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#MuslimBan Podesta Arresta @WokeFormerLib🔁Give them some bacon! 🥓 #MuslimBan
#MuslimBan Ching Chong Wong @the_Wong_Chink🔁Does the Trump travel ban apply to Muslim dogs? #MuslimBan
#MuslimBan TheEducatedMinority❄ @Proud2Progress🔁 I’m just one reason why there should never, ever be a #MuslimBan
#MuslimBan jennifer pope @ellimayradrep🔁 RT #MuslimBan
We can gain our country back, read my bio*
🎙Wayne Dupree @WayneDupreeShow🔁So many stupid idiots! Too many of them. Trump put in place a temporary travel ban for PEOPLE coming from terrorist h twitter.com otbed countries and SOCIALISTS are so damn dumb they changed it into an emotional which it never was.

God, they are ignorant

National Immigration Law Center @NILC_org🔁BREAKING: will hear President Trump's unlawful . As the lower courts have proved time and again, this Muslim ban is twitter.com not only hateful and incredibly damaging, but also unlawful. 🗽
Zahra Billoo @ZahraBilloo🔁BREAKING: the racist, white supremacist 3.0 will head back to the Supreme Court. The highest court in our country wi twitter.com ll hear Hawaii's challenge.
Lil' Peggy Snowflake @rmecheeya🔁After delaying the release of their report on the for almost a year, finally released their results today—only to redact portions of the report, denying the American people the opportunity to see the full findings for themselves →
#Brexitus Autisticus @GlinnerGone🔁@SenDuckworth @SenatorDurbin @DHSOIG @DHSgov There was no #MuslimBan , to claim otherwise is lying to your constituents.
Allison | Lib | Dem 👩🏼‍💼 @AxxisonMargaret🔁With the talk of Trump’s , I would just like to tweet an appreciation post for the Muslim American that has stood out twitter.com to me in a million ways, Huma Abedin. She, much like her boss, has taught me so much. I love you 💙
Tammy Duckworth @SenDuckworth🔁After delaying the release of their report on the for almost a year, finally released their results today—only to r twitter.com edact portions of the report, denying the American people the opportunity to see the full findings for themselves →
Anita @marvswife🔁BREAKING: will hear the case. We hope the justices will come down on the right side of history & rule that there should be
Nic Ankush @NicAnkush🔁#MuslimBan would be counterproductive, we need our allies in the Mid East to work with us, a ban would negatively impact relations with them
Jill Nensewitz @JillNensewitz🔁No Israeli Jews EVER allowed in Muslim countries, but yeah, Trump is the racist 🙄

Kathleen Weidmann @KathleenWeidma2🔁: SCOTUS WILL HEAR TRUMP TRAVEL BAN 3.0.

Trump’s latest / imposes limits on nations SAID to "threaten" national security INDEFINITELY.

They previously dismissed appeals to Travel Ban 2.0, b/c it expired in Oct.

Scott Moore @AwedJob🔁This is the final # showdown. And a decision to uphold it will cement our country as a non-welcoming one. Because it won't stop with those Muslim countries.

Supreme Court to Consider Challenge to Trump’s Latest Travel Ban

Tammy Duckworth @SenDuckworth🔁Last January, & I called on to initiate an independent investigation into the ’s illegal implementation of Trump’s twitter.com chaotic & unconstitutional →
VladimirDonald @VladimirDonald🔁Just like Obama being born in Kenya, you can tell this is true because there are 2 pictures and words. twitter.com
Dr. Maryam Ahmad @Dr_Maryam_90🔁We hope the Supreme Court joins the many lower courts in their resounding rejection of the and reaffirm the constitutional promise of freedom from religious discrimination.
CandyH.🇺🇸 @CandySHayes🔁 You mean the ? Quit with the misrepresentation of what put in place. is looking out for and thank God we elected him to do just that!
Farhana Khera @farhanakhera🔁Supreme Court to hear 3.0. We hope the Court will come down on the right side of history and ensure that our nation remains true to its core ideals. .
Defend Europe 🇬🇧🇩🇪🇮🇪 @evropaidentity🔁We need to remove all Abrahamic religions and bring paganism. Odin is the allfather not some stupid desert god called allah. #MuslimBan
Mazi's Opinion.com @MazisOpinioncom🔁1 year ago today, announced the , which would have prevented my own parents from coming here. I decided to run for Congress that night.

