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Poets.org @POETSorg🔁We have free lesson plans, essays, and newsletters, including Teach This Poem (which is emailed weekly with interdisc twitter.com iplinary resources and activities prepared by our Educator in Residence Dr. Mady Holzer) here :
Christopher Weiss @ChrisWeissCT🔁We honor the work of K-12 teachers everywhere and know that the future of poetry is in large part in your hands. Thank you for all you do! We're proud to work with you to inspire the next generation of poets and readers, and we're here to help however we might
Poets.org @POETSorg🔁We honor the work of K-12 teachers everywhere and know that the future of poetry is in large part in your hands. Than twitter.com k you for all you do! We're proud to work with you to inspire the next generation of poets and readers, and we're here to help however we might
Poets.org @POETSorg🔁A1. There are so many talented, passionate poets publishing and performing work today addressing important issues in twitter.com ways that students can relate to. Plus, if you teach living poets, they might even be able to visit your class!
Laura England @LauraEngland🔁 A2 The poetry bracket😂😂😂 Not original, I know...still my truth. #NCTEcha twitter.com t

Leilani Hall @leilanih68🔁A4: As part of a project, Ss write a essay compare & contrasting a canonical poem w a contemporary poem on the same theme or that uses the same structure. Some of my fave pairings to teach are:

Rhonda Gray @gray4reading🔁A4: Ask Ss what songs/poems they would pair with a class text. I’ve said this many times and will always say it: they will surprise us if we’re open to the possibility.
Laurie Clausel @lclausel🔁A3 Juxtaposing our analysis of Piercy’s “Barbie Doll”, Moramarco's "Clark Kent, Naked", Kipling’s “If” & Otis’ “An ‘If’ for Girls” starts a conversation on gender—object vs possibilities
Charles Jensen @charles_jensen🔁Thank you x100 to all the teachers who make poetry come alive for your students by teaching living poets. You are so needed on this planet! ✨✨✨👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
torrin a. greathouse @TAGreathouse🔁I was in honors English my whole life—never ever was introduced to a living poet until my junior year...in *college*. I never saw anyone who looked like me represented in poetry so I just assumed it wasn’t for girls like me.
Dana Huff @danamhuff🔁Please help me & develop a new generation of Latinx writers w a class set of ' "The Poet X." Use code LIFTOFF to have your donation matched!

Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁Save the Date 4 combo chat: & as we celebrate Poetry w guest poets . You won't want 2 miss this chat. Apr twitter.com il 9, 8pmEST.
Riverfront Readings @RFReadingsKC🔁Metrophobia is the fear of poetry. The term is originated from metre, Lets make students Metromaniacs.

Laurie Clausel @lclausel🔁We also want to be sure you know about our Dear Poet project during featuring living poets, which some of your classes might be interested in...
Laurie Clausel @lclausel🔁A5. Be sure to check out 's website for even more ideas for your classroom:
Deondra Smith @jewel_diva79🔁I like pairing too: Giovanni's "Choice" with Frost's "Road Not Taken." Songs: "Sweet Home Alabama" with Neil Young's "Southern Man"; Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" and Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young";
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@ncte @jthompedu Looking forward to the archive since I missed #nctechat.
Kathleen Rowlands @KathleeRowlands🔁I tried for the first time this year and had a wonderful experience! One of my students made it to the State competition
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁A3: One of my fav elementary mentor poetry texts/ Hate That Cat & Love That Dog by
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁We would be honored if you joined our inaugural chat for all those that teach, lead, or support AP programs. 4/4/18 at 8pm CST
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁We can't believe the hour is coming to an end already-it goes by so quickly when you're talking about an amazing subject like poetry.
Betty Friedan @bettynfriedan🔁You just existing in fact, the charming man. #NCTEchat
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁 Shout out for Latinx poets poets.org


MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁Immerse your students in poetry. Show them how to honor the words with snaps. Ask them to write their own pieces and reflect on their inspiration. They will think it is strange at first. Then, they will never forget you.
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁A3: Nikki Giovanni’s poetry resonates with my Ss. Many are drawn to her work & use it for inspiration & guidance. (They love when I tell them that she was one of my profs for several college courses!) poetry is also a great mentor.
Valerie Best @BestVkachur🔁 A5) Incorporate and enjoy poetry throughout the year- not just during our poetry unit #nctechat
Kathleen Rowlands @KathleeRowlands🔁A1: My students sometimes have an image of poetry as "old." Teaching living poets helps them understand poets as people, poetry as a living art form.
Kathleen Rowlands @KathleeRowlands🔁Look, too, for classic publications like A JAR OF TINY STARS. Here is a link to the resource: NCTE Award-Winning Poets are part of our living poets resources.
David Foster Wallace @DaveFWallace🔁Your assigned correspondent saw it all, accompanied by one girlfriend and both his own time and his own childhood adventures. #NCTEchat
CathleenBeachboard @CathleenBeachbd🔁A3: ..my students watched his poem about auto correcting humanity...they dubbed his work a poetry PSA.They felt inspi twitter.com red. They used persuasive appeals and created their own for the school budget. Poetry with a purpose is powerful indeed.
Pam Merryman @my_greensweater🔁Reading poetry out loud is an essential part of the learning. It was born as an oral tradition and still in its DNA
Cindy Hanlon @Hanlon_AP🔁We have free lesson plans, essays, and newsletters, including Teach This Poem (which is emailed weekly with interdisciplinary resources and activities prepared by our Educator in Residence Dr. Mady Holzer) here :
Jillian Heise @heisereads🔁A2: I’ve had great success focusing more on how a poem makes a S feel or ones that they connect to rather than immediate analysis & lit terms. I ask Ss to pull out the lines/phrases that make them feel this way & talk about the significance. Boom, poetry analysis!
Mary Yetter @bitterpearl🔁A2 Immersion is key...to create lovers of poetry, we need to “marinate” kids in it. Love baskets of anothogies and single-poem books.
Irène P. Mathieu @gumbo_amando🔁Honestly, I have my parents to thank for the belief that I could even become a writer. It really had little to do w/ twitter.com school. (Wrote about it here: )
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater @amylvpoemfarm🔁We're also happy to share that our Education Ambassador Richard Blanco , who is one of two living poets to have read at a presidential inauguration, will be on this . He helps us champion teaching poetry and poems by living poets.
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁I always lean on teaching Black and Brown poets to combat the dominant narrative. I also try to finding “Instapoets” that kids could follow.
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁A5. I want to use other teachers' students' poetry to analyze in class (with students' permission of course). I got this idea from (all of her ideas are brilliant, btw), who asked for some of my students' poetry. My students were so excited to share!
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁And has poems that resonate with students. Perhaps you saw him last night on
MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁
If you are interested in expanding your teaching of poetry outside your classroom walls... 👇🏽
PragmaticMom @pragmaticmom🔁I have Free resources for and will be doing day with

MF Savant @cloudscholar🔁A3: You can find lesson plans tied to Living Voices: Multicultural Poetry in the Middle School Classroom here:

Courtney Bassinger @CoBassinger🔁Novels written in verse are also a great way to engage struggling readers who might not be able to get all the way th twitter.com rough a full length chapter book.
Tolly Salz @tollyllamamama🔁I love using poems as mentor texts "Something You Should Know" by is one that has resonated with my English 10 students - American Poetry Review – Poems via
Courtney Bassinger @CoBassinger🔁A5: I would like to bring in more internet resources to my poetry unit #NCTEchat
Angela Watson @Angela_Watson🔁The latest The Kleinspiration Daily! Thanks to paper.li
Courtney Bassinger @CoBassinger🔁I agree! I frequently use my kinder's writing to create books that I include in my book area. It really let's the kid twitter.com s see themselves as writers
Kelly Tumy @KellyTumy🔁A2: I love creative writing on Thursdays and Thursdays with inspired We share our work and listen t docs.google.com o each other!
Courtney Bassinger @CoBassinger🔁 songs are a wonderful way to engage students! They can even pick their own songs and examine them for literary comp twitter.com onents
Tim Gyves @PGHomes🔁 Here are some social justice poems for teens that might be of interest: poets.org #nctechat
A.M. Juster @amjuster🔁 Looking for advanced (high school-level) teaching resources - PD lit especially - recommendations. Suggestions?
Courtney Bassinger @CoBassinger🔁 teacher created mentor texts can be incredibly impactful because you're acting as an excellent role model for your s twitter.com tudents
Kelly Maffeo @litmaffeo🔁Need ideas for National Poetry Month? This first article in a four-part poetry series should get you thinking. Sonnet Structure and Meaning
Courtney Bassinger @CoBassinger🔁#NCTEchat hello everyone! I'm excited to partake in my first chat! #ted9190
TCD @cross_davis🔁A2 Poem in Your Pocket Day this year is on April 26. It's a great opportunity to organize events, readings, art projects...:
Ashley Ashbee @cartooninperson🔁"It’s what Jack Lemmon used to always say. If you’ve done well in the business you wanted to do well in, it’s your obligation to send the elevator back down" (Kevin Spacey).
Dr. Nicole Nearor @DrNicoleNearor🔁A1: All texts we share with our students should be windows and mirrors. Poetry is no exception!
Kate Stevens @KateTeaching🔁While we're on the topic of poetry👇🏻

#NCTEcha twitter.com t

Carolyn Foote @technolibrary🔁Throwing this out there for those who just participated in on poetry. Great free performances live streamed on April2nd. Great way to kick off
A.M. Juster @amjuster🔁As you teach living poets in your class, please please share your experience w/ the hashtag

You never know who you might inspire!

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater @amylvpoemfarm🔁It’s a joy to start with a poem each day! I blog about it, with others, here 30gopoems.blogspot.com
Allen Hoessli @TodosAllen🔁"It’s what Jack Lemmon used to always say. If you’ve done well in the business you wanted to do well in, it’s your o twitter.com bligation to send the elevator back down" (Kevin Spacey).
Tikija Picott @romaine5🔁A4: My AP Lit students just wrote confessional poems after studying “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath. They had the choice to write from the point of view of a character/person in a novel or play. Or in their own voice. Dialogue poems work well too. Compare then & now.


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