just cut ties with Wells Fargo Bank over their ties to the NRA.

RETWEET your support!

SaanichGuy 🇨🇦 @SaanichGuy🔁The kids murdered at Sandy Hook were my age, they could have changed the world, but now we will never know.

Kathleen2157 @Kathleen2157🔁Though we’ve seen these shootings become more commonplace for students, there’s reason to be optimistic about a way forward on common sense . All across the country students are taking part in and powerfully calling for change.
Cold Island Snowflake is BACK! @MeSaare🔁This is 7 year-old Havana Chapman-Edwards. She was the only student from her school to join the – and she did it wearing her spacesuit.

Havana, you may not have had many by your side yesterday, but we're with you.

Lisa @TruthInLight68🔁If day is more upsetting to you than students across the nation running for their lives from school shooters on a weekly basis, you’re probably not a great person.
BetsyAnn @betsyamc🔁Hundreds of students in Chicago marched from Grant Park to a rally at Federal Plaza for the chanting, “Whose schools? Our schools!” and “The students united will never be divided!”

The walkout marks 19 years since the Columbine High School mass shooting.

Michelle Morgan 🌊🌊🌊 @focusmm64🔁The students killed in Parkland hadn’t even been born when the Columbine shooting happened 19 years ago. Our children will not—and should not—forgive us if we keep failing to protect them from these entirely predictable and preventable attacks.
Arthur Stein @arturo_stein🔁On the anniversary of Columbine, the blames former President Obama for the Parkland shooting and refers to all Black and Brown victims of gun violence as “gang bangers.”
Knotty Thinker @Thoughtsfulll🔁Public schools are on notice: You can't discipline students more harshly for gun violence walkouts than missing class for any other reason.
Arthur Stein @arturo_stein🔁Stony Point High School students chant “no more silence, end gun violence” as they march
Mickie @exnalstew🔁We stand with you, Rachel.

If you face any consequences from participating in the , be sure to call 1-857-LAWYER3 for legal aid from staff at the National Juvenile Defender Center.

Arthur Stein @arturo_stein🔁 Standing in solidarity with the voices of the future. Enough is enough. 🧡 #NationalSchoolWalkout
Arthur Stein @arturo_stein🔁As students walk out across the US for , take a listen to our podcast with founder and shooting survivor . Listen here:
SARAH @sarahpojani🔁"I didn't understand why they didn't care. I tried to tell them to come, but they said no." 💔Havana Edwards, a 7-year-old student from Washington, D.C., was the only one at her school to walk out of classes for the
Paul Webster @plwtigers🔁🚨🚨Teens at🚨🚨
‘NRA, how many kids
have you killed today?’


Karen_Elizabeth @KarenLilibetIA🔁WALKING OUT ALONE: Havana Chapman-Edwards is a first-grader in Alexandria. She was the only student from Fort Hunt Elementary School to participate in a walk out in protest of gun violence today.
look2theskyz @rovendetti🔁That Moment You Actually See How Desperate The Is, That They Would Use Children In A Tyrannical Attempt To Attack ..Its Also The Moment You Have The Evidence That Liberal Radicals Teachers Have Been Brainwashing OUR Children In Schools
Lambchop Loves Corbyn @CurlyClareToo🔁Just got a text from my daughter who is in Grade 10. "Mom, I walked out, they said we will get detention"
Me "Keep walking baby, hope you have your hoodie on "

They will be old enough to vote 2020.
They grew with Obama, they won't accept this.

Edward Miller @EdwardM86828799🔁If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last few months, it’s that a child’s voice is more powerful than an AR-15.

Ryan Perrow @NBFlying🔁It’s sad that the right is more upset about kids walking out of school to highlight gun control than a kid walking into a school with an AR-15.

Is it time now? @Is_it_time_now🔁Got asked why I’m here if most of these kids can’t vote yet.

Gun safety shouldn’t be a political issue. I’m a parent. I have four kids. And I’m out here because I really care.

Left Wing Liberal @Liberal108🔁All of the students walking out of school today will eventually walk into polling places to vote for leaders who have the courage to from gun violence.
🌝Rob Christie🌝 @RobChristie11🔁"This man lost his daughter based on a set of non-discipline policies that were meant to fit into a PC narrative...he lost his daughter because of it... won't look into this. They won't. They'll give Obama a pass." —


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