I’m running to preserve the American Dream for future generations

E Deploribus Awesome @Citizen_USA1🔁Dear The Supreme Court,


ACLU: No threat from . countries.

Also ACLU: ISIS is the De Facto Government in ma twitter.com ny parts of Iraq. Deported refugees will be persecuted, tortured or killed!


🇺🇸Return to Glory🇺🇸 @ReturnGlory🔁5.)🇺🇸 Any liberals that are not muslims but sympathize with this socially-challenged cult, should be considered dir twitter.com ect enemies of our country & prosecuted as such. Time to get the filth out of America.

Toddna Von Engel❄ 🇺🇸🇩🇪 🇱🇧 @ToddnaVon🔁If @realDonaldTrump said he beating isis already so why is the #MuslimBan still needed?
Toddna Von Engel❄ 🇺🇸🇩🇪 🇱🇧 @ToddnaVon🔁.: "The is not merely a looming threat, but a heartless and unlawful order that has already torn families apart and thrown lives into chaos." 1/
🌹IRA 💯Russian BOT @ari_russian🔁God Bless President Trump for fighting to PROTECT Americans....

Only wish Democrats would FIGHT as hard for American twitter.com s as they do FOREIGNERS ...

Toddna Von Engel❄ 🇺🇸🇩🇪 🇱🇧 @ToddnaVon🔁We certainly know how this is going to end. I can't remember a time when our govt has exhausted its ppl to this extent. How many attempts at TrumpCare, R's corrupt lawmaking procedures, 4th CR, govt shutdown bc lack of R leadership, DACA, Russia.....its endless. 32%
Icosium2691#FRUSDZ @yaz2alg🔁 - Calls on Supreme Court to Reinstate Lower Court's Injunction Against 3.0...
🇺🇸Return to Glory🇺🇸 @ReturnGlory🔁4.)🇺🇸 Once these muslims are mainstreamed, I think they would need some type of probationary period where they coul twitter.com d be sufficiently monitored for suspicious activity.

RABYAAH ALTHAIBANI @rabyaahahmed🔁A startling new report shows how Customs and Border Protection violated court orders to enforce Trump’s first twitter.com .
🇺🇸Return to Glory🇺🇸 @ReturnGlory🔁3.)🇺🇸 Should we allow the good muslims entry into America? Of course, but only after severe, extreme vetting as the twitter.com y are not to be trusted.

Trump Supporter 🇺🇸 @RCTrumpisbackII🔁The top 9 countries with the most Muslims are not even included in this ban! How can it be a #MuslimBan???


Trump Supporter 🇺🇸 @RCTrumpisbackII🔁How dumb can liberals be ? Muslims are still allowed into the country with this travel ban! Lmao


Eden @southernlady111🔁 Soon we’ll have another great victory..keep them out! #MuslimBan
🇺🇸Return to Glory🇺🇸 @ReturnGlory🔁2.)🇺🇸 40% of muslims are inbred. They are mentally challenged.


🇺🇸Return to Glory🇺🇸 @ReturnGlory🔁1.)🇺🇸The unfortunate truth is that the vast majority of muslims will NEVER assimilate with Western Culture.


tom_simpson @builditnow🔁Nice try. Thanks for your service.

I still like the approach to Muslims. That's why they have NO Muslim problems twitter.com like Sweden and the UK do. Okay?

🏵Kimbra💐 @Kimbraov1🔁 @Kimbraov1 @PamelaGeller #MuslimBan Get em' the hell out of America!!!!!!!
Annette Jordan @abjmjordan1🔁 #MuslimBan

SCOTUS will fully support the Trump Travel Ban!

Deb Richards @shithole4u🔁@Kimbraov1 @PamelaGeller #MuslimBan Get em' the hell out of America!!!!!!!
MAGA Trump @SupportTrump10🔁#MuslimBan

SCOTUS will fully support the Trump Travel Ban!


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