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juan pablo the third @_gassedout🔁 Inmates gone wild again😂! #barbee #ncat #riplilsaint
North Carolina A&T @ncatsuaggies🔁
Students in housing without power have 3 options for showers:
--Students may go to a same-sex friend’s res twitter.com idence hall to use showers
--Students may shower at the Campus Fitness Center
--After 10:30 a.m., students may shower in the lower-level of Corbett
N.C. A&T Athletics @NCATAGGIES🔁Jaylan Mitchell's 10-flat in the 100m from Saturday afternoon at the Invitational at Irwin Belk Track. It is the be twitter.com st time in this year.
Donail J @TheD_Johnson🔁 Inmates gone wild again😂! #barbee #ncat #riplilsaint
North Carolina A&T @ncatsuaggies🔁Classes are taking place today as scheduled. phone lines are down. For non-emergencies requiring police assistance d twitter.com ial 336-338-1284. For emergencies, dial 911 rather than UPD dispatch.
Crème de la Crème➰ @youngqueensi🔁#NCAT20 #NCAT What housing usually be left if u pick on the 26th-28th?
Bourgeois Finesser ✨ @JalynWells15🔁Alright ,

We have the opportunity to elect the first Black Woman District Attorney in the history of Guilford County.

We have two days to get on the Aggie Shuttle. You can Register and Vote at the same time. See ya there!!

Dani✨😚💕 @thestoryofdani_🔁In the words of my good sis ...... keep that same energy!! Tomorrow help will be needed.

Keep the camera phones and social media to a minimum. Come with helping hands and comfortable clothes that you can effectively help in.

Jaris Patricia @ayeeitssjaiaa🔁I think it’s very selfish of not to cancel classes. I know a friend who is a Greensboro resident and had house damage from the tornado who isn’t able to attend school today ... and some of us still don’t have power. Very selfish if you ask me!
des @yoncetaughtme_🔁 The niggas at A&T so weird, I haven’t met a normal one yet 😂 #ncat
Denvell S. @dlsutton_🔁20 min or less⏲
Mobile iPhone repairs 🏎🔥
U N C R A C K E D 📲

Making iPhone Repairs More Affordable💰
RT to save a broke college student money on Iphone repairs🙏🏾
Thank Y’all for Supporting the Cause. Get Uncracked!📲
🧜🏾‍♀️ @itstytiana🔁I know it’s late but if anyone who stays off campus needs food and still out of power and also doesn’t have a ride DM me. I’ll provide rides until 12! No gas money needed!
Dee The Gaud 🏳️‍🌈 @Shi_Menace🔁Hey yall, so East Greensboro needs our help! It was hit HARD by the tornado and it is over 10,000 of us on campus. Dudley High School, Glenwood Rec Center, and East White Oak church are currently serving as shelter and I'm waiting on Mt. Zion office to inquire!
P.O.L.O. @The_Polo_Bear🔁Our community has been severely impacted by the tornado yesterday and I’m calling on the men of NCAT to try and donate to those impacted. This is a list of places that are giving back to the community
Jaris Patricia @ayeeitssjaiaa🔁 #NCAT I know we got a GHOE and an Aggie Fest but wouldn’t a Spirit Week be lit af. Just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mont @MontHoward9🔁Car windows busted from a tornado and this teacher is really not trying to go let me get it fixed in the AM and just take the test a few hours later. But hey, they “care about students” right? 💀
kayla ♡ 🎉 @okkayls🔁 When Guilford County Schools are closed, colleges should be included. We're apart of that system. #ncat
*flips weave* @LilPineapple_🔁Alright ,

We have the opportunity to elect the first Black Woman District Attorney in the history of Guilford County.

We have two days to get on the Aggie Shuttle. You can Register and Vote at the same time. See ya there!

b o n i t a ♡ @litlikeautumn🔁- Valedictorian ✔️
- Student Athlete✔️
- Over 200K in scholarship offers ✔️
- Pres. of 3 Orgs. ✔️
Next stop ()
Ken✨ @Kenleighhhhhh🔁💕💕💕 Give Away 🗣 READ, RETWEET & REPOST ‼️‼️ add me on ig: dajfrmclt & on FB: Daj Elizabeth ✨ don’t miss these FREE sweets and treats!
TenthLetta @jdedward2768🔁The reason helping out after this disaster is important because the city is not going to make it a priority because it hit a older black neighborhood that isn’t viewed as something worth saving so it truly is up to us
Kami the Great 🔆 @itskamimichelle🔁If you sing, rap, dance, write poetry, design clothes, literally anything, hit us up and book a session so we can promote your gift!!
juya 🌟 @Krave_The_Ju🔁Equation Church will be feeding people tomorrow at 6pm. If you’re willing to help they ask you arrive around 5pm. 901 Broad Street.
This Generation @Mellow_Maj🔁can we pause and thank God for ? She’s been up since early in the morning going nonstop volunteering, organizing, instructing and aiding students on properly help Greensboro in this devastation. You go sis, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. 💙
C. @100melanin🔁I’m a little disgusted in how isn’t acknowledging the students who are without during this time too.... if there are any resources, food, toiletries, BATTERIES/CANDLES, anything for them please reply to this tweet!
Dray 🖕🏾 @LosoDray14🔁 all I'm saying is, keep that same energy. Especially all of yall that ran for these mister and miss positions and talked about service. We need that platform right now in the community!
Lars Alexandersson @YouWont_GetMe🔁I️ hope all those ppl in that gc watched that performance and was reminded that is dripping with excellence everywhere🤪
Kiy🗝 @audio_flow🔁 , if you are going to volunteer today tell people! Try to get as many people as you can to come out and help with you. There are plenty of churches and organizations that would love helping hands
Look below to see some places that you can go👇🏽
Queen Tah @_idefineclassy🔁 Hampton Elementary, located at 2301 Trade St., is in dire need of volunteers to help move supplies out.


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