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Mularkey KJ @thekjhaluska🔁 Titans offer Mike Mularkey a contract extension and then fire him
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁 GM Jon Robinson and CEO Steve Underwood told coach Mike Mularkey before the game and told him they were extended him and he was their guy. They said they'd get it done after the game. Now this.
Mularkey JohnMadewell @johnmadewellNC9🔁The #Titans have parted ways with head coach Mike Mularkey.
Ren. @kayerenna🔁 Titans part ways with head coach Mike Mularkey

You know what that means #TitanUp

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Titans and head coach Mike Mularkey mutually agreed to part ways this morning, league source tells @FieldYates .
josh @Jacook2823🔁He also reported mularkey signed an extension with the ! Report first without facts and hope it sticks. No one to hol d you accountable!
Big Mets Fan @bigmetsfan1🔁Mike Mularkey was offered a contract extension then fired. Why not just give him a wedgie and hang him up in the loc ker room by his underpants while you're at it?
Chris Mathis @C78Mathis🔁 The Titans are going to interview Texans DC Mike Vrabel for their head coaching job to replace Mike Mularkey.
TrustInGodAlone @mrzeddie15🔁He’s still recovering though, he would’ve joined Titans but they waited too long to fire Mularkey and I’m sure the C olts pressured him into a decision when they saw our job open up.
Kevin Whalen @kevinwhalen🔁So news is breaking that Pat Shurmur is expected to be the next coach of the N.Y. Giants. And McDaniels to the Colts. I imagine the Titans firing Mularkey this morning helped moved things along a bit. 🏈
Mickey Shuey @MickeyShuey🔁 Titans split with Mularkey.
matt wilhelm @mattwilhelm_93🔁Why? He had a bump with denver but who cares jay cutler has been a terrible teammate and qb everywhere hes been so it doesn't surprise me. McDaniels has been a offensive guru since 2001. Either him or vrabel would be a great choice. Better than mularkey. And you praised him.
HarrisonWWEfan @dobson_harrison🔁Even though Titans are interviewing Mike Vrabel, I'm hearing they're going to target an offensive coach. The whole reason for firing Mularkey was he wasn't getting enough out of Mariota and the offense
TeVinci Code @TerryHighlife🔁 Mularkey fired after playoff win. Hue stays at 1-31. #Browns
Jayen Patel @jaysizzle03🔁@Steel_Curtain4 I would much rather get mularkey or arians for OC
Abbey Jones @AbbeyJones11🔁 GM Jon Robinson says staff changes was “certainly something that was discussed” about Mularkey’s dismissal. As in, Mularkey did not want to make them. Mularkey’s words did affect matters, Robinson said.
Mark Balog @MBonTheTrack🔁One potential landing spot for former coach Mike Mularkey: The offensive coordinator to coach Hue Jackson. There was interest if Mularkey ever became available.
Josh Quillen @JoshQuillen10🔁Rap also reported Mularkey was expected to get an extension. We see how that ended. Rap about to make two terrible pr ediction within a week.
Nicolas Delamare @NicolasMayenne🔁What GM Jon Robinson said at today's press conference about Mike Mularkey, and what's ahead in coaching search:


Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration @NoMoneyMitch_🔁 The Titans did Mike Mularkey dirty as hell
Jonathan causey @CoachJ_Causey🔁 Titans fire Mularkey! Saints choke, Patriots win sixth Super Bowl title
Joe Myers @joemyers92🔁Maybe they shouldn’t have said anything but since Mularkey made it clear in his press conference yesterday that he w as not going to be willing to make offensive changes, the Titans had no choice but to pull the cord. Bottom line is it was the right decision in my opinion.
#TitanUp @Mr_Will_I_am34🔁AAS: Well Mularkey, here’s your new contract, but there’s one thing... Terry’s gotta go.

MM: Nah.


