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Ayoo ✈️✨⛽️ @ItsMy_TERRItory🔁 Trying to figure out what is and is not a catch in the NFL is like doing word math....
Nick Zilka @coachz76🔁 He threw the ball in the air after he landed! No catch! Not a football move! #TENvsNE
Natalie Rowe @RealNatalieRowe🔁EXCLUSIVE, before I catch up with you all tomorrow is writing a book and is well aware, I’m not saying he used it a s a blackmail tool to stay right the hell where he is.... I’m that’s all. 😘
R.M Phoolo @CassperNyovest🔁I’m at a point in my life where I just wanna have fun. I just wanna make music , travel and have fun. I’m not competi ng with nobody and those who don’t understand what we’ve done for the game will catch up later. I just wanna make different kinds of music, travel and grow. MUFASA
Siredwardjames @SirEdwardJames🔁WOW! What a catch, and what a freaking throw. Titans out here not scared. #NFLPlayoffs
chikin @minyeoncrush🔁jongin: ok ok ok! please use a good camera app. don't take pics using default camera. taking vids is not allowed too because i'll check it! just for once, start now!
jongin: *poses*
jongin: stop! not anymore! if you keep taking pics, i'll catch you! ㅂㅇㅂ
Broda @BrodaClown🔁He threw the ball in the air after he landed! No catch! Not a football move! #TENvsNE
Dwayne eckert @DwayneDays🔁Let us not forget the time Nick foles threw such a bad pass the defender hit it with his knee and deflected it back for a catch #eagles
Rich Horton @HortonRich🔁Hard to understand that call. I thought the rule was well established -- if someone makes an obvious touchdown catch against the Patriots, it's not a catch. Don't these refs know the rules?
Carrie Anne @Carrieee2014🔁Not only did the Titans score the first offensive TD on the Patriots in 9 quarters and scored first, BUT made it a o ne handed catch!!
Mattson @Mattson201712🔁TEN TD! Catch? Not a catch? Surprised they didn’t go to a booth review & overrule because the ball moved in his han d! 😂

Rico @STAXX_A_MILLIO🔁u won't catch me in no likes of a tranny pic,, I not riding that wave wit yal on wit that shit
Bill DiFilippo @billdifilippo🔁the whole “i don’t really care about the nfl anymore” thing means i thought that throw and catch ruled and i am not f urious the patriots allowed a touchdown, it’s way more fun this way
Jeremy Parkourbyn @TheChrisDuffy🔁@scott_murrin You’re a catch, Scott. No doubt. Not this catch, but a catch nonetheless.
Angel Aquino-Lugo @angelzq🔁What a catch! And btw that was a pass interference against the Patriots not called...just saying...
(13-3) (34-10) @PrimeRozier🔁 Damn that was just a beautiful throw and catch. I'm not mad about the TD. But the entire drive was AWFUL
Misshayrozay💋😏 @shayrozay_🔁When Y'all Single But Yall Together Just Not In A Relationship & Better Not Catch Each Other Cheating 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Y'all Know That Kinda Vibe?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ion Know What Too Call It 😕🤔🙄😔😂😂😂
bryan escamilla @trainspotter_33🔁New England refs had to look to Belicheck to see if they should have called that a catch or not.....
Steffan @realsrs_1980🔁Bevin is a one term wonder. His proposals have been ridiculous and is doing nothing but making Kentuckians unhealthy and poorer. Ky needs to catch up with the rest of the United States. Progress not regress
We Track Bollywood @TrackBollywood🔁A show not to be missed! Catch as the first guest judge in the premiere episode of with and , 13th Jan at 8PM on !
Leah Holland @Leahh70🔁. niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: "President Trump is not a racist." She calls it a she sees it IMO 👉🏻Honestly, this term is overused as a ‘catch all phrase’ when you don’t agree with the Left
Jada👑💗 @jadakissz🔁U ever look at a nigga like... You just TOO fine to not have something wrong w you lmaooo. Like what’s the catch?

