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#NAEH17 Caitlin Bayer @caitbayer🔁 Why to consider reallocating funding in your NOFA submission #NAEH17
#NAEH17 Amanda Carlisle @AB_Carlisle🔁Happening now - #NAEH17 session on CoC & VA Partnerships w/ Bev Ebersold @USICHgov and Anthony Love @DeptVetAffairs
#NAEH17 Gabriela McNiel @GabrielaMcNiel🔁Next session! #NAEH17
#NAEH17 Catherine Brewster @cnorrisbrew🔁 Medicaid is helping us end homelessness -@sberg0 #naeh17
#NAEH17 Kay Moshier McDivitt @60_kay🔁Summarizing how to use your NOFA submission strategically #NAEH17
#NAEH17 Jeff Olivet @jeffolivet🔁 @marcformarc @jeffolivet - people of color disproportionately affected by eviction #NAEH17
#NAEH17 Amanda Misiko Andere @AmandaAndere🔁The arc of history doesn't bend towards justice it loops towards it Ann Sewill @calfund 🙌🏾 #NAEH17
#NAEH17 Funders Together @funderstogether🔁 The arc of history doesn't bend towards justice it loops towards it Ann Sewill @calfund 🙌🏾 #NAEH17
#NAEH17 PSC Housing @PSCHousing🔁 Ending homelessness is a bipartisan issue. @SecretaryCarson #naeh17
#NAEH17 Steve Cuellar @stevo12s🔁 Speaking about what @HUDgov is doing to end homelessness at #NAEH17
#NAEH17 MHSA @MHSA_Revolution🔁Great presentation by @marcformarc and @jeffolivet of @c4innovates on racial inequality and homelessness at #NAEH17!
#NAEH17 Mattie McVey Lord @MMLord🔁Services are voluntary for the clients, but not for the providers/staff. - Chela Schuster @UMOM #NAEH17
#NAEH17 Ben Carson @SecretaryCarson🔁Speaking about what @HUDgov is doing to end homelessness at #NAEH17
Ben Carson @SecretaryCarson🔁Together, we will work toward a time when no family is without a home #NAEH17
Ben Carson @SecretaryCarson🔁Whatever a person's story may be, our goal is to help them stand on their own again, in whatever way they need suppor t
Mike Highley (Spot) @mike_highley🔁 Together, we will work toward a time when no family is without a home #NAEH17
Tamara M. Rasberry @tmrasberry🔁 If we attempt to address homelessness without acknowledging racial realities then we aren't addressing the problem #NAEH17
End Homelessness @naehomelessness🔁Thank you to our #NAEH17 Investing Sponsors @caseworthyinc @CCCTheBed @cmtysolutions @FundingResults @CORTFurniture @CSHInfo @FocusStratCA!
Émilie Bergmann @emiliebergmann🔁 .@SecretaryCarson: We must ensure that roof has a strong foundation to weather future storms. #NAEH17
Émilie Bergmann @emiliebergmann🔁 .@SecretaryCarson: If we give folks just enough to survive, but not the tools to flourish, we serve them halfway. #NAEH17
Steve Cuellar @stevo12s🔁 We trap them in a limbo of dependency: @SecretaryCarson #NAEH17
Émilie Bergmann @emiliebergmann🔁 .@SecretaryCarson: Serving the poor is not just a Democrat issue. Maximizing results is not just a Republican one. #NAEH17
Émilie Bergmann @emiliebergmann🔁 .@SecretaryCarson: Passion w/o impact is all heart, no brain. Efficiency w/o charity is all brain, no heart. #NAEH17
PSC Housing @PSCHousing🔁Dr.Ben Carson talks about housing first at . Makes sense not just morally but practically.
Christine Margiotta @ChristineMarge🔁Well said/illustrated! Much love to @calfund & @HomeForGoodLA sharing their ballot measure wisdom at #NAEH17!
Steve Berg @sberg0🔁Welcome to Washington, DC ! We can end homelessness when we focus on housing and invest in solutions that work.
Kelly King Horne @KellyKingHorne🔁 Communitiesa re expected to have a CoC performance based Rank and review process #NAEH17
Funders Together @funderstogether🔁How can participate in supporting local ballot measures? show you how!
