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Rainyy @RainyyVII🔁Learned from the best! <3 @TSM_Myth
Myth raymond adams @undeadray🔁The man the myth the legend
Lillian Richardson @raunakpandey6🔁adult video photos of naked full figured teens eros sex shop naked pickes of kery of myth busters asian sex
Myth DYNO @DYYYYNO🔁@TSM_Myth FeelsBadMan, you could have won that game... F
Myth Rachit Kapoor @Rachit_K🔁A full stop is a punctuational #myth
Daniel Valencia @eldanirv2002🔁 @TSM_Myth 1x1 back then 😯
Myth ☕️Jennifer Farris™🎮 @_CalamityJane36🔁 New duo 👀 @TSM_Myth
Myth JohnElBoi @johnyboii10🔁@TeamSoloMid @TSM_Myth Missed the W gets a Triple L and a bad Landing
Myth yourboiimattt @yourboiimattt🔁 With the young God @TSM_Myth,
Myth 👑SIN👑 @JT_nyctophilia🔁@bipzz And they say aliens are a myth
Myth ☕️Jennifer Farris™🎮 @_CalamityJane36🔁 .@TSM_Myth is up against Ninja at Esports Arena Vegas right now trying to grab a W!
MythMythMythMyth Dr. Nataniel Agour @docagour🔁 1934 Packard " Myth" Custom Boattail Coupe
Myth Sekuma Lee @besaw_anthony🔁 NINJA VS MYTH IM
Myth Myth @TSM_Myth🔁Tomorrow, we frag.
Myth Myth @TSM_Myth🔁Morning Twitter ❤️
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁The new Kanye has Roseanne agreeing with him as he celebrates a woman who has openly mocked and dissed Black Lives M atter & claimed that police brutality & oppression are a myth.
Jennifer Floyd @Jenflood77🔁So proud of our boy (So Dapper 2nite)what a gr8 event! Big ups to (So natural up there) and for their phenomenal Casting. And of course coming in with the gr8 hosting job. S/O to my boys w/ that W and [+]
Gus @Tha_Myth🔁 #BREAKING Death toll in Kabul suicide attack rises to 48: officials
Neemo @neemo2357🔁Absolutely shocking - some of our seniors who may have had the rosy view that the BBC used to be the ‘envy of the world’ and their decline was more recent, have well and truly had that myth shattered 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
Wolfs @RaveWolfs🔁Retweet if u ever been in
dZ Originals
Obey alliance
Jemah 💋 @beyoncettt🔁Myth vs Fact:

"Careful masuk UiTM Shah Alam. Banyak budak2 sosial kat sana. Clubbing,etc"

Fact: I was surrounded by the right circle. The ''nerdies'' kot. Nobody pernah ajak pergi club. Ajak pergi usrah ada lah

