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NaitoNaitoNaito Stephen Gutteridge @Steve6utteridge🔁 Naito counters the avalanche-style powerbomb with a rana
Naito Crazy Cat @kamira_naito🔁 Pickle Rick
NaitoNaito Crazy Cat @kamira_naito🔁 Why are they doing this
Part-Time Heelbook @Heelbook🔁Damn if they didn’t make Naito and Omega even bigger stars. #G1 #G1final
Naito Brian Sargent @negative4life🔁Congrats to Naito on winning the G1.
King Omega @ACleaningGajin🔁Naito and myself are no strangers, we have faced off many times before and have always stolen the show.
Naito Omega_BulletClub @theelite2017🔁We Have a Winner.... @s_d_naito beat @KennyOmegamanX 😭😭😭
njpw_global @njpwglobal🔁Tranquillo as ever.. @s_d_naito has arrived and ready for action! #G127 The finals starts in about two hours!
njpw_global @njpwglobal🔁Coming up Tmrw The finals vs. The livestream only on with English commentary Don't miss it‼︎
njpw_global @njpwglobal🔁 The finals Today at 15:00 JST vs. The livestream starts in about 4hours, only on
xCycloneKill @xCycloneKill🔁I'm finally awake from this morning. Still recovering from Naito/Omega and Shibata's return. What a fucking night.
♎️ Henry Omega ♎️ @EnriqueBecerril🔁 Kenny Omega is the wrestler of the decade! I don't care what others think! He's unreal! #G127 #KennyOmega #NJPW #Naito
Kombucha Edge Break @MartinAtchet🔁OMG the very real smile on Naito's face when Chono did the LIJ salute.
Cody @xcoddizzlex🔁Naito and Omega killed it. What a hard hitting match #G127Final
Headlock Master™ @Headlock_Master🔁Last time Naito won the G1, he didn't get to main event Wrestle Kingdom because the audience wasn't into it. This time... will be different.
J @jimmyyadig🔁Nobody cared for Wantabe until he became EVIL. Bushi, Sanada and Takahashi rose up to top talent under Naito's guidance.
😈Jay😈 @DDT_A_Zombie36🔁The psychology utilized in this tournament has been epic. Especially anything Naito/Okada/Omega/Tanahashi
itsyourradio @IYRLive🔁RT RoyalRambleIYR "What an incredible way to end the ! Both KennyOmegamanX & s_d_naito proved that they are two of the greatest wrestl…
J @jimmyyadig🔁Naito's heel turn worked out very well, not only for him, but for each member of LIJ. Each member of LIJ had their status elevated in NJPW.
ColdSkull @VillainLarry🔁Thank you for last night @KennyOmegamanX and @s_d_naito #6Stars #MOTY #g127
Calexto @Calexto_🔁Naito's first legit tweet in forever goes to Sombra.
Ryan K Holbrook @Ryan_K_Holbrook🔁@njpwglobal @s_d_naito Would love a reproduction of his "half skull" mask
Iann Robinson @IannRobinson🔁@s_d_naito vs @KennyOmegamanX. Another classic from both men. Amazing!
Roddy Mundo @RoddyMundo🔁Awesome seeing Chono and Naito in the same ring #G127
#BROKEN Captain Boo @J_VFrankenstein🔁 Darryl gave Naito a paw bump to end the show.
GlennP1 🇮🇪🇭🇺🇵🇭 @Every1SayIMBoss🔁@KennyOmegamanX Amazing! Your chemistry with Okada and Naito is amazing! Thank you for being one of the best in the world at what you do!
ℛαƒƴ ღ @rafymahone🔁RT If you are happy for Naito
Squeeky Duvet @nathan_name🔁Would not have put money on Naito...
Joseph @Josephawt🔁Naito-Omega might be my fav Top 10 matches of all time. Oh. My. God.
Morgan Lloyd @kahdoovater1988🔁 Best moment of the night was Shibata, followed by Naito fistbumping Daryl.
Jonathan Velez @jonathanvelez11🔁Daryl came back for the finals against the advice of his doctors and seamstress to witness this moment for Naito.
mrblackbronie @mrblackbronie🔁The G1 Climax this year was special and nobody deserved to win it more than Tetsuya Naito. Naito will now main event Wrestle Kingdom 12.
Matthew Postlewait @thatmattposty🔁Sooooo it looks like Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito tried to murder each other in the #G127 finals.
jessie 🇵🇭 @balorsdevitt🔁 Soooo does anyone else notice Naito started and ended the G1 with one of the Golden Lovers?
Predusa @oak_threes🔁Naito/Omega was obviously a 5 star match, probably 6 stars actually.
Iann Robinson @IannRobinson🔁Between the return of Shibata, @s_d_naito winning and the sheer excellence of @KennyOmegamanX. This could be the best G1 Climax in years
Denzel Tom Canlas @sephira002🔁Naito can still do the Stardust Press. Haven't seen that move when he became LIJ :)) Awesome tho
Amir Rasyid @AmeerKurogane92🔁Congratulation to Tetsuya Naito for the second wining in G1 Climax 2017, it was a great matched and epic in the end.
Los Ingobernable @TheKingIsh_🔁Naito finally fucking done it, LOS INGOBERNABLES DE JAPON ARE GOING TO WRESTLEKINGDOM
mumbles @nicemovemumbles🔁 Naito is to this era what Chono was to the last. The fist bump@meant the world. #g127
Royal Ramble @RoyalRambleIYR🔁What an incredible way to end the #G127! Both @KennyOmegamanX & @s_d_naito proved that they are two of the greatest wrestlers ever!!
Roddy Mundo @RoddyMundo🔁Is Naito going for Stardust Press? How long has it been? #G127
Jen J @stardust_idiot🔁My hair's going red in Naito's honour, it is decided
Ralph Imabayashi @RalphImabayashi🔁Soooo does anyone else notice Naito started and ended the G1 with one of the Golden Lovers?
Derek @deathinkosovo🔁Naito/Omega was a cut above anything I've seen since that Dominion match. Just outstanding on every level. An easy *****.
kid @J_Hatsby🔁Holy fuck. What a match. Naito definitely deserves it.
FlameCon Ken @DisgrunScholar🔁Incredible visual. and are locked in.