Mattie McVey Lord @MMLord🔁Think not only of addressing the needs of women, but also of how to make them a priority in your community. - A. Mis key
Solutions Institute @Solutions_Inst🔁Family homelessness at the low end of HUD priorities. #NAEH17 #washingtondoesntknowbest #nothomelessenough
Brady Gott @reapingtheedges🔁 63% of homeless women nationally have experienced DV. We cannot ignore the other 37%. - Anne Miskey #NAEH17
Mark Horvath @hardlynormal🔁Case study of @invisiblepeople's impact in LA helping to pass Prop HHH. 7 of top 10 posts came from us #NAEH17
Steve Berg @sberg0🔁Strong contingents of homeless advocates in DC for right now, visiting offices of these and other Senators. Coincide nce? I think not
Sophia @housingTX🔁 Our work is not to feel good about ourselves. It is to achieve good results. #NAEH17
All Chicago @AllChicago_MHH🔁Such an important component of our work! Glad it's being talked about at #NAEH17
Pathways DC @PathwaysDC🔁@JADavisJr Looking good @JADavisJr and @KaufmanLinda! Awesome to see so many amazing advocates together in the same place! #NAEH17
Roberto Bernad @Ro_Bernad🔁Our decisions and strategies should be driven my data and what we know is working
Dale Zuchlewski @dzuchlewski🔁 Justice is not something you pray for it's something you implement #NAEH17
Sage Wolf @wolfpooka🔁@anne_miskey thank you for presenting on women's homelessness and including topics specific to trans women. #naeh17
Jeff Olivet @jeffolivet🔁. we must have ppl of color all levels of our efforts: front line, mgmt, board. YES.
Jeff Olivet @jeffolivet🔁 Economic mobility for POC must go beyond summer jobs and internships. @marcformarc @jeffolivet #NAEH17
Erin Willis @ErinMTWillis🔁Common themes I'm hearing on successful CES:
- jump in/build ✈️ while you fly
- open HMIS & robust BNL is key
- data data data data
Dale Zuchlewski @dzuchlewski🔁Health care collaboration..your patient is our client. How do we make them one person? #NAEH17
Better Yet @BetterYet2🔁 .@SecretaryCarson: People can’t beat addiction from a gutter, or get psychiatric help under a bridge. #NAEH17
Kim Soledad Barnette @KimBarnette🔁"Have you been listening to people with lived experience?" #NAEH17
End Homelessness @MDHA2🔁 In 100 years, @calfund had only endorsed 1 other ballot measure. #PropHHH was second. #NAEH17 #FTEH17
Kay Moshier McDivitt @60_kay🔁Don't create a new project at random - if you have encampments consider the joint component - be purposeful about what you need #NAEH17
End Homelessness @MDHA2🔁If we attempt to address homelessness without addressing racial inequities, we do not address homelessness.
Cleanslate Chicago @CleanslateCara🔁 Managing Director sharing strategies to leverage employment to end homelessness at
crystal d collier @CrystalpeteD🔁 "Justice is not something you pray for; it's something you implement." - @marcformarc #naeh17
Captain Kirk Holmes @kirkholmes🔁Just checked in for the first day of the Conference at the Hotel. 🤗
Kay Moshier McDivitt @60_kay🔁Make sure you fund projects aligned with community priorities to #endhomelessness AND cost effectiveness and efficiently matters. #NAEH17
Christena @ccoutsoubos🔁While spoke of strong support to fight homelessness at , does Admin's budget do the same?
Lisa Dawson @dawsonfamily🔁“It is tragedy for nation such as this one to have anyone sleeping on the streets” -
The Lord's Place @TheLordsPlace🔁 Time to provide more services to women experiencing homelessness. #naeh17 #womanneedservices
GethousedRuthie @GethousedRuthie🔁@OrgCode I think that's a typo. R you saying ONLY Christian orgs r invited? If so that's a valid criticism of a national conference #NAEH17
Alan Witchey @awitchey🔁Seven different health care organizations are contributing $21.5 million to permanent housing in Portland, OR!
Adopt-A-Family @AAFPBC🔁Thrilled to have our very own Georgiana Devine sharing about Palm Beach County's experience and successes at this year!
Mattie McVey Lord @MMLord🔁63% of homeless women nationally have experienced DV. We cannot ignore the other 37%. - Anne Miskey #NAEH17
Caitlin Bayer @caitbayer🔁The main difference bt foster care and host homes is that host families are only obligated to provide mentorship and a room rental #NAEH17
The Lord's Place @TheLordsPlace🔁Employment is a critical part of ending homelessness. Need employers to open their minds to employing our clients. #NAEH17
Caitlin Bayer @caitbayer🔁 Presenting HMIS data that is understandable, updated monthly, and accessible to entire network? Yes, please!
Funders Together @funderstogether🔁In 100 years, @calfund had only endorsed 1 other ballot measure. #PropHHH was second. #NAEH17 #FTEH17


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