Moral: choose the right people to be friend with

Jim Mourgelas @JimMourgelas🔁 Getting a Life: The Social Worlds of Geek Culture dispels myth of geeks as lonely basement-dwellers.
🙇🏻 @Mamadoulic🔁@Hayat_aL_Fatih Wtf are you on about? PL proven is a myth, that was my only point
yonce-files @john_kristoph🔁The new Kanye has Roseanne agreeing with him as he celebrates a woman who has openly mocked and dissed Black Lives Matter & claimed that police brutality & oppression are a myth.
Trxvyy @the_real_trxvis🔁fyi: candace owens is an extreme conservative. apart of trump’s posse. she’s homophobic, transphobic + believes reverse racism is real + police brutality + discrimination against black people is a myth. she’s black btw. cheers!🥂
Heidi Magi @heidi_magi🔁‘More Americans work in museums than work in coal, but coalminers are treated as sacred beings owed huge subsidies and the sacrifice of the climate, and museum workers—well, no one is talking about their jobs as a totem of our national identity’.
Felix Kyebanakolanga @felixadvise🔁Great Piece , The Myth That HIV/AIDS is transmitted through saliva should be seriously delt with.
Felix Kyebanakolanga @felixadvise🔁Great Piece , The Myth That HIV/AIDS is transmitted through saliva should be seriously delt with. What Do U Think Abt This
Gus @Tha_Myth🔁 Death toll from blast rises to 48, with 112 others injured, Reuters reports, citing Afghan public health officials
Righty Populist @populistearl🔁ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA: Some Thoughts on Paul Gottfried's THE MYTH OF 'JUDEO-CHRISTIAN' VALUES
gagan brar @gaganbrar5🔁It's not mutually incompatible. The colonial mind sees the past as one big wasteland till White men "civilized us" and "gave" us Science. Those with self-worth can be more creative than those who're beaten down.
Ngugi wa Thiong'o, quoted in my book "The English Medium Myth."—
Spank @SpankNBank🔁Good shit brother. Always nice to see some H1 OGs shine [+]
Darien Evans @darien2evqns🔁Watched the rebroadcast of that event and it was amazing! Also a feelsgood moment seeing my teammate up on stage can’t wait to compete with this guy.
Jordan @Jrdsyy🔁 Retweet if you have been in-
Laura E Flores @LauraFlowersE🔁All too common question. . When I got into , one of my former highschool “friends” incredulously asked me what was my GPA. Dispel the myth: does NOT mean non-merit based advancement.
fourwordpoem @fourwordpoem🔁~~~~
ReFlex @ReFlexG13🔁I liked a @YouTube video Ninja's Vegas Event Highlights! Ninja And Myth POV!
Sarah J. Donovan,PhD @MrsSJDonovan🔁This is so interesting. I found my academic writing voice after much practice, and it includes "I," but there is a pu blishing company that does not like "I" and wanted me to revise a chapter. My colleagues and I resisted, saying that the personal story is essential.
Dominator Playz #SoaRRC @_DominatorPlayz🔁@marktwainthrice @DrLupoOnTwitch @TSM_Myth @EsportsArena @Ninja How bout you stfu
Toshii @t3toshii🔁@TSM_Myth @EsportsArena @Ninja Pls dont make excuses about how you lost on stream. Just admit defeat and learn. Forget about your EGO.
wanjira @sashaorwanjira🔁⭐️ Myth Buster: Leo & Virgo are immune to criticism because they already have dragged themselves. This is why they advocate themselves the hardest, bc they truly are their own worst critique at the end of the day — which pushes them toward success. 🌈
Steve Smith @SteveSmithCD🔁Testing is an investigatory activity, the outcome of which is valuable whether bugs are found or not. The myth that testers are only good at, and only enjoy, breaking things just builds walls. I wish that everybody, testers very much included, would stop perpetuating this myth
Jadon Leong @JadonLeong3🔁@TSM_Myth @EsportsArena @Ninja Fucking trash
MGTOW.COM @MGTOW🔁What a thoughtless aim. "Equality of the sexes" is a MYTH. Women are not even equal to EACH OTHER. So who you trying to convince?

Change your own mind first, because you're way off base.

Daniel Rosa @fcprosa🔁 @fcprosa CHINOK THE MYTH
Carter 🦅⚽ @carterulz3🔁Whenever Wilf talks on TV, he comes across so, so well.

You simply cannot argue with anything he’s said there.

Even Mariappa admitted it was a penalty, so there’s that myth put to bed. The yellow can’t be rescinded but it should be.