Chris @CAIMERMAN🔁 i've now been at sumo hall to see naito win the IWGP title & the G1 🙏🙏🙏
Denzel Tom Canlas @sephira002🔁Watched Omega/Naito highlights a while ago. Much better than Okada/Omega. :))
Christopher Douglas @ChristopherDo11🔁I liked a @YouTube video Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito "G1 CLIMAX 27 FINAL" 6 STAR CLASSIC ****** HIGHLIGHTS
Big Boss @whodie201🔁DESTINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! takes the G1 in an absolutely incredible tournament final for the ages.


Jose 👌🏽 @elJGY🔁That Naito-Omega #G127 Final was awesome #CincoEstrellas
Ricky @DickStunts🔁But ut wasnt a botch.. It worked perfectly.. Looks highly unsafe but they stuck Kenny landing on Naito and not the ce ment.. Best in world
Ricky @DickStunts🔁They planned to go to floor .. Thats why Naito moves the barrier all the way to the right.. Kenny landed on him. I th ought it was a botch..
Sl⚧thFacts Ashley @SlothFactsAsh🔁Yearly reminder that Naito's theme was, um, "borrowed" from a Nintendo Wii RPG.

Mindless Philosopher @Timtooine🔁New twitter avatar after viewing the G1 final from this morning.

I will be meeting Naito later this week at the ROH iPPV in Liverpool.

Steven Murphy @RavenEffect🔁Omega v Naito is incredible. What a final, what a tournament. NJPW is out of this world.

Also, #Daryl lives!

lyss is on vacation @crowntheomega🔁@LukeHarperWWE Naito won the G1
Garak @emjaydoesPR🔁Good for Naito #G127
Juan Javier otero @OteroJjavy78🔁@Morgan_Green Hmm naito, I wonder if that's any indication of kennys contract future
HollywoodSmokeHogan @KushHaydn🔁@39Balluh He'll be IWGP champ by next July and him and Naito will feud for the rest of the year
✨K . A . T ✨ @_LydiasStiles🔁If Omega/Okada matches have been insane..

If Omega/Naito almost died multiple times..

I'm legit scared for Omega/Ibushi in the Tokyo Dome.

marissa 💠 @_KinSasha🔁2013: Naito wins the G1 Climax & the NJPW fans reject him

2017: Naito wins the G1 Climax & the NJPW fans adore him

Wendy @WendyFNP🔁@KennyOmegamanX @s_d_naito @tanahashi1_100 @rainmakerXokada You guys have scared 10 years off my life. It was awesome! Thank you!
Glenn Griffin @rglenngriffin🔁This is like, the 10th worst spot in the entire match. Kenny Omega and Naito were out there going for 7 stars from M eltzer.
Adam Frazier @AdamFrazier🔁Naito/Omega might be the best match I've ever seen. It might not be the best match I've seen this weekend from NJPW. That's why.
hoe ass ray @AleistersEnd🔁@LukeHarperWWE Naito won the G1, Luke!
Kevin Brown @darukinoi🔁Just watched the match. Naito remains the best guy in the company and is incredibly cool.
marissa 💠 @_KinSasha🔁What an INCREDIBLE month of wrestling – New Japan are making history night after night

After it all, Tetsuya Naito is your winner! ✊

marissa 💠 @_KinSasha🔁 Naito, Kenny and Okada. The Holy Fucking Trinity. Three absolutely unbelievable performers.
ネコマター @zafq1Hzl4fy1LVw🔁Omega targeted Okada's neck last night, now it's Naito's turn to target Kenny's neck.



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