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Rosa Garriga @rosagarriga🔁 Me when I see #NJTransit and #Amtrak both trending within 30 minutes of one another.
#NJTransit Dominick McGee @dommmcgee🔁Happy Friday, anyone else have any #NJTransit meme ideas they'd like to see/share? @FuckNjTransit @NJTrainDelays
Veronica @owlwonderwhoo🔁That #FridayFeeling when #NJTransit fails yet again. 😡😤😩
#NJTransit Jordan White @SidepocketNeo🔁 If #amtrak caused the problems why don't they cross honor? #njtransit #secaucusjunction
#NJTransit Jazerai Allen-Lord @jazzyrae🔁 On a standing still train 😢 I'm 45 min late already!!! #njtransit
Clip @ClipSnap🔁 Me when I see #NJTransit and #Amtrak both trending within 30 minutes of one another.
#NJTransit#NJTransit Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁 Imagine a giant inflatable Chris Christie outside Penn Station. #FixNJT #NJTransit #delay #derailment
#NJTransit Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁 Amtrak says last Friday's stuck #NJTransit train was NJT's fault, and Gov. Christie is NOT HAVING IT.
Dan Barry @DanBarryNYT🔁Stuck yet again on #NJTransit, problems with Amtrak, the tunnel, sorry for the inconvenience...
And my dark thoughts turn to Christie.
Sibile Marcellus @ChasingSibile🔁 told me about her terrifying 3 hour tunnel ordeal aboard train
Kate Hinds @katehinds🔁Last call for the 4:33 #njtransit train to Trenton. Which is departing Penn Station 3 hours late.
Maximvus Caesar @Holofuzion🔁 Why does it feel like everything is shutting down? #NJTransit
Maximvus Caesar @Holofuzion🔁Another breakdown from the #NJTransit...when will it end?
Jen Contreras @JSeibContreras🔁You know your commute is gonna be bitter, when NJTransit is trending on Twitter.
Cilla 😎🍫 @PriscillaWiafe🔁#NJTransit Y'all need to get it together.
Julie Dwoskin @JulieDwoskin🔁So like are we going to have to catch a 3pm train to get to our show on time at 8pm?? @DanielleMacMath #NJTransit
Sam @sam_shetty🔁#NJTransit why can't we Sue NJTransit. This is happening on a weekly basis. I am sure Iran might have better transit service.
Cilla 😎🍫 @PriscillaWiafe🔁 #NJTransit new advertising slogan: We'll Get You There! Eventually. Maybe.
Geli Carlin @gelicarlin🔁#AMTRAK, your conductor was cursing and screaming at us to get out of the way of "his" customers. Don't we pay u rent? #NJTRANSIT
Geli Carlin @gelicarlin🔁Hey Amtrak, your conductor was very rude to #NJTRANSIT passengers this morning. He was on a 9:30 am outbound train to DC. #Amtrak
Geli Carlin @gelicarlin🔁#Amtrak, we were trying to get off of our #NJTRANSIT train, all elevators were going down, we could not get off platform.
Penelope Lagos @PenelopeCLagos🔁@NJTRANSIT @GovChristie @realDonaldTrump I want to know when the infrastructure is going to be fixed? #njtransit #disaster #neverontime
Clever NJT MandE @cc_njtt_mande🔁[Train 6632] 20 minutes late - "late turn of equipment" - plenty of announcements - something I suppose. #NJTransit #clevercommute
Kevin Backman @ThebloodyLRnut🔁Happy Friday, anyone else have any meme ideas they'd like to see/share?
Bradly Edelstein @BradlyEdels🔁.@njtransit this is a disgrace. 3hrs and running to get to my job, the one that allows me to purchase tickets to ride. For what? #NJtransit
...... 🌻 @Klauxavil🔁Switch problems muck up commute for riders; NYC subway station power outage delays A/B/C/E/F/M lines
Camilla Moberg @camillamoberg🔁Refund April monthly
Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁Time for some traffic problems in Jersey City? (Christie will be there Thursday afternoon, 4/13).
Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁It's not complicated - show the $$. Make real change, instead of the tired, old bloviating.