#5 Titans 9-7 (1-0) @Ayyyy_Noahh🔁 Titans and head coach Mike Mularkey mutually agreed to part ways this morning, league source tells @FieldYates .
HarrisonWWEfan @dobson_harrison🔁 Story on Titans-Mike Mularkey split:
✭✭ DUCE-DUCE ✭✭ @DuceVasquez🔁I guess you could say they cut the Mularkey *puts shades on*
Yellander Zaddington @ZaddynS🔁Big progress for the Titans. Even bigger appreciation for Mularkey.
#5 Titans 9-7 (1-0) @Ayyyy_Noahh🔁Jon Robinson: "I felt like we need to go in a different direction and maximize the skill sets of the players on the field." He spoke specifically to Marcus Mariota's development and numbers not supporting Mularkey's claim that the development has been good.
Josh Quillen @JoshQuillen10🔁@NFL @RapSheet @TomPelissero Rap just reported Mularkey was EXPECTED to get an extension. We see how that ended
Juston Daniel @JustonDaniel🔁The Tennessee Titans are idiots for firing Mularkey.
richard mcnichol @richard_mcn_52🔁 The #Titans announce they have fired coach Mike Mularkey. Unreal.
Crutch @BigOrangeCrutch🔁 Mularkey can be in my foxhole anytime
MD @mddela🔁@EdBouchette Ed any chance Mike Mularkey comes in to replace Haley?
HarrisonWWEfan @dobson_harrison🔁 Jon Robinson said he and CEO Steve Underwood told Mike Mularkey he would be fired this morning.
Dylan Toback @DylanTobackShhh🔁Titans didn't play a complete game all season long. The offense was a joke for over 2 quarters of every game. Mulark ey was asked to make coordinator changes and he wouldn't. Titans will be ok, these players made Mularkey look better than he was.
Miles Jamieson @The_MilesFiles🔁 Filed to ESPN: the Titans and head coach Mike Mularkey have mutually agreed to part ways, according to a league source.
Yellander Zaddington @ZaddynS🔁 Credit to Mularkey for digging us out of football purgatory & getting us to this point.
Jay Carlton @carltonjay🔁I don’t think it’s a risk at all. I can’t imagine too many people really thought Mularkey would be the one to lead t o a Super Bow championship. I sure as hell didn’t. They won in spite of Mularkey and Robiskie. Bringing back MM would’ve been delaying the inevitable.
Rino Onofrio @OnofrioRino🔁Head Coaching is not for him!! #Mularkey
Josh Quillen @JoshQuillen10🔁He also reported Mularkey was getting an extension. No way Titans let go of Mularkey unless they knew something.
Marty Shankle @mshankle1131🔁Mike Mularkey and Bruce Arians are available. So is Matt Patricia. But, Coach 1-31 is the best man for the Browns job, right?
El Stuarto $cotté @Kool_Mo_De🔁 Sounds like Mularkey didn’t want to let go some of his staff
Abbey Jones @AbbeyJones11🔁 Report: Titans to interview Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel
Dick Moss @Tavi59🔁Titans split with Mularkey.
Robbie Patterson @RobbiePIII🔁@Gambo987 please tell me the Cards aren’t interested in Mike Mularkey.
Jared Mueller @JaredKMueller🔁Mularkey was good coach early in his career with Pittsburgh.. but the game has changed dramatically and he's refused to change with it. He's a relic.



Ticketron @TICKETRONNcom🔁 - News Mike Mularkey's s tubbornness, failure to scheme around Marcus Mariota were his demise - Mike Mularkey didn't make enough adjustments to take advantage of his quarterback's skill set in what had be...
Tn Guitar Guy @TnGuitarGuy🔁That's funny. I was talking with a buddy last night about how much Mularkey reminds me of Butch. Terrible in game coa ches that didn't play to the strengths of players and both choked when their respective divisions were theirs for the taking. At least the Titans cut bait.
Christopher Hunter @LordCBH🔁Takeaways: No question who's in charge now. Robinson and Underwood told Mularkey news, not Strunk, who'd been his patron. No question offensive inconsistency was the root of Mularkey being fired, and he finished digging his grave with Sunday press conference.
Rudy T Monteagudo @RudyTMonteagudo🔁Rudy Monteagudo Tip: Titans fire Mike Mularkey after discussing contract extension - Mike Mularkey guided the Titans to back-to-back winning seasons and the franchise's first playoff appearance in a decade, but fell short of expectations.         
Bruh @thebradenmason🔁@TheWoomiester Mularkey was trash
Peace Please @B4DAHoneys🔁Mularkey went 19-15 in two seasons as the coach, one more win than the franchise had in the previous four seasons combined. He also led them to their first playoff appearance since 2008 and first postseason victory since 2003.
Ryan McCrystal @Ryan_McCrystal🔁Mularkey was good coach early in his career with Pittsburgh.. but the game has changed dramatically and he's refused to change with it. He's a relic.
NFL News @PlayerlineNFL🔁Mularkey done in Tennessee #MarcusMariota #FantasyFootball
☆STAR GANG☆ @Prime903🔁Column from : The Cowboys need to do for Dak Prescott what the are now doing for Marcus Mariota
dailyNFLfantasy @dailyNFLfantasy🔁Jon Robinson: We needed a different path to move forward: Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said the decision to f ire head coach Mike Mularkey was made Monday morning. Mularkey’s insistence on keeping his staff intact and his message of “continuity” in…
Champale Papi @Fatty_Pat🔁Titans basically fired Mularkey for nothing. Smh, tragic.
mid-life crisis actor @Southern_Philly🔁@PatrickCahiII @_Philly_Talk he was before Mularkey got canned
Jackson Duncan @jacksonduncan22🔁Breaking: The Titans and head coach Mike Mularkey have mutually agreed to part ways, a league source tells .
Chom Steinbeck @SERK_RAMBIS🔁@ColeTeachman @AdamSchefter @FieldYates He should be happy Mularkey is gone
Bobby Fish @Jet_Black🔁Titans fire Mike Mularkey in surprise move but are a longshot to land Josh McDaniels -
Dan T Disappointment @Stigs25🔁Its, so so so refreshing to be a fan of an organization that doesnt accept mediocrity. I didnt mind Mularkey tbh, but its obvious there was a disconnect, and instead of giving him a 7 year extension, they are gonna find a better coach....amazing
Brad Merfeld @bmerf🔁Wow.. Mike Mularkey and the Titans have parted ways.. that is crazy. I don't think he was the right coach for them, b ut didn't think they'd have the balls to part from a coach who just lead them to their first playoff appearance in a decade.
jacob @Jacobking05🔁@AaronKey23 At least Mularkey was better than Jeff Fisher lol


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