& then he shows you like a week later. Lmaoooo

Anti-🚮Zilla @blakkdamnzilla🔁Damn!!!!!What a time to catch your first TD.Bill already looking for a reason not to pay Butler.
Dii @SunyDii🔁What a catch! But when you are playing against Brady or Rodgers it's not over till you are driving home!!! #TENvsNE
michelle onifrichuk @michrlleonifri1🔁#Titans #NFL
That was a beautiful catch omg nice nice! Shut them out not Defense
Flash! a ah! @thehousetweetin🔁What a not to try to adjust with 2 hands after catching. #TENvsNE #NFLPlayoffs
BT @Burleytommy🔁Somewhere a @Patriots fan is claiming that Davis catch was not a catch. #TENvsNE
Hoagie @The_Hoagie🔁Honestly if you’re a coach going against New England do you make a one week rule to not allow players to spike a ball after a catch and hold on to it all the way to sideline? Ya know...just in case.
R.B.N.978 @RBN978🔁
well, you can see how the NFl is gonna screw the Pats. Holding not being called on Titans followed by PI on Offense not called during TD catch. This is why ratings are falling. why watch a game the refs are gonna fix?
YsJish 😈 @ysJish🔁 Hard not to root for the underdog. What a catch! Go @Titans !!!!!!
Michael Crow @mcrow1130🔁@Espngreeny Not sure what is more surprising ...

The start of this game or that catch wasn't overturned after a 10-minute review



Chris @ChrisFHfx🔁Would NOT want to catch a Chara slapshot in the head... hope Danault is okay. #Bruins
Hal Kimball @kimballhal🔁Wait. How can that catch by Davis be a touchdown in New England? How was that not reviewed? The empire surely cannot let that stand.
ASAPinfa @ASAPInfa🔁@ClayTravis how was a flag not thrown for pass interference on that td catch. Pats db was holding his entire other arm
Jon Butler @DadSox🔁What a beautiful catch by the rookie #Titans Corey Davis. Huge catch for him after not scoring in the regular season.
Sally West 🍷 @SallyAnnWest🔁 Not a catch, because it's against the Patriots.
Jordan Wright @Jwright6735🔁Corey Davis has not done much all year but what a catch!
Jamie Bartini @JABartini🔁@marlon_humphrey Not a bad catch either
Jacob @JacobMSommers🔁Hard not to root for the underdog. What a catch! Go @Titans !!!!!!
A Bristow #FBPE @VolksCrapWagen🔁EXCLUSIVE, before I catch up with you all tomorrow is writing a book and is well aware, I’m not saying he used it as a blackmail tool to stay right the hell where he is.... I’m that’s all. 😘
fb10 @TheRealFredo7🔁Thank you NFL for not reviewing that lol clearly a catch
Drake’s Boyfriend @_angelavenger🔁Watch the NFL somehow not call that a touchdown. “He didn’t catch it with both hands” LMFAO!!!!
Jack Bardsley @BostonsBigFour🔁Hell of a throw, even better catch. Still not worried.
#NotDone #ItsNotLuck @bostoncentral_🔁Not really anything Butler can do there, just a hell of a catch
Bill Yelenak @byelenak🔁I usually give Butler crap, but that's just a hell of a catch by Davis. Wow. Not terrible coverage.
Grumpy Gringo @dnsmith555🔁 NOT A CATCH!!!
Carl Casperson @Ccas36🔁1st TD as a rookie is a one handed catch in the divisional round against the patriots to take the lead. Not too bad at all
Ian Richey @ianrichey8🔁I'm not even mad, that was a good catch
Troy Adams @TBob8🔁Welp. Heck of a catch. Pats are starting slow again. Not good. #GoPats
BJ @redranger0120🔁Biggest play of the game and they can’t review a first down? Fn bullshit. I’m not saying the falcons would have stopped them or had a chance to win if they did, but if y’all are going to review EVERY fn catch from JJ and Sanu, then this should be reviewed.
Ken Kaneki @Tyler_Arre🔁Catch me outside.
Wild, dumb, stupid shirt.
Always smoking Doja.
Twist my whip, wheels skrrt.
Down a couple Haze and I'm coasting on a different plane.
Mind is full of fire, that's why I don't hang with fucking lames.
I write and read just so I can stay sane.
I am not to blame.
SoCalCharles @SoCalCharles🔁A clean catch don't have to wonder if its a catch or not.
* @Dak_GOATscott🔁Malcolm Butler getting burnt for a td by a roomier WR who didn't catch a td in the regular season not surprised
James Huss @Polar39er🔁If that's not a catch, I don't know what is. #TENvsNE
wieffs @WiffleballWieff🔁After further review, the previous play is ruled not a catch. No touchdown
Nick @NickPederson63🔁Corey Davis confirmed to not be a bust after that catch
Real Sports Takes @TakesReal🔁Wow what a catch first TD of year why not
Walter Gonzales @HeyImWalter🔁Not even the refs can reverse that lmao what a catch
Three Lions 🦁🦁🦁 🍒🍒🍒 @TheCursedChapo🔁@lisalovesbacon why not catch a train from gosford?
autumn @autumntatum218🔁You can be friends w someone u have sex w and not catch feelings. You can even go on dates with them and not desire a relationship. Hell you can do a lot if you control your emotions and understand there is a time and place and that vibing + sex does not = relationship/feelings.
Harbinger of Bacon @BaneFalcon🔁So why is it the only time the and play each other through this entire season of on Wednesdays? Not any other day?

