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Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁Pls everyone pray for Lindsey Samelson. Colorado Springs, young wife, mother of 3, on show yesterday. Horrific car a ccident last night. She is a warrior for life and now fighting for her own.
Libre Informacion @Libreinfo🔁Julianne Hough had to fight for a $300 paycheck when she was 11 — now she splurges on blueberry facials for her dogs
NPR @NPR🔁The U.S. government now has more than 10,000 migrant children in custody and advocates say the government is violatin g rules on how the children should be treated.
AmnestyInternational @amnesty🔁Planning on watching today? Why don't you also read the stories of 11 human rights defenders still being persecuted by the government in & demand justice now! Support →
Shane Simmons @Shane_Eyestrain🔁The day has arrived! Longshot Comics is now on sale across the globe! Over 300 pages and 11,000 panels of material a wait you!
you can also grab these at the hive gallery in dtla june 14 - july 11 and at AX july 5 - 8!!!
thank you everyone for the support!!!

Joyce Saldanha @Joysal1🔁 closes today 11.59 pm!
All you got to do is: Create your own video of your life’s dreams and wishes and share with us with
One lucky winner will be given a chance to live their dream for real!
Hurry now!
*T&C applied()
Luis @xLEAMGx🔁Now that the World Cup Started and I’m excited with something else than games, I tried to analice the hate on the aqu istion. They have 0 motives for the hate, Ninja Theory has 1 game exclusive to Sony, and it was for the PS3 11 years ago, nothing more.
Johnny Premier @JohnnyPremier🔁Vive La France! As subscribers to our know, our World Cup pick was France +650. Action kicked off today...L'Hexagone now at +500-550.

Today we've got a MLB selection on the Forum. Follow on IG, FB and Twitter. Overall 34-24, up 11.14 units!

Jazz90.1 Swing & Blues Radio @901SwingBlues🔁Now on Swing & Blues Radio: Take A Piece of My Heart
by Downchild Blues Band
at 14:11:53
Angilee Shah @angshah🔁Heya . There are some 11,000 migrant children in federal custody right now. I’m thinking I’ll refocus my Saturday wor kshop on where there is (and isn’t) data available about them. Yay or nay?
Engo Engowi @Engowi_mba🔁 Still goes into wif in a country dats @ war with him.Afta declaring war in d on 11/30/18,he now uses scorched earth policy 4 his with Helping hands
. @finrisk🔁Pls everyone pray for Lindsey Samelson. Colorado Springs, young wife, mother of 3, on show yesterday. Horrific car accident last night. She is a warrior for life and now fighting for her own.
Patricia Surrett @plsurrett🔁When you can't find a nutcracker, a sledgehammer is the next best thing. Right, ? 😂🌰

Catch more hilarious celebrity stories with Seasons 10 & 11 of Would I Lie to You? . Streaming now on .

Nanni @NanniMVD🔁Damn! Doesnt Sean Spicer seem like he happened 5 years ago? In any event, maybe Jared's got some time on his hands t o help out. He only has 11 or 12 other jobs he's allegedly doing right now.
Swept Wings @WingsSwept🔁11:07 a.m. shadow banned all morning now. Nobody seeing tweets from my feed. Twitter hire only trolls or what!?! I had fun for the week I was on Twtr. Lost 7 1bs forgot 2 eat:)
6/26 💔 @OGSlimMbk🔁On god she been twerking since i was 11.. I’m 28 now
Robert Sherman @RobertSherman79🔁HAPPENING NOW: Catch my interview with Carol Costello () on at 11:05am ET/10:05am CT discussing the soon-to-be-released .
Crypto_Cthulhu @Darw1nsaysDie🔁They told you to hold the whole way down cause 14k was imminent So you didnt short the market. Then you panic sold t he last two days cause most on twitter have the emotional sentiment of an 11 year old girl and now we're bouncing. Bite the pillow lads it will be over soon.
Febe Potgieter @FebePotgieter🔁The news is out! The delightful Mpumi's Magic Beads, initially self-published by the impressive , is now available for pre-order in all 11 languages.

