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Danielle Moody @DaniRNucando🔁 A special #NTI2018 Day 2 welcome from nurse Alex Wubbels.
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁 Wonder how many nurses at #NTI2018 got a text from their work asking if they could come in.
#NTI2018 Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁 All good things come to an end. Thank you for your excellent hospitality, Boston! #NTI2018
sydney @sydneymlezzer🔁 One more. Couldn’t resist. #BardFoleyMan2018 #NTI2018
#NTI2018 Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁 One happy CSZ team at #NTI2018!
Amy Cuddy @amyjccuddy🔁I was honored to speak with 8500 of the world’s most underappreciated heroes, critical care nurses.
They face the m twitter.com ost stressful high-stakes challenges every day: caring for us during the most important, delicate moments of our lives. Thank a nurse, every time.
Ruth Pettit @ruth_pettit🔁"Initially titrate a pressor like you're taking a shower. If temperature is way off, make big moves, as temperature gets closer to your goal - slow down titration as you close in on target." - Stressors out of Pressors
Ruth Pettit @ruth_pettit🔁Non invasive blood pressure readings are inaccurate in both obese and critically ill patients. Also, in all patients it overestimates when the patient is hypotensive and underestimates when a patient is hypertensive - both potentially critical times to have accuracy.
thegreatchuckbambino @ChuckMastan🔁I saw Alex Wubbels in the hotel lobby 3 times during . Took a lot of self control to not be annoying and ask for a picture with her. What a badass nurse and she even has her own Wikipedia entry!

#hellomynameisRoss @ffolliet🔁I have the best wife. Text I got right before walking on stage for my last talk at . She’s at home, but knows what time my talks are. She’s not on Twitter, but I want everyone else to know how lucky I am.
🍀Shadira Anastatia Natasha Monsanto Williams🍀‍⚕ @MsMonsanto🔁How do we convince to be a motivational speaker or MC for ?

Yo Z, wouldn't you want to hang with 9000 critical care nurses? 😎

Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁We appreciate all the interest at on how the ACT System can help you enhance your patients’ recovery, reduce complications and costs after . Let’s keep working together towards !

Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁Did talking about early mobility at leave you wanting to know more? Join us this fall in Baltimore for the JH ICU Rehab Conference!
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁What a great time we have had at NTI in Boston this week. Hope you had a chance to meet Lori, Raluca and Brooke at the Cross Country TravCorps booth. If not, no worries... you can still find great Critical Care Travel Nurse Jobs right here
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁Our team had a great time at the NTI conference in Boston this week! We hope you had a chance to stop by and meet everyone. If not, don’t worry - we can still help you find a dream assignment here:
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁We are looking forward in hearing your presentation of all the great things you learned and key takeaways from Safe journey back to New York !
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁Greater Portland nurses at in Boston pictured with president, Christine Schulman.
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁The plus side of having a office is that scientific and medical conferences are often held down the street. This week, we supported a client at the ’s Expo and got a first look at industry advancements
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁Heading back to New York. We had a blast at We are so & excited to continue our We can do this
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁Many thanks to everyone who joined us to learn about 2018 in Boston and thanks also to for a fabulous conference, we move on now to 2018 in Minneapolis with once again
Marty Trujillo @martyalen🔁“Change comes from within. It must come from us. Exceptional nurses. We can create the workplace we want” -AACN’s President-elect unveils new theme, “Our Voice. Our Strength”.
D J Brunnette @Stonegate4me🔁 Nurses lead an effort to change the standard for ICU rooms by removing privacy curtains. #NTI2018 cards.twitter.com
Men in Nursing @MenInNursing🔁Unprecedented effort by everyone involved with 20 million impressions. Never before has a conference reached these heights. Imagine
Susan Diane Houchen @susandianehouc5🔁Visit our booth at to see noninvasive, continuous hemoglobin monitoring in action and its role in streamlining the clinical workflow.
Jonathan Downham @ccpractitioner🔁"When we use our collective voice and the strength we have as nurses, we can invent our future." - Lisa Riggs, AACN President-elect
james whitesides @jameswh74235167🔁Edwards Lifesciences has partnered with Sepsis Alliance offering resources on sepsis best practices. Visit booth 1711 today.
shannon boles @shannonboles🔁Sadly, is coming to a close, but tonight is the awesome -- AND FUN -- Nurses Night Off in Boston. This year's conference was a sellout (and a blast). It's never too early to plan for next year!
shannon boles @shannonboles🔁 Goodbye Boston and @AACNme #NTI2018
Mike Ackerman @mhackerman🔁This experience has been out of this world. There is some expo time left and a few more hours of sessions. If you're heading home today, safe travels. I hope we can all meet again next year.
Mike Ackerman @mhackerman🔁Keep the momentum going through the last few hours of We CAN get to 20 million impressions by the end of the conference.
Only in the ICU @OnlyintheICU🔁 “Be a weaner!”-Daniel Arellano on pressors titration #NTI2018
Argelis Olmedo @argelittta🔁Day 3 of NTI, presenting the latest on pediatric shock. Great friendship and collaboration between Johns Hopkins, Cincinnati Children’s, and
Mike Becker @mbecker712🔁Want to better understand the drivers of improved patient blood management? Come to and hear Sherri Ozawa talk about the roles of real-time data and noninvasive continuous hemoglobin monitoring in patient blood management.
Orla Smith @orlasmith51🔁Don't forget to get your CE credit before ends! There is one article in each of the four NTI Voices!
Orla Smith @orlasmith51🔁The conference may be wrapping up here in Boston, but the education continues. Conference attendees have access to certification review courses through October. And look for recorded sessions to become available in June.
Rosine DT @RosineDNP911🔁I was honored to speak with 8500 of the world’s most underappreciated heroes, critical care nurses.
They face the most stressful high-stakes challenges every day: caring for us during the most important, delicate moments of our lives. Thank a nurse, every time.
Karen Kesten @kkesten🔁Both boards at NTI 2018. Great voice and great strength for acute and critical care nursing!!
Nurses&Hypochndriacs @nurseshypochond🔁 Peace out #NTI2018! ✌🏼

