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NYT and WaPo: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-05-19 22:39)

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Popular tweets tagged with NYT and WaPo:
NYT and WaPo Robyn Swift @rnswift🔁 NYT and WAPO everyday at 3 pm.
Caren @redsox1234🔁 Wow, NYT and WaPo with the tag-team bombshells again today!
Ethan @OffWhiteEthan🔁NYT: "OBSTRUCTION!"
WaPo: "Everybody's investigated!"
McClatchy: "Cover-ups and shit!"
Liberals @SayNoToBs🔁 Wow, NYT and WaPo with the tag-team bombshells again today!
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁Eric Bolling Blasts NYT and Wapo: 'You Should Be Ashamed of Your Reporting' (VIDEO)
shauna @goldengateblond🔁I know we're on information overload, but watching the NYT and WaPo volley huge stories back and forth is amazing.
noah kulwin @nkulw🔁now it's buried by nyt and wapo scoops, but this health care move that trump is reportedly mulling is insane
Camilla Zapolsky @cdzapolsky1🔁 Eric Bolling Blasts NYT and Wapo: 'You Should Be Ashamed of Your Reporting' (VIDEO)
Cedric Jackson @CedJackson🔁"Senior White House" "Nut Job"

For those who think that WaPo and NYT are a couple of "independent" news sources, think again.

Cathy @cathyspartanj🔁Anyone who believes anything published by WaPo and NYT, with anonymous sources, is a nut job that still believes Hillary won. Nuff said. 😆😂🤣
Asawin Suebsaeng @swin24🔁have @washingtonpost and @nytimes have hate sex yet, before NYT tells WaPo that DC sucks & NYC is good, then WaPo throws acid at NYT's skin
Tiffany FitzHenry @Tiff_FitzHenry🔁What do globalist kingpin Carlos Slim and Jeff "Antitrust" Bezos have in common? They both own newspapers. The WaPo and NYT
#wakeup #agenda
Sean Billings @SeanJBillings🔁Seems like Comey and friends desperately want to remind us everyday that he should never have been in a position of power.

WaPo and NYT

Matthias Lein @m_onlein🔁
Linda @HotNostrilsrFun🔁"Anthony Weiner, Bob Beckel, Clock Boy & the Dow is up. Rough day for Trump haters. Let's run that Nut Job story"

- NYT and WaPo, probably

Bonita Rose @bonitarosekemp🔁They are finally catching up! Any coincidence two major stories broke with NYT and WaPo right after trump took off??
Bentley Gardener @BentleysQuest🔁now it's buried by nyt and wapo scoops, but this health care move that trump is reportedly mulling is insane
Tamara 😎 @tammywalt61🔁When the State Dept. or FBI/DOJ wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with CNN and the New York Times.
dead evan hansen @abbycolbyy🔁i hope the nyt and wapo have a baby together and i hope it's me
Luchia @LuvLuchia🔁There are some people who become convinced when the same thing is repeated multiple times. Not me! WaPo and NYT try it too often too much.
Ralph Aguila @Appleman1967🔁NYT and WaPo Coordinate Dual Strikes Against President as Trump Departs for Trip…
Mittie Field @wittymittie🔁This was tweeted after the WaPO and NYT scoops from today. Now there's more?!
Cassandra @TheWeeHours🔁 NYT and WaPo employees should be fed to ISIS .@MaggieNYT via @thelastrefuge2
LindaLJ11 @LindaLJ11🔁 @matthewjdowd @IngrahamAngle @washingtonpost WaPo and NYT are tentacles of the DNC creature.
M. Bishop @missfishers_m🔁Recent news coverage reminds us: robust press is only defense vs govt secrecy. NYT and WaPo subs = inexpensive investments in our democracy.
Chris McAllister @themanfronUNCLE🔁You mean the same NYT and WaPo that said the Asst AG was going to quit, and that Comey wanted more money for the inv estigation?
LindaLJ11 @LindaLJ11🔁I think everybody except the baffoon Dems,MSM,et al have figured out the WaPo and NYT print total Horsh****..nothing to see here,move a long
Voltaire's Crack @Voltaires_Crack🔁Does it seem to anybody that NYT, WAPO et al have @DRUDGE on speed dial and have rented out all the Red Font/Headline space. Wazzupwitdat?
Jorga Stevens @JorgaStevens🔁 NYT's and WaPo dropped minutes after Trump got on to a plane that doesn't land for quite awhile. Brutal
Rachel Powell @kocvF469iPvnmS8🔁Subscribers of the NYT, WaPo & other publications are paying for the investigations and oversight that the U.S. Congress won't conduct.
OEC @ocaldwell🔁@Veteran_4_Trump We "know" she won the popular vote. We are not stupid. I believe WaPO and NYT because I can read and comprehend cited info.
Tom Bridge @tbridge🔁How the rest of the day goes:

NYT names WaPo's senior official.

WaPo details massive meltdown on AF1.


Constitutionalist @TrueCOT🔁NYT and WaPo Coordinate Dual Strikes Against President as Trump Departs for Trip… | The Last Refuge
Sonya Delaine @FlaMama69🔁. And guess what. WaPo exposed Nixon, NYT is one of the most prestigious papers. A bunch of losers calling them fake won't change that.
LindaLJ11 @LindaLJ11🔁I should start making poorly sourced claims about political figures I dislike. Seems all the WaPo and NYT do these days with etc.
Willie Squire @williesquire🔁WaPo and NYT owners are billionaires...they ain't in the media business to make money, but rather to shape public opinion against you
Sonya Delaine @FlaMama69🔁I believe WaPo and NYT far more than I believe the constant stream of lies coming from Trump. The guy is a disgrace.
Rob @TotalFandom🔁 Patiently waiting for Teen Vogue to muscle NYT and WaPo to the side so they can deliver the coup de grâce.
DeplorabledebMaltese @bookemdeb🔁 I wouldn't trust WaPo and NYT to print a Elementary school newsletter!
LindaLJ11 @LindaLJ11🔁 Guys I'm watching CNN's coverage of this WaPo Russia story, it's all idiotic hypotheticals and fart sniffing of WaPo and NYT.
Richard Lenham @rlenham🔁Ah the MSM #fakenews #WaPo and #NYT has decided to poison @realDonaldTrump 's first international trip. What slimy bastards.
Phil Cohen @philltopia🔁Idea: a premium print subscription for WaPo and NYT, where the paper is delivered already framed
Fleur-de-lis🇺🇸 @smuller68🔁If you still believe the WaPo and NYT then your candidate lost the election. Let that sink in, nut job.

Keenan Dworak-Fisher @PcheeKeen🔁White House just issued two non-denials to these great Fri. afternoon scoops. WaPo: And NYT:
Rebekah Tromble @RebekahKTromble🔁@prowag Wheels down in Amsterdam, and yours was literally the 1st tweet I saw. Followed immediately by the NYT story and then WaPo.
LindaLJ11 @LindaLJ11🔁Meanwhile, real crimes are not being investigated. Who unmasked General Flynn? Who is leaking from the CIA to WaPo and NYT?
LindaLJ11 @LindaLJ11🔁WaPo And NYT launch another pair of anonymously sourced attacks as soon as the President gets on air force one. Nut Job
Behind Enemy Lines @BushwackCA🔁So you have a source for that? Or are you just parroting the same bullshit the and do for clicks? No credibility it will hurt.
Dr. Sharon Richert @srichert49🔁@ericbolling Blasts NYT and Wapo: 'You Should Be Ashamed of Your Reporting' PURPOSELY MISLEADING THE PUBLIC!


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