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#MuseumSelfieDay Josephine Mills @Josie_M_Mills🔁#MuseumSelfieDay with Meryl McMaster and ... Meryl McMaster. @CUArtGallery
#MuseumSelfieDay Bobbie Ruby Reynolds @misscandylady67🔁 It’s #MuseumSelfieDay so the staff at the @HauntedMuseum say hello! Meet our doorman Paul
#MuseumSelfieDay Rangel-Schultz @1stUsurper🔁 #MuseumSelfieDay

At the Hall of Missing Republicans.

#MuseumSelfieDay Chi Hi HOSA @chipfallshosa🔁 Rosie revealing where she gained her original power... #MuseumSelfieDay #HOSA
Me @mkayg3🔁 #MuseumSelfieDay Going around in circles
#MuseumSelfieDay Sharon Whittaker @mectalk🔁 Everyone's hard at work in the SOFO office on #MuseumSelfieDay
#MuseumSelfieDay Denise Davidson @DeniseDavidson🔁 Braving the cold, just for #MuseumSelfieDay. Such #dedication!
#MuseumSelfieDay Ayla Jane Gams @Miaylita🔁 Bob Dole Eric Trump #MuseumSelfieDay
#MuseumSelfieDay Imogen Cavadino @I_Cavadino🔁 If I must 🙄 #MuseumSelfieDay @ZoologyMuseum #dutycalls
#MuseumSelfieDay David Gill @davidwjgill🔁 Today is #MuseumSelfieDay!
Please share your selfies from Pompeii with us. 📸😀
#MuseumSelfieDay David Gill @davidwjgill🔁 It's museum selfie day!
Share your photos with #VisitGreece & #MuseumSelfieDay
#MuseumSelfieDay marine ⚓️☠️❄️ @graveyardparty🔁 it’s #MuseumSelfieDay which is a catastrophic idea. Here’s why:
#MuseumSelfieDay Lashonna ⚡️🔁🏃🏾‍♀️👩🏾‍🎓 @CarolinaGurl_15🔁 STILL the greatest museum selfie of all time. #APeoplesJourney #MuseumSelfieDay
#MuseumSelfieDay UA Fairbanks @uafairbanks🔁 It’s #MuseumSelfieDay and I found this little gem from the @uafairbanks Museum of the North
#MuseumSelfieDay Helen @HelenLiveInHope🔁 .#MuseumSelfieDay @NHM_London With Bella, the falcon @Islandraptors
#MuseumSelfieDay Boss Dwarf's Shiny New Year 🍻🍻🍻 @Bossdwarf🔁 Before you participate in #MuseumSelfieDay...remember this:
#MuseumSelfieDay Lincoln's Cottage @LincolnsCottage🔁 @LincolnsCottage #MuseumSelfieDay I love Abe and love Lincoln’s Cottage!!
#MuseumSelfieDay Geraldine Peterson @francinylrahs🔁 Here's a #selfie from the @NHMLA #MuseumSelfieDay
#MuseumSelfieDay Diego Menezes @dgo_666🔁 Happy #MuseumSelfieDay my deers! #melbournemuseum #InsideOut #thisismymv
#MuseumSelfieDay Cookie Monster @MeCookieMonster🔁Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Me hear it #MuseumSelfieDay! Me see lots of little cookie-looking shapes in dis painting.
Smithsonian Magazine @SmithsonianMag🔁This is the first selfie. Ever. #MuseumSelfieDay smithmag.co
HistoricRoyalPalaces @HRP_palaces🔁Today is ! Henry VIII couldn’t resist a selfie in his best jewelled jacket. If you’re at the palaces today, share you twitter.com r with us 📸

This stained glass window can be found in ’s Great Hall.

Diego Menezes @dgo_666🔁It's ! Get snappin' and we'd love to see your best poses with performing arts collections🤳
P.. @bluebirdtrini🔁Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Me hear it ! Me see lots of little cookie-looking shapes in dis painting.
Diego Menezes @dgo_666🔁Tomorrow Jan 17th is day. If you want to use or I really don’t mine! It’s about sharing and showing the fun side of museums, art galleries, etc. Just have fun!

and are also on Instagram

Christopher Ochoa @mojochoa🔁Turn that frown upside down—it’s !

Share your best selfie moment at the Art Institute.

Crimson Skye @crimsonvskye🔁#MuseumSelfieDay. NO NI NO! Just go and bloody look at things and educate yourself.
USAHEC @USAHEC🔁 Jean Wood Collection
He landed at Utah Beach on D-Day, captured by Germans a few days later. Collection includes hun twitter.com dreds of letters between Jean and his wife, including while a POW.
Finding Aid: …/c…/p16635coll16/id/4390
Natt Day @nattatouillez🔁Day 18: One from the #throwbackthursday archive for #museumselfieday #myyearinphotos instagram.com
tamaramiles @tamaramilesSC🔁 to at spectacular view of the Seine by the immortal French impressionist, Claude Monet, the centerpiece of museum's later European art. (L'Île aux Orties, Giverny) #1897
The Hoops Inn @The_Hoops_Inn🔁Our Archive team were keen to join in but were slightly hampered by a lack of selfie stick! They're very busy & very excited about opening the Archive to researchers this spring.
Gary Docking @GaryDocking🔁Happy ! Our soldier by the Salt Tower has turned his axe into a selfie stick for the occasion! Share your Tower with us too 📸
London Water & Steam @waterandsteam🔁And a very handsome selfie that is, @markfromlondon #MuseumSelfieDay twitter.com
Dené Miles @DeneMiles🔁 This is the first selfie. Ever. #MuseumSelfieDay smithmag.co
Meaghan Patterson @meagpatterson🔁Thank you to all of the that participated in and warmest thank yous to all of our host sites! We certainly had a great day and we look forward to joining you on next year! We ❤ Museums!
David Gill @davidwjgill🔁Today is ! Henry VIII couldn’t resist a selfie in his best jewelled jacket. If you’re at the palaces today, share your with us 📸

This stained glass window can be found in ’s Great Hall.

