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#NUFC Josh Kevin Donaghy @DeludedDonaghy🔁 😃 This is brilliant.

😂 @Lascelles16's mum still gives him a fiver every time he scores. #NUFC

#NUFC Toon Army Chicago @ToonArmyChicago🔁This view never gets old #NUFC
#NUFC#NUFC Mark Dryden @MarkJDryden4🔁Remember when the mackems were calling Rafa - Rafael Beneathus? #NUFC #SAFC #35places #Karma #SMB #LALAS HA HA HA
Ged Grebby @GedGrebby🔁 SCENES at St. James' after Jamaal Lascelles' winner!! 😍🙌🏼⚫️⚪️⚫️ #NUFC


#NUFC connor wilson @ohhwilsonn🔁 When you see Newcastle United in the top four #nufc
Newcastle United FC @NUFC🔁68'- GOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! The captain has done it again!!! 2-1!! #NUFC
#NUFC Newcastle United FC @NUFC🔁FULL TIME Newcastle United 2-1 Stoke City

It's three @premierleague wins in a row for the Magpies!!! ⚫️⚪️ #NUFC

Newcastle United FC @NUFC🔁🗓 in 1997, scored a magical hat-trick in a 3-2 win over at St. James' Park!
THE BOY @therealfatez🔁 Have looked at the league table about 100 times in the last 24 hours. Early, but what the heck, it looks nice! #NUFC
Eastwood&KimberleyFC @E_and_K_FC🔁 THE BEST GOAL YOU WILL SEE ON TWITTER TODAY!! #dcfc #ncfc #nffc #lcfc #atfc #mufc #mcfc #nufc #afc #efc #whu #cfc
M @1MYK3L🔁FULL TIME Newcastle United 2-1 Stoke City

It's three wins in a row for the Magpies!!! ⚫️⚪️

ReviewFootball @ReviewFootball🔁 have a manager who makes time one hour before ko to meet volunteers from . That is the measure of the man
Tom Johnston @TomJohnstonNews🔁"Club in crisis" #NUFC
Nathan McCarthy @Nath_McCarthy10🔁When you're 7 trebles deep in Gotham and that I Am VIP photographer suggests a group photo for a keyring
Phill Parker @PhillParker🔁Can we "cash out" early in the season? I'd like to finish it NOW! 😂

Darren Watson @DarrenWatson72🔁@stevewraith @Lascelles16 Well said Steve! Couldnt agree more #NUFC
NUFC Collective @NUFCCoIIective🔁Newcastle 2-1 Stoke: Ritchie and Lascelles are the dream combo once ... | 🚀 by
Caitlin @accentpreferred🔁No more mercenaries. No more primadonnas. Just a terrific group of lads wanting to play for Newcastle United.
Lord GKH @g2bstar🔁 Mark Hughes on why Newcastle United are 'difficult to defend against' #NUFC
Tracy @Falconstalons1🔁We're trying to raise money for children with cancer, please help us on our charity walk by donating.
Joe 🐝 @yagsieoj🔁 4th place!? That says to me I've overspent. Fucking furious.


Don @smcultra🔁Lets stop the league now. #NUFC
Toon Army America @ToonArmyAmerica🔁GTF IN. #NUFC
tf NUFC podcast @tfweeklypod🔁NEW PODCAST 🔈

3️⃣ on the bounce for Rafa's against



Peter Lamb @peterjameslamb🔁@faisalislam @UKStatsAuth Technically you can't actually be United in a city with two teams anyway? The real United are in 4th! #nufc 😂
James Fairley @Fairley97🔁📊 STAT: Only Henrikh Mkhitaryan (5) has more assists to his name than Matt Ritchie (4) so far this season.
Sir Toby Belch @oinkbaamoo🔁Dyou think Roy checked the fixture list before he took the job? #cpfc next 4 games against the top 4. #MCFC #mufc #cfc #NUFC
Taidgh @FinallyTaidgh🔁Best thing about our recent results is that we're nearly a quarter way to safety already. #NUFC
HITC NUFC Empire @HITCnewcastle🔁Transfer news: Newcastle United outcast Jack Colback may be pained by Wolves' flying form
HITC Transfer News @HITCdeadlineday🔁Transfer news: Newcastle United outcast Jack Colback may be pained by Wolves' flying form #nufc #newcastleunitedfc
J . Douglas @jdouglas37🔁 Stop the league, I want to get off! D
Football Tips @footballtips🔁🗣️"You’re embarrassing yourselves"

Another #nufc win, another rant at lazy pundits by @ToonBano 👇 ▶️

#AskFans ⚽

Roy O Mahony @royomahony🔁@durka76 @chris_kammy You obviously weren't at the Stoke game!!
Steve Brown @Dee_aspora🔁Who'd have thought #nufc would be 4th at any point this season. Never mind after 5 games.


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