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Murray BeBee Embassy @BebeeEmbassy🔁By Jim Murray: Reflections On My First Year On The Quiet Side Of The Lake #social
📍 @A__Murray🔁 Will Smith on the responsibility of happiness in a relationship
📍 @A__Murray🔁 me when I smell food
📍 @A__Murray🔁 I mean I’ve been bored at work but this can’t be topped
Murray World Champion @BigDickDantoni🔁 32 AFC players that could be released: (via @greggrosenthal)
Paul Waugh @paulwaugh🔁Here's the moment that caused so much uproar at Labour's National Policy Forum today. NEC chair Andy Kerr grabs contr ol of lectern from NPF vice ch Katrina Murray.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Team World dominates Team USA at the

Hield: 29 pts
Simmons: 11 pts, 13 ast Bogdanovic: 26 pts
Murray: 21 pts

2018 NBA All-Star @NBAAllStar🔁Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic combine for 55 PTS and 12 triples to lead Team World over US Team 155-124!

Jamal M urray: 21 PTS, 7 AST, 6 REB

Jaylen Brown: 35 PTS, 10 REB

Courtney Pierre @CourtneyPierre2🔁Hot Hand

Since his call up from JV on January 25th, Hill-Murray 8th grader Nick Pierre has 11 points in 8 games for the Pios including two goals on Saturday in their win over Moorhead.

Murray Guy @Lean_tobe_Green🔁Are an with the to a ... We all have to be if we love our
Trev Ellis 🇪🇺 @GingertrevTrev🔁NEWS: It’s OFFICIAL. Murray Gold has confirmed himself at the Gallifrey One convention that he is leaving Doctor Who and will not be composing the music for Series 11 onwards. 😢 Goodbye Murray Gold, you provided the absolute best music since the show returned in 2005.

Paul Stevenson @plstevenson09🔁Here's the moment that caused so much uproar at Labour's National Policy Forum today. NEC chair Andy Kerr grabs control of lectern from NPF vice ch Katrina Murray.
Steven Murray @ip_murray🔁Start your engines and may the best lawyer, Win! ... A John Doe has been told to sashay away as the producers of RuPauls Drag Race sue for copyright infringement over leaked episodes for the new season!

Murray @Rmar_Murray🔁Black guy with a gun and crime = thug
Immigrant with a gun and crime = terrorist
White guy with gun and crime = mental illness
The Angry Squirrel👌 @HomeChasingANut🔁 Douglas Murray on Rotherham #Muslim #Rape gangs.
JB @J_B_Murray🔁@e_spurs On my couch in Weatherford, OK, USA
Callum Murray @Callum_L_Murray🔁Isn't this the same as "banning cars will cause more traffic"? 😂
DirtyMurray&TheBoyz @Ian__Murray🔁I think @MichaelRapaport should have to fight @ryanwhitney6 at the next RnR for talking shit to him
Neil Marshall #FBPE @ANMarshall🔁NPF member tells me "He [Andy Kerr] was sitting well away and then marched up to the lectern and literally elbowed her [Katrina Murray] out of the way".
Emma Wilkinson @SurfingEm🔁Agree with numbers for this analogy , but still believe individualised and personal care is better and if you chose m ajority - you are losing this slightly .....however if you measure if you have met a persons individual needs in numbers , then perhaps ....
Jenny Clair Kentucky @jenny_kentucky🔁John Wall won the dunk contest in 2014
Devin Booker won the 3pt contest in 2018
KAT won Skills Challenge in 2016
Jamal Murray won MVP Futures in 2017
AD won All-Star MVP in 2017
chl0e @clo_murray_🔁Ouch🤕
Nancy L. McGill @NancyMcGill1🔁So I ask climate Barbie to paint my porch for me two hours later she said it wasn't a porche it was a Mercedes 🤔🤔😝😂🤣😝😂🤣😂😝😂🤣😝😂🤣🇨🇦
Fletcher "Fazza" Johnson @FazzaJohnson🔁Shaking in anger. My youngest fella was playing this FIFA game. Walked into his room an catched him buy this aubamera ng bloke. Exploded in rage and punched a hole in the wall before i forced him to buy Mark Noble, Gaz Barry and Glenn Murray. Brexit means brexit
Murray @Rmar_Murray🔁 If i kneel down to propose to you, and you say NO, upper cut follows 😂😂


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