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#NVed#NVed Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁@Trustee_Wright Here is a sack of Grinchy Coal that you earned this year #NVEd #NVTeach #Payfreeze @cceanv
#NVed Theodore Small @vegastheo🔁 CCSD Teacher Pay Freeze = Sack of Coal Present #NVed #NVteach #NegotiateInGoodFaith #Unfair #Justice
#NVed CCEA Social Justice Caucus @CCEA_SJC🔁@vegastheo Has presents for Trustees #COAL for each school in their zone @cceanv #NVed #NVTeach
#NVed CCEA Social Justice Caucus @CCEA_SJC🔁CCSD Teacher Pay Freeze = Sack of Coal Present #NVed #NVteach #NegotiateInGoodFaith #Unfair #Justice
#NVed Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁CFO Jason Goudie now giving detailed presentation of FY18 budget before trustees finally put this to bed #NVED
#NVed Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁@EL1421 Did you buy me a bunch of paper? #NVed #NVTeach How did you know that is what I wanted? #TeacherProblems
DataInsightPartners @DataInsightPart🔁 data for the week of Dec. 8th now available at

289 FAFSAtracker.com applications completed that week
Likely worth over a half milli twitter.com on in Pell Grants

Over 20k seniors haven't filled out a FAFSA (~$45 MILLION in Pell Grants)
minutes to the FAFSA

Robert Cowles (Kolz) @CowlesR🔁 Education chief wants new Clark County schools reorg consultant lvrj.com via @MeghinDelaney #NVed
Alescent @Alescent🔁CFO Jason Goudie now giving detailed presentation of FY18 budget before trustees finally put this to bed
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁Trustees vote 5-1 to keep the school associate superintendent position, although teachers/support staff members speak twitter.com against it, say they've been carrying the weight of cuts
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁Main point up for discussion tonight before School Board adopts final amended budget, ending the deficit crisis: whet twitter.com her or not to bring back the school associate superintendent position they cut last week. Background:
CCEA Social Justice Caucus @CCEA_SJC🔁 CCSD has so many amazing teacher leaders. Apply! #nved #nvleg @cceanv @CCEANBPDP @plpnvc twitter.com
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁Marzette Lewis in public comment voices a concern that sounds like has been felt for a long time. Tells School Board: twitter.com If you get rid of superintendent, please first get rid of Eddie Goldman (chief negotiator). Applause.
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁Speaking about the failure if the CCSD central office and Trustees #PayFreeze #NVed #NVTeach instagram.com
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁Speaking about vendettas in the district - punishing administrators @… instagram.com
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁Teachers taking their carols to public comment. Ryan Armitage: while weather outside is delightful, prospects for tea twitter.com chers are frightful. Says trustees are starving their health insurance. Other background:
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁 Educators are tired of COAL. @ Clark… instagram.com
SafalPartners @SafalPartners🔁Wondering about ? can help.
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁Look how cute Vinnie is? . @ Clark County School District:… instagram.com
(((🇻🇮Lordy 📼 DocHolly🇵🇷))) @docholly🔁 In Yet Another Atbitration Fight . @ Clark County School District:…
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁 In Yet Another Atbitration Fight . @ Clark County School District:… instagram.com
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁Outside the School Board meeting, teachers are “caroling” for their contract. Next arbitration date is next week, not twitter.com sure if it’ll be solved anytime soon...
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁I see reindeer. Love reindeer. Do NOT love broken promises and continuous pay freezes. @… instagram.com
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁 Teachers caroling - Deck the Halls with our frustration. So tired of arbitration… instagram.com
Jaqueline Shepherd @JaquelineSheph6🔁 Teachers Caroling against our pay freeze. . @ Clark… twitter.com
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁 DECK THE HALLS - with our frustration. @ Clark County… instagram.com
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁Teachers Caroling against our pay freeze. . @ Clark… instagram.com
Angie Sullivan @AngieSullivan0🔁CCSD Teacher Pay Freeze = Cold Outside @ Edward A Greer… instagram.com
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁Education chief wants new Clark County schools reorg consultant lvrj.com via @MeghinDelaney #NVed
Susan Neal @sneal🔁You can earn 1/2 inservice credit for attending Tech Fest! Register today!
Brett Barley @Brettbarley1🔁 Good to know!! #NVED #ACT #SAT Good scores = $$$$ twitter.com
Felicia @fortiz505🔁Good to know!! #NVED #ACT #SAT Good scores = $$$$ twitter.com
Felicia @fortiz505🔁Wow! That is huge! I'm wondering if we can get a local NV business offer a small $$ incentive for achieving X score, twitter.com I read an article recently that it can be a big incentive.
Felicia @fortiz505🔁Public testimony regarding the amount of administrative work required by Teachers needs to be addressed if we want t twitter.com o retain teachers and improve student performance. Could not agree more!!
Yvette B. Williams @YvetteBWilliams🔁Shout out to for sponsoring Cyber Cup Competition. The first cybersecurity high school competition in NV. twitter.com
Nevada SPCSA @NevadaCharters🔁#charterstarters: do you have #boardmembers poring over your drafts? Checking spelling and grammar & asking you clarifying questions? #nved
Guinn Center (GCPP) @GuinnCenter🔁Regarding the NVDoe and CCSD “Partnership Network”: Principal Harvey noted: “The Partnership will NOT be an extra bur twitter.com den on schools because organizations we’re partnering with will offset the burden.”
Dena Durish @dmdurish🔁5 DAYS LEFT for teachers to apply for an exciting new opportunity to serve as the first NevadaTeacher Leader in Resid twitter.com ence!
Guinn Center (GCPP) @GuinnCenter🔁New Star Ratings go live today. Starting line to becoming the “fastest improving state in the nation”. Use this data twitter.com for
Guinn Center (GCPP) @GuinnCenter🔁.@CCSSO Board of Directors elected Superintendent Canavero to 3 year term @NVSupt @NevadaReady #SBOE #nvleg #nved
Guinn Center (GCPP) @GuinnCenter🔁. noted during Superintendent’s Report regarding partnership building between NVDoe and districts: “We go further tog twitter.com ether and not fighting each other”
Guinn Center (GCPP) @GuinnCenter🔁NV only State Education Agency to win award from USED 4yr $3.25million to support American Indian youth @NevadaReady #SBOE #nvleg #nved
DataInsightPartners @DataInsightPart🔁There is more to education data than test results. There is a lot of untapped info that can be used to support studen twitter.com ts.

