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#NDAA Sputnik @SputnikInt🔁Analyst: 2018 US Defense #budget actually over $1 billion sptnkne.ws #NDAA
#NDAA Joe Mckeown @JoeMckeown9🔁 The #NDAA was signed into law today. Great news for our men and women in uniform.
#NDAA Scott Davis @chiseled_scott🔁 The NRA applauds @POTUS for signing #NDAA into law! #2A nraila.org
#NDAA Miss Jean Louise @KrustyAllslopp🔁 Analyst: 2018 US Defense #budget actually over $1 billion sptnkne.ws #NDAA
#NDAA NRA @NRA🔁The NRA applauds @POTUS for signing #NDAA into law! #2A nraila.org
Senator Roger Wicker @SenatorWicker🔁With his signature, confirms U.S. resolve to meet the needs of our sailors. Building up our fleet will make America twitter.com STRONG again!
Leader McConnell @SenateMajLdr🔁Today signed into law to give our servicemen and women the resources they need to keep our country safe. Big thanks twitter.com to for his leadership in getting this bill done.
John Fisher @JohnFisher_hrw🔁Trump signs , which includes requirement for Pentagon to report to Congress on civilian casualties caused by the US military around the world. Major step towards transparency!
conservativemom @dgzipes🔁Today signed into law to give our servicemen and women the resources they need to keep our country safe. Big thanks to for his leadership in getting this bill done.
Tom Dionne-Carroll @TomDionneCarrol🔁 has just signed the into law — which includes an amendment that will allow cable distributors to cancel contracts with any network funded by the Russian government without penalty.
Caliyat @PeggyRuppe🔁BREAKING --> It's official! Our troops will be receiving the largest pay increase in 8 years. just signed the .
Jennifer Tammaro @Jennanjack🔁Today signed the 2018 bill, which includes two amendments I offered that would ensure assets in are fully repaired in wake of , and that our cyber force is properly equipped and trained.
Michael Lee Gevedon @mikegevedon🔁 The applauds for signing With President Trump's signature, thousands of surplus 1911 pistols will become available for sale to the American public through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
Taylor Vest @taylorvest1🔁Very pleased to see signed into law today. This bill gives our troops the pay increase they deserve and provides nearly $300 million in funding for North Carolina's military bases at Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.
🇺🇸 LIP ✨ @psbrown🔁. signed the $700b for FY2018. This authorizes a 2.4% raise for service members, bulked up missile defense, increased military spending and operational capabilities
Madeline McGarry @Madeline_McG_🔁, the military spending bill, signed today includes a provision offered by Senator Ernst recognizing the risk of Foot and Mouth Disease to our food security and our national security. Thank you, for helping our nation get !
Swather @DebiDkruse🔁NEW: just signed the bipartisan to give our troops their largest pay increase in eight years.
ellen @elleninthewest🔁Today, was signed into law, which included part of my bipartisan bill w/ to close a loophole denying justice for some survivors of child abuse. Survivors of physical, sexual or emotional violence — particularly kids — deserve justice.
Denise @DeniseBronsdon🔁Watch as signs into law - it provides the LARGEST pay raise in 8 years for our troops & empowers the great men & women that serve our country.
John Andrew Szott III @JohnASzottIII🔁 increases funding for national defense by $88.4 billion & authorizes 20k more servicemembers. Importantly, it also provides a 2.4% pay raise for the troops - the largest in 8 years. Our men & women in uniform deserve nothing less for the sacrifices they make to protect us.
Anna-bear @8SparkyGrl8🔁Nearly $700B in military spending goes forward now that the has been signed into law. The would add more than $1T to the deficit.

Me next time I hear that we "can't afford" education, social safety nets, health care, or basically anything ever:

Lance Courtney @lancecourtney🔁People are drooling about signing the new bill, but no one mentions Sec 1021 has NOT been repealed & still allows twitter.com our armed forces to indefinitely detain US citizens & legal residents who are “alleged” to have engaged in hostilities against the United States.
Forrest @ForrestOrme🔁Trump signed the FY18 into law today. Here are the sections that he/his administration are reluctant to enforce.

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Congressional Tweets @CongressRTBot🔁I thank for signing the into law today, which will rebuild our military, grow our armed forces, obliterate ISIS/keep them defeated, & prepare our troops for the fights of tomorrow—while giving them a historic pay raise! America stands with those who defend her!
Mitch Driver @MitchLeeD763🔁Why don’t liberals tak about the fact that signed the which allows for indefinite detention of humans without proba twitter.com ble cause?
dpittsms @dpittsms🔁Today, signed the which gives our troops their largest pay increase in eight years and provides critical funding and vital support to our armed forces.
Maeve Whelan-Wuest @maeveww🔁Trump signed the FY18 into law today. Here are the sections that he/his administration are reluctant to enforce.

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Vargas Paralegal @VargasParalegal🔁President Donald Trump signs $700 billion defense bill into law.
troنd pro- Skittles @ingrx🔁Question for and all the other US officials lauding Trump’s signing of the : how do you feel about the part where he said his administration will ignore all the Russia restrictions?


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