Order your copy on our website:

jace kolar @JaceKolar🔁National Treasure is on Netflix now so I’ll see y’all in 2 hrs and 11 minutes
FBDevCoach @FBDevCoach🔁“Defenses have been playing 11 against 10 for so long that, and now all of a sudden you have to play 11-on-11 and it changes everything you do." - Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Have defenses figured out the zone read?

Katy Rez @Karfrmthhrt🔁THIS is in the SAME infuriating category as experiencing the 9/11 outrage! This was an inside DARK attack on democrac y. Clinton being "excused" and "positioned" over Sanders, Trump campaign being "framed" now a sitting POTUS being FRAMED! SICK!!
Zay 🦁🤼‍♂️ @ya_boy_zavion🔁24-Hour Flash Sale! First 25 Orders get FREE Shipping Option at Checkout. Offer expires on Thursday, June 14 at 11:00am CST. Click the link to buy now -
Jacob Gallucci @JacobG88🔁The Brewers have shut out the Cubs in back-to-back games

It's the 1st time the Brewers have shut out the Cubs on consecutive days

The two teams have now played 11 times this season and 7 have resulted in shutouts

The Jeremiah Show @ShowJeremiah🔁Tune in to Flavia's Interview on her new single "Hateful" NOW (11 AM) Listen to KZSB online via @tunein #NowPlaying
Paulina Carrasco P @aniluapcp🔁Planning on watching today? Why don't you also read the stories of 11 human rights defenders still being persecuted by the government in & demand justice now! Support →
3Degrees @3Degrees_Inc🔁Yellowstone's once unpredictable Steamboat geyser seems to be erupting on a schedule - at least for now:
Joan Marlow Cullen @JoanieBaloney90🔁Last month, this Longhorn was preparing to graduate from her three-year creative writing fellowship at UT’s . Now, she’s sitting on book deals worth at least $2M 🌎
OyunDanzan.MD.PhD, Expert4Good. @AnnieDanz🔁11)The ancient did
exactly same we today, nothing changed, b/c of fear, fight
we suffer more, no peace.
All human s have enough land on earth to live on.
Now Brett,Linda,Chrystia, &me, let's make peace,
love on earth.Let's talk, negotiate:)?
SpanishDan #WATON #Remain #Stopbrexit2018 #FBPE @SpanishDan1🔁Look at the bright side: they won't be able to delete them anymore now. If after the raid on their offices the police find anything short of 11,000 incriminating emails it is clear that they have obstructed the course of justice by deleting them
Ruth Eckerd Hall @RuthEckerdHall🔁Was your fav celebrity appearance on ? Vote for her now for a chance to enter to win 2 tickets to see live Thu, Jun 21. Text "TIFFANY" 95323 for your chance to win! Ends this Sun, Jun 17 11:59pm.
Aqua🌞♒️👽 @infinitequanaa🔁I completed a blog today, and learned the importance of uploading on a day and time. So i'm just going to hold off u ntil Sunday at 11 AM and not be pressed to drop it now =)
Jordan @jordanalyssa_11🔁From now on idc who you know or are with if I don’t know you on a personal level you are not allowed to set foot in m y car or house and if for some reason you are I will be doing nothing but watching you and following you around 🙃 tired of ppl jacking my shit
FUNBI @phunbiz01🔁's inflation rate is now down to 11.6% (year-on-year figure for May). It's fallen from a peak of almost 19% in early 2017.
Steve Pickett @torkefan🔁Our amazing Able Orchestra wowed audiences in 2016 as part of BBC's Ten Pieces. Now they're set to perform alongside world-renowned 22 June. Tickets FREE to book, pay what you can on the night. Full details here:
El Polako @BtcPolako🔁ETC on #Kraken is now 11.91 #eur

(was 11.66 eur 6h ago / 2.14%)

#cryptocurrency #ticker #ETC

cityfam @TheCityFam🔁Don’t miss out on the scavenger hunt of a lifetime; Dare Theory is back in Baltimore and sales end tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.! Yoga have so much fun! Register now:
Louise Howard @Louise__Howard🔁They won't have any inkling or do not care in the slightest that in their mindless vandalism means I now can't get h ome on time, where my 11 month old baby will be waiting for me.
Alex Cruz @SelenaWorldN🔁11 days To Go — Don’t Miss Out!

