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Black Migo @_MrPerfect1017🔁 NFC Championship Game through Julio Jones’ hands. For those that argue who’s #1:
NFC Championship Seahawks Report @seahawks_fanly🔁Philadelphia Eagles beat Atlanta, advance to NFC Championship Game #WeAre12
NFC Championship Leslie Peterson @cpgrupowembley🔁 See you guys in the doggone NFC Championship!! #FlyEaglesFly
NFC Championship Ryan R @ryaniscash🔁 Julio was this close to sending the Falcons back to the NFC Championship game.
NFC Championship Bill Haigh @BilldoBanks🔁 NFC Championship Game, our place.


NFC Championship LincolnFinancialFld @LFFStadium🔁When you get to host the NFC Championship game at your house! #FlyEaglesFly
NFC Championship Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁NFC Championship Game, our place.


Jon Machota @jonmachota🔁Teams that have not made the NFC Championship game in the last 20 years:

Detroit Lions
Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys

nishia rodriguez @_feb4_🔁 QB Nick Foles:

"It’s very humbling to be up here and to go to the NFC Championship Game with the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s been a crazy ride, and I’m excited that I get to do it with these guys.”

Troy @TTevelson🔁 Let’s go @Eagles - host the heck out of that nfc championship game next week
Genevieve @AlenaSmithee🔁Eagles will host NFC Championship without MVP level quarterback, Pro Bowl left tackle, best linebacker, and most versatile running back.
Tony @amen325🔁No Wentz
No Peters
No Hicks
No Sproles
No Maragos

That’s an MVP QB, HOF left tackle, one of the best MLB in the game, a Swiss Army knife RB, and our special teams captain.

Yet we’re STILL in the NFC championship game.

Young Saiyan @obryan_140🔁If you would have told me a few months ago the would lose Carson Wentz, Jason Peters, Jordan Hicks, Darren Sproles and Chris Maragos and go to the NFC championship game, I would have laughed at you.

But here we are.

✨Alyssa✨ @PeskySTLChic🔁 Teams that have not made the NFC Championship game in the last 20 years:

Detroit Lions
Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys

David Freshman @DavidFreshman🔁@johndsmiley Good luck to your Eagles in the NFC Championship game next week. Sincerely from a Pats fan
Troy @TTevelson🔁David Akers is tailgating with eagles fans! He kicked the game winning field goal in the last Eagles home playoff win 11 years ago. He is a man of the people! He says he is coming back for NFC championship game next Sunday

Iceman_crk20 @Crk20Kean🔁Here’s the “most unqualified coach in NFL history,” who is now headed to the NFC Championship Game.
Chris @cronky357🔁Nick Foles, Eagles prove doubters wrong, advance to NFC title game #FlyEaglesFly
Philly Sports #FlyEaglesFly🦅 @phi11ysfinest🔁 tickets for the NFC Championship Game will go on sale Tuesday, 1/16, at 10AM.

More info:

답은 생각보다 간단하다. @HannahKo0n🔁Congratulations to our guy Nick Foles! Good luck next week in the NFC Championship Game.

Jerem @jeremyrre🔁 #HIPHOP Fans React To Eagles Win over Falcons To Advance to NFC Championship
Mark Bowen @mark65mc🔁 I was hoping for that NFC championship game in New Orleans, but Falcons gonna Falcon. #Whodat
Tenno @RaineyyDrop🔁 PLEASE win @Saints. The world does not need to see a Case Keenum vs. Nick Foles NFC Championship.
1stHeadlines Seattle @SeattleNewsHeds🔁Seattle (WA) Times: Philadelphia Eagles beat Atlanta, advance to NFC Championship Game
Guardian news @guardiannews🔁Eagles defense hold strong to beat Falcons and make NFC Championship game
Divine Blessing @DIEJAMES🔁 Nick Foles has more NFC Championship game appearances than Tony Romo and Dak Prescott combined
TK #GiLU #TKO @T_Kelllz🔁@PRPLXDD LOL, got me on that one, I ain’t ever been to no Lions NFC championship game 😭😭
🇵🇷Hockey🐝Papi🇲🇽 @LatinHawkey🔁Eagles in the NFC Championship game......its like being in HS again
#SuckForSaquon @_kbrill🔁they threw a shovel pass to terron ward on 2nd and goal from the 12 with a trip to the NFC championship on the line. i mean...
Noah @NoahStef🔁Montana only made it to 7 NFC/AFC Championship games his entire career. Brady has made it to 12 and 7 in a row.
He's the GOAT and it's not close.
Cam @Cam_Is_Like🔁@DragonflyJonez Foles vs Keenum or Foles vs Brees in Sub Zero Temps. The NFC Fuckin Championship
אבי אידלמן @AviAdelman🔁Nick Foles and Drew Brees both went to Austin Westlake High School. Case Keenum went to Abilene Wylie. Two Texas schoolboy QBs will be in NFC Championship Game.
. @cj_mixon🔁 NFC Championship here we come!!!!!! #FlyEaglesFly
Mike Iles @KingpinMikeIles🔁Well it wasn't as ugly as the previous 2 games, but it wasn't pretty either. But it's a win and the host the NFC Cha mpionship Game next Sunday.

Donovan Holmes @DonovanHolmes7🔁Who advances to the NFC Championship Game?

It goes down Sunday: vs. !

📺: 4:40pm ET on

CAHL @CAHLHockey🔁"Nick Foles, Eagles prove doubters wrong, advance to NFC title game"
Eagles (NFC CHAMPIONSHIP) OKAY MAYBE?????????? @BIGBALLERWENTZ🔁 Lookahead NFC Championship lines from BetOnline:

Eagles +4.5 vs Vikings
Eagles +2.5 vs Saints

myMoonAndStars @myMoonAndStarz🔁@NFoles_9 youre already over that hump NFC championship game EXCLAMATION POINT
אבי אידלמן @AviAdelman🔁Eagles beat Falcons 15-10 today and will go to the NFC championship game next week:
jack @jackjackwhelan🔁If the NFC championship game is nick foles against case Keemun, I'm going to rip my hair out


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