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Murray 5 @A__Murray🔁 We remember Eric Garner, who died in police custody 3 years ago today.
MurrayMurray Dakota Murray @dakota__murray🔁Happy birthday brother @BryceAshley1 I'll always love you
Murray Ali Berg @alison_b10🔁 2018 6'1 G/F Mikayla Brandon received Offer from Murray State University.
Naina K @Naina0005🔁 Sir Andrew Murray is NOT amused with your casual sexism! #wimbledon
Murray DontHassleTheHoff @The_Barritt_Boy🔁 Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis on the set of Ghostbusters, 1984.
Wimbledon @Wimbledon🔁The no-look drop volley, courtesy of Jamie Murray...


Wimbledon @Wimbledon🔁The final trophy of 2017 goes to and 🏆

They beat Watson/Kontinen 6-4, 6-4 to win the mixed doubles title

Dhanush @dhanushkraja🔁No nadal no Murray no Djokovic and it appears to be an injured opponent. Come on roger. You have to win this. #rf19
Rob Sellers @Rob_Sellers_🔁#GoCoogs 2019 DT offer on campus today.
PGP @MiroWare🔁This is an excellent breakdown of the universal basic income debate by . Worth your time.
Rose♛ @rose_oddo🔁Chad Michael Murray is so slept on, like have you ever seen him in One Tree Hill? 🤤
Craig Reagin @CraigReagin🔁We only have 2 of our Lake Murray hats left in White. Order online tonight before they sell out!…
Matt Glinski @MattGlinski178🔁@Murray_Trader the trend is over. back to .001's probably. But i got out so maybe it will hit a million bucks.
BigRugbyFan! @medaka023🔁Conor Murray started each Test match on what was his second Lions Tour! Take a look at his best moments
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Seattle Mayor Ed Murray orders police to wear body cameras
Savannah 🌸 @savannahmdean🔁I never want to leave this lake house in Lake Murray
Vishnu S @Vishnu17🔁Federer went from Agassi, Sampras et al, to Roddick, Hewitt et all to Murray, Nadal et al - changed his style and car ried on winning.
John F. Longen @jlongen🔁 Mayor Ed Murray has ordered the city’s police department to equip patrol officers with body cameras.
Bryce Ashley @BryceAshley1🔁@dakota__murray 😍 and Thanks man, love you!
GIFTED @therealgifted🔁That time @dremurray22 & @trevorleemusic & myself took a walk
Suanne Laqueur @suannelqr🔁Proponents of universal basic income need to be wary of how ppl like Charles Murray can co-opt it & to justify racist & classist pathologies
Dave Stingo @dave_stingo🔁@KristianClaus 2016: Murray, Ajayi, Johnson, Blount, Freeman, Ingram....all over 1000 yards
Dennis Emery @hskyfn🔁I agree with nothing the #GOP says but I agree with this. Murray should resign. A disgrace
Sasha_bryans @sasha_bryans🔁 Senator wants Department of Education official fired after 'egregious' campus sexual assault remark
Bourelle Productions @bourellebooking🔁"Join Miss Rebecca for Great Indie Country Music and Interview with Bert Murray" by @LOZRadio via #spreaker
Meme War Veteran 🗽 @ILoveNuiHarime🔁Great snippet from Douglas Murray on podcast talkin about the MIgrant Crisis & the difference between Eastern & Western Europe
Javier Mendez @MalditoMendez🔁Tennis Star Andy Murray Just Shut Down a Reporter’s Sexism in the Most Subtle Way #globalcitizen
Rozzy @rozjonesy🔁 the reaction we're all having to andy murray saying "male player" is proof that we've set the lowest f-cking bar imaginable
Mia Tearle @MiaTearle🔁 : Bill Murray Ghostbusters Autographed 8x10 NOT A REPRINT


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