Rawan @RawaneO🔁Yesterday was #museumselfieday, and I got my selfie 🤳. #simplyr instagram.com
Tyler Burden 🇳🇴 🇨🇮 🇺🇸 ‏ @TylerBurden14🔁 Why are there so many “Holocaust” museums in America when it didn’t happen in America (or at all)? 🤔


defibshop.co.uk @defibshop🔁Happy ! There's loads of objects to ❤️, but the is our favourite!

Don't forget to locate your nearest defib while taking your - you never know when you might need to know where it is!

Taline Bedrossian @talinenoelle🔁As they say, the cobbler's children wear no shoes. Happy belated from Wild Nights / The Unswept Floor (1989) by Mart twitter.com ha Fleming and Lyne Lapointe in the Contemporary Galleries of the National Gallery of Canada
Jackie Hodson @jackie_holly🔁Wonderful to see trending across the world yesterday - and it all starts in the West Mids, UK with the woman behind ! Thanks for running this fun day Mar! Now in its 5th year, it gets bigger every year!
M.A.Fratz @mhreader75🔁Today is ! We've got props and backdrops ready--stop by the Boeing Learning Center and share your with :
ArtConservationSvcs @ACS_LondonOnt🔁It's and here is some of what's going on at .


CoCA York @COCAYork🔁We love it when our visitors get creative. Impromptu in our space yesterday twitter.com
Alina V Opanasenko @AvOpanasenko🔁 to at spectacular view of the Seine by the immortal French impressionist, Claude Monet, the centerpiece of museum' twitter.com s later European art. (L'Île aux Orties, Giverny) #1897
Sakshi Katoch @sakshikatoch999🔁Book Your cheap flights tickets to Colorado. Unitedwebsdeals helps you compare and track airfares on hundreds of airl twitter.com ines to help you find the best flight deals.


Donna Marie @DonnaMarieHame1🔁Happy !

We chose a pose in front of the legendary Aurora Borealis sculpture by James Houston, a site-specific work created for Glenbow in 1976.

Cate Sevilla @CateSevilla🔁Guess we kicked off a little early this year? 🤳

Here's how has been bringing people face to face with art…through selfies →

OHEA @OntarioHEA🔁Showing some ❤️ to - our awesome neighbour and home to our staff-led urban 4-H club!

DYK - Ottawa is the only world capital with a working farm at its heart?

Marilynn Havelka @RuthvenParkCAO🔁 had our statues & paintings coming out in full force with statuesque poses and painterly expressions, especially our 19th century look-alike 👌📸
syfmedic7682 @syfmedic7682🔁 The CSM with the French FT-17 light tank located in the WWI section of our Soldier Experience Gallery. Soldiers preferred the FT-17 since it easily navigated through forests and other rough terrain. This tank dates from WWI, but shows a 1920s paint scheme.
Mister Flowers @CharlieCanFly🔁 Russia sentences 14 years

Jessica Eby @JessicaEby🔁Wait, one more!

It's not a selfie but it's an important picture taken at a museum nonetheless, so I'm including i twitter.com t in ! Me with Dr. Banting at in , on the 19th anniversary of my diagnosis (Oct. 2017).

Sir Mac Andrews @SirMacAndrews🔁?
That I can do!
Here's a 360 in the amazing vehicle storage shed at the
CDN Baseball HOF @CDNBaseballHOF🔁Apparently I missed yesterday, but here's a belated one!

Being a baseball girl myself, I was excited to take this selfie at the this summer!

🎄Mr. Tokoya🏮🎁 @DTeammember12🔁 with my new besty Borealsaurus at the Royal Tyrrell Museum following last year's Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting.
Jessica Eby @JessicaEby🔁Apparently I missed yesterday, but here's a belated one! Last one for this year, I think!

We took this one in fron twitter.com t of in Ottawa (June 2017). We call it our Palace Selfie, since Rideau Hall is the official residence of both the Queen and the GG.

Masque Arts @MasqueArts🔁The latest The #ArtsMarketing Daily! paper.li #museumselfieday
Music Planet @MusicPlanet_StA🔁Not strictly a but on we couldn't resist posting this Science Festival shot ! 2018 programme is launching next month?
Jessica Eby @JessicaEby🔁Apparently I missed yesterday, but here's a belated one!

It's technically a timer photo, but here we are in the mu twitter.com seum area of the original in (March 2017)!

Andy Beer @NT_andybeer🔁Let's kick off with our conservation assistant Rachel at Calke!
Gretchen Barbatelli @SwissSilkCo🔁It’s ! Where are your favorite places to take one? This is one was from @themuseumofmodernart
Caroline Kelly @CK5044🔁 UN 'Peacekeepers' continue to rape women and children

Jessica Eby @JessicaEby🔁Apparently I missed yesterday, but here's a belated one!

Another one from our Western Canada roadtrip in August-- twitter.com Here's Chris standing in Sam Steele's bedroom at . It was a long drive (3,632 km from home), but it was worth it!

Karen Nikos-Rose @UCDavis_KNikos🔁 Ah, yes, #MuseumSelfieDay, otherwise known as Unfollow Museums for the Day Day.


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