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Murray Joshua @josh___murray🔁 24 years ago today, Dr. Dre released Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
Skylar Murray @Skylar_murray_🔁 everyone: goes to the gym for fitness & healthy body

meanwhile, jeon jungkook:

Murray Jo Owens Murray @OwensMurray🔁Tour America Jo Murray Facebook
t mize @tmxallysaa🔁 Murray's Jon Hilbrecht has cleared 6-4, barely.
Murray FRANCE 24 English @France24_en🔁Murray displays playoff magic as Penguins tie series
Murray William Teixeira @RDS4LyFE🔁 RT if you want to see Murray and Fleury pose for a re-do of this photo. #DynamicDuo
Murray Josh Sullivan @sullyjosh🔁Murray's Ann Taylor shows off her 1st-place medal for the 400. Taylor anchored the Tigers' 4x100 relay winners.
Murray Timmy d @TimDriscoll77🔁 Fleury is bettah!
Murray is bettah!
Benstonium @Benstonium🔁MAH GAWD that's Matt Murray's music!!
Murray Benstonium @Benstonium🔁Fleury is bettah!
Murray is bettah!
Murray Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Coach Sullivan confirms that Matt Murray will start in net for Game Four.
Fi @FionaKHunter🔁well that's their slim chances made even slimmer

gutted, was looking forward to seeing Webb vs Murray

gman @gmanZeN🔁So proud of you and I know your family & friends are equally proud of you as a person and what you're trying to achie ve.
Murray Burnell @Murray_Burnell🔁"They've ruined it for me!" Strong words from Morison as Millwall fans invade the pitch:
Nova @nova_castro🔁Juice unit will step up like they've never had before. Tiwala. They need to activate Bertans, Murray and the 2nd Anth ony too or the 3rd lol
Jon Aske @askearitza🔁"Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State", by Mike Whitney @williamcornwell
Ryan Eason @TenderMender33🔁This is next level patience from Murray. Watches the pass from the corner & moves on pace with the puck. Small adjustment, stays over puck.
Minas Panagiotakis @Photography514🔁My image used on Radio Canada. Murray devant le filet des Penguins
Robert Penny 🌐 @bobop97🔁@nigelmansell @f1pictures Murray walker: what are you thinking about Nigel?
You: the active suspension ban *sigh*
Claire B @seepretzel🔁Omg I just saw Peter Murray at Target
Ed @llsed31🔁 Rt if u love and respect Murray and Fleury
Eric Walker @messenger_spts🔁 1A Girls' Team Standings (11 events scored)
1. Murray - 67
2. Owensboro Cath - 35.5
3. St. Henry - 34.5
KHSAA Main @KHSAA🔁1A Girls' Team Standings (11 events scored)
1. Murray - 67
2. Owensboro Cath - 35.5
3. St. Henry - 34.5
Michael Gallagher @mg_sports1🔁 Murray's Ann Taylor runs a 58.22 to take the state title in the girls' 400 meters #khstr
Aaron Reddington @A_Redo91🔁Kearney has been selected despite his performances over the last while. One bad game shouldn't count against TO'H. Gr eat last two seasons
Ty Stom @ty_stom🔁Class 1A Track and Field: Murray's Annie Futrell takes fifth in the long jump. Keagin Brooks eighth.
Gethin Pearce @GethinPearce🔁@ospreys losing Rhys Webb is BIG! Ignoring the obvious head to head with Murray, Webb's link with Biggar is crucial
gman @gmanZeN🔁Blessed to be given the opportunity to strike some with …
FitFabandFashionable @SFLFashionista7🔁 NHL: Stanley Cup playoffs - Penguins roar to life as Murray earns first win
FitFabandFashionable @SFLFashionista7🔁 Murray, Rust take time to enjoy Stanley Cup playoffs... #pittsburghpenguins
KHSAA Events @khsaaevents🔁Russellville's Jaylyn Murray posts a 49.66 in the boys' 400 meters to claim the state title #khstr
金田 芳和 @uketukeman🔁Assange case proves 'UK an American vassal state', can't stop extraditions - Craig Murray, fmr UK diplomat (Op-Edge)
Mark Waldrop @dropkick21🔁Class 1A Track and Field: Murray's Ann Taylor wins her first ever individual state championship, winning the 400 Dash.
Shannon Murray @s_e_murray🔁I don't know why, exactly, but this is incredibly satisfying to watch.
Waxy @WaxyMitNs🔁I wanted Fluery and thought it would be him in the net, but Murray is still good and that dude Sully knows Hawkey better than me. So I'm in🐧
John @JGor492🔁Listening to Stan Savran podcast from yesterday, where yinzer claims "screwed Fleury all year" ...


