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LILPULLOUT @LILPULL0UT🔁 Muhammad Ali's view on women being covered.
Muhammad Peter J. Hoeschele @HoeschelePeter🔁"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali
ㅤ @IdkFunnyMaybe🔁 Watch the scintillating spell by Muhammad Amir. PakvWI
Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra🔁If the 'far right' is as near a threat as Islam, journos should draw a pic mocking any fascist and one of Muhammad. Let's test the responses
Vann R. Newkirk II @fivefifths🔁Prince died a year ago. Muhammad Ali not too much later. The world ain't been right since.
@Education_98: @education_98🔁Do You Know???
Muhammad Ali Jinnah was awarded the title of the Quaid-i-Azam in1938.

"BuT ! Am K!///D"

Debbie N. Hays @DebbieNHays1🔁Wishful Thinking Won't Change Reality of Islam. Hands Still Cut off, Women Stoned & Enslaved Just As Muhammad Decided Eons Ago
Haneefah Muhammad @hanny_muhammad🔁COOL STORY BRO "Not only has he accomplished almost nothing, but rather his initiatives have been unsuccessful.”
m sharbono @MMsharbono🔁Why aren't "normal Muslims" doing more to stop "normal Muslims" from acting on evil paedophile genocidal warlord Muhammad's calls to murder?
James Auel @JamesAuel🔁.-Muslim shouted"Allah akbar"not God is great. Translation:"Allah is greater [than your God]"stop scrubbing Islam

Mohammed Zakeer @mdzakeers🔁As a Muslim i consider Jesus pbuh as prophet of god & nt the god himself and same with Muhammad pbuh. God certainly d oesn't hv to incarnate.
Suleiman AbdulSalam @BashorunDon🔁AbuBakr (R) announced the death of Muhammad (S) the best way, if not only Allah knows what will have happened today
سخاء الحربي🕊 @sakhaa_alharbi🔁Jebril was sent by God to Muhammad #ep3_M&S
dawah @bmm1435🔁#Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that Uthman Ibn Affan was so #modest
Hannah Muhammad @HannahmMuhammad🔁 Read "THE TWO MESSIAHS," by Jackie Muhammad
Danish Farid @danishfrd🔁Great News Man! Heartiest congratulations Muhammad Arshid for your selection as Assistant Secretary BISE...


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