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#MySiblingsTaughtMe Ryan @ryanfield🔁 They had to be good for something right? Come play! #MySiblingsTaughtMe
#MySiblingsTaughtMe Cooter McStabbin @TruthConsikwins🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe to always eat my vegetables.
Настя Андреева @JemDH2e0KI9mBnY🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe that no matter how much I hide my food they will always find it
spin a yarn @stayinstitches🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe Revenge is a dish, best served cold
Peter For Idaho @1stungun🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe to expect the unexpected
#MySiblingsTaughtMe Christina Zander @C0ffeeH0🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe how to ruin an otherwise pleasant family experience.
#MySiblingsTaughtMe Hashtag Roundup @HashtagRoundup🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe is this week's Hashtag THIS! hosted by @seriousgirlgang
B.R.Clark selflessly @BRClarkBF🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe bmx stunt riding was not for me. I kissed the curb and I didn't like it.
MrzKandiKizzez @kandikizzez9u🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe all about blackmail.
💋ǝɔןup👌🏻 @dvlce13🔁A lot but I won't go into detail #MySiblingsTaughtMe
Lewis Lit @jkropps🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to fight
Alisha Dawne Mason @Alisha_Dawne🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe so many things. Mostly, how to fight and defend myself.
BWA Switch @BWA_Switch🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe that friends r the family u choose. Much ❤️ to my chosen siblings. We didn't grow up together but you teach me everyday.
spin a yarn @stayinstitches🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe
We share a warped and twisted sense of humor
hannah @blehimhannah🔁nothing. #MySiblingsTaughtMe
spin a yarn @stayinstitches🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe
How to torture our babysitter Kevin by singing over and over,

Kevin's growing a mustache
It's getting Big and HAIRY!

Lolita Spears,DC @LGSpearsDC46🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe how to avoid group texts.
2Spooky Michael K. @PrinceMikeVG🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe an uncontrollable fear of Chucky.
Ricardo Valle @vma_valle🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how fast to run away when being chased with someone holding a knife.....long story
Happy B-Day 2 Me! 🎂 @JackMcford101🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to get away of trouble
Christina Zander @C0ffeeH0🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe the square root of shit.
Peter For Idaho @1stungun🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe the importance of moving away from home.. far away from home
Magilla Mike @Magilla9784🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe bring the oldest had it's perks
spin a yarn @stayinstitches🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe that I wasn't the only one with self-image problems
spin a yarn @stayinstitches🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe
Annoyance, Disgust, Retribution

(But mostly they taught me)

Patience, Love, Forgiveness

Alex Ponce @APCreative_🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe to always get what I want and don't stand around for it. Reach for it. Fight for it.
Bleuyancée @YvyDok911🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how irritating kids can be 😠
Rebecca S Felt @53Beckles🔁How to use kotex, why you can rub a male cat on its stomach but not a male dog and when I had too much blush on. #MySiblingsTaughtMe
Corinne ♍ @Corinnepv🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to sneak in a cemetary at night. Grow side yard weed. Throw parties while folks away. . Pays off being youngest! 😁
John DNS @John_DNS🔁Knowing how to share some things and keep other things separate is really important


Sambo @WorldWide @abtsag🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe I have no patience
John DNS @John_DNS🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe
Patience makes life better
Sambo @WorldWide @abtsag🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe to love
B.R.Clark selflessly @BRClarkBF🔁 - Being the middle child is never easy. Oh, & also never cover your neck in gravy. That too.
Peter For Idaho @1stungun🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe to be childish
Sambo @WorldWide @abtsag🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe to lie
Sambo @WorldWide @abtsag🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe how to run in a serpentine zig-zag pattern to escape.
Lunatic Gregg @graagc🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe if someone ain't around dig into their food
XKBDRlaraib 🌐👣 @xkb_dr🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe if prove yourself to be irresponsible your life will be heavenly
XKBDRlaraib 🌐👣 @xkb_dr🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe if you're lazy, much of the irrelevant crap like responsibilities will be cut away from you
Ambivalence @BlahImAfrican🔁 that it's not best to be the oldest. The oldest sibling gets to take all the heat even if the younger ones did it.
Andyblarg @T_EpixChocolate🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to truly enjoy video games. By playing with others and freaking out every round.
Ambivalence @BlahImAfrican🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe never leave food unattended @officiallaxgirl
Robert H Casper @Agentspy68🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe That sisters are the best! Only boy, three sisters. Wouldn't have had it any other way.
Midnightkiller1000 @Demonata42🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe that I should only have 1 child.
Scratch & Sniff ™ @AbSouliiistic🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe
Your parents love someone more than you
Midnightkiller1000 @Demonata42🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe that I wish I was an only child.
Scratch & Sniff ™ @AbSouliiistic🔁 #MySiblingsTaughtMe biting can help you escape a headlock.
Acquiescent Soul @AcquiescentSoul🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe Although, they know their dad, They are the real bastards. :D
Ricky Allen Vogel Jr @vogelricky🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe that I still want to be an only child 😤😤
Ryan @ryanfield🔁#MySiblingsTaughtMe how to get good Halloween Candy.
Scratch & Sniff ™ @AbSouliiistic🔁 ...that anything can give you the giggles at the dinner table...and that always made mom mad... and us giggle harder 😂


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