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#NATOSummit Lithuania in Italy @SlepaviciusR🔁 Lithuanian Foreign Minister @LinkeviciusL in the aftermath of #NATOSummit. #WeAreNATO
#NATOSummit Sarah Sanders @PressSec🔁Team Trump in Brussels, Belgium for #NATOSummit.
#NATOSummit sainoina @sainoina2🔁 #Lithuania|n Foreign Minister @LinkeviciusL in the aftermath of #NATOSummit. #WeAreNATO
#NATOSummit Flavius Fernandes @FlaviusFX🔁 The New Sheriff of #NATOSummit

#KeepAmericaGreat #Elg #KAG

John McCain @SenJohnMcCain🔁.'s performance at was disappointing, yet unsurprising. There's little use in parsing his misstatements & bluster, e twitter.com xcept to say that they are the words of one man. Americans & their Congress still believe in the transatlantic alliance.
Lauren Bohn @LaurenBohn🔁I very much enjoyed engaging with NATO today, and I'm pretty sure this was this first time someone brought up how nuclear weapons relate to gender, racism, and fascism in a settings like this.

The white old men in the room looked puzzled. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Christer K Andersson @yesboxx🔁.'s performance at was disappointing, yet unsurprising. There's little use in parsing his misstatements & bluster, except to say that they are the words of one man. Americans & their Congress still believe in the transatlantic alliance.
Griffin Scopo 754EM @Cyb754Macron🔁Another deliverable!

16 🇧🇪🇩🇰🇪🇪🇩🇪🇫🇷🇮🇹🇱🇻🇱🇹🇲🇪🇳🇱🇳🇴🇵🇱🇵🇹🇸🇰🇸🇮🇪🇸 & 3 partners 🇲🇰🇫🇮🇦🇹 agree to jointly acquire land munitions:

Виталий @DuhiFutiMuti🔁ANGRY TRUMP
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spiegel.de "https://twitter.com/Mari facebook.com anKamensky1" target="_blank">twitter.com
Lauren Bohn @LaurenBohn🔁Alternative voices on : We're following these interruptors as we watch including: Fellow , & LOT fpinterrupted.com S more
Embassy of Poland DK @PLinDenmark🔁🇵🇱President at : In 2019, we plan to reach 2.1% level of defence spending. We need to further modernize the Polish armed forces. The Allies are increasing defence spending. This means a more secure eastern flank. The Summit confirmed unity of .
Summer's dad 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @Summersnaughty1🔁@FidelCuntstruck Probably left him with a raging thirst & pounding headache! 😂 😂 😂 #NATOSummit
Marc Locher @MaximillionRuns🔁Leaving Brussels as comes to an end. One of the best things about ? Amids all the turmoil, I got to spend some time with the many great women of .
Peggy in PA @StunnedVoter🔁This piece is a corrective to the„doom and despondency about the future of the West as well as the counterproductive amnesia that overlooks just how much we’ve already gotten through together.“


Liliana @LilianaJ89🔁Waking up to more embarrassing antics by Tump

At the Trump uses the pathetic line that he's a

He should be censured by Congress for his behavior at the Summit

Jeffrey Helmberger @JeffreyHelmber1🔁seriously... Trump snubs Trudeau at , insults Germany, but walks shoulder to shoulder with Erdogan!?

WAKE UP AMERICA! his supporters WANT to be dictated TO? fools.

Ted Servis @tedservis🔁I'm here at , surrounded by US allies, and I sense battered-spouse syndrome. They're beaten down and then praised. From tense to "collegial spirit." "No problem." Whiplash.
Ⓜas-Ood K•H•A•N 🇵🇰 @Masood_Khan91🔁's Boris Yeltsin: The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude was completely drunk at the .
Thomas Jon IV @SportsfanThomas🔁Hold it right there Germany! You want American protection from Russia, but yeah you buy your energy from Russia and not from America! is right This is got to stop IMMEDIATELY! Germany start paying your fair share 😠
tamaz gogoli @TamazGogoli🔁’s relationship w/ is unique: you’re one of the Alliance’s most important operational partners & a trusted friend. Our partnership makes NATO and Georgia safer & more secure – SG
Liliana @LilianaJ89🔁Trump goes on a rant against our allies at saying it's terrible that they're not paying their bills. He went bankrupt six times for ... not paying his bills.
tamaz gogoli @TamazGogoli🔁 Secretary General and President of 🇬🇪discuss Black Sea security youtu.be
Hugh Henry 🇨🇦 @Hugh_Henry3🔁. on : Washington has the right to expect that Europeans now forge an effective response force. Instead, Europeans talk and do next to nothing.
Velina Tchakarova @vtchakarova🔁Let's be clear about it. Not all European members will pay more even though they have just agreed to do it and even to start paying more quickly in accordance with 's demands. This is a crisis mitigation so that the public gets the feeling of strong .
Miss Akonye @cheedowbey🔁That look you have when your ex has clearly moved on and is having a ton of fun with (hotter) new beau

Konstantin Jovich @KJovich🔁Trump wants countries to double Military spend.
Has he gone mad ?
Destroyed Iraq Libya Syria Yemen - displaced 60 million people world wide with bombs - sent refugees to EU
Now prepares for new wars ??

