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Nate McMillan @NBAGradas🔁#PORTADANBA | 'Game over' para los Indiana Pacers, Nate McMillan y Larry Bird
Lev Inger @levinger89🔁@Dr_BGN I'm worried for Nate McMillan and his family. Everyone you've wanted fired is gone.
Nate McMillan acoachMM @ACoachMMbasket🔁NBA. @Pacers Head coach Nate McMillan. Pick and roll Teague and Turner.
Bari @TheEvolver99🔁 "Good patience on your spacing getting it out & attacking."

Nate McMillan is wired on @NBAonTNT.

NBA @NBA🔁"Good patience on your spacing getting it out & attacking."

Nate McMillan is wired on @NBAonTNT.

Gregg Doyel @GreggDoyelStar🔁Told Pacers coach Nate McMillan in the hallway here to start GR3 tonight. He literally did double take. Me: "Dumb idea?" Nate: "Not at all."
Mike Wells @MikeWellsNFL🔁This might be a first: Lance Stephenson calming coach Nate McMillan down on the sideline.
Bryan Sharp @BryanSharp2🔁Worst officiated game I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot of bad officiating. Nate McMillan needs to be fired - why did Monte play so long
Riley McClurg @mcclurgrw🔁 Larry Bird: Fired Rick Carlisle for Jim O'Brien; fired Frank Vogel for Nate McMillan; traded Kawhi Leonard for George Hill.
Ditty @DjDDitty🔁If Nate McMillan gets fired and Paul George leaves Indiana, look back to this game last night.
Zach Goodman @ZachariaGood🔁woke up and was hoping Nate McMillan was fired and we rehired Frank Vogel
someone @ST0RMSHAD0WZ🔁Nate McMillan should be fired @Pacers .

He is a 500 ball coach period. That is the result we have had.


G.Rant @grant911_🔁I've always believed coaches need time and that fans turn on coaches too quickly. But with that said, I'd still fire Nate McMillan.
Allan Fish @A_Fish91🔁@Pacers please fire Nate McMillan! Seriously the worst coach we've ever had. I'd rather have Vogel back!
Justin Cerbone @jucerbone🔁 Nate McMillan has coached away a potential 3-0 or 2-1 series lead to a potential 0-3 deficit...
Justin Cerbone @jucerbone🔁 I'm sad as a Pacers fan. This is sad. Nate McMillan should never coach a basketball game ever again. This is deplorable.
MrB @_banneryear🔁I've had a few hours to think about it some more, Nate McMillan is turrible & Larry too! I'm not mad if @Yg_Trece decides to leave.
Brian Bowers @BrianBowers12🔁@kadenpumphrey should be the pacers coach, fire Nate McMillan
Butch/69ches @ButchCheshier🔁If my name was Nate McMillan , I think I would hide underneath a rock #pacerssuck
جرحك يالعراق @QRvszKs2eTwrSFe🔁 @RealMikeWilbon Just Stop...reaching to find a story. The story is Nate McMillan his stubbornness
Keith Kokinda @KeithKokinda🔁Remember: has loved sticking it to Nate McMillan since McMillan cracked him for resting in regular season.
Bernadette Chapman @GBKglofchgkNu2Y🔁Teague & Monta playing together down the stretch in game where Nate finally benches Monta from starting is full Nate McMillan experience.
JWiL @Will0ck🔁 Biggest playoff comeback ever actually Lakers coming back from 29 to beat Sonics (and Nate McMillan) in 1989.
rams are aight @BasedDodgersFan🔁I hate Nate McMillan
Nate Smith 〽️ @nrsmitty🔁 Larry Bird has fired Rick Carlisle and Frank Vogel to hire Jim O'Brien and Nate McMillan.
Bram Pijpers @Brammoker🔁Nate McMillan needs to be fired. I mean, I didn't even see second half because I live in Europe, but he played Ellis for 9 min in the 4th.
ryan @RyanThaBackpack🔁 Who is gone first?
Paul George
Nate McMillan
Larry Bird
Mac Tonight Official @seanpnico🔁I have two words for Larry Bird regarding Nate McMillan... Mark Jackson
Scott @Reggie_For_3🔁Who is gone first?
Paul George
Nate McMillan
Larry Bird
Evan Watkins @evanatort1600🔁What would be the outcome on Sunday if Nate McMillan was replaced with Chuck Pagano?
🏔 @N0VESS🔁also fuck nate mcmillan
Carlos @Carlito_XO🔁 Fuck Nate McMillan


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