And there is automation that can be done to get info in the hands of staff quicker while taking work off their plates.

Finley @FlyinFinley🔁The last 24 hours have been kind of fun to watch. You can't swing a cat without running into someone spreading misinf twitter.com ormation. They're nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I truly wish a cat would get a few of their tongues, though
CUE of Nevada @CUENV🔁You can earn 1/2 inservice credit for attending Tech Fest! Register today! twitter.com
Erin Phillips @erinbluizz🔁It will be nice to see state and local admin champion the reorg, so far very few have. #nved twitter.com
WestCTA Principal @WCTAPrincipal🔁 #Commit90 minutes tonight! #nved twitter.com
Natalie Bruzda @NatalieBruzda🔁“Historically, the salary for part-time faculty has been low. It’s one of the many issues that needs to be addressed. twitter.com
Jackie Valley @JackieValley🔁Interesting scene at reorg advisory committee meeting:

+ sitting next to each other answering questions.

drilli twitter.com ng them about finances, compliance with law.

Dale Chu @Dale_Chu🔁Using data wizardry for good: is helping schools to better understand the needs of their students via twitter.com
Felicia @fortiz505🔁 thank you for bringing up Leadership! That is key to CCSD Achieves! We must ensure that we have the most dedicated a twitter.com nd willing leaders.
Hope For Nevada @HopeForNevada🔁 listing history of non-paid involvement with , only goal is to see NV students obtain educational equity and have op twitter.com portunity through education to realize their dreams.
The TenSquare Group @TenSquareGroup🔁That's Instructional Coaches Jess + Mia excited to talk with corps members & alum at last week's Fair about + . Se twitter.com e our website for open positions at our partner
Michael Cruice @M_Cruice🔁I hope many schools make good use of the opportunity offered by the partnership between and . via twitter.com
Amelia Pak-Harvey @AmeliaPakHarvey🔁CCSD blamed some of its deficit on unanticipated charter growth. How would they not know which seats are coming? twitter.com explains, looks at historical charter growth and what it means to traditional public schools:
CCEA National Board @CCEANBPDP🔁 Big shout out to CCEA National Board and Elizabeth Campbell !
CCEA Social Justice Caucus @CCEA_SJC🔁@CCEANBPDP Big shout out to CCEA National Board and Elizabeth Campbell #NT3 #NBCT #ProfessionalDevelopment #Woot! #nved #nvteach
DataInsightPartners @DataInsightPart🔁#Commit90 minutes tonight! #nved twitter.com
The TenSquare Group @TenSquareGroup🔁Now hiring! Our partner schools in Las Vegas and Washington, DC have immediate teacher and staff openings. Apply now! twitter.com


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