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Mike Trim WPTV @MikeTrimWPTV🔁Father attacks Larry Nassar. He asked for 5 minutes alone with Nassar, then 1 minute alone. Judge denied those reques twitter.com ts. This happened.
Sunshine @sunshine_tampa🔁My dad wouldn’t even ask the judge. He would’ve waited until he was within 10 feet and plowed that piece of shit. Hig twitter.com h five to their dad for giving a reason not to sleep at night, while his asshole gets plunged in prison. 🙌🏻👍🤘🏻🤜🏼💪🗣🤬💀😈
Restop Rabbit @FunnyBunnyHole🔁I hope he’s not charged with assault. Although if he opts for trial by jury, there’s a low probability of conviction twitter.com .
The Girl Next Door @ANTIQUE4UNIQUE🔁No thanks! BIOLOGICAL MEN DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO INVADE BIOLOGICAL WOMENS BATHROOMS. YOU can't take away rights of o twitter.com thers. Sorry not how that works. Women deserve privacy and their rights preseved. Have you seen the sex abuse flying around lately?
Harry Pacheco @hap024🔁As a father of a daughter who happens to be a gymnast I totally support what this gentleman tried to do. Nassar will twitter.com never live another stressfree day. dad
Cheryl Riley @80sGirlCheryl🔁Good! Any father would've done the same if they were that close to the person who harmed their daughters. He almost g twitter.com ot . Next time, dad, don't warn people when your're about to charge. lol
Miami Mar @Miami_Marilyn🔁Among the strongest statements to date. Now a physician, she is 1st to articulate what many think, there was absolut twitter.com ely NO reason to perform these types of treatments for SPORTS medicine. One of the few instances where had some reaction.
Dust Valley Sports @DustValleySprts🔁Father of one of the victims rushes former USA Gymnastics coach Larry Nassar during sexual assault sentencing twitter.com
BlueridgeWV @Blueridgewv🔁A father can only bear so much when his daughters are abused. Wrong but understandable. Listen to what he says as wel twitter.com l as what he does.
peterr @shockresistant2🔁Man attempts to beat a handcuffed prisoner to a pulp. and the judge doesn't charge him but condones his action
She m twitter.com ust be a Democrat
Larry Monte @Orcad77🔁To bad that Dad didn’t attack Larry Nassar in a courtroom at Michigan State! Crimes seem to go unnoticed there! He m twitter.com ight have had 5 mins alone with that sick bastard!


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