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#nfms18 Jessie Morische @JessM_MN_WI🔁 This is how all the exhibitors feel when after 4 days of #NFMS18
#nfms18 Justin Slucher @jts0313🔁@SyngentaUS Section 202 Row P Seat 105 #tractorpullcontest #NFMS18
Hamilton Thiersch @hamucci_🔁 Ashley Corzine becomes the third woman Grand Champion! Lisa Tatum takes second. #nfms18
#nfms18#nfms18#nfms18#nfms18 Sam Rada @papasamrada🔁#NFMS18 was a success today
#nfms18 Burley BBQ @BurleyBbq🔁 #tweetmyseat #nfms18 #tractorpullcontest Sec 206 Row s Seat 104
#nfms18 Gregg Weaver @GHSEWI🔁 Learn how you can boost ROI potential with Enogen #corn hybrids. #NFMS18 #Enogen4Energy
#nfms18#nfms18#nfms18#nfms18 Derrick Schumacher @derrickPRF🔁Had fun at the #NFMS18 the last few days. Met a few people and even some from home.
#nfms18#nfms18#nfms18#nfms18 MIKE HATHAWAY @TractorFever🔁 Packed house tonight in Freedom Hall. #NFMS18
Shane Bolling @BollingShane🔁 Shameless promotion
#nfms18 Better Farming @BetterFarmingON🔁 Check this out: @Kubota has a new high crop model on display at #NFMS18
Lee Greenwood @TheLeeGreenwood🔁In tonight for the 50th Anniversary of the Championship Tractor Pull. Look fwd to meeting many great Americans! twitter.com
John Deere @JohnDeere🔁This 1918 Waterloo Boy has a history that goes back a century. A special thanks to the family of the late Mark Burks twitter.com for letting us feature his tractor as a centerpiece of our 100-year-tractor celebration at .
John Deere @JohnDeere🔁Be precise and fast. See our spray table at to get an up-close look at how ExactApply™ maintains consistent droplet twitter.com size, reducing your input costs. Or learn more here
Tori Offenheiser @GotTheDoor_Tor🔁Need a whole year to recover from #NFMS18 and I didn't even make it to 4th Street this year
abel teuluila @AbelTeuluila🔁Are you in Louisville at ? Join at 11:30 a.m. today in the South Wing B Conference Center, room 105 to hear his updates on the used machinery market. Thanks to Bush Hog Inc. and Outback Guidance for sponsoring the seminar.
Ritchinob @ritchinob🔁Be precise and fast. See our spray table at to get an up-close look at how ExactApply™ maintains consistent droplet size, reducing your input costs. Or learn more here
Darren Rule @rule_darren🔁Easy to control, easy to connect. Talk with a product expert at to learn how our 1025R tractor makes mowing, digging and maintaining simple.
Ben Milton @BenMilton76🔁You can move faster from Field to Field with our proven CTS for combines. - watch the speed
Neil Waller @cleverwallaby🔁Take a walk down memory lane and get a glimpse of the future of farming at . What's your oldest John Deere memory?
Jody Duclos @DuclosJody🔁Thank you to everyone to stopped by the AGI booths at the ! We enjoyed meeting and sharing information about our extensive product line with each and every one of you!
Robbie Gene Smither @rgsmither🔁A packed house on championship night at , and some good tractor pulling! An event that reminds me how I am to twitter.com be from the bluegrass. Here's my favorite model tractor showing who was the farm boss when I was growing up on a tobacco farm! 6030
Ric Wesselman @PNWcoug🔁Another herbicide resistance management tip for our final 🚜 pull trivia question. Thanks for playing, !


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