I want to catch a game, but I'm a retail stiff.

The Daily Blitz @dailyblitz_61🔁That’s how you punch an opponent in the mouth. They better not review this. It’s a catch!! #titants
Tribune of the Plebs @Handsome_Jake_🔁Damn that was just a beautiful throw and catch. I'm not mad about the TD. But the entire drive was AWFUL
Zach Carr @ZCarr39🔁Is that not DPI? Also a fairly impressive catch.
Andrew Robertson @schoolboydrew1🔁That's a catch, but is it a catch against the @Patriots ?? Maybe not..
Gridiron @Gridiron🔁BOOM! #Titans get out in front early with a great Corey Davis catch. Not going to script with nearly a quarter played.
DJ Carlile @djcarlile🔁What a catch!! How was that not a flag?!
Kim Trails @bullprog🔁That's why I asked which BLM. I'm not aware of corruption in that group. Do you have an article I can check out?
I gu ess I'm curious overall about this theory of these groups causing the rise of far right extremists. Can you send me a few sources so I can catch up?
Anthony Gulizia @AnthonyGulizia🔁Corey Davis made one hell of a grab but he did not complete the act of the catch because he didn't wait the requisite 35 seconds before celebrating by launching the ball in the air
Blake @Blake_8_Taylor🔁watch them call that not a catch.....wouldn’t surprise me 😂
johnstish @JSticia🔁if that's not a catch i'll go to the white house and slap donnie tonight.
Sharky McStevenson @Omega_Rex🔁Not much you can do to stop a catch like that
Garvey @GatorTee🔁What a catch. How do they not throw a flag for DPI?!
Steve Shuler @steve_shuler🔁Titans not messing around! What a catch!
Colin "Stormy" Daniels @southstands303🔁WHAT A CATCH! YES! GO NOT THE PATRIOTS!
Saudi Whorabian👳🏽 @i__pooteD🔁Wow I didn’t not think he had a chance to catch that
Nathan Wurtzel @NathanWurtzel🔁Not a catch, because it's against the Patriots.
J.R. Cardenas® @JRCardenasTV🔁@bravesjt No. Not at all. But we all saw the same thing man. Bad pass to a bad catch, not great players just not under pressure.
cespy @ivanrene31🔁How you not catch that bruh you just dropped a spot in my lost I got @Cantguardmike over you now
sydnayyy🌞 @sydbgold🔁idk if it's just me or what but i always go through lights knowing they are green and just not thinking about it then a minute later catch myself wondering "did i just run a red light?" not remembering
your old friend @drankturpentine🔁(playing catch with my pet duck)
Duck:*misses the ball & gets hit in the crotch*
Me: That almost hit you in the butt quack, haha
Duck:*through tears* my anatomy is not a joke


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