anne maciver @annemac33🔁How the UK Gvt created the myth of resource-rich Scotland’s “deficit”. It uses what it calls ‘non-identifiable income’ & ‘non-identifiable spending’ to massage the figures.
Jadon Leong @JadonLeong3🔁@TeamSoloMid @TSM_Myth You were fucking trash at Vegas Ninja '18
CoachTrotter @mtrotter59🔁I believe work life balance is a myth. Rather the key is to find rhythm and be engaged when you are at work and engaged when you are home. Invest in relationships where you are and you’ll feel more energized at work and home. You won’t have balance but you’ll be fulfilled.
pfeifferchild @pfeifferchild🔁@PSG_Schalke Fucking Halep, mate! She's a myth.
Jarrah Al Doseri @Jarra7710🔁I liked a @YouTube video Myth Brought "The Most Important Thing Ever" To Vegas! OPSCT Shows How To Use The
Thiago Henrique @StevCraft1🔁Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube * Ninja VS Myth at Las Vegas Tournament | Fortnite FUNNY & Best Moments
Parker Higgins @xor🔁@presenteric Harmonica Joe says it’s a myth but I know folks who swear by it
ChrisGotGame 🏴 @_ChrisGotGame_🔁 same exact thing happened to me smh, either way you played well bro 💪🏽
farmwithmewebsite @farmwithmeweb🔁A New Post: Community Architect Daily: Homesteading instead of flipping -The myth and reality of the Dollar House
j c canner @jcc9387🔁Pompeo never did anthing to correct (at best) a misinterpretation of his bio. In fact, he did everything to keep the myth alive until asked directly. Takes a special type of person to err on the subject of whether they served in combat.
St. REGIS @JUSTICEKECHI🔁@StableGeniusRN @asap_kamal @Atheist_Dragon @mojisolame @JajaPhD @Ismou008 Ha! OK Ice Age is a myth taken from scary kids story.
Ⓥ @contreparties🔁The Dali Thundering Concept - The Myth of Happiness

Released: 2018.03.20

Gerard Durkin @YESstoryman🔁@callum_kane I've seen him, he's definitely not a myth
kasim @k_multani1🔁@dannyahmed9 Last night was a myth to man🙄😂
Gojira007 @Gojira007X🔁PSA: When terfs and transphobes repeat the myth that self-id relates to gendered spaces, it's not just people not understanding the equality act or realising this argument was mostly settled in 2010, or deliberately spreading misinformation.

It is mostly about...... 1/2

Leslee🌊🌊🌊 @StableGeniusRN🔁I want to debunk his myth with logic... If a process started something... The process should continue and/or restart a new wave of the process
Jenny Blacker @jenblacker🔁In Memory Of The Man,The Myth, The Legend.
Dr The Rik Mayall
Pan Global Phenomenon
Equality, Opportunity, Wisdom, Freedom & Love.
"Barbara: Love Is The Answer"

CC BY-SA 4.0

Eve Mesa @EveOfNite🔁You're not a very kind person and your insults will not get you much credit . As politicians flip sides and get into the weed business more will tune your words out . Even if they were true . Your delivery is tainted in spit . Snap Out Of It .& Brain Dead by pot,A myth Stupid0(
April 18 bday😎😎 @dliliz_darkgirl🔁The misconceptions of Black men from media, movies, TV and American society runs deep. The myth that all Black men cheat is a complete lie and misrepresentation of the truth. Black men are one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Jeff Haden @jeff_haden🔁In 'The Motivation Myth' published by , wants you to take the first step towards instead of waiting around for
Saint Seiya News @saint_news🔁This brown box in photo is an 2011's old photo of my collection of Myth Cloth. If you don't get a 2nd chance to Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, i don't buy any other product of Bandai. High price ,low quality and not intersting character don't change my idea.
Klod @MajdoubKh🔁@TSM_Myth i love you but this is too funny
Leslee🌊🌊🌊 @StableGeniusRN🔁@asap_kamal @Atheist_Dragon @mojisolame @JUSTICEKECHI @JajaPhD @Ismou008 Noahs flood is a myth taken from older flood stories.
dolans @trilogise🔁I liked a @YouTube video TSM Myth - MY BEST GAME TO DATE!! 24 FRAGS!! (Fortnite BR Full Match)
瑠美亜.m2ts @catulusSyndrome🔁#NowPlaying JINGO JUNGLE -HBB Remix- / MYTH & ROID
🇸🇾21st century sappho🇸🇾 @mitthrawnuruodo🔁"leftists" falling for the myth of the peaceful protests in nicaragua probably also fell for the venezuelan oppositio n and the syrian "rebels"


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