Borrowed Time @crypt_ghost🔁This is very 🇺🇸IMPORTANT🇺🇸. Pls read & RETWEET:
Nastyelaine says:Read @ElaineDeyoe🔁😲This is exactly what a witting asset of the Russian Federation would do.

Putin has successfully turned U.S. policy into a tool of his own & Trump is critical to his plan.

Liliana @LilianaJ89🔁President Trump's press conference contained the main themes that define his presidency.

Trump took credit for things he didn't do, blatantly lied and contradicted himself, and refused to utter a negative word about Vladimir Putin.

Brendan O'Kelly @yllekonadnerb🔁US - UK - SA - ISR have massacred more people in the last 70 years than both WWI & WWII combined. They have single-handedly created more refugees in history. What would it take to stop this insanity?

HMArmedForcesReview @ForcesReviewUK🔁. is modernizing to meet the challenges of a changing security environment. Through a new command structure, increased readiness, better military mobility, and countering hybrid & cyber threats, NATO is prepared to ensure our citizens remain safe and secure.
Dirk Van Eeckhout @dirk_van_e🔁Chancellor on the 2018 in : Have had a very fundamental discussion. We must do more for defence and have been doing so for quite some time - for our soldiers, but also for the Alliance, in the face of a changing security situation.
Valen @rlc_valen🔁‘We’re not going to let foreign bureaucrats plan our
economy or tell Americans how to run our country “

~ .

Mamoon Durrani @MamoonDurrani🔁: is reportedly growing impatient with war failures & lack of progress in Afghanistan.
Expecting progress, when the 'anti-terrorism' strategy is not degrading nor destroying terrorist safe havens in .

Geo. C Marshall Ctr @Marshall_Center🔁 is here to stay, and so is the Latvian Delegation - officially inaugurated today at
Especulados @Refust🔁's Boris Yeltsin: The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude was completely drunk at the .
Some sources say had 'back pain'.😁😁
raiko karvonen @rapeka🔁The instrumental nature with which treats 'option' to seek memb can be seen in importance President places on 'open-door' policy continuing. He views it as a tool: Periodically reminding that Finland may join if Russia threatens it.

Santosh Kumar Tiwari @ShSantoshTiwari🔁Exposure to web,Gadgets pushing kids towards crime
SM agha @smragha🔁Peter Hitchens nails it on the purpose of NATO.

NATO is the Real Barrier To Peace.
If NATO was dissolved tomorrow, you’d be amazed how peaceful Europe would become. The reason for its existence – the USSR – vanished decades ago.

Rob Fisher @rofish80🔁 Dear Donald, "Making America Great Again" means to strengthen your own homeland, not to weaken other countries and twitter.com unions

Fidel Cuntstruck @FidelCuntstruck🔁I wonder how Mr Juncker's Sciatica hangover is this morning? #NATOSummit
समाचार पत्र @LiveNews99🔁Exposure to web,Gadgets pushing kids towards crime thepallazio.wixsite.com
Makis Mylonas @MylonasMakis🔁While we have all started to get used to #Trump, this is still unbelievable #NATOSummit twitter.com
Tribune Gill @tribunegill🔁:There you have it folks--the picture that says it all. Leaders of Western European democracies walking together in front while lingers in the background with Turkish DICTATOR . !!

Matt Mackowiak @MattMackowiak🔁What does 30-30-30-30 mean? It's 's plan to boost combat readiness by ensuring 30 medium-heavy battalions, 30 fighter squadrons & 30 combat ships from across the Alliance are able to meet any threat within 30 days.
Albania in Russia @AlEmbassyRussia🔁 discussions and decisions demonstrate the coherent approach of our transatlantic family when rules based international order is at risk. will continue to contribute for the strengthening of our Alliance. Thank you for being a great host.
Albania in Russia @AlEmbassyRussia🔁"It is important to highlight that in this Summit the Alliance made an invitation to to start accession talks. We are happy that our neighbor will initiate this journey" - Minister talking about today in
R. Walker @BamfjudeWalker🔁These need ASAP. . before noon.
lynne engel @cracker9100🔁American patriot sharply criticized 's appearance at the , calling it "disappointing, yet ultimately unsurprising."
jean-paul marthoz @jpmarthoz🔁Fact-checking 's assertions at in . politifact.com om/i/web/status/1017664735251259392" target="_blank">twitter.com
Jean @geniejq🔁BLOWING SMOKE:

A comment piece from me on the , , , and the state of the warring

Also see the final discussion point. It’s kind of important.

By me, via ⁦⁩

Marvin Tarek Große @MarvinTGrosse🔁The 2018 Declaration contains a clear commitment by to update its policy on and broaden its operationalisation, taking into account best practices of the Mission in Afghanistan.
airal @8fHZTenaVgp0uVd🔁Demonstration continously held by students all over the world demanding immediate release of their spiritual teacher. . leaders, who are in for the
, do consider the violations done by leaders


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