Steve Murray @Steven_J_Murray🔁Tell more people that you love them. You never know how much they might need it. - Chris Brogan #quote
Rob Morgan @rmorganiv🔁FIVE-Round Mock Draft (via )


lil alex vert @comicbookfilms🔁He shot Bill Murray
Chick fil A Murray @ChickfilAMurray🔁Happy Saturday! Try our Seasonal Frosted Strawberry Lemonade before it's gone. The perfect weekend treat!...
101.1 The F.A.M. @1011thefam🔁You Requested it, So We Are : The Rhyme (Clean) by Keith Murray /" target="_blank">
chan @chantalissel🔁@alyysssssa @sarah_murray_ these dude lowkey wanna Eiffel Tower her
Patrick Bell @PatrickHBell🔁Danny McBride told Stephen Colbert he bought a house in Charleston after Bill Murray gave him the hard sell
St Albans 1st Score @stalbanscclive🔁Ick v StA2
Ick lead by 115 runs
StA2 61 for 1 (11.2 overs)
WKT - Murray b Jenner 26
Dougs anditsstillnaw @dougsg66🔁@nigelmansell @f1pictures Aw give it a rest Murray 😋
M S @MichelleLStiles🔁Last night I declared that my son is going to be name Marlon Shaq Ramone and have a sister named Bill Murray
MagistraOditt @MagistraOditt🔁 The Class of 2017's Outstanding Senior is Joe Murray!
Makoy @sagingminatamis🔁Mills, Green, Simms, LA, Gasol, Murray, Manu, Kyle, Lee, Dedmon, Forbes, Joel.. #KL #TP #SAS ⚪️⚫️
Mark Wright @lufclad861🔁@jamie_murray Pity some fans had to ruin it , no need to run on the pitch
Mike White @mikewhitesport🔁@PhilRudderforth Yeah they did. Mirf & Murray.
Herb @Nobodyfunny🔁MMs, ranked:

Matt Murray
Mickey Mouse
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Marilyn Monroe
Marvin the Martian
Mandy Moore
Mark Melancon
Marilyn Manson

St Albans 1st Score @stalbanscclive🔁Ick v StA2
Ick lead by 116 runs
StA2 60 for 0 (11.0 overs)
Murray 26 (26)
Hall 34 (41)
KHSAA Events @khsaaevents🔁Murray's Ann Taylor runs a 58.22 to take the state title in the girls' 400 meters #khstr
?uesthate @ironsidehex🔁"I SHOT YA rmx" (1995) - LL COOL J, ft. KEITH MURRAY, PRODIGY, FAT JOE, FOXY BROWN.
The Posting @the_posting🔁Murray, Wawrinka will be ready at French Open despite form dip: Djokovic
Mario Ornelas @moski14🔁My top-five RB battles: 1) WAS (Kelley/Perine), 2) KC (Ware/Hunt), 3) SEA (Lacy/Prosise/Rawls), 4) MIN (Murray/Cook) 5) NYJ (Forte/Powell)
むっちゃん @H3701Muu🔁 Big four, age of first Masters final:

Nadal, 18y 9m
Djokovic, 19y 10m
Federer, 20y 7m
Murray, 21y 2m

Zverev, 20y 1m

David Blackwell @rugbymad🔁Penguins turn to Matt Murray for Game 4 of Eastern final: OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) " The Pittsburgh Penguins will give…
Jamie Murray @jamie_murray🔁Steve Morison #Talisman
Greaves Seigel @GreavesSeigel🔁@jagr200 @Iynxs @EthanVin_99 @penguins ... Murray is younger and cheaper. More cap space means we can spend it on other areas.
martin cheadle @mart2608🔁stopped listening to TS when Colin Murray went is TS aware there are more sports than football Sick of hearing it @talkSPORT @BroadcastMoose
Smartabase @smartabase🔁Andrew Murray talk about his journey as User to Lead Builder organizing its use across all University of Oregon spo rts
Zoe Murray @Zoe_Murray🔁Happy birthday to daddy! kylelynnmurray
Steven Murray @stev_murray🔁@politico @vermontgmg A bit of an overstatement, no?
Blue River Athletics @brvathletics🔁Thank you Gary Wilson, Jeff Murray, & Mooreland Fire Dept! Congrats Coach H and Lady Vikings!


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