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Asd @Asd49396392🔁. had to fight for a $300 paycheck when she was 11 — now she splurges on blueberry facials for her dogs
INSIDER @thisisinsider🔁. had to fight for a $300 paycheck when she was 11 — now she splurges on blueberry facials for her dogs
Don Foxe @don_foxe🔁No peeking! Kids & teens contest goody bags are ready! Sign up on site 9-11am for the Kids & Teens costume to 25/ division , contest starts at 11:30am in the Whaley Hall!
Thanks to our costume contest sponsors: Cool Comics & Games, Funimation Now & Zen Gardens!!
macdonald ndovi @macndovi🔁 only has 11 resident practicing actuaries which is still on the lower side in view of evolving regulatory requirements that are now calling for more actuarial input in the ops of insurance companies and pension funds.
health news @healthn35974009🔁Fox News Alert: Your favorite show, Happening Now, will be on in a few minutes!
Get ready! Your favorite show, Happen ing Now , will be on in a few minutes on the Fox News Channel!

Happening Now on Fox News Channel - weekdays from 11 AM - 12 PM as we deliver the day's bigges…

John Thomas @JCTRamblerINC🔁People knew Trump University was a fraud before the election. This WaPo article on Trump Foundation buying a $20k p aining of Trump himself was published seven days before the 2016 election. People knew Trump was a crook. He has more GOP support now.

3.M.O.H @avery_day🔁Retweeted Democracy Now! ():

“What Truth Sounds Like”: Michael Eric Dyson on New Book About RFK, James Baldwin & Rac e in America

linda bertinelli @linda_lindylou🔁"Now, men say: 'Well, you have a great résumé, but you’re kind of an insider.'

"Really? For decades, men were telling women: 'Just a little more experience and you’ll be qualified.'"

& me on the Year of the Woman, maybe, in governor's races >>

Brendan King @buddyboi94🔁For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18.
Des @desdelboy🔁'He can't destroy history': Johnny Marr on veganism, Man City and Morrissey's legacy
Kevin Riley @krileymusic🔁 NowPlaying I Can Only Imagine - @krileymusic Hear It NOW On #Urban #Gospel #Music 12:11
Microsoft Store @MicrosoftStore🔁Fans can visit , Microsoft St ore online or a local Microsoft Store retail location to pre-order the Xbox Adaptive Controller which will begin shipping in September 2018. Learn more here on Xbox Wire.
q. @faqehawt🔁 age 11: worry about internet people finding me in real life

now: worry about people in real life finding me on the internet

🇪🇸 Chase Glorfield 🇪🇸 @Chase_Glorfield🔁NBD, he's only the winningest quarterback in the history of college football. 😏

Hear from Hall of Fame QB, now quarterbacks coach on the Network TODAY!

Stay tuned...

Dirkobe @dirkobe🔁Native ERC-20 Token Support Is Now Available on KeepKey Wallet via
Ellise Pierce @cowgirlchef🔁Way to go, . You turn off my water because of an unpaid bill that I never received -- you were sending them to an add ress that's 11 years old -- and now I have to wait all day for you to turn it back on...
Carlos @CorteCar_11🔁Breaking news people....I think I grew a little bit. I just had to add a line on my height wall...This is HUGE! I am a full 5 foot 5 now. From now on when I play Basketball I’m going to need to be fed in the post damn it....I’m drop stepping all day!


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