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#NationalFarmersDay DNA News Agency @dnanewsagency🔁 Keep Calm and Farm on #NationalFarmersDay
Cat @acathernan🔁 Now that you know, which will you choose? #NationalFarmersDay
#NationalFarmersDay Cristen》Food & Swine @FoodandSwine1🔁 More than 97% of Iowa's farms are family farms. #NationalFarmersDay #iacattle #cattlemencare
BlackBreitbart @BlackBreitbart🔁 Happy #NationalFarmersDay
lindsay hanckel @hanckel_lindsay🔁 Now that you know, which will you choose? #NationalFarmersDay
#NationalFarmersDay Indy @Independence94🔁 Thank all hard working men & women in agriculture. Happy #NationalFarmersDay!
#NationalFarmersDay Steven Solomon @zilli004🔁 For those who work in acres, not hours, we thank you! Happy #NationalFarmersDay! #ThankAFarmer
#NationalFarmersDay Elin Takitimu @ETakitimu🔁 Have you thanked a farmer yet today? #NationalFarmersDay
Happy National Farmers Day to all of you☀️✨💞
#NationalFarmersDay OORAH MARINE! @BonnieBraden1🔁 Happy #NationalFarmersDay!
? instagram.com ?
#NationalFarmersDay House Ag Committee @HouseAgNews🔁For those who work in acres, not hours, we thank you! Happy #NationalFarmersDay! #ThankAFarmer
Vice President Pence @VP🔁On #NationalFarmersDay we celebrate our farmers who, as @POTUS said, "help feed the world & fuel our Nation's economy." Thank you farmers!
Maggie Mead @meadmag🔁Sometimes in your life you need a doctor or a lawyer but everyday...

You Need A Farmer...

SD Ag Labs @SD_Ag_Labs🔁This , I'm reminded of the critical role agriculture plays in our local economy and our daily lives.
Tamara 😎 @tammywalt61🔁 ☝🏻👀‼️
NO POMEGRANATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Save Our Schools From Liberals
Indy @Independence94🔁Farming isn't just a 9-5 job. It starts before the sun comes up and ends when the work is done.
Marc B. Hahn, DO @KCUMBpresident🔁Happy & thank you to those - like my dad - who work hard to put food on dinner tables in Kansas and across the world!
Indy @Independence94🔁Happy ! Today and everyday, we recognize and celebrate the American farmer who never stops improving.
Emmy Kat @tulipteardrops🔁Happy ! Shelby is a and and solves crime on the side in Michigan!
ConsiderBardwellFarm @considercheese🔁That's frustrated buck-speak for "I'm wishing you a fortuitous #nationalfarmersday" instagram.com
Elaine Turner @eturner010🔁On we celebrate our farmers who, as said, "help feed the world & fuel our Nation's economy." Thank you farmers!
Sasha 🇺🇸 @sasha031🔁 Thx 2 all my fellow farmers during harvest & yr round 4 hard work 2 feed & fuel the world #NationalFarmersDay
david bieber @alienobserver1🔁 This beef farmer had a change of heart and sent his cows to a sanctuary #NationalFarmersDay Chooseveg.Com
Brian Holler @holler1012🔁I like the rewarding feeling after putting in a hard day’s work—both physical and mental.Happy

Claucir Golemba @golembudov8🔁Today, and every day we’re thankful for farmers everywhere who are growing our food.
Mr. Sass @2ParkCity🔁Happy ! Straight from the Elliot family farm in Manitoba: What a farmer wishes you knew.
christina @christinasroses🔁Sending my best to all those who wake up early & sleep late to feed us. We appreciate you!
Beck's Hybrids @BecksHybrids🔁With yesterday being , we wanted to once again say thank you... facebook.com /twitter.com/i/web/status/918992848426618880" target="_blank">twitter.com
Vilhelm Von Hempseed @williehempseed🔁It's not too late to for ! See the following article
BloodSpite @BloodSpite🔁 One of America’s greatest strengths is our ability to produce food like no one else #nationalfarmersday


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