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Heather Honkomp @HHonkomp🔁 i promise you this is worth the watch #NCYC #Called
#NCYC#NCYC#NCYC Justine Wright @Justymae🔁 #NCYC @EICSTalks Beautiful closing mass!
#NCYC Catholics in Jeff @CatholicsinJeff🔁 Prayers for those traveling home from #NCYC2017! #called #llamados #NCYC
Heather Honkomp @HHonkomp🔁 So this just happened... I watched him whip and I watched him nae nae
#DancingPriest #NCYC
#NCYC Mark Pisik @SportsDocP🔁 Until next time..... hasta luego... #NCYC
Life Teen @LifeTeen🔁“When you and I stop praying... it’s usually because we’re filling up that space with something other than God. We’re twitter.com sacrificing the divine for the earthly.”
Life Teen @LifeTeen🔁“When sufferings come, that’s how you can tell how rooted your faith is... how true your love is... love without sacr twitter.com ifice is not love.”
Life Teen @LifeTeen🔁“Are you willing to sing His praises, to proclaim His name, even when all your friends stop?” @LT_TheBiblegeek #NCYC #XLT
The Name's Jayne @NonyemNnadi🔁Honored to be a part of two amazing events this weekend. 28k Catholic students at in Indy and in Pigeon Forge, TN. Students pursing God.....uhhhhh YES.
Madison Mire @MaddieMire🔁The past five days have been ones I’ll remember forever ✝️💗 #NCYC
Adelina 💋 @adelin_v1🔁Best experience of my life !! I will make a change and my soul is literally feeling great ! It was real Indianapolis! twitter.com !! I don’t want to leave !!! Love you God !!❤️✝️🙌🏽
Sarah Kroger Quaglia @skroger🔁Thanks to all who just joined us at XLT at ! If you want to pick up one of ’s books, he left a few signed copies at our booth (#435)! Be sure to swing by before the end of the day!
Cecilia Marie @CeliahMarie🔁 “Love without sacrifice is not love.”
- Mark Hart #xlt #ncyc @lifeteen
Rochelle McNamara @romac101🔁 “When God looks at you he sees what others don’t - he sees saints in the making.”
@mission116 #NCYC #ArchBaltNCYC17
Rochelle McNamara @romac101🔁LA’s in Closing Mass homily: “The future of the Church is in good hands with you...God has a beautiful dream for each one of you”
NFCYM @NFCYM🔁 Those moments when your Archbishop lights up the stadium to close out #NCYC! 😁@ArchbishopGomez
OLL Religious Ed @OLL_Religious🔁And just like that another great trio to NCYC is in the books!!! #ncyc #called #superiorncyc #teambonding
em((:🎅🏽 @emilygarapic🔁pilgrims in Holywood✝️ #blessed #ncyc @ Lucas Oil Stadium instagram.com
TobyMac @officialtobymac🔁Honored to be a part of two amazing events this weekend. 28k Catholic students at in Indy and in Pigeon Forge, TN. twitter.com Students pursing God.....uhhhhh YES.
Ashton Kahrs @AshtonKahrs🔁 My heart is so filled with God's grace. Safe travels to all who attended to #NCYC God Bless. 💛🙏🏼
Heather Honkomp @HHonkomp🔁The bishops are ready for the final mass with 25,000 young people gathered at - to watch live, go to


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