It's been incredible.

Karen Bankston @DrKay90🔁Thanks to our alumni and friends who have stopped by our booth at the NTI Conference in Boston!
Danielle Moody @DaniRNucando🔁Loving the incoming Presidents theme... Our Voice, Our Strength! ...recognising the power of the nursing voice, within our community of exceptional nurses!
Danielle Moody @DaniRNucando🔁Interesting thought- what if we eliminated the use of the phrase “non-productive time” for nurses? Why is our “value” based only our direct care time? The other stuff matters too!
Karen Bankston @DrKay90🔁Congrats to Rosalinda Fernandez! She won our Cincinnati-themed prize basket filled with Queen City faves: chocolate, , BBQ sauce, sauce, and tarter sauce! Thanks to all who stopped by our booth! 👋
Danielle Moody @DaniRNucando🔁“It’s time that we move nurse staffing from an operational expense to a key investment in patient safety and exceptional patient outcomes.” -Christine Schulman, AACN President
Nawaf Alenzi RN @w0oz🔁Great lecture at with Olga Moen & Denise Thomas on applied EtCO2 - 200 attendees & some great audience engagement with our live-simulation case study using
reepRN @reepRN🔁 Great thread on vent synchrony #NTI2018 session twitter.com
reepRN @reepRN🔁If everyone who attended could pick ONE session from conference and dedicate one day a week (let’s agree on one) to tweet about what you learned, what you didn’t, and go on a deeper dive into the material presented we would carry on the virtual conference until
Jay Rimes @Impellafella🔁
9000 attendees! Still going strong! Nurses packing the booth to learn about heart recovery!
Chanda Cashen Chacon @ChandaChacon🔁ACCN is in the books! PICU team thanks you for our new Silver Beacon Award & all the networking & learning! Leaving with our power poses & using our voices to ask why!
Mike @ICUStat🔁Unprecedented effort by everyone involved with 20 million impressions. Never before has a conference reached th twitter.com ese heights. Imagine
Naiwei @naiweic🔁We had a great time learning and sharing our passion for pediatric delirium at ! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Orlando next year!
Mike @ICUStat🔁Reflections of a great : Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it. Go and volunteer for . Become someone you never thought you’d be in nursing school. Dare to put in two abstracts because you were denied once before. Disrupt it.
Mike @ICUStat🔁Technically ended only a few hours so please permit me the opportunity to invite to be with us next year in for t twitter.com o help us project to a wider audience! 🤗
Nicole T. @shadieladyss🔁Monitor U/O, IAP and core body temperature with just the push of a button. Visit Medline at booth #2967 during NTI to learn more.


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