DM @deajmichel🔁 Blaming @Amtrak has now become a PR talking point. Right, @NJTRANSIT? #NJTransit #Commute
DM @deajmichel🔁Stuck outside NYC on again. Sure would be nice if we had some modern tunnels opening up next year. Thanks
Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁#NJTransit Thank Gov Chris Christie's $.32 increase in Gasoline Tax that's to FIX the Mass Transit & Roads! #Amtrack
Michael Grater @mgrater🔁 Another day, another delay. Courteous of @NJTRANSIT #NJTransit
Clip @ClipSnap🔁No snow.....No derailment. Worst commute I've ever had since moving to NJ. Over 2.5 hrs... so far. Thanks
Akebu-Lan Muse @KholaKrew🔁Dear riders, we apologize for this morning's delays. I'm told they're due to switch problems or single tracking or something.
ICERaid @OverOnTheRight🔁Can't wait to buy my May monthly #NJTransit for $270 for them to derail, have track malfunctions, depart/arrive late & just not give a fuck
Clip @ClipSnap🔁Stuck yet again on , problems with Amtrak, the tunnel, sorry for the inconvenience...
And my dark thoughts turn to Christie.
Steven Le @StevenLeNJ🔁Blaming @Amtrak has now become a PR talking point. Right, @NJTRANSIT? #NJTransit #Commute
Clever NJT MoBo @cc_njtt_mbntn🔁[Train 6216] 909 from walnut arrives at penn 40 min late. #ad Barbara's Homecare #NJTransit #clevercommute
Marcus @mac_x6🔁Another day, another delay. Courteous of @NJTRANSIT #NJTransit
Mike LaMarca @ChasingLaMarca🔁 @NJTRANSIT WRONG you liars! 45-60 min delays! #NJTransit
Michael Grater @mgrater🔁#NJTransit and a big shout out to @MTA for adding to the garbage by having no E train service so I can walk 25 minutes to work after 2 hrs
Michael Grater @mgrater🔁 Only on #NJTransit can you leave TWO HOURS early and still arrive late to your destination. I can't...
Michael Grater @mgrater🔁 How can the #NJTransit be so terrible when it's 1 of 2 public transportations into the city from new jersey?
Μολὼν Λαβέ @M0L0NL4BE🔁"Everything government touches turns to shit" ~ @RingoStarrMusic #NJTransit
Loshka ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @loshka_toska🔁Oh no I finished picking a train time and now i see #NJTransit trending. Who's line derailed this time???
NJTrainDelays @NJTrainDelays🔁 @Traffic4NY @NJTrainDelays @FuckNjTransit Another day, another delay. Thanks #NJTransit!
NJTrainDelays @NJTrainDelays🔁What about the phantom WTF stairs that sit unused?
Clever NJT MandE @cc_njtt_mande🔁[Train 6324] 6324 arriving in NYC over 30 mins late. #NJTransit #clevercommute
callhergenna @callhergenna🔁This is why I leave dumb early.. #NJTransit system to ny is terrible going to NY . Sigh
Thalita Molina @thalitamolina🔁Perfect match today and with delays. Almost 2 hours to get in the office.…
deMandie Rae @dammitpunk🔁Only on #NJTransit can you leave TWO HOURS early and still arrive late to your destination. I can't...
Blowfish @mjs_fish🔁#NJTransit its exam season soon @NJTRANSIT you willing to pay my tuition when they fail me for being late???
Jordan White @SidepocketNeo🔁 has ignored the huge building boom along their train lines, this new normal is about to get much worse, they have no plans at all
Jordan White @SidepocketNeo🔁This is what happened on last night — a total lack of communication.
Jordan White @SidepocketNeo🔁Normal Friday morning with delays😡 and an app with no updates so couldn't even plan ahead. What am I paying $400 a month for?
olivia pope @_xoxoalyy🔁 I knew it wasnt good news when i saw #NJTransit trending on twitter 😐
Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁Instead of fixing , where was again today? Playing Johnny Sports Guy on the radio!
Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁. has plenty of time to yuk it up with a convicted rapist, but ZERO time to help riders.
Scott Kline @scottolee🔁 Unbelievable. For the record, I'm currently on a train that is over 30 minutes late. #NJTransit


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